"The Dawson Tales: Part Two; "A Vistor"
by: The King of Badda Bing

Usual crap, if you are easily offended don't read, contains all kinds of
bad words and sex, sex, sex. Blah Blah Blah no one under 18, blah blah,
blah email me at [email protected], adios!

As the doorbell rang, I nearly swallowed my tongue. If not Stephanie,
who would have sent the postcard? As the doorbell to the suite rang
again, it scared me. What if it was Vince, or worse, Triple H. As all
the possibilities ran across my mind, someone inserted a key and entered
the room. She turned her back to me and locked the door behind her. I
was just grateful that it was a she. She turned around and to my
surprise, it was Trish Stratus. She was in a pair of oh so tight
leather pants, that hugged her ghetto booty all over. She also had this
white snake skin spandex top that showed that it was a little chilly out
tonight. Her twins were like round orbes that one could just stare into
all day and night. And of course, in true Trish fasion, she had the
purple cowboy hat.

She made her way into the bedroom and when she saw me in bed with a
smiling Stephanie, she looked. . . irate! She threw her hat down to the
ground like a 5 year old and started to go off.

"Steph, you said you weren't going to be here tonight. And on top of
that, you have to steal Dawson before I can even get home?" She plopped
down into a chair near a desk in the room. "It's not fair, I want a

Steph was unphased by Trish who I assumed either was lent the room for
the night by Steph or was living with Steph on the road. "I'm sorry
Trish, he just kinda showed up. I didn't expect him. I thought you
were gonna invite that loser Test over for the night, again."

As these two talked, I felt kinda, awkward, ya know, being naked and
all. So I moved over to the side of the bed and looked for some kind of
clothing so that I could make a quick exit. But as I saw my boxers on
the front of the bed, Trish jumped up and grabbed my cock. She then
proceeded to kiss me on the lips. She was almost as increditable as
Steph was with the kiss but she didn't get to finish. Steph had walked
over to Trish and whispered something in her ear that made her break
this passion-fest in my mouth. All Trish did was nod and back off.
Unfortunately, as she backed up she took her dick with me. She led me,
dick first into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. She then
turned around and she was beautiful. Not knowing what to do, I went on
instict and grabbed her crotch area. She let out a sweet moan of
enjoyment. As I manipulated her pussy through her pants, I started to
get hard for the third time tonight.

She made noises i had never heard from a woman before and she worked her
way over to the shower. I moved closer to her and started to kiss her
as I was playing with her like a toy. She finally broke the kiss after
two minutues and took off her pants that were soaked from her pussy
leaking like a faucet. Following suit, I tore off her top to reveal the
breasts that everyman dreams about touching and God wished he could
create. I moved my hands along her soft, tan, quivering flesh as she
worked her hands down to my ever harder prick that she would now start
to jack off like a pro.

I couldn't resist the urge anymore as the room filled up with steam from
the shower, i pushed us both into the steam bath. Once in the shower,
she turned on like a robot as she leaped onto me and as I stuck her with
my dick, she squelled like a pig. But after being fucked by a master
twice already, just plain old shower sex wasn't gonna cut it. So, I
made up my mind to lift Trish off my crotch and turn her around. She
was confused and didn't know what to do util I placed her hands against
the tiled wall of the shower and fucked her doggie style. At first she
was apprehensive and begged to be turned back around but she got used to
it and boy did she enjoy it. Her snatch was like a furnce and while
fucking her and having her scream like a whore, I started to enjoy this
night, more than I could imagine.

After this shower fuck session dragged on longer than either one of us
expected, she finally climaxed. She shoke like a dead leaf on a winter
tree. realizing that I haven't came, she once again got that furious
look in her eyes. Her head was drenched, her fingers had those little
wrinkles that you get from being in the shower too long, but her nipples
where sticking out like erasers on #2 pencils. This diva, who was a
icon for the industry then got on her knees and proceeded to deepthroat
my cock until it completely disappeared from sight. She moved her
tongue back and forth, side to side. It was a BJ I could compare to no
other. She continued with these motions until I could hold out no longer
and released all my man juice in her tiny mouth and the remaining onto
her precious face.

After we were done, We walked out, butt naked back into the bedroom, and
saw on the bed, also butt naked, Stehanie, smoking a ciggerette. Ok,
she was butt naked, she had Trsihes cowboy hat on. And as I bent down
to pick up my pants, she threw the ciggarette at me and said, "Don't be
a stranger cowboy."


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