Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Freak Part 4 (Mm/f,m/ff,homo,inter,fist,fdom,infect)
by Pred

"You're sure this is going to work?" Jack McPhee asked Jen Lindley as they
sat out in his car, their eyes focused intently on the half-empty parking

"You sure don't shit about being gay, do you ..?" Jen laughed.

"And how do you know so much?" Jack shot back, slightly pissed off, but more
curious than anything.

"The internet," Jen explained. "How else does a kid our age get to learn all
about the darker aspects of sexual perversion."

"And you READ that guys .. truck drivers .. stop at these places looking for
.. anonymous .. gay .. sex in public restrooms." Jack could barely get the
words out. "This is insane, Jen. Let's just go back to Gram's house and

"Quit being such a faggot," Jen laughed. She reached up and gently stroked
Jack's cheek. "This will be good. You'll see. I've got the whole thing
figured out."

"Tell me again WHY we're doing this," Jack half-demanded.

"We're freaks," Jen giggled. "You saw us in that locker room this afternoon.
You got raped, and you were loving it. Same here. AND, watching you suck
cock and get your ass fucked by a big dick was THE biggest turn on I've ever
had in my life. God, I must have cum like twenty times watching Mark
McCreary pound his cock inside your butt. You two were so sexy, so primal.
Then when he was done using you .. the way he stood up and kicked you away in
disgust and called you a 'fucking faggot'. That was the best of all." She
paused. "This is exactly what we need. Casual, anonymous sex with big,
burly truckers who will fuck us and abuse us like the freaks we are."

"You're a sick woman, you know that," Jack shook his head. But he couldn't
deny it. His cock was as hard as a rock. Every nerve in his body was
tingling. His brain was on overload .. just waiting, craving, needing.

They were parked at a rest stop off the interstate. Five people - two
couples and a man in his forties -- were milling about inside the tourist
information bureau, drinking coffee and eating peanut-butter cheese crackers
out of the vending machine. They had all used the bathrooms, which were
located in a separate building about 50 yards behind the Visitors Bureau,
and now they just stood around making small talk.

"The guy in there is definitely looking for action," Jen observed.

"You keep saying that," Jack was slightly annoyed. "Do you want me to go in
there and get his attention?"

"We don't want queer old fags, Jack," Jen explained impatiently. "We want
big burly truck drivers. Just be patient. One of them is bound to stop. We
just have to wait."

"So you don't want me to approach the guy?"

"He just wants head," Jen answered. "If you want to suck some limp dick for
like $20, go ahead. Knock yourself out."

"I'm giving this ten more minutes," Jack said after a long pause. "If no one
pulls in by then, we're out of here."

"Got one," Jen smiled, checking out the rearview mirror. Jack turned around
in the front seat to see a big, eighteen-wheeler turn into the rest stop.
The trucker parked in the area designated for big rigs. Then he alighted
from his cab, stretched his legs. He was big and burly, maybe forty-five,
with a protruding gut pressed against a tight flannel shirt. His face was
covered in facial hair that looked like it hadn't been trimmed in weeks. He
took off his baseball cap, scratched his thick, oily hair and then walked up
to the path to the two-building complex.. As he passed the car, the two
teens glanced at him and locked eyes.

Jen smiled, and the trucker just stared. He slowed down, checked out Jack
for a second, and then strode up to the restroom building casually.

"That's your signal," Jen pushed jack to the door.

"What signal?" Jack protested. "I didn't see anything."

"The smile," Jen explained. "Now get in there. I'll look out here for a few
minutes and go in after you. GO!" she shoved him towards the door.

Not even knowing why, Jack obeyed his best friend. His whole body shook as
he exited the car, closed the door and trotted up to the men's room. When he
entered, the trucker was pissing in one of the urinals. He barely looked
over at Jack, his face cocked in that same bemused smirk.

"Hey." Jack tried to catch the trucker's eye and smile, but the trucker only
looked over the boy's shoulder.

"Hey," he finally responded. "You look like you could use a friend," he
looked directly at Jack now as he spoke. "You kids lost or something."

"No .. I mean .. yeah .. I mean yeah we could use some help."

"'Zat your girlfriend?" he asked, still eyeing the door.

"She's just a friend," Jack blurted.

"Pretty girl," the trucker commented, stepping away from the urinal. He
hadn't tucked his penis back into his pants, and it just hung there, bobbing
and hardening. It was short, maybe five inches at the most, but it was
incredibly fat and two long scars cut down the side like racing stripes.
"You're both good-looking kids," he commented as he approached Jack. "I've
never seen you on this stretch ..?" he half-asked.

"We're .. uh .. new," Jack couldn't think of what else to say.

"Well, I'll take care of you." He paused. "You gonna get the little lady
in here."

"Sh..she'll be in .. in a minute," Jack was trembling as the trucker stood
before him and placed his hand atop Jack's scalp. "She's .. making sure the
coast is clear."

"Well, we can keep ourselves occupied til she gets here," the trucker pressed
down on Jack's skull, and the boy instinctively dropped to his knees on the
filthy tile floor. "You got a nice pretty mouth," the trucker's voice became
huskier, more aroused. "What's your name?"

"J..Jack," the boy stammered as he felt the trucker's short thick, salami
cock graze his quivering lips.

"Well, Jack, you make a pretty little fag," the trucker suddenly spit down
into the boy's eyes. "I like watching pretty little fag boys suck my dick,"
he coughed and butted his bulbous prick-head against Jack's teeth. "Come on,
boy. Open up. It's time for dinner."

Jack took a gulp of air and the trucker battered his thick dick-sausage
between the teen's sucking lips. This cock was different than Mark
McCreary's .. it was thicker, yes, but that wasn't it all. It tasted dirtier.
The gnarled veins and rough scars made Jack fight back nausea as the trucker
piled more and more of his thick, stumpy tool between Jack's aching jaws.
The width and girth of trucker stretched Jack's lips to an unbelievable
circumference, and he found himself gagging and straining to get even the
whole cock-head inside.

"New at this, huh ..?" the trucker scowled unsympathetically. "Well it's
about time you fucking learned how to suck dick, faggot!" He jabbed his fat
prick hard into Jack's mouth and held the boy's head still, forcing the
inexperienced teen to take it all and hard. "That's it, faggot. That's how
you suck cock. See?" he jeered as he power-fucked the boy's face. "That's
not so bad, is it?"

Jack could barely catch enough air between the man's merciless thrusts. The
boy was choking on the thick cock, but the trucker didn't seem to notice or
even care. Jack heard the door creak open.

"Hey, baby," the trucker chuckled. "Take that top off and get down on the
floor here with your little faggot buddy. I've gotta make Charlotte by dark,
so I don't have time for games."

A second later, Jen was topless and kneeling next to Jack. She shuddered
when the trucker bent down slightly and pinched her tits with his callused

"Man, you are a pretty little whore," he whistled. "Here you can take over,"
he plopped his fat cock out of Jack's gasping mouth and fed it to Jen. "Give
the little faggot here a rest," he laughed.

Jen Lindley had sucked cock before, big ones, too, but never one this thick
and brutal. The trucker just kept shoving it between her lips no matter how
she tried to control it. He was just too strong and powerful, and his thick
stubby dick would not be denied.

"Suck my balls, faggot," the trucker grabbed jack by his hair, shoved his
head down and turned up the boy's face so his young mouth was nestling the
trucker's hairy nuts. "That's it, faggot," he chuckled when Jack began
running his tongue across the hairy nut sack. "SUCK BALLS,bitch!" He yanked
Jack's hair, and the boy obeyed, drawing one bristley ball between his lips
with a wet slurp. "See? You're learning. Just like your little girlfriend
here." The trucker slammed his cock so hard into Jen's face that his thick
cock-head skewered her mouth and butted into her gag reflex.

While Jen puked up over the trucker's fat pipe, he just continued hammering
away, using her spittle and vomit as lubrication while he choke raped her.

"Okay, your turn," he pulled out of Jen's mouth with popping whoosh, and as
she gasped for air he brutally shoved his cock back into Jack's mouth. "Now
you lick my ass out while the faggot sucks me off," the trucker ordered Jen.

Her mind in a cock-daze, Jen Lindley did as she was told, crawling beneath
the trucker and sticking her droling, puke-stained lips up into the brute's
dirty shit hole. Dried turd and hemorrhoids greeted her snaking tongue, and
as she listened to Jack gurgle helplessly she jabbed and licked her tongue
even further along the man's diseased shit chute. She was so hot, her cunt
so wet at their degradation that she reached down with one hand, opened her
jeans, and began to play with her pussy.

"Now that's a fucking slut," the trucker roared with laughter. He squatted
down slightly on Jen's face and let loose a succession of machine-gun farts
that quickly filled the men's room with an ungodly stench. "CHOKE ON IT,
FAGGOT!" he bellowed at Jack, slamming into the boy's mouth like he was
fucking a blow-up doll. 'DRINK THAT SPERM you fucking queer-assed,
cock-sucking FAGGOT!"

Loose, pussy shit dribbled out his hairy asshole and smeared across Jen's
face as she munched on the trucker's putrid butt. He slammed Jack's face
hard around his cock until his balls slapped the bottom of the boy's chin.
Then he fired a hot load of choad into the boy's lungs, holding his head
perfectly still and making the teen take every last drop. Then, with the
casual ease of a grizzly bear, he yanked Jack's mouth off his prick, lifted
him to his feet and then tossed him in a heap over the sink.

"You keep cleaning my ass out while I butt-fuck the little faggot," the
trucker growled at Jen. In seconds he had jack's jeans pulled own and his
shorts torn to shreds. Jack's dry, tight, teenage asshole flinched as it
felt the trucker's thick, inhuman cockhead blast through the tender defenses
of his sphincter. Jen kept eating the man's diseased shit chute while he
slammed into her gay best friend.

Jack was sobbing in real pain now, but through the trucker's hairy legs
Jen could see the boy's cock harder than she'd ever seen it before.
Affectionately, she reached out and began to roughly yank on Jack's tool
as the trucker caved in his ass with an ass-thrashing so powerful that it
started tearing the sink out of its moorings.

Jen was more than amazed at the trucker's virility. He had just cum not
even two minutes ago, and yet he hadn't lost one inch of beefy erection. He
kept slamming Jack even harder, battering the boy's face against the mirror
until it cracked and Jack's blood bathed the broken shards of glass.

Jen looked up and saw the same sick smile on her friend's face that she'd
seen in the locker room during the assault earlier that afternoon. She was
right. Jack McPhee was a freak, just like her. They were both freaks, and
this was the only way either of them would ever get off. Jack caught Jen's
winsome smile in the broken mirror and grinned back. She pumped his prick
until it sprayed in fits and spurts all over her hand and wrist.

Jack collapsed, and the trucker slam-fucked his ass for another five furious
minutes before he pulled out of the boy and waved his smoking sausage at Jen
Lindley. Jen looked in his eyes and nodded. She turned about on all fours,
pulled down her jeans and panties til her round ass stared up at the brute's
enraged cock.

"Let's see how juicy that pussy is," the truker grunted as he bent over her,
mounted her like a bitch and pummeled her pussy with an inhuman fury she had
never experienced before. While he thrashed her cunt, he bit her shoulders
and the back of her neck, finally clamping his teeth down on her earlobe and
tearing it off while he pounded a hole in her dick ditch.

Her face pressed against the cold floor, she could feel the tremors of a
cum-quake quiver in her flat belly and then rip down through diaphragm and
into her pulsing womb. "FUCK ME!" she howled at the top of her lungs as the
trucker's rape-tusk gored her uterus and sent her shuddering and gibbering
into a giant puddle of hot, wet, female fuck.

"Freeze!" the voice cut through the bathroom, and everyone - Jack, Jen and
the trucker - went suddenly still. "Got you, you sick motherfucker."

Jen and Jack turned to the footsteps that now padded across the filthy tile
floor. They belonged to the fortyish man they had spied in the Vistors
Bureau, the one Jen had thought was cruising for a blow job. Only now he
was in the restroom waving a badge and a gun. Two uniformed highway patrol
officers and a deputy from the Capeside department followed him.

"Oh, shit," Jen sighed when she recognized the Capeside deputy as Pacey's
older brother.

"You stupid fucking kids," the fortyish, plainclothes officer snapped at Jen
and Jack. "Do you know who the fuck this is? Do you?"

Jack and Jen shook their heads.

"This is HIV-Dan," the plainclothes officer shook his head. "He's been
riding around the interstates for the last five years infecting truck-stop
whores with AIDS." He looked at all the blood and shit stains spattered all
about. He caught sight of Jen's bloody cunt and Jack's shredded asshole, and
he sighed. "You stupid fucking kids!"

* * *

Pacey Witter checked the address he'd written on the scrap of paper.
* That's it, * he said to himself as he checked out the small house at the
end of the narrow, dirt road. He slowly pulled his bike into the driveway
and looked back towards the house when he thought he caught sight of the
curtains rustling. He could feel eyes staring at him as he parked his bike
on the side of the garage out of view from the road. As he climbed off the
bike, a spike of terror shot up his back and he found himself patting down
his pocket, suddenly terrified that he'd somehow lost or forgotten his $700
passport into untold pleasure.

* Whew, * he breathed a sigh of relief as his fingers stroked the folded wad
in his pocket. * What if this is some kind hustle? * This new fear now
gripped him, freezing him where he stood. He hadn't even considered the
possibility before. There could be some huge black guy inside just waiting
to shake him down. He turned back to his bike and contemplated hopping back
on and riding like the wind. * You're being a nimrod, * he calmed himself.
* This is a business woman. She wouldn't be able to survive in this town if
she just robbed her clients. Someone would have reported her to dad, and she
would have been arrested and run out of town. *

For a split second, Pacey's anxious mind flashed a picture of his father,
Sheriff Witter, and his two brothers, both Capeside deputies. Did they know
about this place, this woman? How could they allow prostitution to flourish
within the boundaries of their little Mayberry RFD principality? Were they
staking this place out, getting ready to make a bust?

Pacey glanced about with another rush of panic. His whole body felt rigid
and brittle, like he could break into a billion pieces at any moment. His
heart pounded in his ears, and he was conscious of his rock-hard cock as it
strained against the sweaty cotton of his briefs.

"Hey, soldier boy, back here," a voice, a black female voice interrupted his
anxiety attack. Pacey looked into the backyard and saw the dark figure of a
woman beckon him from behind a screen door.

* I'm really going to do this. * The revelation struck him as almost amusing
as he took one step and then another towards the voice. It took him what
seemed hours to cross the side yard and trot up the back walk. Eventually,
however, he reached his destination, the heavy scent of perfume almost
causing him to swoon when he finally stood before the back door.

Although the interior of the house was somewhat obscured in shadows, he could
still make out most of what lay inside. The figure had moved away from the
door and he saw a very bodacious black butt swish into the living room. * Oh,
yeah, * Pacey licked his lips. * She is one fine black babe! *

Pacey gripped the doorknob and entered the house. In a moment, he was
standing inside a cramped kitchen area. He heard the sound of female
laughter, took a deep breath, and then followed the bodacious black butt
and perfume trail into the living room.

What greeted Pacey Witter's hungry, young eyes had only existed in the realm
of fantasy before. The bodacious black butt and soft laughter belonged to a
stunning black woman in her early twenties. She was tall for a woman, about
5'9" or 5'10" in her heels, and her dark skin and trim curvaceous body
slinked with a catlike grace beneath a tight black tank top and matching
miniskirt. Her bare, black belly lay flat and ripped between her big
luscious boobs and her narrow waist. Just below her navel, her tummy ended
at the hem of her miniskirt, and her hips widened into a thoroughly awesome
lower body. Her muscular, chocolate thighs tapered down her long, powerful
legs, ending in a pair of black heels. Her black body was so intoxicating,
Pacey Witter just stared at it for a few moments before trailing his gaze
back up from the floor and finding her face.

She was absolutely riveting in every aspect. Her face was exotic and feline.
Her arched, pointed eyes reminded Pacey of a Saimese cat. Her full, glossy
lips curled into a truly delicious smile around a set of shining white teeth.
Her long, black hair was braided in cornrows, that whipped about her black
shoulders with every subtle movement.

"Hey, baby," she finally spoke, shooting Pacey a truly captivating smile.
"You are a young one, ain't ya' ..?" she half-asked, checking him out while
he struggled to find an answer.

"I..I'm eighteen," he tried to assure her, his mind scrambling to remember
his lie. "I'm in the army."

"That's what you told me," she smiled at him suspiciously. "You got the
money, and that's what I'll believe."

Without thinking, Pacey reached into his wallet and produced the wad of
bills. The woman winked at him in approval. "That's what we like to see,"
another voice spoke from behind the black beauty, and Pacey was suddenly
aware that there was another black woman in the room.

She was more like a girl, actually. She couldn't be much older than Pacey if
that. Pacey looked past the first woman and into the girl's face. She was
captivating, but with a totally different style than the tall, exotic beauty.
Her features were fresh and cute, and she still had a hint of baby-fat
peeking out along her young, plump body. She was sprawled across the sofa,
dressed only in a sheer, lacy cream-colored shawl. Her skin was lighter than
her companion's, and her breasts seemed even fuller and more succulent. Her
tummy was not flat and ripped like first woman's, but rounded and soft
looking. Her face was drop-dead cute, with big round eyes and adorable
dimples. She had much shorter, straighter, silkier black hair than her
friend, and the only make-up she had on was a slight bit of eyeliner.

"Wow .." was all Pacey could say after his eyes had imbibed fully in the
intoxicating chocolate treats set out before him. "You two are absolutely

The first woman smiled and cuddled on the couch next to the younger, lighter
girl. "Do you hear that, Cherry," she laughed. "The soldier boy here thinks
we're breathtaking." She opened Cherry's lacy shawl and tongued one of the
girl's plump, exposed boobs.

"Wh..what's your name?" Pacey asked the exotic beauty as she locked eyes with
him and sucked Cherry's cantaloupe-sized breast.

"Tiara," she answered.

"And you're Cherry?" he asked the younger girl. He felt like an idiot
standing there making small-talk with the two gorgeous black whores,
clutching his money wad and watching the one suck the other's huge tit.

"Mm hmm, baby," the girl answered. "And what's your name again?"

"P..Pacey," he answered.

"What kind of name is that?" Tiara asked.

"It's a long story," Pacey nodded. "And one I'd rather not get into with two
gorgeous babes ready to get down to business with the clock running."

"Just put the money down there on the mantle, baby," Tiara told him. "Then
we can get started."

Pacey looked at them again, thanked God for being alive, then walked over to
the mantle. When he set down the money and turned back around, the women had
changed positions slightly. Cherry was now lying back on the sofa, her head
against the armrest. Tiara had sunk down so that her mouth was slowly
working down the younger girl's plump, caramel tummy. Cherry shuddered with
each lick and kiss, and she tried to force Tiara's head down lower. But the
older darker whore resisted, teasing Cherry's belly with even more kisses
before she looked up at Pacey.

"You can come over and get a better look," Tiara invited him.

"I was planning on it," Pacey grinned, crossing the room, his eyes glued to
the exotic erotic floorshow on full display before him.

"Take your dick out," Cherry moaned, looking up at Pacey as he towered over
the couch. "I want to play with your dick."

"You take it out, slut!" Tiara snapped at her partner as she nibbled at the
top of Cherry's wet mound. "Take that boy's dick out. You're the ho' here."

Pacey found his dick grow even harder as the dark ho' berated young Cherry.
Cherry bit her lower lip and reached up to Pacey's trousers. In a split
second, she had his belt unbuckled, his buttons unsnapped and his zipper
down. Her skillful young hands pulled down his trousers and snaked inside
his shorts.

"How's that dick feel, slut?" Tiara asked Cherry.

"Mmm," Cherry licked her lips again. "Nice dick," she purred as she stroked
it inside Pacey's shorts. "I like dick."

"Quit yakking and suck that dick, ho'," Tiara hissed at Cherry. By now she
was strafing the younger girl's plump caramel cunt with her catlike tongue.
The light-skinned girl was bucking her thick hips about while she freed
Pacey's hard cock from his cotton briefs.

"Nice dick .." Cherry cooed again when Pacey's sturdy seven-inch member
popped out into the light of day.

"Shut your mouth and suck it, ho'," Tiara slapped Cherry's pussy and pinched
her big, soft tits. "He don't want to listen to your fucking mouth. Now
suck his big dick, you stupid ho'."

Cherry nodded, smiled and scooted up on the sofa so that her mouth was poised
right at the tip of Pacey's bloated cock-head. She oozed some spit from
her lips and coated his prick-helmet before worming her tongue into his
piss-hole. Pacey practically jumped out of his skin when he felt that, and
his knees wobbled. "Ohhhhh, shit," he shuddered as he watched bob her head
back and forth, working his cock into her mouth one inch at a time while her
spit slobbered in long strings to the floor.

"Fuck the ho's face, white boy," Tiara reached up and smacked Pacey's bare
white ass. "Come on, boy, jam that big white dick down the ho's throat."

Pacey gritted his teeth and began gently thrusting his cock between the young
ho's light-brown lips. He wanted so bad just to start slamming his cock down
her throat, but he didn't want to hurt her.

SMACK!! "I said FUCK the ho's throat, bitch," Tiara repeated. SMACK!!!
This time, after the third hard blow to his ass, Pacey felt himself start
fucking his dick harder into Cherry's throat. The young whore squealed
slightly, and he eased up. "Don't try pulling that shit, ho'!" Tiara
scolded Cherry, slapping at the girl's big caramel tits and biting down on
her puffy clit. Cherry squirmed. "Hold your fat-ass still, ho'," Tiara kept
at her, smacking her tits. "FUCK her face white boy. Give it hard to the
ho'. She can fucking take it. FUCK her fat ho' face." SMACK!!!!

This last blow ripped across Pacey Witter's butt, and he grunted. Looking
down into Cherry's helpless, bleary eyes, Pacey was suddenly overcome with a
carnal ferocity he could not control. Ignoring the young whore's gagging
gurgling groans, Pacey began driving his dick harder and harder between the
girl's lips. She tried moving her head aside to escape the onslaught, but
Pacey held her face still and made her take the full fury of his face fuck.

"That's it, white boy," Tiara cheered him on. "You don't ever let no ho' get
away with that shit. Fuck that ho's fat face. Choke her with that big white
dick, boy. Fuck her worthless ho' mouth."

"Shit!" Pacey Witter cursed as he allowed Tiara to spur him on. Cherry's big
eyes were huge now, the pupils dilated in terror, as she gasped and struggled
to breath under the suffocating choke fuck she was being forced to endure.
Sweat dripped from Pacey's brow, sizzling on her hot caramel skin while she
thrashed about in agony. Between Pacey's brutal throat throttling and Tiara's
savage pussy eating, Cherry's light-skinned body was trapped between agony
and ecstasy.

"Harder, fuck the ho's face harder," Tiara snarled between mouthfuls of
Cherry's hot, sopping cunt. "Choke the ho' with that big dick, boy."

"Uggghhlllggppllll .." Cherry began writhing about in a spastic frenzy.
Pacey just fucked her harder.

"That's it, ho', cum for your big sister," Tiara spit at Cherry's clit while
the younger whore bucked her hips uncontrollably. In a second, Pacey's eyes
became transfixed on the girl's caramel pussy when a stream of liquid jetted
up from her drenched cunt. "That's it, baby, squirt for your big sister.
See that, boy. That's a squirting pussy," Tiara explained to Pacey. "This
little ho' is a fucking freak."

"Oh, my God," Pacey Witter whispered. "That's the most beautiful thing I've
ever seen." His balls twitched and his knees began shaking. "FUUUCK!" He
wailed, slamming his dick hard into Cherry's windpipe, smashing her howling
mouth up against his stomach and draining every last drop of his teenage
spunk into her soft, caramel belly.

He continued pumping into her throat for another minute or so while Tiara
licked all the fuck from the younger whore's pussy. "You fucked her face
pretty good for a white boy," Tiara rubbed Pacey's ass as she spoke now.
"So how was that, baby?" she asked when Pacey finally slid his dick out of
Cherry's gasping mouth.

"Pretty unbelievably awesome," Pacey sighed.

"Well, you ain't done yet, baby," she smiled, sinking to the floor at his
knees. "We got plenty more games to play. How does that sound?"

"You're the boss," Pacey laughed.

"You better believe it, white boy." She turned to Cherry, who was now just
sprawled out on the couch in a blissful swoon. "Get down here and suck some
more dick, ho'. You ain't done yet." She turned Cherry over on her side and
slapped the girl's thick, caramel ass. "Just because you're my sister, don't
go thinking you don't have to work for your money, ho."

Cherry huffed but slid down onto the floor next to Tiara. They were now
poised right below Pacey's spent and softening prick. "Is she really your
sister?" Pacey asked as Tiara shoved his shrunken schlong in the younger
girl's face.

"Yeah," Tiara nodded. "Little ho' wants to go to college and be like daddy.
He told her she needed to get a job if she wanted to do that shit, so I took
her in with me."

"How old are you?" Pacey asked Cherry as she sucked his dick back to life.

"16," she answered.

"You don't go to Capeside ..?" he half-asked, suddenly terrified that she
did and that she recognized him. But he knew everyone in school, and he
certainly didn't know her. She was black, and there was no way he could have
ever missed her in the halls.

"I go to Starkweather Academy," she smiled up at him, lavishing his now
rejuvenated cock with a passionate flutter tonguing.

"Oh," Pacey almost laughed. Stakweather was the private academy about ten
miles outside of town. The thought that a Starkweather girl was down on the
floor at his knees sucking his cock amused him greatly.

"The ho' got in on a quota scholarship," Tiara taunted her.

"Did not," Cherry protested.

"Look at the ho'. Big tme Starkweather girl, and she didn't even know how
to suck dick proper til I got a hold of her."

"I did so," Cherry snapped back.

"Ho' heard it was called a blow job, so she took the first john she ever had,
put his dick in her mouth and blew .." Tiara snorted in laughter. "Ain't
that some funny shit?"

Pacey laughed even though he saw Cherry was getting angry.

"She's making that up," Cherry tried to fight back.

"Did I say you could talk, ho'?" Tiara slapped her sister across the mouth
hard. "Don't you ever TALK til you are spoken to. You got me, ho'?" She
gripped Cherry's face in one hand and squeezed her cheeks in until her mouth
puckered. "You got me?"

"Yes." Cherry's voice was obedient, but her eyes were still afire.

"You want some of this Starkweather pussy?" Tiara asked Pacey.

"Sure," Pacey nodded.

"Ho' needs to be fucked like a dog." Tiara stood up and patted the sofa.
"Come here, girl," she spoke to her sister like a dog. "Assume the position
and spread those fat brown butt flaps." Cherry passively crawled up on the
couch, and knelt on the cushions, pointing her big, brown ass out. WHACK!
Tiara struck Cherry's big butt with her open hand. "Spread those flaps,
ho'," Tiara hissed at her younger sister.

WHACK!! Tiara struck her sister again, and Cherry complied. The young, brown
whore reached behind herself and gripped both her butt cheeks in each hand.
Then she spread them apart to reveal her fuck holes still sopping with female

"Take a belt to the ho'," Tiara reached down to where Pacey's trousers
bunched up at his knees. In a second, she slid out his belt. She folded it
in her hands and handed it back to Pacey. "Ho thinks she's better than you,
white boy. When you leave here, she's going to laugh at you, go back to all
her Starkweather friends and forget about you like you're NOTHING! You going
to let her do that to you, white boy? You can let this ho' forget you like
you're nothing?"

"Please don't whip me?" Cherry whined. "Please."

"She's playing you, white boy," Tiara laughed. "You going to fall for that

"Please .. she's lying. It's not like that .." Cherry begged.

"It's your decision, white boy. You can either be a joke or make her
remember you the rest of her life."

"She's .." Cherry started.

CRACK! "Quiet!" Pacey lashed the belt hard against the young whore's big,
brown bottom.

"Please .." Cherry tried again.

CRACK!! "I said QUIET!" Pacey reiterated. It felt good to beat her fleshy
ass. It felt good to strike a woman, to make her feel pain. She was only a
black whore, and Pacey knew it was Andie's white ass that he truly desired
to scourge, but the young caramel slut would have to do. He had paid his
money, and now he was going to beat some serious ass.

CRACK!!! CRACK!!!! CRACK!!!!! Each blow was louder and harder, and Cherry
just sobbed as he lost himself in the sadistic pleasure. The blows started
cracking like a thunder storm of pain, then, and the whole universe ceased to
exist except for his arm, the belt, and the fat brown butt that submissively
withstood every bit of anger and heartbreak flooding his soul.

"FUCKING WHORE!" Pacey Witter now stormed as Cherry collapsed in a plump heap
beneath his assault. Her brown butt was scourged with red welts now and
purple bruises, and her gaping fuck holes were even more sopping wet. As
Pacey continued pounding away, he saw the girl's pussy puddle up again and
fire another spurt of female fuck. "Shit?!" Pacey stepped back and looked
at the squirting pussy in awe.

"Ho' likes to be whipped," Tiara rubbed her sister's ass, knelt down and
drank her pungent fuck. "Makes the fat bitch cum, doesn't it, ho'?" she
asked her sister.

"Mm hmm," Cherry purred. "I'm just a fucking whore. Fuck me like a whore.
Please .."

Pacey stepped up to Cherry's thick ass and parted her brown flaps. He'd
never buttfucked a slut before, but today he wasn't going to be denied.
While Tiara alternated between licking her sister's pussy and sucking his
balls, Pacey pressed his bloated prick-helmet against the big girl's brown
butt hole and pushed forward. Her ass was already slick with sweat and
fuck, and he was amazed how easily he slid into the tight, warm slot.

Her ass pipe felt so much different than a pussy. It wasn't the tightness,
exactly, it was the snugness. He was now gripped between two of the
strongest muscles in the human body, and as he plowed in deeper he could
feel Cherry clenching and unclenching slightly, milking his stiff white
prick. Tiara had her tongue up his own ass now,and he twitched at the

"Hold still, white boy." She steadied him with her hands before she went
back to tongue lashing his sphincter. A second later, Pacey felt something
else entering his ass. It was slick and cool, and it slipped in like a small
snake. He turned around slightly, and saw that Tiara had put a rubber glove
over her hand. The glove was covered in some kind of lubricant and the
beautiful black whore was massaging the teen's prostate. She slowly worked
more and more of her hand up Pacey's asshole while he shuttered and
grunt-fucked Cherry's tight, plump butt.

Every time he powered into the girl's brown ass, he sent a tremor through
her body. Her soft brown flesh rippled up her thick butt, over her hips and
back. Her tummy wiggled and her tits bobbed back and forth like ripe melons
hanging on a vine in a hurricane. Drool rolled down her fuck-blissed face,
and she started sucking her thumb like a baby as he savaged her big brown

Meanwhile, Tiara was twisting her whole hand into Pacey's distended anal
cavity. He gasped and grunted with every forceful thrust of her hand, but
he rode out her brutal fisting. After the initial shock, he actually began
thrilling to the mix of pain and pleasure seizing his bowels. He bit his
teeth into Cherry's fleshy shoulder and humped her butt crack even harder.
Tiara's fist seemed to be all the way up to his lungs. She screwed her wrist
like a drill bit, and he shrieked like a banshee.

Then, as quickly as she had filled him, she suddenly popped her hand out and
left him utterly and totally vacant. "Don't stop," he heard himself gasp.

"You liked that, huh, white boy ..?" Tiara hissed in his ear.

"Yes," he moaned. "Yes .."

"You're an ass queer, ain't you ..?" she bated him. "All you sissy white
boys are just fucking ass queers, ain't ya' ..?"

"Yes," he blathered uncontrollably as he pounded into Cherry. He was willing
to say or do anything just to feel the whore back inside the gaping void of
his ass-pipe.

"Beg me to fuck your pink cherry ass with my big black dick." She raked her
razor-sharp fingernails across Pacey's back as he rutted inside Cherry's
butt. Then Tiara pulled his head back by his hair and turned his eyes to
face her.

The black amazon was now sporting a huge, 16-inch black dildo the width of
a baseball bat. It was strapped about her powerful hips and it pointed
straight out like a python poised to strike.

"Oh, shit .. no .." Pacey gasped, shaking his head violently. Suddenly he
realized what he'd just gotten himself into. This whore wanted to rape his
ass with a monstrously huge black dildo.

"You're never going to be able to cum good again now that you've had your ass
stimulated, white boy," Tiara snickered. "You know how good that felt with
my fist shoved up your white ass. From now on, no matter what you're doing
or who you're fucking, you're going to want something hot and hard shoved up
that sissy white ass of yours, boy. You know it, white boy. You can't deny
it, and you can't fight it. So just get it over with and beg me, white boy.
Beg me to fuck your pink cherry ass with this huge black dick."

"Please .." Pacey began to cry now.

Tiara snickered, rubbed some lube on the huge helmet of her battering ram,
then just plowed into Pacey's puckered, lubed asshole. Pacey tried to fight
it, tried to clench off his ass-pipe, but he was as helpless against Tiara's
assault as Cherry had been against him. While he squirmed like a stuck pig,
buried deep between Cherry's thick caramel flaps, Tiara crashed ahead and
caved in what was left of his tender ass cherry.

The powerful amazon whore was now fucking both Pacey and Cherry, slamming
them into the sofa while she screeched in absolute joy. "Fuck me," Pacey
Witter cried helplessly. "Make me your bitch. Make me your whore," he
whined as she thrash-fucked his ass to oblivion.

Inch by excruciating inch, she drove the 16-inch rape-spike into his colon,
impaling him while the blood streaked and slicked the mammoth black
fuck-truncheon. Both Pacey and Cherry were now gibbering like chimpanzees
as Tiara drilled them into the sofa. She was barely half-way inside Pacey
Witter before he felt his balls sting and his piss hole blow out another
volley of teenage spunk. He flooded Cherry's ass valley, and then slumped

Tiara now rattle-fucked Pacey, whose limp body flopped around inside Cherry.
The plump, young whore came a third time, drenching the sofa in another
torrent of fuck. And Tiara pressed onward, forward, further, deeper. 10
inches .. 11 .. 12 .. 13 .. She smashed into Pacey's ass with every ounce
of brutality she possessed, gradually rendering him into a total fuck zombie.
"Beg me, white boy. Beg me for all of it," she hissed.

"Yes," Pacey Witter wept. "All of it .. please .. all of that big black

"FUCKING SISSY-ASS WHITE BOY!" she howled, plowing the last three inches
inside him with a decisive, devastating thrust.

Pacey's body snapped up in agony as he rode every inch of her ass-raping
fury. "Fuck me .. fuck my white ass .." he blubbered. "Rip open that pink
ass with your big black dick."

"Witter!" a deep, male voice boomed across the room, shocking Pacey and the
girls into a frozen terror.

I know that voice, * Pacey looked up in horror. * Oh, my God ..NO! *

The teenager and the whores watched in horror as a large black man strode
into the room. "Daddy," Tiara and Cherry sang out in unison.

"I'll deal with you two later," the man pulled Tiara off Pacey then savagely
tore Pacey off his youngest daughter. "Fucking piece of white trash!" The
black man bitch-slapped Pacey Witter.

"Principal Green .. please .. " Pacey cowered beneath the strong black man's
blows. * Oh, my God, he's their father, * Pacey screamed to himself in
horror. * Principal Green's daughters. Principal Green just caught me
fucking his daughters .. *

The black man dragged Pacey's naked, broken to a standing position after
almost ten straight minutes of ass-kicking. "I think your father .. the
sheriff would be very interested in what I found here today. I think he'd
be VERY interested."

"Principal Green, you can't .. Please .. my God .. you can't. I'm so sorry ..
I'll do anything .. I'll do FUCKING ANYTHING! You can't .. you just
can't .."

The Principal smiled. He'd been playing the Badger Game with his two whore
daughters ever since he'd rolled into town. So far, they'd all been
supplementing his principal's salary quite nicely, Tiara and Cherry hustling
tricks and Daddy shaking down hapless johns when he stormed in on them in
flagrante delicto. Usually, this just entailed emptying their pockets, or
possibly bleeding them for further funds if they were one of Capeside's
wealthier citizens. In the next room, hidden from sight behind a false
mirror, Mrs. Green, the Principal's wife and the girls' mother, was right
where she belonged, manning the camcorder and videotaping everything for
posterity. If Pacey Witter even balked, the whole town would soon be seeing
him scream for "black cock" while being anally savaged.

"Please .. Principal Green," the boy wept pathetically. "I'll do anything."

Having the sheriff's son under his thumb could prove very useful to Principal
Green's little operation. He and the girls had struck a real payday. He
looked down at Pacey's groveling form and something else occurred to him.
The handsome boy could be quite a hit with some of Capeside's more
specialized interests. Green had often gotten calls from men who wanted to
sodomize fit, hung teenage boys. Pacey Witter would be perfect. But first
he would need to learn the ropes.

Principal Green unsnapped and unzipped his pants, and Pacey just nodded. The
teenage boy looked up at the principal's thick, 12-inch dick, which wasn't
even at full erection yet. "Suck it, boy!" Principal Green sneered. He
didn't even give Pacey time to obey. He just grabbed the boy by his hair and
forced his mouth over his inhuman ebony throat fucker.

Pacey puked when he tasted the black man's savage rage, his vomit spattering
across the principal's spit-poilshed, patent leather shoes. The girls
giggled and Cherry proceeded to strap on the 16-inch dildo and tease it
against Pacey's blasted ass-cheeks. Pacey continued sobbing and puking.

"Relax and give me that throat, Witter" Principal Green jeered as he started
jam fucking his black dick into the boy's heaving mouth. "You know what a man
likes, boy."

"He sure does, daddy," Cherry slapped the teen's ass and then shredded his
sphincter with one thrust. "Come on, ho', ride that black dick," she


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