By Wonder Mike

Andie was not having a good time. She had been a nervous wreck since the gang
found out that she had sex with Pacey. They didn't say anything to her but
she could sense that they were talking about her behind her back. The good
thing is that Abby became a complete outcast now, since she was the one who
outted her.

Pacey had been cold to her since that fateful night. They were making up
though and their relationship had soared to the next level.

She was shocked when Pacey broke their date, things had been going swimmingly
then all of a sudden, he told her he couldn't meet her for dinner.

He was with Joey when he called her. She told Andie that she and Jen were
going out and Andie was more than welcome to join them. The three of them all
had common friends but had never been close, it would do them good.

Andie agreed to meet in an hour. The time past slowly with Andie beating
her head into her hand. She hoped Pacey was all right, she was still having
second thoughts about giving herself to him.

Andie was getting ready to leave when Jen called her and told her of a change
of plans. She was to come over to Joey's house, her sister was gone and they
had the place to themselves. Joey was bringing food from work.

Andie thought it was a good idea, she really didn't want to be around a lot
of people just yet. She already had a bed reputation because of her mother,
and now everybody knew she had sex with the town clown.

She arrived at Joey's and they gave her a welcome hug. Jen told her she knew
she was feeling bad and they arranged the meeting for her. She pulled out a
couple of six packs of wine coolers and told Andie that she was going to get
her drunk and she was going to have fun for once in the life.

Andie looked at Joey, she just shrugged and told her it was Jen's idea but
she really thought She needed it. Joey told her that she and Jen were
becoming friends and they thought that Andie needed a friend too.

Andie was touched, she had never had anybody do anything like this for her,
she was speechless.

Jen told her she looked tense. She told Andie to remove her shoes, she knew
just what she needed.

Andie took of her shoes and sat down. Jen knelt at her feet and picked them
up. She began to rub her left foot. Andie finally smiled. Jen returned her
smile than began to rub her right foot.

Jen ran her fingers between Andie's toes one by one, Andie was getting into
it. She closed her eyes and laid back, She jerked up when Jen kissed her on
the top of the foot.

Andie jerked her foot away and frowned at Jen. Joey told her to relax and
told her Jen had the evening all planned out. Andie laid back again and
lifted her foot for Jen.

Joey grabbed her other foot and started to massage it too. She ran her finger
from her toes and up her calf. She then kissed one foot while Jen kissed the
other one. This time Andie didn't move.

Jen reached up and started to rub Andie's breast through her shirt. She told
Andie she should take it off. Andie told her she didn't feel right. Jen began
to suck her big toe. She told her again she should take of her shirt. This
time Andie did what she was told.

Joey took the hint from Jen and began to suck on the big toe that she had.
Andie arched her back. They knew they had her just where they wanted her.

Jen drank her 5th wine cooler and told Andie to watch what she could do. She
then sat on the couch, removed she shoes and pulled her foot up. She then
began to suck her own big toe.

Andy and Joey finished another wine cooler and laughed. Jen told them to try
it. Joey tried first, she pulled her leg up to her mouth but she couldn't do
it. Andie tried next and she managed to get the tip of her toe in her mouth.

Jen then took off her top. Andie and Joey applauded her huge tits. Jen took a
bow and told Andie to take off her bra, She said she shouldn't be the only
one topless. Andie removed her bra and exposed her breast.

They weren't as large as Jen's but they were perfect. Jen and Joey gave
Andie's tits a standing ovation. Andie downed another wine cooler and took a

Jen and Andie looked to Joey, she was the only one still completely clothed.
They started a rhythmic chant as Joey started to unbutton her shirt. She left
it unbutton and twirled. She wasn't wearing a bra and she gave them a tease.
Jen finally grabbed her and pulled of her shirt. Her tits were almost exactly
the same size and shape as Andie's.

Jen thought Joey had bigger nipples than Andie, she told them to stand side
by side. She then reached for them both and tweaked their nipples. She
laughed as they both got hard. She was right, Joey did have bigger nipples
but at closer inspection, she felt Andie's tits were a little bigger.

They were all laughing hysterically now. Joey pointed out that Jen's nipples
were erect also, that meant she was a lesbian. Jen confessed that she was BI.
Andie and Joey were shocked. They were wasted but they had never thought of
doing it with another girl. Jen was willing to show them.

Joey and Andie weren't that wasted, but Jen told them what they could do and
not feel really bad about it.

She took of her pants and panties. She then pulled a chair over in front of
the couch. She told Andie and Joey to sit on the coach and watch her.

Jen then grabbed a bottle of oil. She poured the oil over her hand and
grabbed another bottle of wine cooler. She rubbed the oil over the wine and
slipped it into her cunt.

Joey and Andie were on the edge of their seats watching Jen work the bottle
deep into her box. She was explaining the feeling between gasp. She was
working the bottle slowly telling her friends how good it felt. The she
grabbed it with both hands and became to ram it home.

She broke out into a sweat and her tongue was hanging out as she shoved the
bottle in and out of her dripping cunt. She yelled for help. Joey reached
over and took the bottle from her. She used the palm of her hand to shove it
in and out of Jen.

Joey worked the bottle in and out of her for ten minutes, she looked over at
Andie. She had removed the skirt she was wearing and was sitting on the couch
with her legs spread. She placed a finger on her cunt. The site of that
caused Jen to explode. She grabbed Joey's hand to stop the fucking.

She kissed Joey on the cheek and thanked her. She told her she wanted to
return the favor it wouldn't make her a lesbian and it would feel good. Joey
took of her jeans.

She rubbed oil on her hands and grabbed a wine cooler. Jen told her she
wanted to do something different. She wanted Andie to help.

She took her shirt and covered Joey's eyes. She told her to sit on the chair.
She placed Andie on the couch facing Joey. She then began to suck on each of
Andie's toes. She reached over to Joey and began to rub her pussy.

She took Andie's big toe and stuck it into Joey's virgin pussy. Andie took
the hint right away and began to push her leg in and out. Joey was loving
this. she spread her legs apart as wide as they would go.

Joey reached down and grabbed Andie's leg. She began pushing her toe in and
out. She was getting hotter by the minute. She began to beg Andie to fuck her

Jen was ready for that. She added another toe into Joey. She told Joey to
tell her when to stop. Joey screamed "More."

Jen added another of Andie's toes into Joey, than a fourth. Joey screamed
"Please More." Jen grabbed the bottle of oil and poured it over Andie's foot.
She than added Andie's last toe.

Joey screamed "God yes do it." Jen grabbed Andie's foot and shoved. Joey's
tight cunt swallowed the whole thing.

Joey was stuffed, she didn't move, she just laid there with her mouth hanging
open. She then started to thrust her hips forward until she had Andie's foot
buried to the ankle. She reached down and grabbed her leg and started working
it in and out.

Joey lifted her ass up in the air and began to push down on Andie's foot. She
was riding it as hard and fast as was humanly possible. She than let out a
scream. Jen thought the windows were going to shatter. Joey than dropped her
ass back down to the chair. Andie removed her soaked foot. It was completely
covered with Joey's juices. Jen bent over and licked it clean.

Andie was ready for her turn. She laid on the couch and spread her legs, her
cunt was already dripping. She started to rub Jen's foot, she had to try
that, but Jen told her she had something even better for her.

Jen took the shirt from the limp Joey, she wrapped it around Andie's eyes,
she didn't want her to see what she had in store.

Jen reached into her bag and pulled it out. Joey sat up and said "OH my God."
Andie sat up, she started to untie the shirt. She had to see.

Jen told her it had to be a surprise for the first couple of second. Andie
laid back and agreed.

Jen poured the oil over her hand then she began to rub Andie's cunt. she
really didn't need it. She than shoved three fingers into her box. She shoved
them in and out and twisted them around as far as she could the she turned
them the other way.

Jen removed her fingers and took the object and placed the tip of it into
Andie's pussy. She let out a gasp. It was smooth and hard. It felt good.

Jen signaled Joey, she pulled the shirt from Andie's eyes. Andie looked down
and saw what was at the tip of her pussy. She screamed "Do It" at the top of
her lungs.

Jen had a replica of the pyramids. The tip of it was inside of Andie. It was
a foot tall and jutted out to a 8 inches across at the base.

Jen shoved the pyramid into Andie. She had a third of it in already. Jen
shoved again and Andie took another three inches. Jen let it go and told
Andie to work it.

She reached down with both hands and shoved. She now had two-thirds of that
pyramid buried into her cunt. She didn't know if she could take anymore.

Joey was sitting up now, she and Jen were clapping and yelling for Andie to
do it. Andie sat up. She was now sitting on the pyramid. She started to raise
up so she could fuck it but it was wedged into her.

Joey and Jen each grabbed an edge of the object and held it. It also gave
Andie something to hold on to. She but her hands on their shoulders.

Andie raised up and slammed her ass down as hard as she could. Joey and Jen
pushed up at the same time. Andie took the whole thing. They couldn't believe
it. Jen had never been able to take it all before. But she never had help

Andie had adjusted to the size now. She was moving up and down on it now. She
started slowly of course, but she built up speed fast.

She was soon able to pull up until only the tip was inside of her then she
would slam her ass down and swallow the whole thing.

It only took her 10 minute to have a mind blowing orgasm. she passed out with
the pyramid buried deep inside of her.

Jen and Joey left it stuck inside of her and dressed her. Jen had another
one. She couldn't wait to show Dawson. He was sure to fuck her after that.

Joey wanted to know where she got it from.



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