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Subject: Joey wants a birthday gift and Pacey delivers.

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Dawson's Creek: Joey's Birthday Gift
by DCForever ([email protected])

"Joey, you do know that your birthday is right around the corner, right?"

"Sure Pacey, it is MY birthday. How could you even think I would forget my
own birthday?"

"Hey, weirder things have happened."

"True, very true. So, what are you going to get me?"

"I've put a lot of thought in your gift, but I just can't decide what to get
you. I did have an idea..."

"What kind of idea?"

"Well, you are as hard to buy for as any other woman. You seem to have
everything you need and I never hear you say, 'I want this' or 'wouldn't that
be nice to have.' You just never seem to ever want anything."

"Well Pacey, you are wrong there. I have wants just as the next girl. I
just don't see the point in broadcasting them to the world. Plus there is
the fact that I don't like people pampering me."

"Joey, you can't look at all gifts as being pampered. How about this...lets
say, if you could have any gift within reason, what would it be?"

"Hmmmm, that is a hard one, Pace. Do I get time to think about it?"

"Nope! You have no time. This is a spur of the moment idea so I want a spur
of the moment answer."

"Well, how about...nahhhh...not good, too stupid...ah
hah! I've got it."

"Okay, what do you want? And to add a twist, why?"

"On second thought, it is kind of ridiculous."

"Spill it, Joey."

"First, let me get this straight. Are we talking about a fantasy gift or
real gift?"

"Of course, real!"

"In that case, whatever I ask for you will try your hardest to get for me?"

"As long it is within reason and within my budget."

"Well, it a a little off the wall, but here goes nothing. I would like to
have the person that filled in as my replacement in Dawson's eyes."

"What kind of a request is that?"

"A serious one!"

"Who, Jen? You want Jen?"

"No you dope! I don't want Jen. Before Jen. It may have been Jen's
experienced pussy that took Dawson's flower, but even before then there was
another person. She had the opportunity to deflower him, but chose not too.
She stole his heart away from me and then she broke it. That is the someone
I am requesting."

"You couldn't mean..."

"Uh huhhh. Yep, as I'm sure you've guessed by now...I want your sister,
Pacey. I am requesting that you get me Gretchen for my birthday present.
She possessed some characteristics that allowed Dawson to forget about me.
So now, I would like the chance to make sure she will always remember me."

"Hang on, Joe! That is my sister you are referring to."

"I know, Pacey. Thought we had already gotten past that part. Do I need to
backup and start over?"

"No need! Why Gretchen? What could you possibly want with her?"

"You find a way to get her here for my birthday and then you can see for
yourself. I'll even let you watch."

"I don't know about this. Not sure I even want to ask her to come."

"Poor, poor, Pacey. How about I put it like this. It might slip to Audrey
that you came over tonight. And not only did you come over without being
invited, but you forced yourself on me. You threw me against the wall and
fucked my brains out, without my consent. Are you seeing where this is
going? Do you think your relationship with Audrey is thicker than that of
her's and mine? You told me to tell you what I wanted and now I have. And
its definitely within your budget."

"No idea what has gotten into you, Joey. This is totally not you, but there
is no way I can risk my relationship with Audrey. She is the only sure thing
I have going for me. So, against my better judgement...where's the phone?"

"See, now was that so bad? The phone is over by Audrey's bed."

"Well, Pace?"

"She said she could make it. I told her that a special someone had been
asking about her so I figured your birthday party would be a great time
to visit. She asked if there was anything she could bring as a gift. I
mentioned that you two had the same tastes so it will probably be something
quite sexy."

"So you totally baited your sister?"

"If you must say it...."

"You dirty, dirty boy!"

"Its not like I had much of a choice."

"Pacey, its been a week since you spoke to Gretchen. Are you sure she is
coming? Think she changed her mind?"

"Will you relax, Joey. I'm sure she is on her way. Probably just got caught
up in traffic or something."

"Yeah, guess you could be right. Going to take a quick shower. Need to cool

"So Pacey, where is the birthday girl?"

"Hey sis, good to see ya. Ah, Joey, she's in...think she's taking a shower."

"Well, I'm here, so where is everyone else?"

"What, I didn't tell you? Joey's party isn't until tomorrow. I just assumed
you would like to spend time in Boston for a bit. I'm sure you could use a
little vacation from your magazine job."

"Yeah, guess it wasn't such a bad idea. I could definitely use a break."

"Since Joey isn't in the room, what did you get her?"

"I'm not telling, Pace."

"Come on, Gretchen. You have to tell me. I assumed it would be something
sexy, since that seems to be how your mind works."

"Haha...very funny, little bro. If you must know, I got her a matching bra
and panties set. Satisfied?"

"Are they lacy and see-thru?"

"Does your mind ever happen to wander out of the gutter?"


"I wasn't sure of her taste, but since you said ours was about the same, I
went with the sexy, lace ones. Wouldn't justify them as see-thru, but its
not far from it. What does it matter to you? Its not like you will ever
see them. Remember, you two are no longer an item or have things changed?"

"Nope, 'Not an Item' is still the main attraction showing these days."

"Its too bad. You two made a cute couple."

"Don't remind me, sis. So, why don't you showcase Joey's present for me."

"Pervert! Don't think so. Ever heard of the term incest? That would apply
to that suggestion."

" who has their mind in the gutter? I'm just curious to see what
they would look like. Is that a crime?"

"Yes, when it involves your sister."

"That is right! You are my sister and all my life I have seen you in many
stages of dress. Didn't effect me then and no reason it would now. I don't
look at you in that light and couldn't phantom the idea. Yes, you are an
attractive female and I'm sure you would look great in an essemble like what
you picked out for Joey. But to be honest, you aren't my type. I don't go
for big breasts and no brainers such as yourself."

"Keep talking, Pace. I would hate to make you look bad in front of your ex.
Fine, you want to see it on me...perverted as it is...whatever! I'll show
you. Go over by the tv and keep your head turned."

"So you will do it?"

"Yes! Just go over there and do not try and peek."

"Okay, you can look now."

"Wow! Now that is what I call a nice bra and panties set. You were right,
it isn't exactly see-thru, but it still doesn't leave much for the
imagination. I'm sure Joey will love it."

"I'll love what, Pace?"

Gretchen scrambled for her clothes as Joey retreated from the bathroom,
wrapped in a cotton bathrobe.

"Oh nothing. Gretchen was just giving me a 'Show n Tell' of the gift she
bought for you."

"Ah, Gretchen. I didn't see you over there. I'm so glad you were able to
get off work and join us. And you know you didn't have to get me anything."

Holding her jacket in front of her pants-less legs, "It was nothing. I mean
it is something, but...I'm sure you get the point."

"Loud and clear, Gretch. So, can I see what you got me?"

Gretchen looks over at Pacey for some solitude. He walks over behind his

"Joey, I'm sure my sister would love to show you her gift to you, but..."

"I didn't have time to wrap it yet. Sorry, Joey."

"Oh don't be bashful, Gretchen. You know you wrapped it just fine."

Pacey grabbed the jacket that his sister had been using to cover her lower

"See, Joey, all wrapped up just for you."

Gretchen tried to snatch the jacket back, but was unsuccessful. She tried
her hardest to cover herself with her hands.

"Gretchen, there is no need for that. So what if you are just in your
underwear. I've only got this here robe for coverage. Pacey, you can get
that perverted idea out of your head right now. No, it won't happen."

"Hey, you know me better than that."

"Yeah, bro, I know you even better than she does and it obvious what you are
thinking. You would just love to see what was hiding behind her robe and
probably even my undies."

"Alright girls. You two can gang up on me all you want, but those thoughts
never crossed my mind. I'm more mature than that."

"Okay, little bro. Whatever."

"Gretchen, just clam it!"

"Okay you two. This is my room and there will be no arguing in my presence.
So Gretchen, what did you get me?"

"Well, what you see. Happy Birthday, Joey."

"Wow! A half undressed girl...just what I've always wanted."

"No, the matching bra and panties set, you silly"

"Oh, I see. And why do you have them on?"

"Just giving Pacey a quick peek. Since I doubt he would ever see them

"Oh, I see. Didn't know you and Pacey were that close."

"Don't worry, we aren't. Just felt...hmmm...actually, I'm not really sure
why I put them on."

"Okay, moving on. So you said they were a matching set...where is the rest
of it?"

"If I'm showing part...mine as well show the rest."

Gretchen pulled her shirt back off and exposed her bra covered breasts to
both Pacey and Joey.

"Ohhhhh...very nice. I like." Walking up to the girl and making a gesture
to touch the material "May I?"

"Its your gift, Joey. I guess there is no reason you can't touch your own

"Oh, that is nice. And look, its partially see-thru. Its usually something
that I wouldn't wear, but I don't see any harm in trying them. May I?"

"Yeah, sure. Let me just go and change out of them."

"Ahhh, no need for that. You are practically showing off everything as it is
and we are all adults here...or at least two of us act as adults. Here."

"Hey, no more cracking on the ex and the br..."

Pacey's stopped in mid thought as Joey stepped back and let her robe drop
to the floor. Her body was still glistening from the earlier shower. Her
breasts were standing firm, hair was wet and a mess of twists and tangles,
and water cascaded down toward her lower regions. Both Gretchen and Pacey
were caught off guard.

"See, I have nothing to hide. Now, may I try on the panties?"

Seeing Joey's brave stand, Gretchen didn't see any reason to hide herself.
Like Pacey and Joey had said, they are both girls and its not like Pacey
hasn't seen her in the past. She slowly removed the panties from her body
and handed them over to Joey. Pacey didn't have much of a advantage point,
but Joey had a front row seat. She took the panties from Gretchen and
immediately pulled them up her well, defined and toned legs.

"Thanks Gretchen. They feel wonderful. How do they look?"

"Outstanding, Joe."

"Thanks, Pacey. I bet you do like them, but you probably wishing I had never
put them on. What about you Gretchen? What do you think?"

"Not quite a perfect fit, but they do look quite good."

"Not as good as they did on you. You have the body, frame, and sex appeal to
carry something as risque as this. Maybe you should keep them."

"I wouldn't hear of it, Joey. They are a gift from me to you. They are
yours. And speaking of they... guess you should have the bra as well."

Gretchen reaches in between her breasts and unlatches the bra and hands it
over to Joey.

Pacey stares in wonder at the naked backside of his sister. He could only
imagine what the front view would be like considering the erection that was
growing in his jeans. He always knew his sister had nice, smooth skin, but
he never figured it would look this good without any covering.

"Unbelieveable! Gretchen, you don't even need a bra. Your breasts stand up
on their own. They didn't even budge when you removed the bra."

"Yeah, I know. I just like the smooth feeling bras give me. They hide my
nipples more so I try to always wear one in public. Hate when people just
stare at your nipples because they are protruding out of your clothes.
Without a bra, I would look like I was carrying around twin missles, just
waiting for launch."

"They are quite magnificent. Would you mind if I touched one?"

"Yeah sis, let her touch them."

"You would like that, wouldn't you, you perve! Sure, why not. Pacey,
prepare for one of your fantasies to be fulfilled."

Joey reached her right hand out for a quick touch of Gretchen's breasts.
Pacey took the initiative and reached out and lightly ran his finger over
his sister's ass. Pacey was suprised she didn't jump or say anything so
he continued caressing her backside.

"They are nice...feel nice and look nice. It would be awesome to have
breasts like those. How did they ever get that big?"

"Nature, maturity, exercises, and sucking."

"Sucking? You mean some guy or guys sucked on your breast to make them

"Well, yea, but not only guys."

"Sis, you mean you let a girl?"

"Yeah and no! I suck on them myself. Never had any other female, but
myself. As you can see, I really didn't need anyone else."

"No Way! Could you show me? Maybe I could suck on my own."

Gretchen thought about it for a second and then grabbed the bottom of her
right breast and pulled it toward her mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her
mouth and started licking around the nipple. As her breast grew hard, she
engulfed it with her mouth and started sucking.

"Now you try."

Joey tried to follow Gretchen's example, but was unsuccessful at her first,
second, and third attempt.

"See, I can't do it. My breasts just aren't big enough."

"Well, first off, you have that bra on. You would have a better chance if
you took it off."

"See, I still can't do it."

"Here, let me help you, Joey."

Joey once again attempted the task at hand, but this time Gretchen palmed
the bottom of Joey's breast and pushed up. She placed her other hand on the
back of Joey's head and pushed down. Joey's mouth and breast soon came into
contact with each other, but that was as far as they would go.

"Okay, that felt weird. My own breast touched my own mouth."

"See, with a little more practice you will be sucking your own breasts, just
like me."

"I'm not sure breast sucking is for me. They didn't exactly taste all that

"Well, they don't exactly have a taste. If you taste anything, its your own
perspiration. In my case its that plus a mixture of perfume so yeah, mine do
have a taste. Actually, I love the way my breasts taste."

Gretchen saw the confusion in Joey's eyes.

"Can't believe I'm saying this, but would you like to taste my breasts,

"Ughhh...don't think I wou...well, I am interested. Do you think you taste
any different than my own breasts?"

"We can taste each and compare. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like I need a camcorder."

Both girls shouted, "Pacey, shutup!"

Gretchen leaned over and presented her right breast to Joey's awaiting mouth.
Joey took her gift in stride, running her tongue all over the nipple. She
placed her mouth firmly over Gretchen's breast and started a sucking motion.
A slight moan escaped the older woman's lips as her breasts were being tended
to. She couldn't take the heat any longer and broke the contact.

"Well, what did you think?"

"Definitely a different taste. Now I understand why you enjoy yourself. I
would too if my breasts tasted, smelled, and felt that good."

"You liked the feel as well?"

"I do believe that was the best part. Would you like to try me now?"

Disregarding an answer, Gretchen lent forward and took Joey's breast between
her lips. She started a sensual tonguing, followed by a slight nibbling and
quickly pushed for a sucking motion. Time seemed to escape the two females
as both seemed to be enjoying the activities. Gretchen once again felt her
heat rising and tried to pull back, but Joey's hands wouldn't allow her.
Joey was caught in a heated moment herself and she was thriving on the
sensations Gretchen's mouth was devoting toward her breasts. Gretchen tried
a few more times for escape, but soon realized it wasn't forth coming. She
continued with her task at hand hoping that a bit more nibbling would cause
the younger girl to release her, but she was oh so wrong. Joey's grip
tightened on the back of the older woman's head and started pushing it
further toward the carpeted floor. Before Gretchen realized what was going
on, she found her lips touching the lacy material that made up Joey's new
panties. Joey reached down and pulled the material to the side and the musky
aroma hit Gretchen like a ton of bricks. It was obvious the girl was turned
on. Gretchen once again tried to raise her head and break free from Joey's
grip, but yet again, she was unsuccessful.

"Come on Gretchen. Just a lap or two. It won't kill you to at least taste
me. You got me to suck on your breasts. If you do this, I'll be more than
willing to return the favor. Just slide your tongue over my folds. Like

Gretchen immediately felt a finger roam across her own folds.

"Okay, Pacey, that is enough. Remember, she is my present not yours."

"Oh come on, Joey. Let me have a little fun."

"No! At least not before I do."

Joey started to rub Gretchen's nose all over her box.

"If you won't tongue me then I'll just have to get off on your nose."

Gretchen knew she had no chance of getting out of this situation and deep
down she knew she always wanted to see what it would be like to be with a
woman. She had thought enough and now it was time for action. She reached
up and grabbed a handful of Joey's ass and grinded her tongue deep into
Joey's firey pit. Joey was caught off guard and the sudden force from below
sent her flying to the floor. Now was Gretchen's chance to escape, but
escape wasn't what she was yearning for.

"Oh gawd! Gretchen...ohh..ahhh...yes..."

Minutes later, the older woman was met with a creamy gush of juice. The grip
on her head was no more, but the body beneath her was tensed with spasm after
spasm. Gretchen tried to lap up as much of the juices as she could, but
there was just way too much. After the spasms had ceased, Gretchen raised
her creamy head from between Joey's thighs and stared at the pleased, younger
girl. Joey raised her head from the floor and met the oncoming glare. It
wasn't of anger, or dismay, but of satisfaction and passion. Gretchen
allowed her tongue to roam swiftly over her upper and bottom lips as she
smiled at Joey. Joey's eyes rolled back in her head as she realized what had
just transpired between her and her ex's sister. Her eyes quickly darted
back towards Gretchen as she once again dived below and pulled Joey's love
button between her teeth. Seconds later, Joey spasmed again and again. As
Gretchen raised her head again, she allowed her tongue to start licking its
way up towards the mountainous valley and to the lips of passion cove. For
the first time, Joey tasted herself as she and Gretchen locked lips and
tongue wrestled.

Pacey watched on in disbelief. He couldn't take the strain in his pants any
longer and made a beeline for the dorm room's door. As he turned the knob to
exit, Audrey pushed the door open from the other side. Once Pacey realized
who it was he grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the hallway and threw
her up against the wall. His lips attacked her's in a way they never had and
she fought him every step of the way. They finally broke for air.

"What was that all about, Pacey?"

"Audrey, can't explain, but if I don't get some relief soon I'm going to

"So am I to assume Joey got her present?"

"You knew?"

"You would be surprised as to what I knew. Now, about that relief!"

~~The End~~


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