Dawson's Creek: Dawson's Cock
by Jessy19 ([email protected])

Dawson sat by the dock throwing pebbles into the water. He was angry,
confused and felt betrayed ever since Pacey, his best friend had stolen the
love of his life. Jack watched from across how angry Dawson was. He knew it
sucked for Dawson to have to watch the two people he cared most about be
together and leave him out.

Jack walked over to where Dawson sat and stood watching him. Dawson hardly
noticed his presence until Jack cleared his throat.

"Ahem. Hey Dawson," Jack began.

Dawson's face showed resentment. "What do you want Jack?"

Jack kneeled next to him and stared into his sad eyes. "Are you ok?"

"No Jack I'm not ok! Why do you even bother to ask?"

Jack shrugged. "I'm just trying to start a conversation. I'm sorry."

Dawson sighed. "Ah it's ok. I'm sorry, didn't mean to act like an asshole.
You didn't do anything to me."

Jack smiled and sat next to Dawson. "I know it's gotta be tough seeing Pacey
and Joey together. But hey, you got a lot going for you. Don't let those two
bring you down."

Dawson smiled weakly. "Yeah I guess. I'm just pissed. I'm more pissed at
Pacey though. He was my best friend and now he's with my girl."

"Well, Pacey will soon learn that he hurt his best friend and he'll pay for
what he did to you."

"Well, I don't wish Pacey anything bad, but I do hope he knows how much he's
hurt me."

"I'm sure he does," Jack said placing his hand over Dawson's.

Dawson looked down and Jack quickly took his hand off. "Sorry, I was just
being a friend, don't think I was making a move on you or anything."

Dawson looked away. "So what brings you down here? I mean besides trying to
make me feel better?"

Jack stared at him. "I was just taking a walk and saw you here. What do you
say we go back to my house? My sister is not there. We can drink a little and
watch some movies if you want."

Dawson looked at Jack. His face lit up. "Yeah, that sounds better than what
I was originally going to do."

"What was that?" Jack asked.

"Nothing at all."

Both boys laughed and headed off to Jack's place.

* * *

After a few drinks, Dawson sat on Jack's sofa relaxing and had almost
forgotten the whole Pacey and Joey situation. Jack was sitting down on the
couch next to him.

"I think this movie was Steven Spielberg's best," Dawson said as they watched

"Yeah it's freaky. I wonder if the whole thing is a mind game you know," Jack

Just as the boys were watching the movie, a knock on the door interrupted
their concentration. Jack got up to answer the door. His heart almost stopped
when he saw Pacey at the door.

"Pacey! Hey w-what are you doing here?"

Pacey looked puzzled. "Can't I just come for a visit?"

"Yeah sure, but-"

Pacey made his way in the house. He took off his coat and placed it on one of
the kitchen tables. "So what you up to tonight?"

Jack looked nervous. "Uh not much-"

"Jack hey, I was-" Dawson froze. He walked into the kitchen wanting another
drink but Pacey was there.

"Hey Dawson," Pacey said in a low voice.

"What is he doing here?" Dawson asked angrily.

Jack shrugged. "He just came by to visit."

"Well then, I'm out of here!" Dawson stomped out of the kitchen.

"Ah shit," Jack said following Dawson.

Dawson put on his leather jacket. He heard Jack's footsteps behind him. Jack
grabbed his arm to stop him from going anywhere.

"Hey come on man. Just stay," Jack pleaded.

Dawson nodded. He pulled away and turned to face him. Angry tears ran down
his face. "I hate that guy. I hate him!"

"Don't say that. He's your friend."

"What do you know? You just met us both so how could you know us?"

"I may not know you both that well, but I do know that everyone can use a
friend. See, growing up gay, I never had a chance to have a real friend. I
was always hiding who I was."

Dawson calmed down a bit. He sighed and took off his jacket hanging it back
on the coat hanger. "I see. I'm sorry. Shit I'm just so pissed."

"I know. Now Pacey will only be here for a while I promise."

"Fine, but don't expect me to talk to him."

Pacey walked in the living room and crossed his arms. "So what's going on?"

"You stole my girlfriend you bastard, that's what's going on," Dawson quickly

Jack tried to change the subject. "Ok who wants another drink?"

Pacey narrowed his eyes at Dawson. "Well, for your information, Mr. Smartass,
Joey and I broke up. Seems she's confused at the time and does not know if
she loves me or you."

Dawson raised a brow. "Really? You mean she might still love me?"

Pacey nodded. "Yeah."

Jack groaned. "See! You two were fighting over nothing! This girl is
confused! You know the way women get!"

Pacey and Dawson looked at Jack and had to agree. Joey had been with Jack too
and obviously was heartbroken when he told her he was gay.

"Now you two hug each other and be friends again will ya?" Jack said.

Pacey moved closer to Dawson and then jack pushed him making Pacey fall into
Dawson's arms. Dawson hugged his friend and Pacey returned the hold.

"I'm sorry man," Pacey mumbled.

"Me too. I was such a prick to you."

They held each other for a while and Jack stood back enjoying the scenery. He
had to admit he had arrived to town that both Dawson and Pacey had caught his
eye. How could they not? They were both so hot!

"Ahem!" Jack cleared his throat.

Both boys pulled away from each other nervously.

"That was a nice make up hug," Jack said.

Dawson blushed. "Thanks Jack."

"Yeah thanks," Pacey agreed.

"So no chance of a make up kiss huh?" Jack teased.

Dawson playfully punched Jack on his arm. "Ha! You wish!"

Pacey smiled wickedly. "What's the matter Dawson? You too homophobic?"

Dawson looked shocked. "W-what?"

"You heard. Are you afraid of kissing me?"

Dawson looked nervously at Jack and then at Pacey. "You mean you would really
kiss me?"

Pacey nodded. "Why not? I mean it's just a kiss right?"

Dawson's heart pounded. "Well I guess it would be ok."

Pacey and Jack both burst out laughing. "Ah shit! He was really going to let
me kiss him!" Pacey shouted.

Dawson frowned. "You both suck! I'm out of here!"

He began to walk away but Jack grabbed his arm again. "Hey come on now! We
were just joking!"

Pacey smiled. "Yeah Dawson! You need to lighten up a bit!"

Dawson laughed. "You two are such assholes I swear!"

Jack looked innocent. "Me? I'm not an asshole! Here I am trying to make you
laugh and you get all hissy."

"Yeah, you need to relax Dawson," Pacey said.

"Yeah, besides, I know you two would never have the guts to kiss each other,"
Jack said sarcastically.

Dawson and Pacey narrowed their eyes at Jack. "Is this some sort of challenge
that runs through your sick fantasies?" Dawson asked.

Jack nodded. "Maybe."

"Dawson and I never turn down a challenge do we Dawson?" Pacey asked

Dawson was nervous as hell. "Never."

"Well, then let me see it. I want you two to kiss," Jack ordered.

Pacey moved towards Dawson. Jack stepped in between them. "Wait, before you
two kiss, I have to set some rules."

"Uh oh," Dawson groaned.

"Now this kiss has to be special, after all you two are very, very good
friends right?"

Dawson and Pacey nodded.

"Ok now the kiss must last at least 10 seconds and with tongue."

Dawson cringed. "I'm not kissing Pacey with tongue!"

"Aww why not? You have to, I thought you never turn down a challenge," Jack
reminded Dawson.

"It'll just be once," Pacey said.

Dawson didn't want to do it, well part of him did but then again he was
afraid this might get out and Joey would find out. "Oh ok, but you all have
to swear what happens here, stays here."

"Deal!" Jack and Pacey said simultaneously.

"Ok now, I'm stepping away and you two can kiss," Jack's voice sounded

Dawson and Pacey moved towards one another until they were very close. Pacey
was the one who leaned in first and gave Dawson's lips a peck but both boys
began to laugh. Jack was disappointed that they would not go through with it.

"Come on now! Hurry it up!" Jack groaned.

Dawson and Pacey stopped laughing and began to kiss. Jack watched in
amazement on how their lips touched so gently as if they were afraid to
engaged in a deep kiss. It was supposed to be a 10 second kiss but it
seemed to last an eternity. Jack noticed they didn't use tongues but was
almost afraid to say anything. He didn't want to interrupt the sexy kiss.
Just at about eight seconds, he saw Dawson and Pacey tongue touch gently
before they broke their kiss.

The kiss broke very slowly. Pacey and Dawson stared at each other in shock.
Jack found it hard to breath. The room was silent for a long time.

"Oh wow!" Jack finally spoke.

Dawson nervously looked down at the floor and Pacey turned to look somewhere

"Are you happy now Jack? See, I told you we could handle any challenge,"
Pacey said in a very nervous voice.

Jack smiled wickedly. "Hmm looks like you two enjoyed that kiss."

Dawson turned red. "No we didn't! We are not gay!"

"You don't have to be gay," Jack shot back.

"Hey man it's ok to have liked it," Pacey began, "I mean everyone thinks it's
ok for girls to like to kiss other girls, yet guys are not expected to like
to kiss other guys."

"Very good point," Jack agreed.

Dawson shrugged. "I guess. But I'm not gay ok?"

"We know you're not gay. Neither am I," Pacey said.

"In my opinion you two are gayer than me," Jack laughed.

Dawson and Pacey eyed each other and smiled. "I'm sorry about everything I
said to you," Dawson apologized.

"Me too. You are my best friend Dawson and I never meant to hurt you,
especially let a girl come between us."

"This whole day has turned around so much! I mean I was pissed at first, then
confused about the kiss and now I'm so relaxed."

"See? All it took was a kiss from another guy," Jack joked.

Dawson looked embarrassed. "Well, I better get home."

"Why?" Pacey asked concerned.

Jack frowned. "I think he wants to see if Joey called him."

Dawson gave Jack a dirty look. "So what?"

"Get over her Dawson. The girl does not know what she wants. At least you and
Pacey know you want each other's friendship," Jack said in a serious voice.

"But without Joey, I feel that love does not exist."

Pacey sighed. "Love does exist Dawson. I mean I love know in a
friend's way.

"You do?" Dawson asked surprised.

"Of course!"

"Yeah why wouldn't he? You are a very cool person Dawson," Jack chimed in.

Dawson blushed. "Thanks guys."

"Hey how about we go up to my room and play some playstation games?" Jack

"Sounds good," Pacey replied.

Dawson shrugged and headed upstairs with the boys. He couldn't help but have
a strange feeling down his pants. Was he getting hard? Did Pacey's kiss get
him excited? Did he want to kiss Jack too? Or maybe kiss Pacey and Jack at
the same time? This was all so new to him; he was scared, yet so turned on.

They were in Jack's room playing a racing game. Pacey and Jack were too much
into the game. Dawson just lay on Jack's bed watching. His mind was no longer
on Joey, but on Pacey and Jack.

"Are you thinking of Joey again?" Pacey turned to ask Dawson.

"No. Not anymore."

Jack put the game on pause. "I think you are. Damnit Dawson, don't ruin a
boys night out because of Joey."

Dawson smiled. "I'm just thinking of something else. Believe me, it's not

Pacey looked at him curiously. "What are you thinking of then?"

"You," Dawson blurted out.

Pacey gasped and Jack smiled. "I think he liked your kiss Pacey."

Pacey blushed. "Did you?" He asked Dawson.

"Yeah. A little too much. Is that bad?"

"Not at all," Jack replied.

Pacey looked uneasy. "Well just think of it ok? Don't start having feelings
for me or anything."

Dawson scoffed. "You're so arrogant Pacey."

Jack gently pushed Pacey. "Yeah really."

Pacey felt bad. "I'm sorry. I-I uh nevermind."

Dawson sighed. "Well it's been fun guys, but I am going home."

Jack gave Pacey a haughty look. "Stop him will ya?"

Pacey stood up. "Come on now. I was only joking about the feelings stuff. I'm
sorry I acted like a homophobic asshole."

Dawson's eyes glowed. "It's ok. I guess this has just been a weird evening. I
mean, I've never kissed another guy before and I guess. It's just making me
act strange."

Jack laughed. "Why don't you two just do it and get it all over with?"

Pacey gasped. "What? Me and Dawson? No way!"

Dawson agreed. "Yeah, kissing is one thing, but sex is another."

"You know you want to," Jack kept teasing.

Dawson sat on Jack's bed feeling so confused. Was Jack right? Did he really
want to fuck Pacey?

"Look, why don't you try pleasing each other just once. I promise I won't
tell anyone."

Pacey didn't move. He stood still not sure what to do. Jack stood up and put
his hand on Pacey's shoulder. He leaned closer to him and whispered in his
ear. "Just go kiss him again. Then you can go from there."

Pacey took a deep breath, took off his boots and climbed on the bed slowly
crawling towards Dawson. Dawson stayed laying down keeping his cool. He felt
Pacey's body get on top of his. Pacey leaned down and placed his lips over

Dawson parted his lips and kissed his best friend. This time, Pacey quickly
slid his tongue into Dawson's mouth French kissing him. Jack stood in awe of
the guys kissing. Pacey moved his body slowly up and down on top of Dawson's.
The guys began to moan into their kiss.

Dawson felt his cock get rock hard as Pacey kept moving his body rubbing
himself against Dawson's cock. Dawson broke their kiss and both gasped for
air. Pacey's eyes were small and filled with lust.

"You really want to do this?" Dawson asked.

Pacey didn't reply he leaned in for another kiss. Dawson pushed him away
gently. He cupped Pacey's face and stared into his eyes. "Tell me Pacey, do
you really want this?"

"Yes. I want this so much. I think I've wanted this for a long time."

"I love you," Dawson blurted.

Pacey leaned closer. "I love you too."

They began to kiss once again letting Jack enjoy watching them. Jack took
a seat on the bed and felt his cock wanting to burst out of his jeans. He
rubbed himself gently as he watched Dawson and Pacey make out.

Pacey began exploring Dawson's body. He could tell Dawson had been working
out as he felt his developing muscles on his arms and stomach. He moved his
hand further down and felt Dawson's bulging hard on. He grabbed it and heard
Dawson moan into their kiss.

Pacey pulled back and began unbuckling Dawson's pants. Dawson's eyes showed
fear. He put his hands over Pacey's hands. "Please don't pull my cock out."

Pacey looked puzzled. "Why not? I thought you said you wanted this?"

Dawson bit his lower lip and moved his hands away, letting Pacey continue to
undo his pants. "Ok, but please don't freak when you see my cock."

Pacey shrugged and continued to search for Dawson's cock. Jack stared
attentively desperately wanting to see the goods Dawson had. Pacey reached
inside Dawson's pants and pulled out his cock. He fell back and gasped. Jack
got startled when Pacey fell back.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jack asked Pacey.

Dawson's face turned red. He looked away from both of them. Jack stared at
Pacey then his eyes slowly moved to Dawson's cock. His eyes widened and his
jaw dropped. "Jesus Christ! What is that thing?" Jack asked.

"T-that's what I'm saying!" Pacey stammered.

Dawson was so embarrassed. "I warned you."

"Is that a snake? Dang! How many inches is that Dawson?" Jack asked quickly
being mesmerized by Dawson's huge cock.

"I don't know. I never measured it."

"I wouldn't want to measure that monster either!" Pacey said. His face was
still filled with shock.

Dawson felt humiliated. He grabbed his cock and was about to put it back into
his pants. Jack quickly stopped him. "Where you going?"

"Home. I better go, now that you two know my secret."

"Aww come on! We were just in surprised! I mean how do you keep that thing in
your pants?"

Dawson shrugged. "It's really small when it's soft."

"I don't believe that!" Pacey shouted.

"I didn't mean to scare you Pacey," Dawson said to his friend.

Pacey felt bad. He moved closer to Dawson and stared into his eyes. "I'm
sorry. I was just...Wow! I was just so surprised."

"Yeah you're not the only one," Jack agreed.

Dawson stared at his two friends. Pacey leaned in for a kiss and Jack moved
closer too. "I'm really sorry buddy." Pacey apologized to Dawson.

Dawson felt more at ease. "It's ok. Now you know why I'm still a virgin huh?
If you guys freaked imagine how girls would react?"

"I don't know, I think some girls might like this," Jack teased. "Probably
Jen would."

All three laughed.

"So now what? Are we just going to sit here and stare at this nice cock all
night? Or are we going to give it all we got?" Jack asked Pacey.

Pacey had a devious smile. "Let's give it all we got. I'm dying to touch it!"

Jack and Pacey moved their hands on Dawson's monster. Both wrapped their
hands around it, exploring it.

"Uuughhh yeah!" Dawson moaned.

"Wow! Feel his veins pulsing?" Jack asked.

Pacey nodded. "I feel it twitching in my hand."

Jack then put his whole hand down Dawson's pants and pulled out his balls.
"Dang! Look at the size of his balls!"

Pacey's eyes widened. "What the fuck?"

Jack laughed. "Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Feel how heavy they are! So full
of hot creamy cum huh Dawson?"

Dawson blushed. "Yeah."

"Let's drain these balls, what do you say Pacey?" Jack asked.

Pacey licked his lips. "I hope I can get my mouth around that thing."

"It'll be fun just trying!" Jack exclaimed.

Dawson's eyes widened. "No! I mean don't make me cum."

Pacey and Jack looked confused. "What?" They both asked simultaneously.

Dawson turned red. "I can't cum. I cum too much."

Pacey and Jack laughed. "So what? I do too," Pacey said.

"Yeah me too," Jack agreed.

Dawson smiled meekly. "Yeah but when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!"

"Yeah? Well, we'll have to see about that," Jack said excitedly.

Both males circled Dawson's cock. Dawson watched his friends eagerly eyeing
his huge cock. Jack stuck his tongue out and licked Dawson's cock from the
base all the way up to the tip very slowly as if he were licking a Popsicle.
Dawson's toes curled. Pacey watched Jack's long tongue licking Dawson's cock
and it only made his mouth water.

"My turn," Pacey said. He dove in and licked slowly just as Jack had.

Dawson's eyes widened. "Oh my God!" He rasped.

Then, both Jack and Pacey rushed to put Dawson's cock in their mouths. They
bumped foreheads and burst out laughing. "Owww!" Pacey groaned.

"I wanted to put it in my mouth first, you asshole!" Jack said playfully
rubbing on his forehead.

Dawson laughed. "One at a time ok?"

Pacey shot him an evil look. "Dawson now you're just being conceited. Just
because you got two guys wanting to suck your monster cock."

Dawson blushed. "Ok who's going to go first?"

"I'll let Pacey go first, after all you two go way back," Jack said.

Pacey and Dawson exchanged devious smirks. Pacey didn't hesitate to dive in
and suck his friend's cock. He put the head in first lightly sucking the
precum the oozed out quickly. Tasting Dawson's salty flavor excited Pacey
even more.

"Mmm, I hear him slurping away. I bet you taste great Dawson," Jack

Pacey pulled his mouth away from Dawson's cock and smiled. "He does taste
great. You wanna taste him?"

Jack nodded anxiously. He was expecting Pacey to let him suck on Dawson's
cock. Instead, Pacey leaned closer and began to kiss Jack. Jack slid his
tongue in Pacey's mouth and could taste Dawson's precum. Pacey backed his
mouth away from Jack's, leaving Jack hungrier for Dawson's tangy taste.

"Oh fuck! He is so damn good," Jack sighed.

"Hurry! Will one of you suck me? I need to cum!" Dawson urged.

Pacey handed Jack Dawson's cock. "Here you go. You know how to suck cock
better than me. Let me watch you suck him first so I can learn."

Jack didn't pause. He opened his mouth and took in as much as he could of
Dawson's big cock. He took in over eight inches.

"Damn dude, you have no gag reflexes or what?" Pacey asked amazed on how much
cock Jack could take in his mouth.

"Uh god! No complains here!" Dawson moaned.

Pacey watched Jack continue to suck Dawson off. Jack's lips moved up and down
swiftly. Pacey was learning now how to suck a cock. He placed his hands on
Dawson's engorged balls and massaged them gently.

"Suck my nuts," Dawson begged.

Pacey gave Dawson a long wet kiss before he rushed to go suck on his big
balls. Pacey licked Dawson's balls slithering his tongue on them like a

"Uhhhhh yeah!' Dawson groaned. "Lick them, suck them, tease them!"

Jack pursed his lips tighter on Dawson's cock. He was dying to know just how
much sperm that monster cock could shoot out. Would it be enough to drown
his mouth? Jack could always manage to swallow big loads, but he wondered if
Dawson was just exaggerating.

Pacey was now busy trying his hardest to suck on one of Dawson's balls. It
was so big and loaded with cum that he could barely put his mouth around it.

"Oh fuck! I'm so close! Better watch out!" Dawson shouted.

The room was filled with smacking sounds of Jack and Pacey as they both
tried their hardest to make Dawson cum. Both were curious just how much their
friend could cum. Pacey pulled Dawson's left ball out of his mouth and just
as he was going to suck the right ball, he saw Jack's eyes widen.

"What the fuck?" Pacey asked.

"Ooooh fuck yes! Aahhhhhhhh!" Dawson moaned loudly.

Jack's face began to turn red. He quickly pulled Dawson's cock out of his
mouth. A huge load of cum shout out of Dawson's cock. It wasn't any normal
load that was for sure. Jack's mouth was filled with hot creamy cum. He
couldn't swallow it all in time.

"Yikes! You weren't kidding about cumming a lot!" Pacey exclaimed.

"Uhhhh finish me off! Pacey put my cock in your mouth! Hurry!"

Pacey did just that. He couldn't get as much as Jack had in his mouth, but
he still got a good amount. He moved his lips up and down and his mouth soon
began to flood with jizz. It was so hot and very salty. He chugged a good
load down his throat but soon enough he too had to pull the monster out of
his mouth in order to be able to breath.

"Oooh no! Don't stop!" Dawson cried out.

Pacey fought hard to swallow all the cum and then went back for more. It
was as if Dawson could not stop cumming! It felt like gallons of cum were
shooting out of his cock. Pacey couldn't take any more cum. It felt as if
his stomach was already filled with sperm.

He pulled Dawson's cock out of his mouth and coughed as he choked on the
last bits of cum he had swallowed. Jack slowly recovered from his swallowing.
He grabbed Dawson's cock and began to jerk him off.

"Yeah! Oh fuck I can't stop c-cumming!" Dawson groaned and more sperm shot
out of his cock.

"Damn! He's not human!" Pacey gasped.

"He is. He's just so damn hot. Look at this! Oh shit!" Jack roared.

Suddenly Pacey's heart almost stopped. Sperm began to spurt out like heavy
water! It hit Pacey's face and practically knocked him out of the bed. Jack
watched in amazement as the cum continued to shoot out.

"Holy shit! You can put a fire out with this!" Jack laughed and continued to
jerk off Dawson.

Pacey got back up on the bed and pointed Dawson's cock to Jack's face.

"N-No!" Jack yelled but it was too late. He too was knocked out of the bed
and fell on to the floor.

Pacey finished jerking Dawson off. He could see Dawson's toes curled and his
lips parted as he tried to scream in pleasure but nothing came out. Finally
he seemed to stop cumming and soon enough only small drops of cum oozed from
his cock. Pacey took his hand off Dawson's cock and moved up to kiss his

Jack got off from the floor covered with cum all over his face. The entire
room was covered with hot jizz.

"Damn this room smells like the ocean!" Jack teased.

All three laughed.

"You weren't kidding Dawson. Jesus! What do you do when you jerk off at

Dawson blushed. "I have to make sure no one is home and then I play with
myself having plenty of towels around me."

"I'd hate to see what that monster could do to my asshole," Jack said.

"I'd kinda like to see that," Pacey replied.

"Mmm," Dawson said licking his lips and eyeing Jack.

Jack turned red. "Ok, I'd love to see what it could do to my asshole, but
first let's clean this mess up before it dries up.

"Yeah and afterwards, we'll see what else Dawson's cock can do," Pacey said
eyeing his friend.

"Come here you two," Dawson ordered.

Both Pacey and Jack moved close to him and all three began to share a
three-way kiss. Their tongues lashed out caressing one another filled with
the taste of Dawson's cum.

Pacey looked at his friend and he seemed uneasy. "What's wrong Pacey?" Dawson

Pacey looked at Jack and then back at Dawson. "I just wondered if after this
we could still be friends."

"Oh you bet we can. We'll just be really good friends," Dawson winked at

"Just as long as you don't start spending more time with Jack, then I'd be
really jealous, "Pacey teased.

"I'll be spending time with both you. Now let's share one more kiss before
we have to clean this mess up. Then I can make a huge mess in Jack's ass.
How does that sound?"

"Sounds so fuckin' hot!" Pacey groaned.

The three kissed again. After cleaning up the mess, Jack discovered he could
only take so much of Dawson's cock. Jack knew he would soon discover how much
Pacey would be able to take.

The End


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