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Setup: This story takes place during the 5 years of story time between season
4 and season 5 of Desperate Housewives.

Codes: MF, inc, oral, rough, nc-cons

Desperate Housewives: Bree Gets Blackmailed Part 1
by mmhornymm

Bree Van DE Kamp had started drinking again. Whenever Bree gets drunk lately
she also gets horny. So to try to hide this from her friends and family she
has been going to bars and clubs outside of town. Tonight she has picked a
club that is having a striptease contest. The mix of booze and nude bodies
was to much. Bree gets up on stage and starts striping. What she doesn't know
is that her son Andrew is in the crowd.

The crowd cheers her on and soon she is nude and she likes the attention she
is getting. Her son takes pictures of his moms striptease with his cell
phone and then races home so he can down load and print the pictures on his

The next morning Bree wakes up with a slight hang over and is still horny.
She goes down to the kitchen. Andrew is sitting at the table. She get a glass
of orange juice and sits at the table. She goes to set her glass down. She
sees the pictures of her striptease from last night, that Andrew has put out
on the table.

"How did you get these, Andrew?"

"How is not important mom. That I have them is and if you don't want anyone
to find out you'll do what I say."

"Are trying to blackmail me?"

Andrew smiles wickedly.

Bree knows if the pictures get out her prim and proper image will be ruined.
After a long pause to think.

"OK, what do you want? Cash... a car?"

Bree is pissed.

"No mom. I want you."

"What Me?!"

"Yes, you're going to be my whore. You're going to dress anyway I want and do
anything I want from now on. Come up stairs, I have picked out some things I
want you to wear today."

Bree follows Andrew to his room.

On Andrew's bed is a white sheer blouse, a knee length black skirt, a white
bra with lace trim, a matching pair of panties, a white half slip with pink
lace at the hem, and a pair of 5 inch spiked high heals.
put these on mom. and let me know when your ready.

Bree picks up the items. Andrew leaves his room, closes his door and waits
outside in the hall.

A few minutes later...

"I'm ready."

Andrew opens the door.

"You look good mom, but I want your slip to show."

Andrew walks up and pulls up Bree's skirt and pulls down her slip so it
shows. Then puts her skirt back down.

"There that's more like it. Turn around mom. Lets see the back."

Bree dose a slow turn. Just like a model.

"Almost forgot this skirt has buttons on the slit mom."

Andrew unbuttons these buttons. Then turns Bree so she faces him.

"I have one more thing for you to wear mom. Let me put this on for you."

Andrew pulls a lacy single leg "wedding" garter. It's the garter he caught at
a friends wedding. He then kneels down and slowly slides it high up Bree's
left leg.

"Mom from now on your going to wear a slip and this garter everyday to remind
you that your my whore. Now lets go back downstairs to the living room. I
want you to strip for me."

They go back down stairs to the living room. Andrew puts on some music and
sits in a chair.

"OK, mom strip nice and slow."

Bree starts teasing and dancing and slowly unbuttons only one button of her
blouse at a time before taking her blouse off. Tossing her blouse to Andrew,
she teases Andrew by slowly raising and lowering her skirt and she makes sure
to make eye contact with Andrew. She notices that Andrew has a hard on. Bree
really likes the attention. She is enjoying do this striptease. She steps up
between Andrew's legs and slowly rubs her slip up and down over his lap
before dropping her skirt at his feet. Andrew unzips his pants and pulls out
his cock. Andrew's cock is a full 18 inch's long and 3 inch's thick.

"You look so sexy in all that white lingerie mom. Lose the bra next mom."

She slowly slides the straps of her bra down. undoes the clasp and exposes
her firm 34DD tits.

"Nice tits mom. come here."

"Your cock is huge. Do you want to fuck me? I love a big cock."

Bree hands Andrew her bra. He pulls her to him. He kisses her tits and pulls
up her slip and takes her panties off. Bree return the kiss.

"I'm going to fuck you hard mom."

Andrew pins Bree to a wall he rams rams his cock hard into Bree's pussy hard.
Bree lets out a loud moan. Andrew shows Bree no mercy as he fucks her hard.
Bree loves this.

"Oh yes fuck me hard Andrew! I like it hard and I like rough."

"You like being fucked in your slip like this don't you mom."

"I love it! Fuck me hard Andrew!"

Andrew just keeps fucking Bree hard and rough. Soon Andrew can tell Bree is
ready to cum.

"Are your ready to cum mom?"

"Yes, I'm ready to cum! Fuck me! Oh, yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!! Make me

"When was the last time that someone made you cum mom?"

"Its been so long, I can't remember."

"I want to see you cum all over your slip mom."

Andrew pulls his cock out and starts rubbing Bree's pussy with her slip.

"Yes, keep doing that. Make me cum. Make me cum hard."

Andrew flicks her pussy one more time. Bree cums and cums hard.


Bree squirts steams of hot cum all over her slip and her cum runs down her

"I want your cum Andrew. You made me cum now I'm going to make you cum."

Bree gets down on her knees. She starts sucking Andrew's cock. Bree can't
take all 18 inch's down her throat. She starts gagging, but she doesn't stop.
Slowly she takes all of it. She comes up for air. Gobs of spit drip out of
her mouth.

"Its been a while since a gave a blow job. I love giving messy and sloppy
blow jobs."

Bree slowly slides Andrew's cock back down her throat. Gagging a couple times
but not stopping. She comes back up again takes a breath and goes back down.
She keeps doing this. Soon her face is a mess covered with spit. Her mascara
running down over face.

"OHH YESS!!! I'm going to cum all over you mom."

Andrew pulls out of Bree's mouth.

"Mm-mm, I want you to cum all over me."

Andrew shoots streams of hot thick white cum, covering Bries face, tits, slip
and hair."

"You look sexy covered with my cum mom."

"Thank you. That was so kinky. You can fuck me anytime you want."

"You liked being fucked hard, don't you mom."

"Yes, I do."

"Good because I'm not done with you yet mom."

Andrew pushes Bree down on the floor and rams his cock deep into Bree's wet

"That's it Andrew! FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME ROUGH!!"

Andrew again show Bree no mercy as he fucks Bree's pussy hard. Soon Bree is
ready to cum again.


Bree cums for a second time. Andrew doesn't stop fucking Bree.

"I'm going to fuck you like this everyday mom. I'm going to make you cum
every day. Now I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum."

Andrew cums. Bree can fell Andrew's hot cum filling her pussy.

"Mmmm, that felt sooo good. Andrew I meant it when I said you can fuck me
anytime. You don't have to blackmail me. I have to clean up and go cateer
that charity luncheon at the country club, but when I get back I want you
to fuck and fill my pussy with your cum again."

Bree picks up her blouse and skirt. Bree picks up her bra and panties and
goes to hand them to Andrew.

You can keep these Andrew. I wont be needing them any more today."

To be continued?


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