Dave's World: Shel Fills In For Dave (M/F,inter)
by Wilcox

Dave and Beth Barry had been planning this trip for quite a while time. She
was excited at the prospect of driving cross country to visit her old college
roommate. Then at the last minute, Dave's boss Kenny called the house and
assigned Dave a special column for the weekend issue. Beth was close to tears
when Dave broke the news to her at the kitchen table.

Their best friend Shel had dropped in to go over the last second details of
their trip with them. He looked over at the distraught Beth and said, "Gee,
I wish there was something I could do to help."

"That's a great idea Shel, thank you man," Dave said to the startled black
doctor. Shel wasn't quite sure what Dave meant, but he quickly learned what
Dave had in mind when he told his wife, "Why don't you go anyway. Shel here
can go with you, right Shel, you don't have any plans this weekend."

Shel looked at his best friend and knew that Dave had backed him into a
corner. If he said no, it would now be him causing Beth's heartbreak, not her
husband Dave. 'Damn, I had to open my big mouth. I owe him one,' he thought
as he reluctantly smiled and nodded his head saying, "No problem, I'd be
happy to go with you Beth."

Beth immediately jumped to her feet and gave Shel a big hug as she went on
about how grateful she was and that she'd find a way to repay him. His mind
raced as Beth's full lucious tits pressed into his chest and the scent of
her hair intoxicated his sences. A thought began to grow in his mind to get
back at Dave by having his beautiful blonde wife repay him in bed while they
were away, all alone on the trip.

'MMMMMM,' he thought, 'what I wouldn't give to get in her sweet pants.' Dave
was his best friend, but damn, his sexy blonde wife Beth was hot. He'd lusted
for her for years and now he visualized fucking her brains out. 'Yeah, it'll
serve Dave right if his sweet innocent young wife got a taste for black meat
on this trip.'

Beth was bending foward over the table now, going over the travel plans with
her husband. It occurred to Shel that she wasn't wearing very much. She had
on a bright red blouse, with the tails tied across her stomach, a pair of
tight white shorts and sneakers.

'She was built as well as any of the teenaged girls he secretly lusted for,
if not better,' he thought, staring at her lush ripe body as her focus was
locked onto Dave and the planning of thier trip. What an amazing upturned
ass, so full and firm, absolutely perfect, she has the finest ass and pair
of legs around.

When he slid his eyes upward over her curvacious body he felt a stirring in
his soft black dick. He stopped at the cleft between her breasts and thought,
her rack is magnificent, he could see the tops of her full thrusting tits
popping out of it.

Despite his secret urgings for her, he'd always surpressed his desire. He
thought of her as his best friend Dave's wife. But now that he thought about
it, she had a fantastic ass and he'd love to slide his big black dick up it
to the hilt. 'Yeah, I'll get back at him real good if I get the chance. I
know just who to talk too. Good ole Tyrone will have the goods.'

The morning of their trip came and off they went with Shel looking for the
right opportunity to pull of his plan. The trip went fine until they got
about a couple hundred miles from their destination. A road construction crew
was working on the road and had set up a detour. Shel checked the map to see
how far this would put them from thier final destination. No problem, it
turned out, if they used a county road about 5 miles from the detour.

Unfortunately, for Beth, the car decided to die after about 10 miles down
the county road. Shel lifted the hood to take a look at the engine even
though he knew nothing about cars. He told Beth that they had to wait for
someone to come along and help. They hadn't passed any cars on this county
road and they were becoming worried that it might be some time before someone
came by.

It was a hot July day and they were beginning to perspire. Shel realized that
this was his opportunity to get into Beth's panties. They obviously were
going to have to spend the night alone somewhere and he'd brought along the
newest sexual stimulate availible. The modern day version of the old 'Spanish
Fly' powder, called 'Black Label Spanish Fly.' As it is in a liquid form,
he'd easily slipped it into a cup of water and watched in delight and
anticipation as Beth drank it all down.

Shel's old friend Tyrone had gotten it for him. They went way back to when
they were kids together. He thought that it might hurt his position as a
doctor in a mostly white community if his background and old friends were
made public so he never told anyone about his past. Tyrone now had his hand
in a lot of things that Shel really didn't want to know about and
occassionally he filled out perscriptions for Tyrone, knowing that the drugs
would be resold. Tyrone was more than willing to help Shel when he told him
his plans and asked what was availible.

Shel watched as Tyrone got up and put a capsule of pills and a bottle of
liquid into a brown paper sack. Tyrone advised him "Here's both of the
goodies you could use! Me, I prefer the new version of 'Spanish Fly' versus
the 'roofies'! Giv'em a 'roofie' and you'll be fuck'n a limp piece of meat!
But you mix one capful of the 'Black Label Spanish Fly' in her drink, she'll
be squirming out of her tight little panties in no time! Plus, she'll be hot
as a fuck'n minx and will fuck the living shit outta ya!"

Shortly thereafter a pick-up truck pulled up and stopped. Two men got out,
introduced themselves as Joe and Fred and walked to the front of Beth's car.
They seemed polite enough when they asked if Beth and Shel needed help. Shel
answered, "Yes, please, we don't know what's wrong."

Both men looked under the hood and after a few minutes' one of them said
that it looked like a bad fuel pump. They offered to give them a ride into
town to arrange a tow, which they quickly accepted.

They climbed into the front of the pickup and because of the limited space
Beth had to sit on Shel's lap as they drove along the old bumpy back road.

Shel asked if they had anything to drink. They'd both been out there in the
heat and were feeling dehydrated. Joe reached into the glove compartment and
pulled out a mason jar with a clear liquid in it.

"Just some shine," he said. Not understanding what he meant, Beth took a deep
drink and started to choke when the huge swallow of 180 proof homemade
moonshine hit her empty stomake like a ton of bricks.

"Take it easy lady," he said, "this stuff is real potent, liquid dynamite for
sure." Her head was spinning and a warm glow spread throughout her body. It
made her tipsy and feeling so loose and horny in a flash. Combined with the
Black Label Spanish Fly she'd unknowingly tacken, well the effect it had on
Beth was incredible.

As they bumped along, Shel moved a little uncomfortably under her and to
Beth's wonderment she felt a bulge pressing against her firm buttocks. He
tried to move a little more but this just expounded the problem.

Beth didn't know what to do. She didn't dare move as it would only embarrass
the both of them, so she pretended she hadn't noticed and concentrated on the
road ahead. Shel's bulge remained, now a huge hard log under Beth's ass and
his arm tightened around her waist, pulling her down onto it. Her clouded
brain was screaming in turmoil, it felt so good and so damn big. God what was
coming over her.

She tried to move again but this time Shel pressed himself hard against her,
moving his hips so his long thick erection moved under Beth and nestled in
between the length of her suddenly tingling butt crack.

She could now feel his big hard-on throbing through the thin material of her
jeans as he brought his hands to her flairing hips and moved her so that
Beth's firm ass slid back and forth along its length as they bounced along
the bumpy back road. She looked towards the other men, as if for help but
they were engrossed in the passing roadside unaware what Shel was doing to

It continued to grow to Beth's amazement and she felt her vagina lubricating.
She couldn't believe what was happening. She was a happily married woman and
mother who led a conservative religious life, and yet she was beginning to
imagine herself having sex with her husband's best friend Shel, as she
approached an orgasm.

That he was a big strong black man and she was a beautiful little blonde
filled her brain with forbidden images of interracial sex. She began to
wiggle her buns down over the huge rod, humping against it as the truck's
bounces now became points of delight.

They decided that we would see about repairing the car and then find a hotel
for the night. Shel asked Fred to take them to a place where we could get
the car towed and fixed and they arrived at Charlie's Garage a short time

When Fred pulled up a tall man about 30 years old walked out with the widest
eyes Beth'd ever seen. She guessed that he was surprised to see her sitting
between Joe and Fred on the lap of a big black man, looking like she'd just
been in a wet T-shirt contest, it was that hot. Of course the heat in Beth's
loins was contributing to the overall effect as well.

The tall man whose shirt identified him as Charlie said, "Fred, where did
you find that princess from heaven?"

Fred said, "The young lady and gent here had car trouble back down county
road 1305. We gave them a lift here figuring you could fix them up." Charlie
was now looking at Beth's nipples, which were clearly visible though her
t-shirt. She hadn't worn bra due to the heat and the moist material was
clinging to her full thrusting boobs, showing them off more than concealing
her obvious charms.

Beth, now way past tipsy and horny beyond believe, noticed that Charlie was
developing a sizable bulge in his pants. Her nipples responded by getting
rock hard. His eyes began bulging at the sight of her growing nubs and she
interrupted the silence by saying, "Charlie, would you please fix the car?"

Charlie began stuttering, "Ma..Mam, yes mam, right away."

Shel thanked Fred and Joe for their help. He'd noticed a motel across the
street. It didn't look like much, but it would do. Shel asked Charlie to send
their bags over after he got the car, then turned and walked Beth across the
street to the motel.

They checked in and told the counterman that Charlie would send over thier
bags. There was only one room availible and Shel told Beth, "I quess, we'll
have to share it until we can get the car repaired and get out of here." She
just smilied and said that it was OK with her. Shel asked the counterman to
bring the bags to the room when they got there.

When they got to the room, Shel called Dave and let him know that everything
was fine while Beth went into the bathroom to clean up. He tried to act as
if nothing out of the ordinary had happened and he was sure that he'd

Beth was feeling even more drunk and horny by the time Shel hung up. She
filled the bath, then took off her sticky clothes and crawled into the tub.
She warmed the water up with the tap and lingered in the tub, fondling her
tingling breasts and fingering her clit and sopping wet pussy.

She heard a knock at the door and Shel saying, "Come in!"

It was the counterman with the bags. "You're luggage," she heard him say.

Soon after, Beth got out of the tub and dried her body and hair. She wrapped
up in a towel and returned to the bedroom in trembling anticipation. She'd
never felt this way before. She'd never been unfaithful to her husband Dave
in all thier years of marriage, but she knew that she wanted and needed Shel
to fuck her.

She walked over to him, wrapped her arms around him and pulled his head down
for a deep kiss with lots of tongue. Then she said, "Now, how can I show my
appreciation to you for giving up your weekend to escort me on the trip Shel.
Anything you want from me, anything at all! All you have to do is ask!"

Shel removed the towel covering her body and Beth stood before him with
nothing on but a sexy smile. He smiled a big toothy grin and said, "Suck my
cock Beth."

Shel got onto the middle of the bed and Beth helped him remove his shoes and
socks. She undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. His substantial
penis made a tent in his boxer shorts.

He shed his pants and Beth pulled down his shorts exposing the biggest,
blackest penis she'd ever seen. It was a good eleven inches long. It seemed
almost as long as her forearm and wider than her wrist. Her already wet cunt
gushed even more as she moved in on it.

Beth went to work on the head of his penis like a mad woman. She wanted to
taste his sperm. She couldn't wait. Bouncing on the massive black horsecock
for all those miles in the pickup truck had driven her sex crazy for it.

She tried to take as much of his fat penis as she could. By adjusting the
angle of attack and by opening her throat, she was able to get it about half
of the huge cock into her mouth.

She could see her reflection in the big mirror on the wall and it was as if
she was watching someone else. This mysterious white woman taking on this
huge black tube of flesh and attempting to swallow the entire length. It was
her black-white fantasy again, like the flashes of the deeply repressed
images that had flashed through her mind in the truck. The sight amplified
her effort to take it all in.

She pushed and pushed Shel's penis down her throat until the huge black tube
disapeared and image on the wall showed the woman's nose flat against the
man's belly. A large unusual bulge appeared on the woman's neck.

Shel began bucking wildly. Evidently, he had seen the image in the mirror too
and the added sight of Beth deepthroating his big dick as though they were
the stars of a porno flick got to him and he erupted in orgasm. It had been
all he could do to keep from cummimg in his jeans while she rode his hard-on
earlier in the truck.

Beth couldn't tell for sure but the throbbing in her neck suggested that Shel
was pumping a large load directly into her belly. By the time she pulled off
his big tool he had stopped cumming and she had swllowed every drop.

Shel told Beth that he needed a rest. He pulled her head down into his lap
and made her nurse his big black dick while he recuperated. Under her
masterfull licking and sucking Shel's huge blacksnake soon returned in all
it's glory. He pulled it out of her loving mouth and flipped her over onto
her tummy.

Shel pushed Beth down on the bed face first and quickly arranged her on her
knees with her sexy little ass in the air and her shoulders and face down on
the bed. He buried his face in her up-thrust rear, tonguing her dripping
pussy up to her anus and back again.

He used his large black hands to spread her firm white ass checks. He circled
her rosebud with his tongue, then tweaked it, licked it, nibbled at it. He
made a hard pointy tip to his tongue and pushed. Beth squealed and pushed
back. Shel pushed harder; her ring gave and he shoved his tongue in her ass.

Beth wailed! "Oh god! He's eating my ass! His tongue's in my ass!" She could
only take so much of that. It was just too intense to remain the passive

Suddenly Shel had had enough of eating her out. He had to fuck Beth, and
right now. In seconds Beth was flat on her back stuffed full of long thick
black horsecock! There was nothing slow or gentle about their coupling. Shel
was giving her the nasty humping she craved and Beth was quickly bucking in
orgasm and squealing her drunken approval and encouragement for the fucking
she was getting as the huge heavily muscled black man ravaged her powerfully.

"Uh ... uh ... uh ... uh ... uh ... ohhh ... ohhhhh ... ohhhhhhh, God ...
ohhhhhhhhhhh, my God!" Beth chanted. She was being fucked completely out of
her mind, fucked by her husband's black friend. "Oh, Shel ... oh, God ... oh,
God ... oh, God ... I ... I ... I'm cummingggggg! Oh, Godddddddddddd!" she

Beneath Shel's big strong black body Beth's small white perfectly formed
shape was a startling contrast. Her big full tits were boucing and she was
throwing her hips up to meet the pile driving thrusts he was pounding into
her. The long deep thrusts and withdrawals had an overpowering effect on
Beth's ravaged body, her vaginal muscles were contracting upon the mighty
shaft within her whenever it plunged deep into her womb, milking the
overthick intruder with a mind of it's own.

Their hot sweaty bodies slapping together with loud splats and her hot
overstuffed pussy slurping and squishing on every stroke created raw sex
sounds that were loud enough to rouse the people in the next room. The motel
bed creaked as never before, swaying madly, headboard banging against the
wall and threatening to collapse from the wild activity upon it. It was the
most fantastic fuck he had ever experienced.

Shel flipped her over and pulled her hips into the air. Beth was sure Shel
was going to try to shove it up her ass, even as he slid into her glove tight
pussy doggy style. He slammed his hips forward burying his entire cock into
her pussy. She screamed and struggled to get away from it, but he just held
her hips in a vise like grip, keeping all eleven inches buried in her to the
hilt. They didn't move for about five minutes. The only noise was the
occasional whimper coming from Beth's mouth. Then her body relaxed and Shel
began slowly moving his cock in and out an inch at a time. Beth moaned and
began thrusting her hips back to match his thrusts.

Shel looked at the mirror and watched her large, full breasts swinging as he
picked up speed. Occasionally, Beth would arch her back and scream as she
came again and again. As he watched, her breasts started lowering until they
mashed into the bed from hiss powerful thrusts. He was fucking her with the
entire length of his massive black horsecock now and his forceful thrusts had
pushed her face down into the bed until only her ass was raised into the air.

He pounded into her, his sperm ladden balls slapping her thighs. Then after
a long hard fuck, as she'd expected and feared, Shel pulled his long thick
black horsecock out and slid the big gooey head up her buttcrack. He rested
it there, nestled in between her firm meaty buns and kissing her suddenly
quivering little anus.

"Just how nasty did you want to get Beth," Shel asked her as he gently pushed
foward and caved her anus inward. He was probing her nice and easy, holding
back the overpowering urge to just ram his big black dick up her sweet little
asshole to the hilt. It was her call, especially since he wanted to keep
fucking her again and again.

She was torn at the prospect of taking Shel's massive cock up her ass. Shel's
was so much bigger, longer, thicker than her husband Dave's and he'd never
tried to sodomize her, just maybe ... one size fits all. She knew Shel would
wait, God she felt so horny and suddenly she knew that she wanted to be
sodomized by the eleven inch black horsecock waiting for her approval to fuck
her tight little virgin asshole.

She let out a low moan, it was too much of a temptation to resist, the
moonshine and Black Label Spanish Fly helped her decision. Fucked up the ass
by a big black stud, it was again the old deeply rooted fantasy of her's
coming true. She looked back over her shoulder and said, "Yes, I want your
big black cock up my ass. Fuck me up the ass Shel, just take it easy to
start so I can get used to your big prick before you fuck me good and hard."

Shel smiled and pushed foward as Beth pushed back and his huge black cockhead
forced her spincter wide open, so that it and a couple of inches of shaft
burrowed into her anal passage. She gasped at the incredible sensation of the
oversized presence stretching her ass wide open around it.

True to his word, Shel let her dictate how much and at what speed his big
black dick penetrated her. Beth's little white hole stretched to enormous
proportions to accept Shel's thick black shaft. Inch by inch the thick black
horsecock slid up his best friend's wife's tiny asshole as it squeezed deeper
and deeper into her bowels until she'd absorbed it fully and had eleven thick
inches buried to the hilt up the ass. Her eyes widened as his huge cock
plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his hips pressing tightly to her

They looked like a statue as they clung there motionless, Shel letting Beth
adjust. The big black man up tight against the small white woman's upraised
ass, connected by his massive ass fucking cock. In a matter of moments Beth
began to slowly roll and thrust her hips. She whimpered, writhing her
buttock erotically in his crotch.

Shel remained still, letting her ride his cock and knowing that soon he'd be
pounding her sweet ass the way he'd always wanted to, hard, deep and
continous. He didn't have to wait very long. Beth's hips were moving more
insistantly, she was sliding her ass up and down over the thick shaft with
growing abandon as Shel reached under her to capture her full hanging tits.

It drove her over the edge and she yelled out, "OHHH YEESSSS, FUCKKK MYYYY
ASSSSS SHEELLLL, I want it up the ass, oh please, do it now. Fuck my hot
asshole with your big black cock." The electric bolts that were now shooting
from her pinched and stretched nipples to her spasming vagina were joined
with jolts erupting in her ass with each thrust of Shel's long thick member.
Without knowing it she began to moan loudly.

Shel released his lust and drove his cock up Dave's wife's asshole to the
hilt as she let out a scream. He locked her flairing hips in his big hands
and powered his pole to her with a series of long hard thrusts. She moaned
and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep rut,
whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Shel's passion. Her
body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her anus up
and down the length of his cock.

He'd occassionally pause with his dick fully embedded, marveling at the
exquist vise like grip of her tight little asshole. It was incredible. Beth
was the best piece of ass he'd ever had the good fortune to get into bed
with, and her husband Dave, Shel's best friend, well man, Shel thought, he
should be here watching his sweet little hot assed wife getting screwed
royal, what a trip. It was all Dave's fault for sticking them together in the
first place and payback was so fucking sweet.

Shel gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he
sodomized Beth slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His massive black horsecock
pistoning in and out of her impossibly streached anus, glistening and
gleaming with their juices.

Beth was in fuck heaven. Being introduced to butt fucking had opened an
entire new world of sexual rapture to her sex crazed mind. Shel was the first
man to taste the sweetness of her burning hot shitter and she was determined
to work a huge lode of cum out of his heavy black balls to extinguish to fire
he'd built deep inside her.

AHHHHHHHHHH," she yelled out. Her anal muscles squeesed and milked the hard
pumping black dick for all she was worth. Her hips rolled and moved in unison
with his, their fuck motions perfectly syncronized as orgasms crashed over
her like waves breaking on a beach.

Shel felt the tightening in his balls signaling the impending release of his
seed. He fucked Beth's ass even faster and harder as the flood of jism rushed
up the length of his massive black horsecock and shot into her guts like an
oil well gusher.

Spurt after spurt filled her hot ass with his seed and thrust after thrust
pumped it out to trickle down her legs. Amazingly he maintained his
tremendous hard on and continued to fuck her spasming asshole hard and deep.

Just after another crest broke on Beth's orgasmic beach, Shel pulled out of
her spasming little asshole and flipped her to her back again. Her legs were
folded up high as he hooked them up over his shoulders and drove his long
thick blacksnake to the bottom of her sopping wet little blonde cunt. He
leaned all the way over her sex crazed body, her feet trapped on his massive
shoulders pinning her knees to her shoulders and piledriving his huge cock
in and out of Beth's doubled over body.

Soon Beth began to increase the urgency of her rolling hips, rising up to
meet the massive black stake being driven to the bottom of her existance,
their bodies slamming together violently, his huge cock forcing itself in
and out of her widely stretched little pussy.

The room was filled by the sounds of raw primeval sex, Shel's panting, Beth's
increasing moans, her loudly squising pussy, his huge black balls slaping
noisily in her wet sex as he plowed her tight furrow preparing to plant his
seed, the headboard slamming off the wall, the tortured bedsprings squeaking
in protest.

Beth turned her head to Shel, wrapping her arms around his neck. She gave his
ear a sloppy kiss before she mouthed the words, "Cum in my pussy, Shel! Pump
me full of your black baby seed! Give me my black whipped cream!"

With Shel's first orgasmic howl, he slammed into her one last time, buried
his cock to hilt, and held it there as he shot his load.

Beth screamed out as she felt his hot sperm shoot into her, and began to cum
again, thrashing and moaning, her little white body squirming, pinned
underneath the huge black man who was her husband's best friend. Beth began
pulsing her tightly milking cuntal sheath in time with the heavy spurts of
juice at her cervix. She again felt a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure crash
over her and as she came a low, continuous moan that built to a scream
issued from her open mouth.

Shel held himself over Beth for almost a minute, then he leaned up and
allowed her to lower her legs as he began to slide his cock from her pussy.
As he pulled it out Beth whimpered for him to keep it in, until the head left
her cum drenched little white pussy with a loud pop. Then she whispered in
his ear, "Let me clean you with my mouth!"

"OK, Baby," said Shel as he laid back to enjoy the sight.

Beth pulled him to her mouth and sucked and slurped the slimy shaft into her
mouth as she licked and sucked it clean. Shel laid back basking in the glow
of the best fuck he'd ever had. Beth was incredible once he'd primed her pump
and gotten her started. He watched his best friend's beautiful blonde wife
lovingly nurse on his thick black dick knowing that it was going to be a very
good trip indeed. There was no way she could refuse him anything now.


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