If you're under 18 or don't want to read about some asshole commercial actors
getting raped, homosexuality, sodomy or about our society being fucked up.
Don't read this. This sure as heck didn't turn me on but it sure was fun to


Curtis: dude get a dell guy
Jane: blonde intern girl
Dave: Pussy Boy intern
Darnel: Black intern
Kyle: Nerdy intern with glasses

Dell: Dude Get A Dell! Part 1 (MF,MMF,MM,rape,tort,ws,scat,snuff)
by Conrad

In New Orleans, Dell was having a convention promoting their best selling
Computers. At the event were the actors that played the Nerdy interns and
of course hired back after his pot bust the asshole of the year, Curtis
something a.k.a. The Get a Dell Guy.

A spokesman for Dell stood in front of an audience of at least 2000, "So when
you buy our Dell Products not only are you getting quality but you're getting
great service".

Suddenly on the loud speakers the audiences heard a female's voice "But
mister Johnson.." and with that the actors that play the interns walked
abruptly on stage. The audience burst out in cheers and woo hoos as the
interns walked towards the spokesman. "Mister Johnson if they want to buy
our products how do they do it?" the cunt said.

"That's a good question Jane, all they have to do is go down to their nearest
electronic store or call this number 555-....." as soon as the man was
finished Curtis ran on stage from the audience.

"Dude, you guys better get a Dell!" he screamed.

The audience cheered like this was the greatest thing to ever happen to them
and many of them whispered "I want their autographs" but fame went to the
actors heads. They immediately rushed off stage and got into a big limo.

"That was so easy," Dave said.

"Hell's yeah, you see them dum-motherfuckas cheering and shitz," Darnel

Then Jane spoke up, "Getting this job has changed my life, it's all going to
be great from here. I foresee myself winning best Actress at the Oscars one
day." said the cunt.

Kyle looked distant.

"What the fucks wrong with you Kyle?" Dave said, "Is Curtis's pot smoke
bothering you?"

Curtis sat in the back of the limo with a big joint and said nothing.

Then Kyle said, "I have an idea, listen you tell the limo driver to pull over
and get us something to drink and here's what we're going to do."

The limo pulled into a Seven Eleven and out came the limo driver. As soon as
he was in the store Kyle got out of the limo and ran to the drivers door. He
got in and the limo sped off. In the back of the limo the asshole actors
screamed and laughed. They said things like "That dumbass is going to mad!"
"What the hell's he going to do, run after us?!" they laughed hard.

Curtis said "That's really mean, he's probably going to get fired. The guy
looked like he was around 70 and he told me he had no relatives or anything
except his cat." the others looked at him in blank stares till he said "Just
kidding, fuck that old geezer, pull over and get us some booze!"

"Yeah maybe he can get his cat to blow him tonight, that might cheer him
up!" Jane said and the others laughed.

After pulling into a liquor store and getting bottles of Whiskey, Rum, Vodka
and a 24 pack of beer they were set. The actors decided to drive around for a
while because they didn't have to catch their jet to L.A. till the next day.
But after a few hours the realized that Kyle had gotten them lost and they
were out in the middle of nowhere.

Part Two

The actors stood outside in a marsh land unable to cope with the situation.
It was late at night and very hot. The marshes made the air thick and humid.
Dave was pacing around muttering things to himself while Jane and Darnel made
out. Jane's hair was a mess and Darnel would take a swig of some vodka they
were sharing every few minutes. Curtis laid on the ground sobbing and when
Kyle went over to comfort him he screamed "Don't touch me, don't touch me,
don't touch me. Mommy, daddy, mommy.....".

Dave rushed over to Kyle, "This is your fucking fault!" He screamed.

It got really quiet and a twig snapped in the distance. They could hear
people talking and laughing.

"Who do you think that is?" Kyle said.

"It's our fucking echo!" Curtis screamed.

Then out of shadows five red necks appeared. One carried a shot gun, another
a rifle and the other three carried baseball bats.

"Whater you doin heer?" the man in the middle asked.

The actors stood there with out uttering a word and looked like they were

"Well ain't you goina anseer hem?" an obese man said. "Where in the hell did
ya'll get this car? It's mighty fancy, ain't it Tex?" one of the three other
men standing there just nodded.

"These boys are my brothers, they don talk. Mama had them too late and one of
them came out sideways she din scream or nothin".

Jane got up and ran to the limo but the obese man grabbed her. "Where the
heck do you think yer going, my brothers and I wanna have some fun. Come with
us!" He grabbed her and the other men got hold of the Curtis, Kyle and Dave.

"This one is mighty pretty, he's got nice lips." He said about Dave. "Any of
you boys want the colored one?"

None of the men said anything, without saying anything the three mutes let go
of their victims and pushed them towards the obese man. I as the writer took
it upon myself to let Darnel get beaten to death. TAKE THAT DELL, ONE DOWN

The others screamed in horror, "Stop! You're killing him!" They yelled.

The men moved away from Darnel's body revealing a face beaten to pulp and his
blue intern clothes soaked in blood; with his last breath he whispered to the
others "run" and the brother with a shotgun fired a shot into his head.

"Let's take them to our cabin," the brother with a shotgun said.

They all got a hold of the now weeping actors and dragged them across the
marshes into a shack they called their cabin. The smell of feces and urine
was in the air and it was as hot as a sauna. The men threw the actors to
the ground and the brother with a shotgun locked the door.

"Now you all listen and listen good. My brothers and I were looking for a
little fun tonight and we found it. My names Tommy, that fat fuck over there
is Carl and the other three you don't need to know their names."

Carl went over to Dave, "You sure are pretty, you have a nice mouth too."
He grabbed Dave by his hair and made him get on his knees. Then Carl
unbuttoned his overalls and let them drop reveling his obese naked body.
"Suck is or I'll put this here shotgun barrel into yer mouth." Dave sobbed
harder. "Do it bitch!" Carl yelled. He grabbed the back of Dave's head
smothering Dave's mouth with his unerect penis.

"No please stop, it really smells!" Dave pleaded.

"Fine then," Carl replied then he spun around and shoved Dave's face into
his sweaty hairy ass. The others screamed in horror.

One of the mutes took Jane and ripped off her clothes, he put his mouth on
one of her bare breasts and started sucking. She kicked and screamed but he
was too powerful and held her down.

Tommy got excited by this and went over to a dresser drawer and pulled out a
twelve inch inflatable dildo and went over to Kyle. "Take off your fucking
clothes now, or I'll shoot you like your colored friend."

In the background Dave's muffled screams could be heard. "This isn't
happening," Curtis said.

The two mutes grabbed Curtis aggressively and threw him on their bed. They
ripped off his clothes, tied his hands behind his back and his ankles
together. Then they rolled him over so that his ass stuck up in the air. One
of them spit on his asshole and took their dick out of their pants, then he
slapped his dick on Curtis's ass. The mute grabbed Curtis's butt cheeks and
with one hard thrust shoved his dick up Curtis's ass.

"Ahh, please take it out" he screamed as the walls of this butthole tore open
to accept the mutes five inch dick. The mute fucked Curtis's ass hard as he
did that his brother watching this pulled out his dick and shoved it into
Curtis's mouth.

"That will shut him up," said Tommy from across the room. "Now for you," he
said to Kyle. He lubricated the inflatable dildo with his spit and positioned
it by Kyle's puckered asshole. He pushed the head in and slowly worked it in
through Kyle's screams and cries.

When it was all the way in Tommy told Kyle to suck his dick, Kyle sucked
Tommy's cock like a pro. He licked the shaft up and down and sucked on the
head. Tommy made Kyle lick his hairy balls and without warning he pushed a
button on the control for the dildo.

"AAAAHHHHH, what the fuck!?" Kyle screamed.

"You like that don't you faggot. Lets try it again."

Tommy pushed the button again and Kyle screamed, "You're tearing up my ass,
please stop!" but he kept pushing the button to enlarge the dildo more and
more. Then Tommy stopped and went outside for a moment, returning with a
nail and a hammer.

"I'll stop but then I have to hammer your dick to the floor faggot!"

Kyle turned white and said "Ok!"

"Ok? So you want me to nail your dick to the floor, fine suit yourself,"
Tommy said. Kyle tried to say no, but the redneck kick him in the mouth a
few times knocking out his teeth. He then grabbed Kyle's soft 5 inch dick
positioned the nail above it and hammered it in. Blood got all over the
floor and Kyle screamed in agony. The hammer went down and went through
Kyle's dick then it got to the point where it was simply hammering his
penis like it were nothing but a piece of stake.

"Dear god," Kyle screamed and passed out.

Tommy went over to Dave and Carl, Dave still had his face in Carl's ass. Carl
was jerking off, but stopped as soon as his brother got near. "You see your
friend over there, if you don't co-operate with us that's going to happen to
you!" Tommy yelled.

Carl spun around and stuck his erect cock into Dave's mouth. Dave sucked
badly but Carl had a big smile on his face, "Now that my dicks all wet, I
want to try your other hole, bend over bitch!"

Carl ripped off Dave's clothes, spread his ass cheeks and popped his six inch
cock into Dave's rump. He fucked Dave's ass hard and churned his intestines,
then he told Dave to jerk himself off while he fucked him. Tommy went into
their kitchen and brought out a big cup for later.

Tommy went over to Jane and slapped her around a little bit till she was weak
and broken. Tommy's mute brother made her lay her anorexic body on top of his
and he pushed his cock into her tight dry pussy. She yelled but he held her
close to him and could do nothing else but cry an be raped. Tommy then spit
on his dick and pushed it into her asshole. They double penetrated her for a

The room smelled even worst now, with everyone's body odor and the other
scents. It was hell. Curtis got fucked endlessly by the two mutes and he
began to mutter, "Dude, I'm getting a Dell!" over and over. When the twins
finally came they went over to the cup and came in there. Then Carl and
Tommy did the same thing.

"I really have to take a shit, I'll be right back," Carl said.

Then Tommy said "Do it in there."

Carl went over and squatted over the cup and dropped a log in the cup. "I
have another one coming," he said and ran outside with the turtle popping
it's head out.

Kyle lay on the floor unconscious bleeding to death while Dave and Jane lay
on the floor crying to themselves. Curtis tied up in lay in a fetal position
repeating over and over, "You're getting a Dell".

"Listen up bitches," Tommy said. "Ya'll have to take a drink of this or we
won't let you go." Tommy brought the cup to Jane's lips, she pushed her head
a way as to say no but he opened her mouth with one hand and poured some of
his redneck cocktail down her throat. She gagged and vomited everywhere and
he pushed her face into the mixture. He went over to Dave and Curtis and
repeated the procedure in which they gagged and vomited too.

Part 3

"Now will you let us go?" Dave asked.

"See the thing about that is...."

He was cut off by a loud and hard Knock at the door.

"Ya'll don't say shit", Tommy went to the door butt naked and opened it.

There stood a sheriff, "What in the fuck is going on here?"

"Ugh Sheriff Potter... I can explain."

Next to the Sheriff stood Carl. "What the fuck is your brother doing out here
like this, you know people have reported that some Hollywood folks have gone
missing and I heard screaming when I was passing by your cabin."

The three conscious actors screamed help, then tommy said, "This is
probably them, we found them lost as hell by some limo. We shot one of them,
a colored, but these four are fine. You can have a go if you like."

Then the Sheriff said, "I think I just might, but first we have to go back
and clean up that body, when were done here I know a place where can bury
these four."

Dave, Jane and Curtis screamed.

In the distance a fiddle played "God Bless America" land of the corrupt
government officials and uncultured society that would allow The "Get a Dell"
guy to be on tv along with quality shows like The Bachelor and Friends.

The End

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