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Desperate Housewives: Desperately Seeking Susan Episode 2 (Ff,inc,anal)
by LL

Hi, my name's Julie Meyer. I'm sixteen and Wisteria Lane. I like music, and
study hard at school. I'm a good cook and always make sure I help around the
house and do my chores without any complaints. And last weekend I fucked my
divorcee Mom - several times.

After two days of pleasurable banging my Mom and me set out some ground
rules. Her rule was that from Sunday night to Friday evening we're a normal
Mom and daughter. My rule was that from Friday evening to Sunday night I get
as much sex as I can handle. I can handle a lot.

So I was pretty excited when I came back from school on Friday.

But coming in and seeing my suitcase packed and in the hall put a damper on
it. Okay, I seduced my Mom, but that doesn't seem a reason to throw me out.

And her reaction on seeing me, which was to pull me close and kiss me
passionately was definitely a mixed message. Luckily she quickly explained,
"Honey, I've booked us a hotel for the weekend. I thought it might be nice
to get away."

Relieved, I nodded. "I hope you've got us a double."

Mom winked at me, "Of course."

Mom quickly finished packing the car and we were off. Luckily, as I was horny
as hell, the hotel was only an hour's drive away. We checked in at reception
and the bell boy carried our suitcases upstairs.

He barely had time to leave and close the door when I had my Mom locked in a
lip smacking embrace. We both stripped in a chaos of kissing and clothes, and
as soon as we were both naked I pushed her on the bed and jumped on top of
her. Mom looked at me with lust in her eyes and I bent down and started
sucking at her nipples.

Sure that I'd got her aroused I shifted so that my pussy was over her mouth
and her mouth watering hole was under mine. I stuck my tongue deep into the
quivering flesh and started licking. From the feelings in my nether regions
Mom was enthusiastically doing the same to me. We 69ed each other to orgasm,
then kissed for a few more minutes, before I heard Mom's tummy rumble.

"I'll order some room service and unpack," Mom said.

"Okay I'm going to have a quick shower," I replied.

By the time I got out of the shower Mom had unpacked and put on a dressing
gown, though as she hadn't bothered to tie it I got a good look at her lovely
pussy and milf tits, "Shall I dry you?" she asked.

I nodded and passed her the towel. It was just like when I was a little girl,
though I couldn't remember my Mom spending so much time on drying my pussy
and nor when I was small did she kiss my butt cheeks as she towelled.

The food had arrived as we were half way through my drying and whilst I
dropped the towel back in the bathroom, Mom quickly opened the door and
brought in the tray.

We ate our burgers, though I couldn't resist splurting ketchup onto Mom's
tits and then licking it off. After we finished Mom stood up and went over
to a drawer, which she opened, before beckoning me over.

Inside she'd placed a selection of sextoys. She'd had a busy shopping week
whilst I was at school. I picked out a large double header. My Mom nodded
sagely, "Good choice."

Picking it up she started deep throating one end whilst motioning me to lie
on the bed. Once I was lying comfortably on my back, Mom pulled the dong out
of her mouth and inserted it up my pussy. Wettened with her saliva it glided
it, resting against my clit that gave me a thrill of pleasure.

She now took the other end and began sucking at it energetically, moving her
head back and forth to rock the dildo. It began to bounce against my bud and
I felt myself flushing with pleasure.

Now sure that her end was wet Mom positioned herself so that it slipped into
her twat. Both of us began to grind against each other and soon we were both
groaning in pleasure. I tried to vary the pace, first slow, then fast and
then slow and deep. Mom was doing the same and I gazed at her in wonder.

Sweat was starting to appear on her naked body and she had her eyes closed.
Her mouth was open and from it came low animal moans. I was pretty sure I
looked and sounded the same.

Eventually Mom fell back exhausted and the double ender slipped from me with
a pop. I crawled over and started kissing Mom, to which she responded. Then
she started kissing me all over my body, paying special attention to my quim
lips and titties. I, in return, slipped a finger in her crack and started to
rub it against the pussy walls, which drove Mom to even more passionate

I don't know how long we did this, but finally Mom broke her head away and
crawled under the blankets. I followed her, and holding her in my arms fell

* * *

When I woke Mom was dressed and eating breakfast. I didn't bother putting on
any clothes, but padded naked across the floor and sat on Mom's lap. Picking
up a spoon I shared her cereal, as she continued to eat, whilst gently
massaging my thigh.

After we finished, Mom said, "Let's go shopping." I agreed and put on some
clothes, though as it was a warm day I decided not to bother with panties.

We walked, hand in hand, along the street until we came to a sexy lingerie
shop. I looked at Mom and Mom looked at me - then we both smiled and entered
the shop.

A big sign said `Try before you buy", and me and Mom both chose a couple of
outfits, both for ourselves and what we'd like to see the other one wearing.
I followed Mom into the changing room and looked on approvingly, as she
stripped and tried on the first negligee. Whilst it was long enough to cover
her tits and pussy, the material was see through and left nothing to the

Whilst she was admiring herself in the mirror I pulled on a net body suit.
It was a little bit tight, but very alluring, and from Mom's expression she
thought so too. I gave her pussy a little rub and put it in the must buy

Mom then tried on a corset. It was tight and pulled into her stomach, but
allowed her globes free reign over the top. It was looked sexy, but too damn
difficult to take off. I shook my head.

A couple of short nighties followed for me, one of which Mom and I both
liked, one of which I liked but Mom didn't. One for buy pile, one for tried
pile. Mom's final try was a pair of red crotchless knickers, with no top. If
there hadn't been shop assistants around I'd have jumped her there and then.
Mom took my expression as an affirmative and put it in the buy pile.

As Mom paid with her credit card, she looked at her watch, "We better head
back to the hotel. I've got a surprise for you."

* * *

Once we were back at the hotel Mom changed into an itsy-bitsy bikini, which
was new and bade me also change into my swimming gear.

Once I changed Mom picked up a couple of towels and led me down the hotel
corridor. She stopped at the door and opened it using our room key. We
entered into a jacuzzi. Mom dropped her robe and got into the water.

I joined her. Bubbles popped and I relaxed in the warm effervescent water.
Mom slid round the rim until she was next to me. I put one arm round her and
kissed and used my spare hand to sneak under her bikini, and squeeze at a
nipple. I could feel her massaging my body, slowly moving down until she came
to my bottoms.

Without a pause her hand slipped under the soft fabric and began to rub my
twat. I groaned and kissed her harder. She moved her hand and slipped my
bottoms down to my thighs and began to move her hand faster and harder. I
in turn pushed my tongue deeper into her mouth, feeling her reciprocate by
slipping a finger in my hole and tickling my clit.

With her spare hand Mom was grappling with her bag. After a bit of rummaging
she pulled out a strap-on. I took it from her and stood up, to put it on.
Once it was snug in place I sat down.

Mom moved so that she was sitting on my knees. I kissed the back of her neck
and undid the knot holding her bikini top. It fell from her glorious globes
and floated in the pool, bouncing up and down in the jets of water.

I lifted Mom up slightly and guided her down so that the dildo slipped up her
ass, scraping against the top of her bottoms. As it glided in I could hear
her moan with pleasure. I decided to let her do all the work and sat still,
as Mom began to work herself up and down, though with every slap of her
coming down on my pole I felt a quick stab of pleasure.

Mom bounced happily along, every now and then giving a quick gasp as the
dildo hit the spot. Sadly she tired, and with a final heave pulled herself of
the dildo. We sat there soaking and kissing for a few minutes more before our
time in the rented jacuzzi was up and we returned to our room.

* * *

By the time we returned from dinner I could tell Mom was ready for another
bout. We had both dressed up in low cut evening dresses, forgetting to put on
any panties underneath. Once we had been sitting down, I had slipped off my
shoe and had played with Mom's naked legs.

By dessert I had moved my foot beneath the hems of Mom's dress and had
waggled my toes against her naked twat. From the expression on Mom's face she
was trying hard to resist making any noises. Though now and then she couldn't
help letting out a stifled moan, which she tried to explain was because her
pudding was so delicious. I didn't believe her and I'm not sure the waiter
did either.

When we were back in our room I slipped Mom out of her dress, and she
returned the favour to me, so we were both standing nude. I brought her in
for a kiss and began to fondle her ass cheeks. I slipped my middle finger
into her hole and from the increased pressure I felt from her kisses, this
wasn't something my Mom was against. I continued to slide my finger in and
out, driving Mom even crazier with lust.

I broke the kiss, "We better have a shower," I said. Mom nodded, and using my
finger in her ass as a guide I prodded her into the bathroom.

The hot water cascaded down our naked bodies. I had to remove my finger, so
that I could give Mom a good soaping. I, of course, paid special attention to
making sure her pussy, tits and ass were washed clean. A by-product of that
was that I had to spend time rubbing Mom's erogenous zones. From her squeals
I didn't think she minded too much. I lathered up and soaped Mom's titties
down, before directing the showerhead to rinse them clean.

Once the soapy water was removed, I gave each nipple I quick extra lick,
before giving her pussy a quick fondle.

Stepping out of the shower I towelled Mom down, before she returned the

It didn't seem worth getting dressed again, so we slipped into some our
earlier naughty purchases and headed to the bed. Soon the springs were
getting a testing as I rammed a strap-on into Mom's cunt. She lifted her
legs and wrapped them round my back, pushing me in deeper and harder.

As I sprang back and forth I could feel our tits grind together. Mom had her
head back and her arms outstretched, she was really enjoying it, "C'mon baby,
c'mon. Give it to Mommy harder."

Her wish was my command and I redoubled my exertions, pleased with the effect
I was having on her. Mom's words were now coming out in gasps and pauses,
", fuck.., fuck. oh.. Yes, give". I could feel her shudder
and hear her shriek as she reached orgasm. I continued, pushing harder and
faster until I felt her cum again.

Exhausted I slipped off her. Mom recovered quicker than I, and began to lean
over and nibble at my tits. I stroked her hair as she did so. Gradually she
moved from my bosoms and her head went below the cover. I could feel my
strap-on being pulled down my legs.

Then with my pussy clear Mom began to eat at it. I gave a grunt of pleasure,
as Mom's tongue flicked inside me. Then with a moan I came. Mom's head
reappeared seconds later, pussy juice glistening on her lips. She snuggled
up to me, and we drifted off to sleep.

* * *

I felt a pang of disappointment as we booked out next morning. The dirty
weekend with Mom had been great. Any lingering worries she'd had about
fucking her daughter had obviously gone, and I was surprised by what a
wanton slut she'd turned out to be.

Still there was always next week...


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