Dave's World: The Barry's Island Vacation (M+/F,inter,ncon)
by Wilcox

Beth Barry was terrified. The young blonde housewife and mother knew that
possession of drugs in a foreign country was a potentially dangerous act, but
she and her husband just didn't believe that small amounts of marihuana for
personal use would be a big deal.

But as she watched the local police leave the hotel room with her husband,
Dave, in handcuffs, she knew better. Beth tried to get control of her
emotions long enough to figure out what to do.

She sat on the hotel bed and began trying to telephone anyone who would be
able to give her advice or help her out of this nightmare. After about an
hour of useless attempts to call her parents and Dave's publisher and finding
that she couldn't get through, she decided to go down to the police station
to try and post a bond to get Dave out.

She gathered up the little remaining cash that they had in the hotel and she
hailed a cab to take her to the jail. All along the drive from the five-star
beach front hotel through the narrow streets of the island city, Beth could
only think of Dave's pleas to her to help him.

As she arrived at the station, she wished that she had packed one modest
outfit. The young woman wore a very short cotton skirt that wrapped her
flairing hips closely, but didn't cover much of her long, tanned legs.

And the top that she wore was perfect for the beach, but too revealing in her
estimation for the business she was on. Back in the States, she had worked
out and tanned her body in preparation for their first vacation without the

She wanted to be perfect for Dave on their vacation. Beth knew that she had a
body that turned men's heads. Throughout her life, men noticed her beautiful
face only after eyeing her long legs, sexy little ass and big, firm breasts.
But now, no matter how skimpily dressed she was, she had no choice about her
clothing now.

When she arrived at the police station, she quickly entered the dilapidated
building and asked the first person where she could find her husband. The
disinterested man told her that she wouldn't be able to post a bond on her
husband for several days. Beth's heart sank. She simply couldn't give up that

After several other unfruitful inquiries, she asked to see the Chief of
Police. The young wife was directed to the Chief's office and sat on a hard
wooden bench for an hour before the secretary told her that the Chief
wouldn't be able to see her.

Beth's eyes began to well up with tears. She begged the secretary to see if
the man would see her for just a few moments. The annoyed secretary went back
into the Chief's office.

Beth was aware of the procession of police employees who eyed her as they
strode past. An experienced traveler, Beth knew that women were viewed as
objects in this foreign land. Men openly gaped at her as they walked by.
Several times, she saw the men exchange knowing smirks as they walked past

She knew that they were undressing her in their minds. An intense feeling of
vulnerability swept over the young wife. She sat nervously hoping that she
would be able to meet with the man she believed could help her.

The heat was intense in the old unairconditioned building. The only
ventilation was the creaking fan overhead, but Beth was intent on waiting.
Finally, the secretary walked over to Beth and motioned her into the office.
Beth got up and moved into the stark office. The man behind the desk motioned
her to sit in the chair across from him.

As she sat, Beth felt her skirt inch up her firm thighs, revealing an expanse
of flesh that she would not have chosen to reveal. She tugged nervously at
the hem of her skirt in an unsuccessful effort at modesty. The man eyed her
legs openly.

He was a huge, muscular black man in his late forties, with a khaki uniform
that appeared wrinkled and worn. He had graying hair and a thick mustache.
Beth tried to explain the situation to him, but he immediately silenced her.
She cringed inside as she realized that he was staring at her tanned thighs
as he spoke.

"Your husband is in a great deal of trouble," he said in a thick accent. "He
has already confessed to being a drug smuggler. He is at this very moment
telling my men about his connections here on the island. I believe that he
will be a most useful informant. I fear that he may be in prison for many

Beth knew that Dave was not a drug smuggler, but she feared the methods
police were employing to get him to admit to such an obvious untruth. "Sir,"
she said, "My husband isn't a drug dealer. We are here on the island for our
vacation. We don't know anyone on the island, I swear."

The chief stood, adjusted his pants, and walked to the opposite side of his
desk. Once there, he leaned on the edge of the desk only inches from Beth's
face. He reeked of stale tobacco. "I understand your beliefs young lady," he
said, "but believe me, your husband has told a different story. But I
sympathize with your problem. A young, good-looking man like him would fare
very badly in our prison system. Do you know what I mean?"

Beth began to cry. Her mind raced. She saw Dave being sentenced to a long
prison term and suffering rapes and other violence towards him. She put her
head in her hands and began to sob.

She felt the man's hand stroking the hair on the back of her head. As
disgusting as that felt, she was thankful for the show of tenderness by the
man. Then he spoke.

"You are a good wife. Most women would not come here to try and help their
husbands. But I assure you, it is nearly useless. After what he has confessed
to, I would have to put the whole of my power behind letting him go. I just
don't see how I would be able to do that."

Beth looked up at the man through her teary eyes. Here was some hope.
"Please," she begged, "you can help us. Please help us."

"I shouldn't have given you hope Mrs. Barry. It is not the type of situation
that you would be able to deal with. Decisions would have to be made
immediately. Please, I must get back to work." With those words, he began to
walk away from her.

Beth panicked. "Please. If it's money, I'll give you all that I have."

"No, it's not about money. Several men would have to agree to let your
husband go. Of course, it would start with me. But, others would have to

The young wife's mind swirled. What could he mean, she asked herself. Before
she had time to think, she began talking. "Anything. Just tell me what to do.
I need to get him out."

The Chief went to the door of his office and summoned several plainclothed
policemen. He spoke to them in Spanish and then turned to Beth. "Go with
these men for a moment. They will bring you back."

Beth stood on wobbly legs and walked out the door. Three of the men escorted
her towards the jail area. As they walked past cells, prisoners began to
whistle and jeer at the sexy blonde in the short skirt.

Beth turned her big, blue eyes towards one of the cells and saw a prisoner
began to mimic a masturbating motion. Several others stuck their tongues out
as if licking her. One of the detectives took her upper arm and pulled her
closer to him as if for her protection. She was terrified.

When they reached their destination, Beth turned to see her husband Dave in
a solitary cell. His face was badly bruised and he had obviously been beaten.
He was not conscious. Beth burst into tears. The men then led her back to the
Chief's office.

When they walked in, the Chief looked up from his papers. "Well, has he been
put in with the other prisoners yet?" he inquired. "We need to move him in

Beth knew that she could not let that happen to the man she loved. "No, no,
please," she whimpered. "I need to help him."

"Well," the Chief said, "I am beginning to believe that you mean that. But
there is only one way to help him. You must persuade those who believe that
he is a drug dealer that he is not."

"H... How do I do that," she asked naively.

"Certainly a beautiful young woman like yourself could be very persuasive,"
the Chief replied leering at her legs. "Consider all of the ways that you
could persuade me that I should help him. How would you begin to persuade
your husband to do something that you really want?"

Beth was stunned. Surely the man couldn't be suggesting that she have sex
with him. That was unthinkable. "I ... I couldn't." Beth's words dropped off.
She had been a virgin on her wedding day, and had only been with Dave. Now,
this pervert was suggesting that she have sex with him. It was not possible.

"Very well," the Chief said. "You may not recognize your husband later, and
he may have grown accustomed to satisfying men in the meanwhile, but," he
turned to the detectives, "I believe it's time to transfer him to the general

"No!" Beth cried. "No, anything. Just not that. Don't do that to him."

"Then you must be willing to persuade us, Mrs. Barry."

Beth's eyes were downcast in shame. She felt her face and neck redden in
humiliation. What could she do. After several seconds, she finally asked,
"What ... what do you want me to do?"

The Chief smiled broadly. "That is the spirit. Stand up, my dear." He took
her hand in his and she slowly stood. He walked around her eyeing her as a
prize. Then he walked to a cabinet and poured a glass of rum. Into the drink
he poured a tasteless aphrodisiac. He knew that after she drank this she
would not be able to control herself sexually.

He returned to where she stood in the center of the room and handed her the
glass. "Drink this. It will help you." Beth took the glass in trembling hands
and began to drink it. It was very strong and very big, but she downed it all
and in a matter of moments she began to feel woozy.

"Now," the Chief said, "lets begin by having you dance for us just a bit."

Beth was humiliated, but she began to sway her hips and slowly dance. Beth
kept her eyes shut, but could hear the men laugh and whistle. "That's good,
very good," the Chief said. "Now, please take off your top and skirt."

The innocent young wife felt trapped. Despite herself, she felt her hands go
to the bottom of her blouse and begin to pull it overhead leaving her large,
firm breasts clad only in a lacy bra. Then she began to reluctantly pull down
her skirt. Her tanned legs were muscular and toned.

Her shame was deepened by her knowledge that she had only worn a thong
beneath her skirt. The men whistled their approval upon seeing her buttocks.
By now the man's potion was beginning to have an effect and Beth realized
that there was a warmth she felt between her legs. How could she possibly be
turned on by this, she wondered. Was she that much of a slut?

The men were astounded by her body. Rarely had any of them seen a woman with
such a flat stomach with such large breasts. They were anxious to see the
innocent wife's breasts. To that end, one of them approached her and reaching
from behind began to massage her soft globes from outside the bra.

Beth's eyes flew open and her mouth was agape. Although she could not see the
man, he smelled of sweat and alcohol. Her blue eyes met those of the Chief's
and she knew from the lewd look in his eyes that she had no hope with him.

She did nothing as the man began to undo the bra hooks and she felt the wispy
material fall from her chest. She couldn't help but look down at her breasts
and was surprised to see the nipples in a very erect state. The man reached
both hands around her and began to tug on her nipples.

"Owwww." she cried. It wasn't so much pain as discomfort in his roughness.
She quickly silenced her groan. She didn't want to give them that
satisfaction. Still, the man's steady tugging and tweaking of her nipples had
an affect on the young woman. She felt her vagina moisten.

Then the Chief spoke to his men in Spanish. A second man approached her and
she felt his hand on her soft belly. She watched him as his hand slowly moved
down her belly and between her legs. She thought he would stop at her pussy,
but instead, he went to her inner thighs.

His hand began to massage the soft flesh right at the juncture of her legs.
Soon enough, though, his hands crept to her hips and began to tug the thong
down her slightly trembling legs. When the thong reached her ankles, Beth
surprised herself by carefully stepping out of it for the man.

The Chief made a mock groan. As he looked at her neatly trimmed pussy, he
smiled wickedly. "You keep your pussy very nice. A real blonde. That's nice,
too. I'll bet your cunt hasn't been stretched much yet, has it? I'll see if
I can help you get a little more out of it than your husband's little prick

As he was talking, he was moving around the desk. The two men who had been
groping at her moved away from her in deference.

Beth stood very still in terror.

The man stood directly in front of the defenseless young wife. As he looked
into her eyes, she felt his hand on her pussy. His fingers outlined the
trimmed pubic hair.

"It seems that you have shaved around your little pussy just recently. Do you
shave around it every day?"

"Y... yes," she replied.

"Did you shave it today just for me?" As he spoke he gently rubbed her mons

"Yes, I did," she lied. Still, she could barely stand the erotic touching of
his hand. She knew that her pussy was becoming moister to the touch.

"Were you hoping to be fucked by a real man today?"

"Y... y... yes."

"Have you ever been fucked by anyone other than that worthless husband of


"Then you better get my cock ready for your tight little pussy, right?"

Beth hesitated but then acted. With a trembling hand, the beautiful wife
reached for the man's pants. She knew that within the stretched material
would be the penis that would use her body as it's sexual receptacle. He was
about to open a branch office for the local sperm bank between her legs and
after his deposit she would receive several more from the other men in the

The Chief, dissatisfied with her hesitation, reached for the erect nipple on
one of her breasts and twisted it slightly. Beth moaned in a mixture of pain
and pleasure. The men could tell that the slightly intoxicated woman was
slowly getting aroused. Her full lips were parted and her breathing was
shallow. The two full melons on her chest rose and fell in rhythm.

The anxious man then cursed and began to undo his pants himself. Beth gasped
when the man's massive cock was pulled from beneath his filthy clothing.
Surely she wouldn't be able to fit that huge cock in her vagina, she thought.

His manhood was easily the width of her wrist and it was much longer than
what she would have imagined possible, a good twelve inches. It jutted from
his hairy belly like a weapon.

The man walked behind her. "Lean over the desk," was all he said.

Beth bent at the waist and leaned her elbows and forearms on the desk. Her
big titties hung from her chest, the nipples nearly dragging on the desktop.
She knew how erotic the view must be to the men - a young blonde woman with
her firm buttocks up in the air ready to take the Chief's stiff tool.

"Spread your legs a little."

She complied.

The man touched the soft skin of her hips. He felt her jump a bit. He laughed
to himself. If this made her jump, he knew that his big tool would have a
more obvious affect. He looked to target her vaginal opening. He gripped her
firmly and pushed his hips. He felt her pussy yield grudgingly. She was very

The young wife screamed. "Ahhhhhhhhhh. Please, nooooooooooo."

"Shut up," he said. Just like a young American wife, he thought. Never had a
good fucking before. He continued to screw into the beautiful blonde, trying
to slowly push his massive black rod in to the hilt. Despite the woman's
discomfort, he knew she would adjust.

He looked down at her athletic hips and legs and knew that she wouldn't pass
out. Instead, he knew that her tight cuntal sheath would adjust to his big
sword. Little by little, he could feel her moisture covering his cock and he
began sliding in with some comfort, although still very snuggly.

Her eyes were closed tightly and her face was contorted in pain. Her mouth
opened as she took the man from behind. "It hurts," she moaned, but the man
kept pumping his massive black horsecock into her pussy.

As the pain lessened, she became aware of the pleasure that a big snug
fitting cock could bring. She hated herself for losing control, but she knew
that her body had betrayed her.

The man noisily banged into her from behind for several minutes, his belly
and pelvis slapping audibly against the beautiful blonde's tanned thighs and
buttocks. The young wife had no control as she felt an orgasm begin to wash
over her body. She tried to resist, but lost all control when the man reached
around her and tugged on her nipples. Then she exploded in orgasm. "Oh,
yessssss, yessssss," she yelled.

The Chief could no longer delay his own climax and his thick organ began to
spurt his seed into the young woman's pussy. He continued to fuck her until
his flaccid tool slipped out of her tight opening with an audible "plop." His
cock left a long string of spunk from her pussy down her well formed leg.

Beth had hardly collapsed on the desk than she felt several hands grabbing
her arms and her being led to a couch.

A fat policeman had casually reached down and unzipped his trousers. He
reached inside the flap and began fishing around. Beth was looking everywhere
but where he was standing. The fat policeman kept fishing around under his
fat gut and inside his shorts. Finally he began pulling his long cock out of
his pants. "Lean forward and suck my cock" he said.

"Come on Mrs. Barry," the fat policeman reached forward and clutched her hair
and began pulling her face toward his cock. By now his cock was beginning to
get hard. His pudgy hand started pumping on it to bring it to life. It was
now more than half hard and was beginning to leak pre-come from the tip. The
end of his cock glistened with the liquid coming from it.

The fat policeman reached down with both hands and grabbed her by her hair
on both sides. He began applying pressure pulling on her hair and drawing
her mouth to his now rock hard 8 inch cock. Beth opened her mouth and his
fat cock began to slip inside her small mouth.

"Suck it now bitch" he grunted. Beth's eyes grew to the size of saucers as
she sucked on what she managed to get in her mouth. "Ughhh, that is more like
it" the fat policeman grunted again. And his fingers closed in Beth's hair as
he began to piston his cock deeper each time in and out of her mouth.

Each time the fat policeman shoved his hips forward and pulled on her hair he
shoved more of his cock in her mouth until he finally had it lodged at the
entrance of her throat. He drew back and punched his hips forward again.

"Mmmmpfh," Beth's eyes were wider than before as the head of his thick cock
entered her throat. His hips became a blur as he continued raping Beth's
mouth. Finally he thrust his hips forward more forcefully and his cock went
all the way in to where her face was buried in the opening of his trousers.

Her head was partially concealed under his fat gut and her face was pressed
flat against his pants opening. After getting his cock all the way down her
throat the first time, each time he pulled out he would jam it back in all
the way.

Then he started to moan. His cock going like a jackhammer in and out of
Beth's mouth. He screamed out "Here it comes baby, get ready for it." He
still had her by the hair and was pulling her forward on his cock each time
he would thrust his fat ass forward.

One final big lunge forward and he held his cock buried deep in her throat.
He was moaning and twitching as he was pumping his cum into her mouth and
straight down her throat. He held her there for what seemed like forever and
Beth kept her throat working. Finally he pulled his cock back and gradually
released the grip he had on her hair.

Beth fell back against the sofa coughing and gasping for breath. There was
some cum running from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. The fat
policeman staggered back a few steps and collapsed into a chair stepping out
of his trousers on the way. He did not even bother to put his cock back in
his briefs. It hung limply between his legs and was coated in saliva and cum.

"Damn," the fat policeman exclaimed as he worked to draw a breath, "Mrs.
Barry, you are one fantastic cock sucker."

Another policeman who had been standing behind the sofa watching all the
action, had taken his pants off. Beth had not seen this since she was
otherwise occupied. She leaned back in the sofa. Towering above Beth, the
policeman bent down and laid his long black cock on her shoulder. "Suck his
cock Mrs. Barry," the chief ordered.

Beth looked at the chief and new policeman. She reached up with her hand and
slowly pulled his stiffening cock toward her mouth. She pumped his cock up
and down as she pulled it to her lips and laid her head back on the sofa. She
turned to one side as he leaned down and fed his long cock into her mouth.
Another policeman got up and walked over. He stood there watching for a
while, then he slowly lowered himself down to one knee in front of Beth.

"Damn, look at those nipples", the policeman kneeling in front of her said as
he quickly leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

The policeman Beth was sucking was now pushing his rock hard cock into her
throat as he announced, "I'm gonna shoot pretty quick here." His cock was now
buried deep in Beth's throat. His balls were banging back and forth off her
chin. Her nose was buried in his black pubic hair, as he pulled out and
thrust in repeatedly.

The other policeman, having succeeded in getting his knee in-between Beth's
legs ran a cupped hand up to her crotch and began mauling her pussy.

The policeman getting the blowjob had one hand clutching Beth on top of her
head and one hand cupping her face under her chin. He had a good grip and was
now fucking her mouth rapidly.

He would pull his cock nearly all the way out of her mouth, then gripping
her on top of her head and under her chin, he would thrust his cock into her
mouth till her nose was buried in pubic hair and his balls banged off her

The policeman kneeling in front of her was able to get down on both knees and
he replaced his big hand with his face. He was so fat, by the time he managed
to wedge himself in; he had Beth's legs spread wide just so he could get down
to her cunt and he began noisily licking and sucking at her cunt.

Her eyes were wide and had an out of control look in them from the drugs
the chief has given her. She was definitely out of control, with one tall
muscular black policeman kneeling in front of her alternately sucking her
big puffy nipples into his slobbering mouth and another taller skinny black
policeman kneeling in front of her with his long black cock buried in her
throat and a third short fat black policeman kneeling in between her wide
spread legs gobbling her cunt.

The policeman fucking her face yelled out, "That's it baby, here it comes.
Swallow it all baby." When he said that, the fat policeman kneeling in front
of her pulled away and said, "Fuck man, when you said that I think this bitch
came in my mouth, she is pouring down here." He immediately fastened his
mouth to her cunt again.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," the skinny black policeman yelled as his ass clenched
each time he shot another load of cum into Beth's mouth. He pulled his cock
out of her mouth and yelled at her, "Open your mouth bitch and keep it open."
Beth did as she was told and he grabbed his big cock and pumped it toward her

He had already shot several streams of cum into her mouth, and he now shot
directly into her open mouth as he held his cock aimed at her wide open
mouth. Then more cum drooled out and dropped into her mouth. "Now swallow
that baby" he ordered. Beth's throat moved as she swallowed the last of the
tall skinny black policeman's cum.

The tall muscular black policeman pulled away from Beth's nipples and was
taking his pants and briefs off as he went to replace the tall skinny
policeman's cock with his in her mouth. His cock was longer but thinner than
the taller skinny black policeman.

The fat policeman was really making noise slurping and sucking at Beth's
pussy. She had laid her head back on the sofa and was moaning in anticipated
orgasm as he licked and wallowed in her cunt.

She did not seem to fight much when she felt the tall muscular black
policeman's cock rubbing along side her face. He was clenching his cock in
his fist and rubbing it all over her pretty face. His pre-cum was pouring
out and he was painting her face with the goo.

When he had coated Beth's face with his pre-cum he clenched her hair and
jerked her head back farther her mouth popped open and his long black cock
slid in. He did not hesitate, but simply continued his inward thrust all the
way down her throat until his abdomen was pressed flat against her nose and
began a steady pumping action. He would pull his cock nearly all the way out
then he would slide it all the way back in.

Another muscular black policeman was stripping his clothes off. When he was
totally naked he pulled the fat policeman from between Beth's thighs and
quickly moved to stick his long thick cock in where the fat policeman had
been sucking.

His cock slid in without any hesitation. He began matching the tall muscular
black policeman's moves at the other end. One's cock would slide into Beth's
throat and the other's cock would slide into her cunt at the same time.

They were talking back and forth and trying to coordinate their orgasms so
they could both cum in Beth at the same time. One announced he was just about
there and the other answered he was right with him. Then the skinny black
policeman began to howl and his ass began to clench as his cock was jetting
cum in Beth's mouth. The tall muscular black policeman had his cock buried
deep in her cunt and his ass was clenching as well. They had managed to shoot
in her at both ends at the same time.

The skinny black policeman eventually pulled his somewhat limp drained cock
from my Beth's mouth. It was still very long but it did not have the
stiffness it once had. The tall muscular black policeman had collapsed on top
of Beth and still had his cock buried deep in her.

Another huge black policeman, 6'-6" of solid muscle, stepped over and grabbed
the tall muscular black policeman around the waist and pulled him back. His
big black cock popped out of Beth's cunt and the cum flow out and down the
crack of her lovely ass. "Time for the relief crew," the huge black policeman
said as he pulled him back from the spread-eagled naked blonde wife.

Beth lay there not moving, she was exhausted. The huge black policeman in all
his naked glory easily pulled Beth into his arms. He carried her limp form
around to the side of the sofa and he laid her face first over the arm. It
was as if she did not have the energy to resist.

The huge black policeman was jacking his thirteen inch, wrist thick, black
horsecock back and forth as he stepped up to Beth's form. He reached down,
pushed her sexy little ass up higher and spread her legs as wide as he could
and stepped in between them.

He buried his huge middle finger up Beth's tiny puckered asshole and worked
it around, lubing her asshole with the fuck juice oozing out of her pussy.
His cock was rock hard now as he pulled his thick finger out of her and
rammed it up her juicy snatch. He pumped her a few times before pulling it
out. The cum that was draining out of her cunt would now help the big
policeman fuck Beth up the ass.

He placed the head of his massive cock at the entrance to her lovely ass.
Beth lay there almost as if she was unconscious, softly moaning. The head of
the fat guy's cock began to make a slight penetration. He reached down with
both hands and clenched the cheeks of Beth's ass and pulled them outward in
an effort to open her asshole more to allow his massive cock entry.

Beth was making more moaning sounds as the head of the huge black policeman's
cock pressed farther in, caving her tiny anus inward. Finally the head of his
oversized black cock popped inside of her. He maintained pressure and the
fattest part of his cock began to inch its way in.

Beth was clenching her fists as his cock went deeper. Her moaning grew
louder. He now had about one inch beyond the head of his cock buried. He
pulled back just a little and then pushed forward again.

Beth, with her head turned toward the front of the sofa, was laying over the
arm of the sofa, with her perfect ass held up in offering as a 250 pound,
6' 6" black policeman was slowly pushing what had to be the biggest cock she
had ever seen up her tiny asshole.

The huge black policeman now had nearly half of his massive black horsecock
buried in Beth's glove tight little asshole. He pulled his cock nearly all
the way out, then thrust his muscular ass forward and managed to bury most of
his cock up her ass. Then once more he pulled back out and drove his hips
forward and this time his heavy balls bounced off Beth's asscheeks. He had
buried his fat cock to the hilt, all thirteen thick inches.

Beth was grunting and moaning with each thrust of his massive cock up her
asshole. He pumping back and forth. His heavy balls shook each time he
bounced them off Beth's lucious ass cheeks.

Finally, after a good fifteen minutes the huge black policeman howled and he
drove his cock deep and his ass clenched as he began pumping his cum into
Beth's tight little asshole. Beth had lain there the entire time moaning and
grunting with her fists clenched tightly, each time this huge thirteen inch,
wrist thick, black horsecock had driven deep into her glove tight asshole.

The huge black policeman stayed buried for some time and then he slowly began
pulling his cock out. When the head of his cock finally popped out of Beth's
ravaged ass a river of cum followed it. The cum from her asshole ran down to
her cunt. It looked to the raptly watching policemen like he shot a gallon up
her asshole.

The huge black policeman then walked around to the front of the sofa and
clenched Beth's hair and pulled her mouth to his half-hard glistening cock.
She automatically opened her mouth and he thrust his huge cock all the way

"Clean me up Mrs. Barry" he said. Beth began sucking for all she was worth
as if she was trying to get the huge black policeman to shoot another load
in her mouth. And she was sucking this massive black horsecock just after it
had been buried in her asshole.

As she was sucking away the Chief moved up behind her sweet little buns and
drove his big black dick up her ass to the hilt. He power fucked Beth's
asshole for several minutes and deposited another load deep in her asshole,
then another policeman fucked her cunt.

Over the next two hours all of them used her mouth to clean their cocks after
they had deposited their cum either in her asshole or her cunt. In between
time, she would be sucking on who ever stuck their cock in her throat. She
swallowed more cum that way as well.

Eventually the policemen were totally drained. Beth was totally naked on the
sofa. She had her head in one policeman's lap and had his limp cock in her
mouth like a pacifier. What little hair Beth has around her cunt was matted
with cum. Her face had cum around her mouth and on her chin. There was even
cum in her hair.

Soon, Beth asked in a totally fucked out voice if she had taken care of her
husband's fine. The Chief looked around the room at his exhausted men and
answered, "Yes, I believe you have Mrs. Barry.". Beth sat upright causing the
policeman's cock to go flying with a pop from her mouth.

"Damn, what will I tell my husband" she said as she began looking for her
clothes. She picked up her torn panties and tossed them aside. She then
grabbed the rest of her clothes and ran into the bathroom.

All the guys laid or sat where they were with their cocks all limp and empty.
Beth had fucked and sucked them into oblivion. She came out of the bathroom
in moments exclaiming she wanted to get her husband and leave. She was
zipping up her skirt and buttoning her blouse.

"I want to thank you for allowing me to take care of this without my husband
having to go to jail" she said to the Chief.

The Chief stopped Beth's hasty exit short. You have to give all of us a
proper goodbye he said.

"What did you have in mind" Beth said as she turned and walked toward the
Chief who was standing shaking his limp fat cock up and down toward her.

Beth sat her purse on the table and dropped to her knees without anyone
saying a word. She cradled the Chief's big cock in her hand and bent to suck
it into her mouth. Since he was half limp she was able to suck it in with no

She immediately went all the way down on his long black cock. She continued
to suck with her head going like a piston on his cock. Finally she pulled
back and let his cock pop free from her mouth. The Chief backed up weakly and
dropped in a chair.

Beth knee walked over to the next policeman in line who had stood there
watching and she sucked his cock into her mouth. She immediately plunged
forward all the way and repeated the action on him as well. When she pulled
his cock out of her mouth it was 3/4's hard.

The fat policeman was next and his cock went all the way into her mouth. She
reached around behind him and clenching his ass cheeks she pulled him all the
way into her throat. She stayed with his cock until she had gotten him hard
again and then she popped it out of her mouth.

She went down the line and sucked all of the big black dicks that had just
pounded her little pussy and tight little asshole into sexual mush and had
filled her so full of cum that she sould be sloshing whenever she moved.

The huge policeman who had taken her ass first had sat on a chair and he
spread his legs and slapped his thighs and said, "come and get it girl."
Beth knee walked over to the policeman whose cock was completely hard from
watching her suck the other guys.

She swallowed his massive cock to its base in one motion. He gripped her hair
and began fucking her mouth. She thought it would only be a routine good bye
suck. But it appeared as though the policeman had other ideas.

After several minutes he pushed Beth back a bit and stood. "Hold your mouth
open for me baby" he announced. Beth, looking straight up at his towering
body held her mouth wide open as he started jacking his cock off into my her

He pumped on his black cock for some time and finally announced, "Here it
comes Mrs. Barry," he yelled as he aimed his cock directly at her open mouth.
The multiple jets of cum that shot from his black cock into Beth's open mouth
surprised all of them. No one could believe he had anything left after all
that had gone on that night.

But he obviously did. 4 or 5 solid jets of cum flew the short distance and
landed in her mouth. Beth's mouth was full of his cum and when he had shot
his last drop; she closed her mouth and began swallowing. Her eyes were the
size of saucers at the amount of cum in her mouth.

She stood and again thanked everyone. "I don't know what I am going to tell
my husband," she said as she grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.

Tell him to thank you for getting him out of a lot of trouble Mrs. Barry,"
the Chief said.

"Oh thank you Sir, you won't say anything about what actually happened, will
you," she asked?

"Of course not Mrs. Barry, I will tell him that it was all a big
misunderstanding and the charges have been dropped. I will tell him that he
is very lucky that we are in a forgiving mood."

Satisfied she would be safe that way, she left for the hotel with the
assurances of the Chief that her husband Dave would be joining her soon.


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