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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan: Episode 6 (FFff,inc,anal)
by LL

There were compensations to Mom banning me from her bed on Friday night.
Jenny, a cute little cheerleader, originally from Kansas, had sidled up to
me after history and said she'd heard I was really helpful with homework.

If I'd been banging my Mom I'd have had to forego the pleasure of shafting
her that week. As it was with the gap in my diary I was able to give her a
good butt-fucking. With Annalise, Danielle, Lisa and now Jenny I seemed to
be going through the cheerleaders with abandon. It was going to become a
struggle to keep up with return visits to them and at the same time do my
thing with Bree and Danielle and still keep my Mom satisfied. There's no
doubt about it - teenage years are troubling.

As recompense for not being able to have my wicked way with her on Friday,
Mom had invited Bree and Danielle round for a `meal' wink, wink. That said
we still had to feed them and that meant I was cooking.

My meals don't compare with Bree's, but I can follow a recipe and so on
Saturday morning I popped over to see if she could give me instructions for
her delightful Chicken in Taragon and Cream sauce.

Bree refused to do so unless I fucked her first. I, for one, don't submit to
blackmail. However, this was probably bribery - which I'm happy to accept.
So I gave her a quickie on the kitchen table, much to the displeasure of
Danielle for two reasons. Firstly, Bree said she couldn't join in as she had
too much homework to do. And secondly, it's hard to write a legible script
when the table you're working on is scraping along the kitchen floor under
the combined pressure of two people fucking on it.

* * *

I was just putting the finishing touches to dinner, when the doorbell rang.
Mom, opened it, giving Bree and Danielle a polite peck on the cheek as they
came in - well you never know who'll be watching for gossip in this

"Let me take your coats," said Mom. Danielle and Bree took off their coats.
They weren't wearing anything underneath. I walked over and gave them both a
quick fondle whilst Mom took their coats upstairs. It seemed to take her an
age to reappear, and when she did I noticed she'd also stripped to the buff.

There's very little more embarrassing than being dressed in front of a group
of nude sexy women (except being naked in front of a group of clothed, sexy
women). So whilst Mom opened the wine I went to my room and got undressed. I
also picked up my favourite strap-on, best to be prepared.

By the time I'd got downstairs Mom had filled the wine glasses and the three
of them were standing around chatting about Edie Britt's willingness to bed
anything. Mom passed me a wine-glass. I raised my eyes quizzically, Mom
doesn't normally allow me to drink.

"It's a special occasion, so you can have one," she giggled.

I sipped it. Truth to tell I'm not a big wine drinker anyway, so one would
happily see me through the night. "Dinner's nearly ready," I said and invited
them to take their places at the table.

* * *

The meal went well. The chicken was nearly as nice as Bree's, but not quiet
(I may have misheard some of the instructions - she was shrieking a lot at
the time).

Returning from putting the plates in the dishwasher I was met by an inspiring
site. All three of them had moved from the table and bunched together on
their hands and knees. Laughing they waved their asses at me in welcome.

I slipped on my slap-on and walked round so I was facing them.

"Who wants to lick it first?" I asked.

Mom and Bree cried, "Me" in unison, Danielle said, "Just stick it up me."

I presented the plastic phallus in front of Mom and she began to greedily
lick at it. I moved a bit closer and she took it in her mouth and began to
suck energetically. Bree and Danielle shouted out their encouragement to
Mom as she began to swallow it deeper and deeper, until she was deep
throating it expertly.

After she'd sucked it I thought it only fair to allow the other two a quick
gobble. Danielle shook her head and whined, "Just fuck me now." She's always
a bit impatient. Bree however, took it in her mouth and soon I was thrusting
away as she sucked in as much as she could - and that was almost
deep-throating it to the shaft.

Feeling that the cock was nicely lubricated I pulled it away from Bree's
mouth, whilst she gave me a disappointed look that it was over too soon.

I stepped round to admire their asses again. Decisions, decisions; who was I
going to plough first? Bree and Danielle were guests, but Mom was my, er,
Mother and there was family loyalty.

I decided to settle on Danielle, who was crushed between the other two and
hadn't had any dildo yet. I pushed the saliva wetted toy between her cheeks
and into her ass and began to fuck her. Danielle wasted no-time in getting
into her groove and was soon squealing merrily away.

"Look no hands," I said as I removed them from Danielle's hips and shook them
over my head. I had my balance right and the cock was slipping so deeply up
Danielle I didn't need to hold it in.

However I hadn't let go of Danielle just to show off. Extending my middle
fingers I planted one in each of the Milfs assholes. They're cries of
pleasure mixed with Danielle, as I fucked her and fingered them.

It didn't take Danielle long to reach a climax (I think the fact that Mom,
was rubbing vigorously at my friend's pussy probably didn't do anything to
dampen her ardour either). Normally I think one is never enough, but today
I had three women to anally satisfy.

"Danielle would you take over your Mom a mo," I slipped the cock out of her
ass and put it behind Mom's. The finger had opened her hole quite nicely and
it glided in a lot easier than normal. Mom's is getting good at controlling
her orgasm and it took me a good while to get her to the point where she
moved from quiet whimpers to outright screams.

All the time I was doing this Bree and Danielle were kissing and fingering
each other's asses - they learn quick.

Once I'd reduced Mom to a quivering wrack of orgasmic jelly I gave her a
quick peck on the cheek and pulled out my dildo. Danielle still had her digit
up her Mom's ass and was pushing into it vigorously, driving the redhead Milf
to orgasm without me.

I can't be having that I thought, "Danielle why don't you and my Mom have a
quick 69? I'll finish here."

The two hussies didn't need telling twice and even before I'd manage to
properly position myself behind Bree, Mom and Danielle had their heads
between each other's legs and were slurping loudly.

I went slowly into Bree, feeling her stiffen as the cock entered her back
passage and then relax as it fitted snugly in. I was a lot slower with her
than the other two, as I was started to feel a bit tired and anyway they
looked like they were having a good time without us. Still, I had Bree
grunting with pleasure in no time and with no need to finger anyone else,
I used my spare hand to pleasure her pussy as well.

"Fuck me, fuck me deep," Bree groaned as I pummelled her. I was happy to do
so, slow doesn't mean shallow and with each thrust I went in as far as I
could go. What with the cunt tickling and the anal banging Bree was soon
gasping in pleasure. Eventually as she orgasm I could feel her becoming
slightly limp with swoonful pleasure.

I sat back on the sofa and sipped at my wine. Mom and Danielle were still
licking away heartily at each other. Bree lay there looking at them for a
few minutes and then crawled over to join them. As I watched they managed
to get themselves into a twat licking triangle, with Bree eating Mom, who
continued to lick away at Danielle, who in turn was munching at her Mom's

Seeing the three of them lying together I felt my lust begin to rise again
(not that it had fallen much) and I slipped off my strap-on to join in the
chain. I positioned myself so that I had my head between my Mom's legs,
whilst Bree transferred her oral attentions to me.

Mom was already soaking by the time I began to lick at her quim lips, and
so after a few laps I dived into her hole and began to slurp away. Bree was
doing the same with me, though she hadn't wasted any time about getting to
the meat and licking directly at my clit.

We lay there happily eating for a while, every now and then one of us broke
for air and to give a squeal as particularly intense wave of delight coursed
through our bodies. Eventually our tongues numb, we broke away.

The slight break from fucking with the strap-on had allowed me to regain my
stamina. Seeing Mom lying there, naked and with juice dribbling from her
cunt, I felt an urge to fuck her in the pussy and feel our tits grind
together. I quickly jumped up and slipped on the toy again.

Mom smiled, "Are you going to fuck me again?"

I nodded as I started to lower myself down on her.

Mom gave me a coy smile as I entered her, "Aren't I the lucky girl."

You certainly are, Mom. I began to fuck her cute pussy, feeling ourselves
banging against each other as she energetically took the cock. I could feel
Bree stretching apart my butt cheeks and then felt her lick gently at my
hole. As I continued to thrust into Mom Bree began to lick me harder and
harder, before pulling my cheeks and butt hole apart so she could stick her
tongue in.

Behind her I could hear Danielle returning to her Mom, and starting to lick
at Bree's well warmed pussy.

I entered orgasmic delight as Mom's pelvic thrusts and my deepening pushes
conspired to push the base of the strap-on against my pussy. Bree's tongue
was also doing delightful things and I felt a warm flush coming on. I think
I may have done a steam train impression. I know there was a lot of
shrieking, though some of it was probably Mom.

Finally, exhausted, I fell on top of Mom. Bree continued to lick at my ass
for a few seconds more before she stopped and lay her head on my naked
cheeks. Behind her Danielle continued to greedily eat.

* * *

The next morning Mom and me waved goodbye to Danielle and Bree. Normally
there was plenty of room in Mom's bed, but with the four of us sharing it was
a lot more crowded. Between that and the naughty moves of various hands under
the covers I hadn't got much sleep.

I yawned, and didn't resist as Mom took my hand and led me into the lounge.
She sat me down and kneeled in front of me. Normally this would be followed
by my trousers and panties coming down and Mom giving me a good pussy
cleaning. However, this time she just looked up at me, "Julie, I've got a
confession to make."

"What, Mom?" I asked fearfully.

"I... I slept with Edie."


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