"The Dawson Tales: Part 1 "The Post Card"
by The King of Badda Bing!

Usual crap, if you are easily offended don't read, contains all kinds of
bad words and sex, sex, sex. Blah Blah Blah no one under 18, blah blah,
blah email me at [email protected], adios!

My name is Dawson and I was a prospect for the WWF. Until, that is,
that fateful Tuesday night taping. It was the first Smackdown taping of
the year and i had just been brought up from the Ohio Valley League. JR
had given me a shot for a dark match that would be shown on Metal or
maybe even Heat. as i was getting ready, a messenger boy came in a gave
me a postcard. It had a palm tree and a sandy beach on the front. I
turned it over to see only a small message hastely written on it. It
said, "good luck, after the shoot, meet me at the Hotel Royal, room
1501." then it had two little kiss marks and that was it. I shoved it
in my bag and didn't think a second thought about and contunied to lace
up my boots.

I went out and did a great job, atleast that is what K-Kwik told me
afterwards. As I went to take my sweats out of my bag, the postcard
fell out. I was on a natural high from preforming in front of 20,000
screaming fans a decided to go for it. "What the hell, you only live
once anyway." So after the shoot, I got into my 1979 Ford Mustang and
took the trip to the Hotel Royal. I walked in and took the elevator up
to the 15th floor and got off, not knwing what to expect. I walked down
the hallway and up to room 1501. as a knocked on the door a heard a
familar voice say, "just a minute." I knew i had heard it before, but i
could say where. after a few seconds, the door popped open. I
reluctantly stuck my head inside the giant room. once again i was at a
loss. But, i took a few steps in and closed the door. "Hello?" I said
a few times, not knowing what to expect. I looked around the sitting
area and no one was there, the bathroom, no one was there, the wet bar,
no one. I then saw the bedroom door shut and i thought, "this has to be
some dumb fan playing some stupid trick. Or maybe a right of passage
from the other guys." I never knew what would have come next.


So as i opened the bedroom door, a strong scent almost knocked me back.
I was of mangoes and very, very expensive purfume. I wisked the door
open only to find.... nothing, nada, zero. Now I was getting a little
pissed off. All this teasing and postcards and everything just as a
prank. I was a bit angry. So I turn and bam!!! Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley is standing right infornt of me. In a white thongs
with black outlines and a black strapless, lace bra. Standing there, so
perfect with her long tan, wet legs. She must have just gotten out of
the shower because here entire body was wet and her hair was curling
from the water. Just as i was burning this image into my mind, so i
could indeed call myself the luckiest man on earth, she slap the taste
out of my mouth.

Now you talk about being dropped back down to earth, this woman could
hit. So, out of a state of shock and exitement, i said, "What the hell
did you do that for?"

"You made me wait!" She said in an angry tone. "I hate having to wait.
When I'm horny, that means I want to fuck then, not 15 minutes later."

She was a spoiled little brat, but she was still beautiful. "Sorry,
traffic, I don't have a heliopad like little rich girls." I said to
defend myself. Plus to get her pissed off. I find that women fuck
better when pissed off. She tried to hit me again, but I blocked it,
caught her hand and swung her around so that her ass was smack against
my dick. It started to expand from its nylon cage.

"Mmmmmmm. So, you do wanna fuck." Steph said as she rubbed up against
my dick harder and harder. Faster and faster. Massaging it with her
ass cheeks. I let out a moan of enjoyment, and beleive me, I was
enjoying this. I spun her around and kissed her passionately and
violently at the same time. Her tongue was like a snake coiling around
mine until it was like i couldn't breath and everything just seemed to
disappear as i rose into a euforic state.

That state was only broken when she stopped the kiss. You wanna talk
about disappointment. She then proceded to kiss my chest and with every
kiss, she got hotter and hottor and moved more south than before. Until
she reached my pantline. She looked up at me as i begged of her with my
eyes to release me from that cage. She yanked down the tearaways and my
boxers at the same time as my 7 inch prick flopped down onto her nose.
She kissed it a few times with the same red lipstick covered lips that
she must have kissed the postcard with. She then backed up and got back
to her feet. She backed up and was about to remove her bra but I took
tow steps towards her and veriously tore it off from her body. She
stood there in shock for a moment, but then that signature stephanie
mcmahon grin crossed her face and she tore off her thong also.

"As she moved towards me a spun her around once again. "What the fuck
are you doing?! I wanna--" She was cut off as i shoved 4inches of my
dick into her anus. She screamed in pain, almost like a wounded
animal. I pulled out two inches only to forced another two back in.
She was so tight that I don't think I could have pulled all the way out
if I wanted to. After three more tries, I finally shoved the remaining
inch of my stalk into butthole. I sawed and sawed at her ass, and to my
surprise, she started to puch back at me. She was almost flat against
the wall which she used for leverage. I fucked her and fucked and
fucked her some more, and about half way through the fuck session, she
shed a few tears, and that made it ohh so sweet.

I held on like a pitbull to a wooden leg. I reached up and yanked her
damp hair, half from her shower, and half from her sweat. I refused to
climax though, I had almost complete control until she said those two
little words, "I'm cumming." I held on as long as I could, but when she
started to climax, and her ass hole tightened and drew my prick closer
and closer to her, it was too much and i lost it all, I unloaded what
seemed like a gallon of cum inside her. Well after she had finished, I
was still only half done.

After, I fell to the floor, and with my prick still impaling Stephanie's
ass, she fell ontop of me. After we had taken a moment to catch our
breath, she uninserted herself from my meat. She got up and walked,
well she tryed to walk over to the bed. She sat on her side for a
moment and turned and looked out the window. She then stuck her middle
and index fingers up her own ass!!! and fiddled around a little and
pulled out some shitstained cum. She then proceeded to stick it in her
mouth. She closed her eyes like she was tasting a fine wine or a great
steak. She openned her eyes and turned to me and exclaimed, "I want
some more!"

Stephanie, being my boss and all (yeah right, that was the reason), I
jumped up and as she stood up, I speared her onto the Super King sized
bed. Spreading her legs, I woke up my little buddy for one more round.
I violently drove all 7 inched of my dick into her hot snatch, and to
quote Frank Sinatra, "I was in heaven." And Steph must have been there
two, because the whole time we fucked, all she said was, and i quote,
"Lord, jesus, fuck me, yes Dawson, fuck god." And other variations of

Her snatch was so warm and she was leaking buckets and buckets from her
pussy. As I sat on the bed, she sat on my lap as i abused her insides.
After a few minutes, she was really getting into it again, and was
almost leaping up and down with her lega around my waist and her arms
around my neck, she was fucking me like a jackhammer. This was some
hellcat I snaged. As we screwed, i started fingering her clit too. She
really liked that, so much that she nearly took us both off the bed and
out the window 10 feet from the Supersized King spread. After fucking
her longer than I have ever fucked anyone, my scrrotum started hitting
her labia and she just went absolutely crazed and started swinging her
head around and then I realized (I have Stephanie McMahon Riding me like
a prized stallion, it took me a minutue OK!) that i had done what
everyman dreams of, I had found her G-Spot. And she was crazed, trust
me. I was getting so tired and finally I started sucking her nipples
out of desperation to make her climax. And it worked, she spilled
quarts of pussy juice all over, it was spraying everywhere. That
combined with her cunt spasming uncontrolliblly, made me cum one more
time. The entire room shook and after we were both spent, we callapsed
back onto the bed.

About an hour later, when we had both regained our mental and some
physical faculties, we layed naked against each other under cumstained
stain sheets.

"Good thing that messenger delivered that postcard, ha." I said

"HaHa, i guess, what post card?" She said confused

"The post card you sent me in my lockerroom, with the two kiss marks on

"Dawson, as much as i wanted you, i didn't sent a postcard." She
stated. That worried me.

"Then who did?" I said. And just as steph was about to shake her head,
the door bell rang...


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