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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 9 (FFfff+,inc,anal)
by LL

Danielle takes her roll as head cheerleader extremely seriously. Minor
infractions of cheerleader etiquette can lead to humiliating putdowns, and
even in extreme cases the miscreant being treated as an outcast. She spends
half her time at school scouting the halls to make sure they're wearing their
uniforms just right, have exactly the right shade of lipstick on and that
their hair (on their head) is cut just right. And woe betide any of them
whose cosmetic regime isn't thorough enough and allows a faint blemish to
appear on their face.

There was a big state wide cheerleading competition coming up, and Danielle
was frantic. On top of a cosmetic regime, which probably killed more bunnies
than Route 66, she had all the girls doing extra training. This was paying
havoc with my social life, as each night the cheerleader I wanted to hook up
with for a bit of 'homework tuition' was busy bouncing around with a pom-pom
and yah-yahing the school.

I mentioned this to Danielle, who didn't seem awfully concerned. I then
reminded her that I normally came round to see her and Bree and it would be
terrible if I found myself double-booked that day. Danielle got the hint,
and I was able to get the cheerleaders I wanted to ‘help' a night off. Oh,
and on Wednesday's Danielle graciously allowed them all to have a night off,
as long as they went to bed extra early for a good night's sleep. Funnily
that injunction didn't apply to Danielle herself.

Despite all this extra training, as the big day arrived Danielle was worried
that her team didn't have that extra sparkle which separates finalists from

"What they all need is a good orgasm before the competition," said Danielle
as we walked to school one morning.

I agreed and suggested that I could perhaps take care of one or two of them,
and I was sure some of the boys would be willing to provide the service.
Danielle shook her head, "It can't be too energetic - I don't want them
exhausted on Sunday morning."

"Licking would work," I ventured, before seeing the flaw in that plan. Whilst
I'd be willing to give it a go, I couldn't see the boys be willing to do some
licking with no chance to thrust their cocks somewhere else afterwards.

Danielle nodded, "If only we could find a couple of people willing to work
their way through the squad."

As if by magic we both thought the same thing at the same time, "Mom!!!"

Well it didn't take long to persuade Mom, who was looking to extend her
repertoire. Bree was a little bit more difficult, as Danielle explained the
next day. She was willing to do it, but I had to give her an extra session
this week (without Danielle, which would account for the sulky tone in my
friend's voice). With a bit of rejigging of my diary I could do that, so
after a quick (or rather long) solo session with Bree we had our two willing

* * *

The day of the 'Great cheerleader lick-out' soon arrived. Danielle and I
had decided it would be more fun if we put a bit of competition in it. With
twelve cheerleaders that was six each, and with me as an honorary cheerleader
that made thirteen. The plan was that Mom and Bree would race to see who got
to my twat first. To make it more interesting we'd put a little wager on it -
$20 dollars each.

What with Mom's rule about no sex on school-nights I hadn't been able to give
her the coaching she deserved. But her natural pussy-licking ability would
hopefully make up for it. Mind you as Bree was no amateur either it might be
a close thing.

I made sure me and Mom arrived early. Not for any sexual reason, but because
Bree was sure to put on an excellent spread. I wasn't disappointed and
happily tucked into the goodies Bree had to offer and happily munched away
(I'm talking about food btw).

As the cheerleaders started to arrive Danielle had sent our Moms to change
and was starting to organise the squad. Those who would cum at the drop of a
hat being evenly divided between Mom and Bree (though in a few cases Danielle
made a mistake and I had to switch them round - being charitable she probably
hasn't eaten as many of them as I have).

Finally we were all lined up to Danielle's satisfaction. I was in the middle,
with Charlie on one side and Danielle on the other. Danielle shouted for Mom
and Bree to come down.

They sidled into the room, arm in arm and both not wearing a thing. There
were several gasps of appreciation from the assembled cheerleaders and
Charlie leant over and whispered "You lucky thing," to me. I nodded, it's
always nice that people find your partner attractive.

Danielle cleared her throat, "Now the rules. Mom will start on the left,
Susan on the right. They must lick you to orgasms; Mom, Susan you understand
that using your hands will result in disqualification."

Both MILFs nodded.

"Once you reach Julie, you have to bring her to a climax. If you fail to do
so (unlikely though that is) the other will be allowed a go. Does everyone
understand the rules?"

I looked round as the cheerleaders, Mom and Bree all agreed they could follow
the rules.

Danielle spoke again, "On your marks, get set, GO!!!"

I looked as Bree and Mom both headed towards their end of the line. Helpfully
both cheerleaders had lifted their skirts to allow free access to their
pantyless pussies. Mom and Bree were straight in and soon the room was filled
with the sounds of their slurping, the moans of their first targets and rest
of the cheerleaders giving encouragement.

Watching Mom and Bree it was hard to keep my fingers away from my clit, but
somehow I resisted the temptation, though from Danielle's shouts of 'No
fingers' I could tell that not everyone had my willpower.

Mom's head was bobbing away as she licked as cheerleader pussy and I could
see her target was just on the cusp. Then with a final scream she let go,
thrusting her pussy at Mom to get the last few clips of tongue. Mom wiped her
lips and slid over to the next cheerleader.

I turned and looked at Bree. She too was on her second, her head was buried
beneath the cheerleader's skirt. But from the shape and movement of the
material I could see that Bree too was going at it enthusiastically. The
cheerleader was giving little groans, which were gradually getting louder
and louder. Bree was obviously putting her porno skills to good use, for
even as I watched I could see the cheerleader's head ratchet up to stare at
the ceiling and for her to start screaming in pleasure.

Mom seemed to be only a few licks behind, as she calmly started on her
third. She pushed her hair back and slipped her head beneath the folds of
the cheerleader's skirt and went into action. It was still close, but Bree
seemed to have the upper hand.

I looked at Danielle, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, as Bree brought
her third cheerleader to orgasm as Mom still munched on hers. Desperate times
called for desperate measures - rules or no rules.

Quietly I moved my hand to rest on Charlie's butt. She gave me a quick look
of surprise, but I gave her a wink, which luckily she took as a sign to keep
silent. Danielle was so engrossed in watching her Mom that she didn't notice
as I slid my hand so that it covered Charlie's naked ass-hole.

I slipped the middle digit down the hole and started to gently finger her
ass. This would require exquisite timing. If I brought her to orgasm before
Mom touched her even Danielle might smell a rat, too late and Bree would be
between my legs (not that I'd complain normally, but I hate loosing to

Bree was just finishing of her fourth, as Mom was just starting. Neither
showed any signs of flagging and the squeals of pleasure from their
cheerleaders were as intense now as they had been from the first.

I continued to slide my finger in and out, feeling Charlie shake with
anticipation. Mom had done really well and had got her cheerleader screaming
and falling back down in delight in extra special time. She was probably now
only half an orgasm behind Bree.

I made sure I kept Charlie just on the edge, so that it would only take a few
sucks of her clit by Mom to make her buckle. I was now less worried, Mom was
getting into her stride and by the sounds of it was making good headway on
her current target, leaving only Charlie and then me as top prize. Bree
seemed to be struggling to bring her fifth to fruition and from the sound of
it was having to use all her feminine wiles to get a result.

They finished number five pretty much together and I felt the thrill of
victory pour over me. As Mom went for Charlie I withdrew my finger and
thought about what I'd spend my (or rather Danielle's) $20 on.

I had, of course, not reckoned on Danielle's will to win; the bitch. Bree had
barely touched her lips to Danielle's quim when Danielle screamed in orgasm
and fell back, "Best ever Mom," she said as she sat down, winking at me.

If Bree was surprised at how quickly she had made her daughter cum, she
didn't show it. Instead she slid along the floor and hoisted up my skirt.
Seconds later she was in. Knowing she was ahead, she did the Julie Mayer
special on me, (cheeky, I taught her that!!!).

First of all she teased the outside of my lips with little licks and small
kisses, along with one or two tender bites of the lips. Only when I was
already starting to groan with pleasure did she go in full throttle. She
obviously had been saving some energy for the final lap, as she then went
at me furiously. Despite my best efforts to keep in control I soon felt an
orgasm overcoming me and I gave a hoarse yell, and thrust my hips forward
at Bree.

Magnanimously in her moment of victory she kept on licking. Finally she
withdrew her head and stood up, both her and Mom's face with shiny with a
mixture of girl-juice and sweat. Danielle stepped forward and like a boxing
referee held up Bree's hand, "The winner!!!" Mom and the cheerleaders clapped
politely, I just scowled at Danielle.

"Okay girls," she continued, "I hope that's perked you up for the big day
tomorrow. And just to make sure I've booked us all in a hotel, for a free
body rub."

She sidled over to me, "Twenty dollars," she said and held out her hand like
the grasping, conniving whore she is.

* * *

Whilst Mom and Bree had a shower I tidied up from the remnants of the party.
I had just finished when Mom and Bree returned down, both had used the
opportunity to slip into their normal clothes, which was a shame. They also
agreed, whilst soaping each down I presume, that me and Mom should have stay
and Bree would rustle up a quick bite to eat.

Bree obviously has a different view of a 'quick bite' than I do as the mean
consisted of three courses, plus coffee. I'm not complaining though. Over
dinner Bree also kindly invited us to watch her next epic, which was being
released the next week. Now if there's anything else Mom and I like better
than Bree's cooking it's watching her do naughty things on film, so I
quickly replied that we'd love to give it a critical appraisal.

Julie's critics choice:

"Bree and Dawn go shopping"

***** (five stars)

As anyone familiar with the works of sexy redhead MILF Bree van de Kamp will
know any shopping trip is destined to end in a hard lesbian fucking. In this
her latest adventure she's joined by sexy new-comer Dawn. A quick visit to a
lingerie shop soon sees them not only trying on some revealing and naughty
nightwear, but falling for the wiles of the predatory shopkeeper (young
veteran, Faith).

Fans of anal action will marvel at the deep thrusting that Faith administers
both to Bree and Dawn. And the sixty-nine between the two main stars has to
be seen to be believed. Bree remains one of the best stars on the adult film
circuit today. Her love of sex and her enthusiasm to make sure none of her
holes remain unfilled shines through this picture. But, the energy young Dawn
and Faith exhibit, shows that Bree has some competitors on the market."

By the end of the film I was as horny as hell. Luckily Mom and Bree had
realised this and as well as diving their hands under their own panties
lines had considerately helped me off with my skirt and panties and were
busy competing to who could finger me the best.

As the screen on the DVD went blank, Bree withdrew her finger and
thoughtfully gave it Mom to lick.

"Would the two of you like to stay the night?" she asked.

Well, duh, of course.

We trooped upstairs and divested ourselves of our clothing. Given that I
was half nude anyway I was the first to get naked and took the time to go
to where Bree keeps her strap-ons. I chose a nice large pink one, with some
rather sexy looking ribs for extra pleasure and slipped it on.

I didn't think it took me that long to make a decision, but it was obviously
too long for the Milfs to wait. They had hopped onto the bed and were busily
soaking the covers with juice and saliva as they hungrily sucked at each
other's clits, Bree on top, with Mom underneath.

I paused and considered for a few moments, before deciding that I wouldn't
break up their fun. I pushed the strap-on enough to the side and started to
finger myself, watching the two of them slurp contentedly away. I hadn't
quite got myself to my first orgasm of the session when they broke.

I slipped the strap-on back in place as Mom motioned me over. She put her
head back over the side of the bed and grinned, "Let me give it a suck."

I placed the cock inside her mouth and Mom showed that the events of the
afternoon hadn't done any long-term damage to her tongue. As Mom diddled my
cock with her tongue Bree had moved forward so that she was planted over
Mom's chest, before bending over and resuming where she had left off.

I pulled the cock out of Mom and admired Bree's ass as it moved up and down
in time with her tongue thrusts into Mom's box. I couldn't resist and pull
her back slightly for easier penetration, before moving in.

The cock slipped in nicely and Bree broke her ministrations on Mom long
enough to give a whistle of appreciation. Soon I was rocking back and forth
hands clasped to her hips as I did the rodeo on her butt. You could tell
Bree was a professional as she still continued to keep her attention on
Mom's pussy at the same time - much to Mom's (and my) enjoyment.

After a few minutes of this Mom began to bore of just being a spectator and
with a bit of effort lifted her head so that she could grab a few quick licks
of my inner thighs. She may have been aiming for my pussy, but kept missing.
Still feeling her tongue against my skin is enjoyable enough, and as she's
forty it's probably not realistic to think she can be a contortionist as

Finally Bree had to break from Mom long enough to give out a few squeaks and
a moan as my rod had the desired effect.

I paused, and started to pull out ready to give Mom a go. But Bree quickly
went down again. I wasn't complaining so went back to banging away, feeling
warmth and pleasure seep through my body.

Finally Bree orgasmed for a second time (and Mom had had a couple by then as
well) and I swiftly slipped out.

The two of them swapped position (though Bree made sure her head was more
comfortably on the bed). The cock was still nice and wet, so after waiting
until they were both comfortable I resumed my reaming, only this time on Mom.

Mom's a bit more of a shrieker and soon she had to remove her head from
Bree to vocabularise her feelings, "Oohhhh, ohhh, fuck my ass. You're the

I always like to be complimented (who doesn't) and Mom's cries roused me to
further exertions. I was soon in a semi-trance as I pounded away, feeling Mom
shuddering under me. Bree had also decided that just because Mom couldn't get
at her twat there was no reason why Bree's tongue couldn't slip in Mom's
hole. And I could see, hear and feel that Mom was getting multiple orgasms so
quickly that they were running into each other.

Mom was soon so exhausted that only my hands on her hips kept her from
falling forward. Of course, she didn't complain about this - and I kept her
in place until I was exhausted. I pulled out and slipped out of the strap-on,
as the two Milf's pulled back the covers and slipped naked into bed.

I climbed in between them and started to fondle their pussies. First Bree
and then Mom returned the favour by feasting on my titties, using up what
remained of their salvia in happily licking and sucking at my nipples.
Finally they both collapsed into my arms and I squeezed them tight.

After a few minutes lying their Mom spoke drowsily, "Bree, has Danielle got
many more of these cheerleader competitions coming up?"

"Another couple, I think," replied Bree.

"Best out of three?"


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