Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Freak Part 5 (f/f,m/f,rough,ncon)
by Pred

"Come on, bitch, ride that black dick," Joey Potter couldn't help giggling
as she cautiously thrust the long black strap-on dildo between the flooded
tunnel of Andie's blonde cunt.

"Noo, Joeey," Andie whined. "Not like that. You have to REALLY talk dirty
to me. You have to mean it. You have to fuck me like a whore and get me all
hot before I cool off. Please, Joey .. please .."

"I'm sorry, Andie, I just don't .."

"Joooeeeyyy!" Andie bawled. "You promised. You said you would. You said
you'd fuck me like a slut and make me cum. YOU PROMISED!"

"But I just don' think I can .."

"Joeeey .."

* Fine!* Joey gritted her teeth. * Anything to shut up that stupid
whining. * She re-adjusted her angle of entry and tried to fuck her friend
harder. "Come on, bitch, ride that big black dick." Joey bit her tongue
while she spoke to stop from giggling. * This is just SO silly, * she mused
to herself. * Man, is this girl fucked up. * Still, if this was what got
Andie off then Joey at least had to try.

In little over an hour that afternoon, Andie McPhee had taught Joey Potter
more about sex than Joey had learned in the previous fifteen years of her
life. Andie had introduced Joey to feelings, emotions and pleasures the
dark-eyed beauty couldn't have even conceptualized before. Joey felt
something very deep and connected with Andie, and she wanted to repay her
friend for everything she'd selflessly given that day. * If only she'd just
cut it with the whining .. * Joey smiled to herself.

"Oh, please, Joey, stop .. that's too hard. Your big black dick is too huge
and hard .." Andie bawled.

"Sorry," Joey stopped thrusting, her face suddenly flush with concern.

"NO, JOOEEEYY," Andie shrieked. "Why did you stop?"

"Because you just told me .."

"FUCK ME, Joooeey," Andie screeched. "Fuck me like a whore. You don't
listen to what a whore is saying. You just fuck her brains out. The more
she cries and begs you to stop, the harder you fuck her."

"Who are you?" Joey asked rhetorically.


"Okay, okay," Joey nodded. "So when you say 'Stop' you mean 'Go'."


"But what if you really want me to stop?" Joey asked, truly confused.


"Listen, if I'm really going to fuck you hard I need to know when I might get
too rough."

"Okay, let's do a safe word," Andie hissed impatiently.

"A safe word?"

"Yes, it's a word we choose. When I say it, that means you stop. That way
there's no confusion."

"What about 'stop'?" Joey half-joked.

"Jooeey?!" Andie whined.

"Okay, okay .."

"I'm cooling down, Jooeey," Andie complained. "I can't have multiple orgasms
if I cool down. Choose a word. Quick. Something that will catch your

"Something that will catch my attention .." Joey's voice dropped off, and a
smile curled over her cute, crooked features. * Perfect! * "Dawson," she
told Andie. "That's the safe word. You say 'Dawson', and then I'll stop."

"Okay, now. Quick! Coem on, Joooeey."

"Quit fucking whining, bitch!" Joey lashed out, and her hand struck Andie
across the face with a loud SLAP!

"Oh, Joey, don't .. stop .." Andie pouted, rubbing her stinging face.

* No 'Dawson', * Joey observed. * Now I get it. This could be kind of cool
actually. * "Stop whining, bitch," Joey slapped Andie again and noticed that
girl's blonde pussy had really begun to get wet. "You will lie there and
take this like the whore you are!" Joey spit in Andie's face, wondering just
how far her friend would take the game.

Andie just wiped the spittle from her eyes and licked it with her tongue.
"Don't hurt me, Joey. I'll be good. I'll be a good whore. I swear."

"SHUT UP .. CUNT!" Joey slapped her again, even harder. She saw Andie
start slightly when she heard the "C" word, but the blonde girl didn't say
anything. "You want this big black dick up your worthless pussy, don't you,
you slut ..?" Joey teased her friend, rubbing the bulbous head of the black
dildo against the outside perimeter of Andie's lathering labia.

"No .." Andie whined, only this time Joey didn't find it annoying, but
incredibly sexy. "Please .. stop .. don't rape me .. I'm not a whore ..
help!" she kicked her legs about trying to squirm out from underneath Joey.

Joey was ready now. She pushed down on the pretty blonde and dug her
fingernails into Andie's bare, soft, pale breasts.

"No .. stop .. rape .. rape .." Andie called out.

"Fucking whore!" Joey did not know where the words came from, or the
brutality of her thrust as she bucked her hips and sank every inch of the
long black strap-on dildo into Andie's sweltering snatch. "Rape my ass, you
slut! You can't rape a whore. Whores just ask for it, isn't that right,
whore ..? You're just begging for it, aren't you ..? Just begging to be
stuffed with my big black dick ..?!"

"No .." Andie sobbed as she began fucking her hips up the hard length of
Joey's artificial slut-buster. Her creamy tummy and succulent boobs jiggled
and bobbled as Joey bent down and slammed more and more of the dildo into
Andie's sweltering snatch. "Oh, you're killing me. Why are you hurting me
like this? Oh, please .. stop .. stop .. Rape! Rape!" she bellowed.

"That's it, slut, I like listening to you cry." Joey had really worked up
to a furious pace now. She could hear the sucking pop of the dildo breaking
the vacuum-seal of Andie's tight pussy every time she withdrew the cock
to the edge of the blonde's pussy lips before stabbing it back in again.
Andie's pussy wept for mercy as Joey battered and butted the dildo into the
deepest reaches of her friend's womb.

Andie was just moaning "no" and "stop" now, and Joey gazed down upon
her passive beauty. Joey was extremely wet now, and she envied the
thrash-fucking Andie was getting now. Although the feeling of fucking the
girl fetal was exhilarating, Joey wanted more.

"Suck my tits, cunt!" Joey grunted. She yanked Andie's head up by her hair
and made Andie bend her neck so that her lips were on Joey's pointy nipples.
"Little dyke cunt slut. Suck my tits, whore." Joey bit her bottom lip and
closed her eyes as Andie's mouth sobbed over her firm, small breasts.

For the next several minutes, Joey ground her hips and pummeled Andie's pussy
while the blonde bent her neck and sucked Joey's perky little boobs.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you like the bitch you are, slut?" Joey pushed Andie
away suddenly and forcefully spun her on her creamy tummy.

"No .. please .. stop .. I'll do anything .. I'll give you anything .. just
stop .. please, just stop .."

"Yeah, right," Joey Potter didn't know where this new attitude came from, but
she liked it. "FUCK YOU!" she sneered before impaling Andie's sopping snatch
with a brutal dildo thrust. "Ride that big black dick, you stupid whore.
Stupid fucking slut. FUCK YOU!"

"Ohh .. god .. please .. no .. no .. no .." Andie's pussy was a geyser
now. Her fuck froth was everywhere. The smell spurred Joey on to an even
more intense fury.

"You're cumming, slut, aren't you ..?" Joey taunted Andie. She rubbed her
face in the carpet until the nylon fibers burned her pale white cheeks.
"Oh, yeah, you were really raped!" Joey snorted as she slammed into Andie's
sloshing sluice. "Like I told you, you can't rape a whore. Sluts like you
love it. Whores like you cum when they get a big hard black dick stuffed up
their stupid little fuck holes."

Joey Potter had no idea where she had ever learned to talk like this. Before
today, she seldom even swore, and the thought of verbally taunting a woman
while brutally raping her with a foot-long black dildo would have made her
want to vomit. But here she was, treating Andie McPhee like a sailor banging
a whore on shore leave. She had no idea where all this sexualized anger
was coming from, but she had a pretty good idea. The love of her life had
rejected her sexually - not once but several times, the last being in his
room several nights ago when she'd taken off her shirt in front of him and
he TOLD HER TO LEAVE! To add insult to injury, the only other boy he'd ever
cared about decided he'd rather SUCK COCK than be with her.

* Well, FUCK THEM! * Joey Potter howled to herself. * Fuck them all in the
ear! * From now on Joey Potter was taking what she wanted, and right now
she wanted Andie McPhee's succulent, fair-skinned body to cringe and break
beneath the onslaught of her 12-inch black cock. She yanked the dildo out
of Andie's pulsing, orgasming cunt and just shoved it mindlessly into the
crack of the girl's ass.

"How's that feel, slut?" she snarled in Andie's ear. "How does that big
black dick feel up your tight white ass, you fucking cock-teasing whore?"

"Just stop .. Joey .. please .. stop. That hurts so bad. I'm serious
Joey .. stop.. you're hurting me .. you're tearing up my ass with your big
black dick .. why? Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting me?
Please .. please .. no .. stop .. Rape .. somebody help me .. Joey
Potter is raping my ass .. oh .. she's raping my ass so hard .. it hurts
bad .. oh, somebody please make her stop .. stop .. God, please make her
stop .. please .. oh .. oh .. oh .."

Joey could feel Andie's whole body begin to convulse in a major seizure. She
was exploding in orgasm, this climax making the previous ones seem like
hiccups. Every limb and every muscle in her body began to twitch
uncontrollably. Although Joey had been expecting something like this, it
still came as a shock when she actually saw it happening. She'd read about
multiple orgasms in Cosmo, but she thought they were just luck regular ones
only all together. But this was like a hurricane compared being compared to
a spring shower. Andie's whole body alternated between utter rigidity and
total slackness. She flopped about as if she had no muscular control in her
body whatsoever.

"Dawson!" she managed to slobber before she went into a grand mal seizure.
"Dawson," she repeated meekly.

Joey knew this was the safe word. Joey knew that Andie's nerve endings had
overloaded with this Hiroshima-cum, and that she needed to disengage. The
dildo pounding in Andie's ass was really hurting her now, really tearing her
apart, really killing her. But when Joey heard the word 'Dawson,' she just
snapped. "Fuck Dawson!" she heard herself hiss as she continued butt-banging
Andie into oblivion.

"Dawson, Joey, Dawson," Andie pled pathetically. "Dawson .." she whined once
before her eyes rolled back into her forehead and she began to gag on her

Joey heard the sputters, saw Andie go ghastly white, and reality sunk in.
She pulled out of the girl's ass immediately and wrestled with her, trying
to get her mouth open and pull out her tongue. Andie was just flopping
around wildly, like a fish flailing about on the deck of a trawler. "Shit ..
shit .." Joey kept saying, terror shooting through her teenage brain. She
finally managed to pull Andie's tongue out from her mouth, and the girl
gasped frantically for air. Then she just collapsed in a heaving heap on
the floor.

As Joey leaned over to see if she needed CPR, she caught a whiff of the
strong scent of female fuck. Andie's privates had bathed the whole living
room carpet in a swamp of passion. The blonde suddenly reached up and pulled
Joey's face into her lips. They shared the most passionate kiss either of
them had ever experienced.

"You .. you won't believe .. you .. oh, Joey," Andie gasped as the two held
each and kissed again. "I ..couldn't breathe .. choking .. no air .. came
so FUCKING hard .. drifted up .. out of my body .. my .. my brother was
there .. a warm light .. I was still cumming .. just cumming .. oh, Joey it
was so beautiful .. just cumming .. cumming .. I love you .."

Joey nibbled on Andie's lips. * Okay, Dawson Leary * Joey patted herself on
the back. * Let's see your little Eve slut top that ..*

* * *

"Remember what I told you, son," Mitch coached his son. "You can do it. You
can make the little slut come again. Imagine how she'll feel cumming twice
while she's being raped. Come on, son, fuck that ass. Fuck that skinny,
suntanned ass."

Dawson closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of sliding in and out of
Eve's butt as she grunted and humped her hips back, mindlessly locked in
their tandem fuck as she chased her second cum. Dawson imagined Eve's ass
would have been a lot tighter if his father hadn't taken the first at bat.
Mitch had worked the girl's once-tight ass-pipe into a warm, sloppy pocket.
It had taken Dawson a few moments to get over the squeamish realization that
he was rutting about in his own father's fuck sauce. But once her felt
himself begin slip-sliding between Eve's tanned buns, he quickly disregarded
the gross-out factor of taking his father's sloppy seconds.

Now Dawson just raped away with total glee. He had never fucked before,
and here he was losing his virginity in mini-gangbang, ass rape with his own
father. Talk about making up for lost time. God, it felt so unbelievably
exquisite, just plowing into Eve's ass, using it as an instrument for
pleasure with no regard for the girl as a human being. * Rape?!* he thought
to himself. * How liberating. *

He'd always had a hard time relating to cinematic villains who used sex
as a weapon and pursued lovers like prey. He had never understood their
motivation, never understood how nonconsensual sex could be anything but
a hollow, nihilistic experience. Now, however, his cock gutting the
stuffing out of Eve Whitman's ass, he finally understood. With a smile
on his face, and a song in his heart, he just concentrated on thrusting
in and out, milking helpless ass for every inch of pleasure it could

He swiveled his hips around in circles, and thrilled to the sound of her
involuntary moans as he scraped areas of her tender anal cavity that hadn't
been pierced yet. He loved the swooshing pop of her sphincter after each
downstroke, when the little ring of muscle yawned open and burped out a
frothing mixture of his dad's cum, his pre-cum, and her own shit, sweat,
fuck-juice and blood. Dawson scooped this filth up in his fingers and
jabbed them into her mewling mouth. She sucked and licked his fingers with
a glazed, utterly vacant look in her eyes. She was only responding to
visual and physical cues now, each action a mere reflex reaction to
stimulation. All her critical thinking and higher brain mechanisms had
been dispensed with as she chased the vapor trail of her second, elusive

"That's it, son, your fucking that cunt's ass good now. Keep it up. Rape
her. Rape the cum out of her skinny suntanned ass. You're doing it. You're
making her cum. You're raping her so good you're making her cum against her
will. You own her cunt now. For the rest of her worthless life, you will
own her cunt. That's the mark of real man, son. After you've raped a cunt,
you OWN her cunt. Make the slut cum. Rape her ass. Be a man. That's it.
You're a fucking man now, son .. a fucking man .."

Dawson watched Eve slump over into a drooling fit. A warm stickiness
splashed out of her cunt, running down her legs like ice melting in a hot
ray of sunlight. He continued rutting away between her suntanned buns,
riding out her heaving cum-quake, using her climax to milk even more pleasure
out of her supple, thoroughly supplicated body.

"Lift her up a second," Mitch told his son. "I want to double-stuff the
whore. You in her ass and me up her cunt. Maybe we can slam another cum
out of that hard slut belly."

Dawson followed his father's instructions, lifting Eve's rape-ravaged body
up so Mitch could slide beneath her. A moment later, Dawson could feel his
father thrust up inside Eve's convulsing cunt. There cocks now raped her in
tandem, each thrust only separated by the thin layer of tissue separating
her ass-pipe from her cunt-tunnel.

Dawson shivered with another squeamish revelation. He was experiencing
waves of pleasure every time his father's slid against his own. Dawson
started timing his thrusts so that his small cock would meet his father's
fearsome rape saber and rup up against it behind Eve's fleshy wall. With
two hard, brutal dicks stuffing her both fuck holes, Eve succumbed to
another fuck-swoon, her third orgasm cumming only minutes after the second.

This climax was neither violent or loud. It just ripped through her hard,
tanned belly like a hammer, smashing whatever sense of humanity she still
possessed to smithereens.

"Fucking cunt came again," Mitch laughed as he continued pounding up into
her body. "You found yourself one little fucking freak here, Dawson."
Mitch's voice dripped with pride. Finally, he and his son had found
something they could share together. "You fucking own this cunt now ..

"No, dad," Dawson corrected his father. "We own her. She's our little slut
now, aren't you, cunt ..?" He took her by the back of the hair and made her
nod her head vigorously in agreement. "You see, dad. Our little cunt wants
to be raped like this every day, don't you, cunt ..?"

"Yes," Eve burbled through the drool pouring out of her mouth. "Please,
just fuck me .. fuck me .."

And now some scenes from next week's all-new Dawson's Creek.

"I can't believe this is happening," Mr. McPhee shouted at his son and Jen
Lindley from across the kitchen table. He slammed his fist down on the
table. "I knew this was going to happen. You're a faggot, and all faggots
are sick. You're a sick faggot, and you deserved this. God is punishing
you for your sick perverted lusts .."

"GOD has nothing to do with this," Grams cut in. "As angry and as sick as
we are, we cannot judge these children. These are our children, and they
need our love and support NOW more than ever before."

"Oh, shut up, you sanctimonious old bat," Jack's father stood up from the
table. "I've heard enough of this. You're a fag, and now you have AIDS.
You make me sick like all fags make me sick. All you GAY people can burn
in hell for all I care. At least I still have one child left." He turned
around and stormed out.

* * *

"So, how do you think my dad will take the news?" Andie McPhee looked up
into Joey Potter's eyes. The two were lying naked atop Andie's bed. Joey
was rubbing lubricant on the huge black starp-on dildo she was about to
pound into Andie's pale, creamy body.

"He'll deal," Joey grinned and wrinkled her nose. "I mean he already has a
gay son. Now he has a matching set."

"Do you ever miss Dawson?" Andie suddenly asked.

"Dawson can bite me," Joey laughed. "He probably hasn't even fucked that
slut Eve yet."

* * *

"I really like these new movie nights, dad," Dawson Leary commented as he
focused the video camera on Eve's sobbing, screaming, naked body. "Who
would have ever thought we had so much to share?"

Mitch stood above Eve's body. He was dressed in an SS uniform, and an evil
grin crossed his face as he struggled to restrain the rabid Rotweiler lunging
at the nude, helpless teen. "Do you have the shot yet?" he asked his son.
"Himmler here can smell the fear on that cunt's pussy."

"Patience, dad," Dawson panned back, then began rolling the steady-cam dolly
for a close up. "Okay, let her rip," he joked.

* * *

Pacey looked at the scrap of paper Principal Green had given him. The client
was staying at the local Travel Lodge, Room 313. Principal Green had told
Pacey this man was VIP who had offered $1000 to spend three hours fucking a
handsome teenage boy. Judging from Green's stern lecturing, the client was
a local man who required the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Pacey was terrified. This would be his first cleint, the first man he'd
fucked and sucked since Mr. Green had broken him in. Pacey tried to remember
everything his principal pimp had taught him. He needed to calm down.
Everything would be all right. He'd just do it and get it over with. Who
knows, he might even have some fun ..? Once he'd gotten over the whole GAY
thing, Pacey had found that he actually enjoyed sucking cock and getting his
ass fucked.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A second later, it opened
and Pacey Witter stepped into the dim motel room. When he turned around to
face his first client, his jaw hit the floor. "Mr. McPhee ..?"



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