Dave's World: Sunday Afternoon Football With Beth Barry (MF,inter,drug,cons)
by Wilcox

My name is Beth Barry. I'm happily married with a couple of kids and I love
football. I was raised with three brothers and football was a family passion
I never outgrew. There is something so primal about curling up on the couch
on Sunday afternoons and watching football all day. I don't care who's
playing. I'll watch all the games, picking a favorite to cheer for that day.

My husband Dave on the other hand could care less for the games so I took to
watching the games this year with his best friend Shel. There was usually
just the two of us in the family room while the kids were playing in the
backyard and Dave was in his office working on his newspaper column.

Shel's an unmarried doctor and he'd gotten glimpses of my football obsession
when pre-season started but it was the first weekend in September when he
really got indoctrinated. For the first two weekends of the season, he sat
back, watching and listening to me rant on as we watched the games.

Just about every time I'd look over at him he'd be smiling at me with a
lustful grin on his handsome face. I could tell that he really wanted to fuck
me, but I was his best friend's wife so he never tried anything. He's a great
guy, fun to be with and really good looking I might add.

More than once I'd caught myself checking him out when no one was looking.
That he was a big strong black man and I was a beautiful little blonde filled
my brain with all those deeply repressed feelings and forbidden images of
interracial sex.

I would visualize myself under his muscular black body as he pumped his long
thick black horsecock in and out of me. I know it's a stereotype that black
men all have big dicks but I'd seen his bulge more than once and he was
definitely packing more than my average sized husband.

Let me add that I'm an athletic bodied blonde, 5'7" 120 lbs. with big full
36C breasts, who'd maintained a great figure after having the kids. Let's
just say that this repressed feeling towards him may have contributed to
what happened between us that eventful Sunday afternoon.

The third weekend into the season, Dave was away on a business trip. I got a
sitter for the kids so I could go over to Shel's place to really get into the
games without their constant distractions. An added plus was that Shel has
amazing big screen plasma TV. Sunday afternoon, I just showed up on his
doorstep in faded Daisy Duke jean shorts and a tight tee shirt. Talk about
playing with fire.

He seemed really glad to see me and smiled when I asked if I could watch the
games with him. He invited me in and said he hadn't come over because he
thought that with Dave away I'd be too busy with the kids to watch the games.
I told him about the sitter as we settled on his couch with beers in hand.

What I didn't know was that Shel shared my taboo feelings and had been
waiting for an opportunity to get into my panties. We obviously were going
to spend most of the day alone and he had the newest sexual stimulates
available. I did say he was a doctor, didn't I?

I found out later that he slipped me the modern day version of the old
'Spanish Fly' powder, called 'Black Label Spanish Fly', that would create a
need for sex that would be overpowering. It came in liquid form and he easily
slipped it into my glass and watched in delight and anticipation as I drank
it all down. I also found out that he took a Viagra when he went to the john,
then he waited for things to happen.

The game started about an hour later and we went through a six pack as we
talked. My head was spinning and a warm glow spread throughout my body. I was
tipsy and feeling very loose and horny. The effect of the beer combined with
the potent aphrodisiac I'd unknowingly taken was incredible.

I felt my vagina lubricating as I got all warm and squishy. I couldn't
believe what was happening. I felt an itch like never before spreading from
the center of my thighs, an itch that begged to be scratched. Here I was a
happily married mother who led a conservative religious life, and yet I was
beginning to imagine myself having sex with my husband's best friend Shel.

The game was about to start and my choice was Washington. Shel took Dallas.
Did I mention that when I watch football, I get very competitive? Shel teased
me, prodding me, that Dallas was going to kill Washington. I didn't back
down, touting the Dallas defense.

Then I realized that he was looking at my nipples, which were clearly
visible though my tee shirt. I hadn't worn bra due to the heat and the moist
material was clinging to my full thrusting boobs, showing them off more than
concealing my obvious charms. I was now way past tipsy and horny beyond
believe. I felt hot all over and actually pushed my boobs out and pulled back
my shoulders to see his reaction.

I noticed that Shel was developing a sizable bulge in his pants as he sized
up the situation. His buddy Dave is out of the way and his lucious wife is
tipsy with the sexual stimulant he'd slipped me kicking in. He could see that
the aphrodisiac he'd put in my drink was indeed having the desired effects.

He knew that the potent herb had me literally squirming in my panties, the
fire between my legs becoming unbearable. My nipples were rock hard. His eyes
began bulging at the sight of my growing nubs. Then as Shel reached for his
beer, he smiled at me, "Want to make it more interesting?"

"What do ya have in mind?" I asked.

"Let's put your mouth behind your team. If Dallas scores, you give me a blow
job." Shel sat back, looking at me, waiting.

In my present condition it set off an erotic shiver just thinking about it
and it definitely would make the game more interesting. I was so hot and
horny that my answer surprised both of us. "What if Washington scores? What
do I get?" I asked with a seductive smile.

Shel grinned. "Fair is fair Beth ... if Washington scores, I'll eat you out.
How bout it? Are you in?"

I felt shivers wash over me and my boobs and pussy were tingling. Talk about
being behind your team. "What the hell. I'm in."

We sat back, both of us waiting for the first score. The first series went
quickly. Washington, three and out. Dallas took the punt and moved down the
field to the ten-yard line. I thought this was it. Suddenly, the pass was
intercepted and ran back to the fourty. Again, we went back and forth, each
team moving up and down the field but without scoring.

As the first quarter came to and end, neither team had scored. Both Shel and
I were wound tight. I could see a bulge in his sweats; the anticipation was
getting at him. The only thing that mattered to me was the need to extinguish
the burning itch between my thighs.

I was fondling my tingling breasts and fingering my clit and sopping wet
pussy though my cut-offs. It helped to ease the spreading of that terrible
itch but I needed to put the fire out somehow. Shel watched me as much as
the game on the TV.

He moved up close beside me as the game progressed and put his arm around me.
I cuddled against him, fingering myself as he slowly slid his hand around my
trembling body until he was cupping my full thrusting breast, fingers
flicking at my aroused bud through my thin tee shirt.

The alcohol, drugs and stimulation caused me to moan softly. Closing my eyes
I lay my head against Shel's muscular chest as he fondled my big full tit.
His hand deliciously fondling my breast brought a welcoming sense of relieve
to the heat building between my legs.

The caresses continued, then he began pulling up my tee shirt so that my
boobs were exposed to him. His large black fingers crawled up to my stiff
pink nipples. I gasped as his hand cupped my milk white breast, fingers
flicking my hard pink nipple.

Shel leaned down as he fondled and fingered, then licked and kissed every
inch of my full thrusting boobs, suckling on my erect nipples as he felt me
up. Then I felt my hand being pulled to my side and my fingers came into
contact with a hard fleshy bar. Instinctively, my fingers closed, unable to
full encircle it's mass as I squeezed at the throbbing instrument. I'd heard
all the stories about black guys being well hung but this was ridiculous.

After a while he sat back up beside me and brazenly placed his hand on my
thigh, caressing me as we watched the game. His stroking hand moved up my
thigh and helped to ease the spreading of that incredible itch as his finger
replaced my own.

It pressed down right onto the itch itself and had me shuddering, as the
burning need was somewhat soothed. I began to move my thighs, rubbing my
aroused slit together, my juices beginning to flow uncontrollably. After a
few minutes he undid the button on my Daisy Dukes and slid the zipper down.
I just sat there stroking his massive hard-on as thought it was the most
natural thing in the world to do while my husband's black friend slid his
hand inside my panties.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I groaned, arching up to a
sudden pressure being applied right onto the center of the burning itch had
my body quivering. His finger began delving into my mushy pit. In and out
his finger plunged into my juicy depths as we sat there waiting for a score.

As the second quarter started, Dallas threw the ball down field. I held my
breath as the receiver's feet touched down in the end zone; the ball tucked
in his arms. Dallas had scored first.

Shel whooped and sat back. "Time to pay up Beth."

I watched, as the extra point was kicked. Standing, I stood in front of Shel
and told him, "A bets a bet and I don't want to be called a welcher, but
this is just between us ... right. Dave can never find out." He nodded in

Slowly I knelt. I pulled at the elastic around his waist, pulling his sweats
down. I tossed them to the side. Next, I reached up and pulled down his
shorts exposing the biggest, blackest penis I'd ever seen. It was a good
eleven inches long. It seemed almost as long as my forearm and wider than my
wrist. My already wet cunt gushed even more as I moved in on it.

I looked over my shoulder as I heard the kick off. Washington had the ball.
I turned back, spreading Shel's legs and crawled between them. Looking up at
him, I wrapped my hand gently around the base of his thick black cock and
squeezed. Shel jumped and moaned. Leaning over, I licked the underside of
his dick, sliding my tongue up and down his incredible length, getting him
wet and slick. Shel moaned as my lips closed around the tip of his cock and
pushed down over the wide head.

"Ungh, oh yeah," Shel moaned in approval as my mouth engulfed his cockhead.
He was so thick and long that I had trouble taking the head in, but he helped
me, shoving his hips forward while he pushed my head down.

I gagged after taking the first six inches. I didn't think I could handle
anymore, but his hands refused to let me go. I held myself still and
concentrated on breathing out my nose while he pumped my mouth for a couple
of minutes. When he pushed deeper into my throat I struggled as he forced me
to take it all the way down my throat until his pubic hair was tickling my

He pulled it back out of my throat and stopped with just his cockhead in my
mouth. I began to bob my head and sucked my husband's best friend's thick
black horsecock as my hands pumped the thick shaft. He sat back and let me
do all the work, letting me satisfy my suppressed cravings for his big black

I listened to the game in the background as I worked my mouth up and down his
thick black shaft, sucking and nibbling on him. Shel was moaning, thrusting
his cock upward into my throat. My fingers worked the base of his cock,
stroking and squeezing him. Shel's hands wound themselves in my hair as he
pushed my head down on his lap.

I rolled my mouth around him, sucking hard and fast. I tasted the first drop
of cum and sucked harder. Wrapping my hands around his balls, I sucked hard
on his tip and pulled his orgasm from him. My mouth filled with his cream as
he moaned and pushed upwards. I sucked as hard as I could, swallowing every
last drop.

Sitting back on my knees, I licked my lips. I looked over at the TV and saw
Washington moving down field. I wished for a score. My pussy was dripping
from the blowjob. I crawled up on the couch and looked over at Shel. His cock
was limp in his lap and it still was bigger than Dave's was'. He left it
uncovered and I watched him throbbing. He smiled at me saying, "God, I love

I smiled and told him Washington better score soon. Shel grinned as we sat
back, watching the game. On the third play, Washington scored their first
touch down. I looked over at Shel, "My turn stud. On your knees."

Shel smiled and I knew he was looking forward to this. He knelt in front
of me, telling me to stand up. Standing, I looked down and watched as Shel
slowly grabbed my opened Daisy Dukes and pushed them down. I shivered in
anticipation. Stepping out of them, I started to slide my bikini panties
down. Shel stopped me, "Leave them ... for now."

I sat back down and Shel slowly ran his hands up my thighs. My panties were
dripping wet. Biting my lower lip, I waited for Shel. I looked up at the
game and watched a punt as Shel's lips touched the inside of my right thigh.
I moaned as the tip of his finger rubbed against my panties, pushing them
against my lips.

Slowly, Shel's finger rubbing my slit, pushing my panties further aside with
each stroke. I watched the TV as Shel's tongue touched my pussy. Moaning, I
closed my eyes and leaned back. Shel's tongue circled my clit and then moved
down to lick me slowly.

Moaning, I writhed in place. Shel clasp my thighs in his hands, holding me
still. His tongue pushed inside me, parting my lips, and sliding up and down.
My pussy was dripping with each movement. I felt my orgasm building.

As I begged him to make me cum, I felt my clit hardened, my pussy tighten.
Shel slipped a finger inside me just as his mouth closed over my clit and I
exploded in orgasm, shaking and moaning. Shel kept licking, sucking, and
drinking my juices.

As Shel sat back on the couch, his cock hard between his legs again, I leaned
back and smiled. This was exactly how football Sunday should be I thought. We
watched the game, waiting for the next score. We didn't have to wait long.
Dallas scored again, taking a forty-yard run in for a touchdown. This time,
Shel stood and positioned himself in front of me. Reaching up, I took his
cock in my hands, stroking him. I couldn't believe how hard he was.

Shel crawled up on the couch, his hands braced on the wall behind the couch.
Reaching up, I took Shel's hard rod in my mouth, closing my lips around him
and sucking hard. Wrapping my arms around him, I grabbed his ass and pushed
him into my mouth. As Shel fucked my face, I sucked harder and harder. I
wanted him to cum fast. I wanted to prove I could make him cum fast. Rolling
my tongue around him, I closed my lips, pushing my cheeks in as I sucked him.

Shel was thrusting his cock all the way down my throat, pulling out and
pushing back in, literally fucking my mouth. My fingers played with his
balls, squeezing and tugging gently on them. Shel was moaning. I felt his
cock getting harder and harder, building to an orgasm, but Shel was holding
back. I knew just what to do.

Slipping my finger in my mouth, I sucked it and then took his cock back
between my lips. As I sucked him, my hands moved around to his ass again. As
my teeth bit gently down on the tip of his cock, I pushed my finger slowly
into his tight ass. Shel moaned, threw his head back and pushed his cock
deeper into my mouth. As my finger worked deeper into his ass, Shel thrust
his cock further down my throat. Suddenly, Shel moaned loud, and filled my
mouth with his second load of cream.

As Shel crawled down off the couch, he smiled at me. I sat back, feeling
my pussy tingling, wanting to be touched again. Another couple of minutes
passed. The fourth quarter was starting as Washington ran in for another
touchdown. This time, I stood and slipped my panties off. Shel pushed me
back into the corner of the couch, opening my legs.

Where the first time had been slow and easy, this time, Shel was aggressive.
His mouth covered my pussy, sucking my nether lips into his mouth. I moaned
and pushed up. Using two fingers to hold me open, Shel flicked his tongue up
and down, around and around, my pussy, my clit, and even my tight little
asshole. He ate me with an appetite I couldn't resist. I was moaning,
thrashing on the couch.

Shel's lips wrapped themselves around my hard clit, sucking as he slipped
two fingers deep inside me. I was thrusting up to his mouth, begging him to
eat me, to lick my pussy. As his tongue was buried deep inside me, Washington
intercepted, running it back for a touchdown. Shel looked up at the TV then
back at me. "Defensive touchdown. This calls for something different."

Standing, Shel flipped me over, my ass in the air, my hands braced on the
couch. I looked over my shoulder and couldn't believe that Shel was hard
again. I moaned and pushed backwards as Shel buried his face in my up-thrust
rear, tonguing my dripping pussy up to my anus and back again.

He used his large black hands to spread my firm white ass checks. He circled
my rosebud with his tongue, then tweaked it, and licked it, nibbled at it. He
made a hard pointy tip to his tongue and pushed. I squealed and pushed back.
Shel pushed harder; my ring gave and he shoved his tongue in my ass. It was
incredible. No one had ever touched my there and it drove me crazy.

Suddenly Shel had had enough of eating me out. He flipped me over so that I
was flat on my back. He lifted and spread my long sexy legs wide open and
hooked them up over his shoulders. I gasped as I felt his massive cock enter
me and then I sighed as he began to push it in and out of me. My squishy
pussy was flowing with my juices as Shel pushed deeply into me. He stretched
my little slit taunt as he pushed well past my husband Dave's accustomed

His long thick horsecock was almost double the size of my husband Dave's
and even though I was the mother of two children, he was fucking virgin
territory, never before penetrated tissue. Shel was giving me the nasty
humping I craved and I was quickly bucking in orgasm and squealing my
drunken approval and encouragement for the fucking I was getting as my
husband's heavily muscled black friend ravaged me powerfully.

The long deep thrusts and withdrawals had an overpowering effect on my
ravaged body, my vaginal muscles were contracting upon the mighty shaft
within me whenever it plunged deep into my womb, milking the overthick
intruder with a mind of it's own. Our hot sweaty bodies slapping together
with loud splats and my hot overstuffed pussy slurping and squishing on
every stroke created raw sex sounds that were loud enough to drown out
the TV.

Then Shel leaned forward and laid over me, pinning my knees back to my
shoulders and fucked me for all he was worth as my arms went to his neck. He
really fucked me hard and I heard myself start to scream as my orgasms began
to wash over me again and again. As he powerfully thrusted, he repeated
buried every long thick inch he had into my glove tight passage and hammered
the head right through my cervix straight into my womb.

He pounded me hard and deep for another ten minutes before he flipped me over
and pulled my hips into the air. I was sure Shel was going to try to shove it
up my ass, even as he slid into my glove tight pussy doggy style. He slammed
his hips forward burying his cock through my tight pussy and into my womb,
keeping all eleven inches buried in me to the hilt.

We didn't move for about five minutes. The only noise was the occasional
whimper coming from my mouth. Then my body relaxed and Shel began slowly
moving his cock in and out an inch at a time. I moaned and began thrusting
my hips back to match his thrusts. He was fucking me with the entire length
of his massive black horsecock now and his forceful thrusts had pushed me
face down into the couch until only my ass was raised into the air.

As Shel pounded my pussy, fucking me faster and faster, I felt him slid his
finger over my tight little asshole. As the tip of his finger slid inside me,
Shel thrust his cock harder and harder into my pussy. We were both moaning,
nearly screaming. I looked over my shoulder, begging him to fuck me harder.
Shel rammed his cock and his finger into my holes, filling me, telling me how
tight my pussy was, how tight my little ass was.

Then after a long hard fuck, as I'd expected and feared, Shel pulled his
long thick black horsecock out and slid the big gooey head up my butt crack.
He rested it there, nestled in between my firm meaty buns and nuzzling my
suddenly quivering little anus.

"Just how nasty did you want to get Beth," Shel asked me as he gently pushed
forward and caved my anus inward. He was probing me nice and easy, holding
back from ramming his big black dick up my little asshole to the hilt.

I was torn at the prospect of taking Shel's massive cock up my ass. Shel's
was so much bigger, longer, thicker than my husband Dave's and Dave had never
tried to sodomize me, but just maybe my horny self was thinking ... one size
fits all.

I knew Shel would wait, God I felt so horny and suddenly I knew that I wanted
to be sodomized by the eleven inch black horsecock waiting for my approval to
fuck my tight little virgin asshole.

I let out a low moan, it was too much of a temptation to resist, the beer and
aphrodisiac helped me decision I'm sure. Fucked up the ass by a big black
stud, it was the old deeply rooted fantasy of mine coming true. I looked back
over my shoulder and said, "Yes, I want your big black cock up my ass. Fuck
me up the ass Shel, just take it easy to start so I can get used to your big
prick before you fuck me good and hard."

Shel smiled and pushed forward as I pushed back and his huge black cockhead
forced my spincter wide open, so that it and a couple of inches of shaft
burrowed into my anal passage. I gasped at the incredible sensation of the
oversized presence stretching my ass wide open around it.

True to his word, Shel let me dictate how much and at what speed his big
black dick penetrated me anally. My little white hole stretched to enormous
proportions to accept Shel's thick black shaft. Inch by inch the thick black
horsecock slid up his best friend's wife's tiny asshole as it squeezed deeper
and deeper into my bowels.

My eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into my ass until I felt him come to
a stop with his hips pressing tightly to my buttocks. I couldn't believe that
I'd absorbed it fully and had eleven thick inches buried to the hilt up the

He held himself still to allow me time to adjust myself to his massive
presence up my virgin ass. I was amazed as the initial pain soon faded and
I got used to the sensation of having a cock in my asshole. A big black cock
at that and the overwhelming sensations flooding through me made me love ass

In a matter of moments I began to slowly roll and thrust my hips. I
whimpered, writhing my buttocks erotically in his crotch, acting like a total
slut and reveling in it. Shel remained still, letting me ride his cock. My
hips were moving more insistently, I was working my ass up and down over his
thick shaft with growing abandon as Shel reached under me to capture my full
hanging tits.

It drove me over the edge and I yelled out, "OHHH YEESSSS, FUCKKK MYYYY
ASSSSS SHEELLLL, I want it up the ass, oh please, do it now. Fuck my hot
asshole with your big black cock."

The electric bolts that were now shooting from my pinched and stretched
nipples to my spasming vagina were joined with jolts erupting in my ass with
each thrust of Shel's long thick member. Without knowing it I began to moan

Shel released his lust and drove his cock up his buddy Dave's wife's asshole
to the hilt as I let out a scream. He locked my flaring hips in his big hands
and powered his pole to me with a series of long hard thrusts. I moaned and
shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep rut, whimpering
loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Shel's passion. My body rocked
and jerked under his thrusts, my heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he
moaned thickly, his hands on my hips, pulling my anus up and down the length
of his cock.

I was in fuck heaven. Being introduced to butt fucking had opened an entire
new world of sexual rapture to my sex-crazed mind. Shel was the first man to
taste the sweetness of my burning hot shitter and I was determined to work a
huge lode of cum out of his heavy black balls to extinguish to fire he'd
built deep inside my spasming body. I reached back under me and began
fingering my clit as I took all he had up the ass.

AHHHHHHHHHH," I yelled out. My anal muscles squeezed and milked Shel's hard
pumping black dick for all I was worth. My hips rolled and moved in unison
with his, our fuck motions perfectly synchronized as orgasms crashed over me
like waves breaking on a beach.

I felt him swell up as he fucked my ass even faster and harder, then a flood
of jism rushed up the length of his massive black horsecock and shot into my
guts like an oil well gusher.

Spurt after spurt filled my hot ass with his seed and thrust after thrust
pumped it out to trickle down my legs. Amazingly to me, not knowing that
he'd fortified himself with Viagra, he maintained his tremendous hard on
and continued to fuck my spasming asshole hard and deep.

Just after another crest broke on my orgasmic beach, Shel pulled out of my
spasming little asshole and flipped me to her back again. My legs were folded
up high as he hooked them up over his shoulders and drove his long thick
black horsecock to the bottom of my sopping wet little cunt. He leaned all
the way over my sex crazed body, my feet trapped on his massive shoulders
pinning my knees to her shoulders and pile driving his huge cock in and out
of my doubled over body.

Soon I began to increase the urgency of my rolling hips, rising up to meet
the massive black stake being driven to the bottom of my existence, our
bodies slamming together violently, his huge cock forcing itself in and out
of my widely stretched little pussy.

The room was filled by the sounds of raw primeval sex, Shel's panting, my
increasing moans, my loudly squishing pussy, his huge black balls slapping
noisily in my wet sex as he plowed my tight furrow preparing to plant his
seed, the tortured couch springs squeaking in protest.

I turned my head to Shel, wrapping my arms around his neck. I gave his ear
a sloppy kiss before I mouthed the forbidden words, "Cum in my pussy, Shel!
Pump me full of your black baby seed! Give me my black whipped cream!"

With an orgasmic howl, he slammed into me one last time, buried his cock to
hilt, and held it there as he shot his load. I screamed out as I felt his
hot sperm shoot into me, and began to cum again, thrashing and moaning, my
little white body squirming, pinned underneath the huge black man who was my
husband's best friend.

I began pulsing my tightly milking cuntal sheath in time with the heavy
spurts of man juice that was being pumped straight into my womb by the wide
head that had battered open and pushed through my cervix. I again felt a
tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure crash over me and as I came a low, continuous
moan that built to a scream issued from my open mouth.

Shel held himself over me for almost a minute, and then he leaned up and
allowed me to lower my legs as he began to slide his cock from my pussy. I
collapsed on the couch and Shel collapsed next to me.

Panting, we smiled and realized that we'd missed the end of the game. I
looked over at Shel and said, "I think I'll tell Dave that I'm cumming over
here to watch the game with you next week ... that is if you don't mind

Shel's eyes brightened and his cock twitched. All he said was, "God bless
Sunday football Beth."

I called the sitter a little later and arranged for her to sleep over with
the kids. Then we went up to Shel's bedroom. On through the night he fucked
me again and again. He titty fucked me and I sucked his dick and swallowed a
huge amount of cum. He pounded my hot squishing cunt over and over and fucked
my tight little asshole again. He fucked me until he was completely sated and
couldn't fuck anymore.

As daylight began to creep into the bedroom windows, I blinked my eyes awake
and tried to remember where I was ... then it all came back to me. I looked
on the bed beside me and saw Shel sleeping soundly.

I was exhausted, my pussy and asshole sore, unable to count the number of
orgasms I had reached. I felt down to my matted fleece and anus. Both were
still oozing my husband's best friend's overnight sperm deposits. My body
was covered in streaks and globs of dry and still congealing cum.

Quietly getting out of bed, I slowly walked barefooted to Shel's bathroom.
Under the hot shower, I realized that I had not been able to control my
obvious cravings for Shel, not knowing until much later about the strong
sexual stimulate he'd put in my drink.

I thought that I should have restrained myself from making such an awful
display of sheer wanton lust. Then I realized that it was only sex between
two friends and that my love for my husband was unchanged. I'd had my tubes
tied after the last baby so getting pregnant wasn't a concern. It was the
sexual relief that I badly needed and now wanted again and again.

Needless to say we continued to meet at Shel's house for our football
Sundays, with Dave's blessing I might add. My husband said that watching
the games at Shel's house seemed to perk me up and that he'd never seen me
happier. He even thanked Shel for having me, not knowing that I thanked his
black friend myself with a ready supply of hot pussy and tight ass every


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