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Author's note: You may wish to read Buffy without Boys 9 for a bit of
background, though it's won't spoil the story if you don't.

Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 4 (Fff,inc,anal)
by LL

There are three main reactions when you come home to find your daughter being
buggered by one of her friends.

Option one - scream and faint.

Option two - pretend you've suddenly been struck blind and haven't seen

Option three - throw the person straddling your daughter out of the window.

Bree went for the rarer fourth option of acting very cool and un-Mom like,
"Hi girls, having fun?"

Now this was a hard one to answer. Yes, I'm loving stuffing your daughter up
her ass is hardly tactful, even if it was true. Whereas no, I'm having an
awful time was obviously a lie given that the whole house was probably
shaking with our lusty cries.

I was saved from answering by Bree going for an even rarer fifth option (or
perhaps a variant on option four), "Can I join in?"

Now this isn't tricky at all, I've never tried a threesome and a Mom-daughter
combo seemed a good place to start. "Of course," I replied.

Bree unzipped her dress and slipped it down her naked body. She removed her
bra and let her large tits burst free. She twirled the bra round her head and
threw it the corner. Then she slipped her fingers between the thin slips of
material that held her panties up and seductively slipped them down, exposing
her shaven pussy.

Danielle gasped. I realised she probably hadn't seen her Mom naked for years.
I, off course, had seen her several times in one of my favourite DVDs,
`Lesbian Milf Hookers'.

"Do carry on," Bree said. I resumed plugging away at Danielle's asshole.
Bree crawled onto the bed beside us. She then began to lick at the cock as
it reamed her daughter. She obviously cared more about lubrication than

Danielle had evidently recovered from the shock of seeing her Mom, and was
starting to get back into the groove, squealing with wild abandon.

Bree soon started to get a bit of a sore tongue, or at least she stopped
licking the dildo and decided to try and force her tongue in Danielle's ass
crack. I had that one covered though, and I was there first I saw no reason
why I should give into a jonny come lately. Anyway I thought Danielle would
enjoy a thick slab of rubber more.

Bree shrugged and decided that my asshole was a good as her daughter's. It
was a shame I didn't have a camera. Danielle was face down on the bed,
clutching at the sheets and orgasming loudly. I in turn was lying on top of
her, doing press-ups into her butt. And behind me was crouched a gorgeous
Milf redhead trying to stuff her tongue as far up my ass it could go. She
certainly had a versatile tongue, I thought as it wiggled within the top of
my hole.

Bree had a bit of short attention span however (which was a shame - I must
see if Mom wants to try that on Friday evening). She started to try and lift
Danielle onto her side. Danielle, slapped her hands away. I could see where
this was heading and helped pull Danielle so she was lying on her side. I
was quite impressed with myself that I managed to do this without stopping
butt-fucking her.

I draped one of my legs over hers, for artistic license, as much as comfort.

Bree meanwhile had now got a free run at pussy and was busily licking her
daughter's snatch. Not fair, Danielle's getting double the orgasm of anyone
else. Still I'm not selfish and let Bree have her fun for a bit. Anyway I
was getting a bit tired and was definitely slowing down after our earlier

"That's enough girls, I think Julie needs a quick breather," said Bree.

"Julie, why don't you lie back?" she then instructed.

I did as she said. Bree gently lowered herself on the pole still sticking up
from my nether regions. She certainly had strong haunches as she began to
bounce up and down merrily, as Danielle watched.

However a threesome is not a threesome unless everyone joins in. "Come lick
Mommy's pussy darling," ordered Bree. I suspect these are not words your
average daughter hears everyday. Still Julie complied, artfully depositing
her own cunt over my own face as she did so, the little minx.

Well, what could I do but lift my head up and start tonguing her twat. It was
wet with a mixture of her own love juices and Bree's saliva. I'm pretty sure
if she hadn't had her mouth full Danielle would have been nosily exclaiming -
certainly it was only the fact my tongue was otherwise engaged that stopped
me yelping to high heaven. That said the noise Bree was making from her
double helping was enough for all three of us.

Bree finally slipped off my dildo. Danielle took this as a cue to loosen the
straps and transfer her tongue from her Mom's cunt to mine. Not that I was
complaining. For a beginner in the art of pussy licking Danielle was a swift

It took me a few moments to realise where Bree had moved to until I could
feel some more pressure on top of Danielle pushing her down deeper into me
and a slurping noise coming from above me. Bree had finally got a chance to
get at her daughter's ass-hole and was not wasting the opportunity.

My ass reaming of Danielle had opened it quite a lot and from the muffled
sounds coming from Bree she was fairly shoving it in and was obviously deeply
buried between her daughter's cheeks. Mother's prerogative, I guess.

Eventually we broke. As I got dressed, Bree the perfect hostess, went
downstairs to get me a slice of her delicious walnut cake to take home.

* * *

From the arched eyebrow my Mom had given me at breakfast I suspected that she
knew that it hadn't been studying that I'd being doing the night before. I
decided not to mention Bree to her. Mom's can get funny when they find out
you've ploughed their best friends.

Danielle didn't mention our sexual shenanigans when we walked to school the
next morning. She had a cheerleader practice after school and despite her
suggestion I stay and watch I was in a hurry to get home to Mom. It was

On the way home Gabby ran past. I had to admit that in her tight, pink
jogging outfit she was especially sexy and fuckable. Perhaps a project for
next week.

When I got home Mom was lying naked on the sofa, fanning herself seductively
with a newspaper. Not wanting to let her effort go to waste I dived right
into to a serious bout of pussy licking. When I'd finished I asked whether
she wanted to try eating away at my ass-hole. Mom was all for it and we spent
much of the rest of the weekend (like most of them) in a variety of sexual
positions around the house.

* * *

"I had a chat with Mom, over the weekend," said Danielle as we walked to
school. "About Thursday," she added for helpful clarification.

I nodded sagely.

"We had a long chat about it. I won't bore you with the details, but she
suggested you might want to come round again."

I pretended to umm and ahh, until Danielle said that when Bree was suggesting
coming round it wasn't just for fucking, but dinner as well. If anything tops
Bree's sexual gymnastics, it's her Chicken in Taragon and Cream sauce.

I arranged to go round Wednesday. I had a night fixed with Annalise tonight
and Tuesday was the tryout for the Young Mathematician of the County

My fix-ups didn't stop there. I was busily do some extra swotting for my
algebra test later, when Lisa Chung stopped by. She was a diminutive, Chinese
cheerleader, with a cute legs and a bonny butt.

"Hi, I was talking to Annalise. She, er, mentioned that you can help with,
er... homework." That's one way of putting. A quick discussion later I
arranged to do her science, French and ass-fuck her on Thursday evening.
My diary seems to be filling up pretty quickly at the moment.

* * *

I was feeling very underdressed as I ate the delicious meal Bree had
prepared. Not underdressed as in naked, as I was fully clothed (though
hopefully not for long), but in what I wearing, jeans and t-shirt. Bree
had obviously decided this was a special occasion however, and had put
on a slinky black dress. Though as it went so far down the front and only
just covered her ass - she might as well not have bothered. Luckily she
hadn't bothered to mention it was a special occasion to Danielle who was
still wearing her cheerleader uniform (though again, hopefully not for

I learnt three things during the meal, the best way to bake walnut cake
(thanks Bree), that coq au vin is what trailer trash do when they have their
home repossessed (er, thanks Danielle) and that Bree still hadn't been taken
up the backdoor (something which I planned to change).

Whilst Bree washed up after the meal, myself and Danielle relaxed with a
glass of non-alcoholic wine. Whew, I wouldn't want Mom to think I was

We were just coming up to the bit on the Rome DVD where a naked Polly Walker
gets covered in bull's blood, when Bree came in and slipped out the DVD.
"I've got something much more entertaining for us to watch," she said and
snuggled between the two of us.

Bree was right about that. Now I enjoy watching naked women pretending to be
Romans as much as the next girl (which was Danielle), but it doesn't compare
to the real thing. I guessed what the DVD might contain when the title jumped
up on screen "Sultry Sluts - A Summers Production".

Unlike Bree's last film, this one at least had some pretence at a plot, which
seemed to involve a young blonde popping round to Bree's house for a dip in
her pool. Of course when pools, porn and bikinis are involved it doesn't take
long before Bree and the blonde get naked and start enjoying some outdoor
exercise by the pool. The blonde was certainly proficient at her press-ups.

Danielle is no movie fan, however, and had taken the opportunity to ease one
of her Mom's titties out of the dress and start to lick at the nipple. I
didn't want Bree to feel unbalanced so eased down her dress and went to work
on the other one.

Bree decided that the dress was becoming a hindrance and so it went flying
into a far corner (though I'm sure Bree will tidy it away later). Me and
Danielle both raced for Bree's twat, I got there first and became so
engrossed I didn't see how the film ended - I must remember to borrow it
some time.

Danielle decided that this was the prefect time to disrobe herself, and out
of the corner of my eye I could see her standing naked, as she contemplated
what to do. As I now felt overdressed I gallantly stepped aside to allow her
to feed on her Mom's moist hole and for me to strip down.

Picking up a dildo that had been left lying around by Bree (she really
thinks of everything) I began to thrust it into Danielle's pussy. Bree nodded
approvingly, though to be fair that may have just been her head snapping back
and forth as she came.

I continued to sit on my knees dildoing Danielle and admiring her divine
ass-cheeks. In fact they were so nice that I just had to kiss them and give
them a little nip with my teeth. Danielle wriggled her ass in thanks and
redoubled her efforts on her Mom.

I noticed Bree was start to greedily eye my own cunt, so I pushed Danielle
to the side and stood up. Bree slipped forward and began to do to me what
Danielle had just being doing to her. Danielle pouted for a few minutes, but
then noticed we were ignoring her and so took the sopping dildo and began to
compete with her Mom what could be shoved further up me.

Bree's tongue never stood a chance, still she was a game girl and just
shifted her tongue so that it was slurping away on my pussy's outside. Still
I had to declare Danielle the winner, which I did by giving her an extra
passionate kiss. Bree, a good looser, transferred her oral affections to
Danielle's ass.

"Shall I slip you something more comfortable," I asked wickedly.

Danielle nodded, "Me first." God, that girl can be really greedy.

Still after slipping on my strap-on, I decided to do her first as Bree seemed
quiet content slipping her tongue between her daughter's butt cheeks. Still
I had to break them up to get Danielle on her back.

I suggested to Bree that she could sit on Danielle's face, or rather sit on
her haunches over it so that Danielle could pleasure her. I in the meantime
paid special attention to Danielle's other end and fucked her cunt with my
strap-on. Selfish slut that she is Danielle was soon ignoring her Mom and
just squealing away quite merrily.

"Ah, well," I said to Bree, "I've got a mouth free".

It wasn't the easiest position I've done, but it was certainly entertaining.
With my bouncing up and down it's a lot harder to really stick your tongue in
and give the clit the attention it deserves. Still I managed to get some good
licks at Bree's quim lips and from her comments, (Oh baby yesssssss!!!! Baby,
baby, babieeeee) I think she appreciated my concern.

I didn't want to exhaust myself before I went for Milf ass, so when Danielle
gave a final piercing shriek I withdrew.

"Your turn Bree," I said, "get on your hands and knees, please," it always
pays to be polite.

Bree did as she was told. The strap-on was still wet with Danielle's juice,
so I didn't think it needed any more lubricant, before I pushed it between
Bree's ass cheeks and into her hole.

Bree murmured her appreciation, before saying to her daughter "Danielle, stop
being lazy. Go and lick that cock. I want it plenty wet as it goes in and

I wasn't going to make it easy for her, going in deep and fast, so that
Danielle struggled to keep pace. You may have noticed I love bum fun and
taking an anal cherry is a particular turn on. So by the time I finished
Bree was a shuddering wreck, screaming and moaning in excitement and
Danielle had become quite an expert and slurping away at the top of the

Finally exhausted, I collapsed on top of Bree and hugged her. Danielle joined
in and three of us lay cuddling. I could get used to this.


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