Dave's World: Shel Becomes Part Of The Family (MF,inter,voy,reluc)
by Wilcox

Two years ago something happened that changed my life for the better. My name
is Dave Barry and most men probably wouldn't say that if they saw what I saw
but it's deepened the relationship I have with my wife. Beth's become much
more content and happy with our family and herself. We are both in our early
30's. We married 10 years ago and have 2 wonderful children. Beth teaches
grade school and I work as a writer for a large newspaper. Beth is an
athletic bodied blonde with green eyes 5'7" 120 lbs., 36C breasts and very
hot. We live in Florida and she's always wearing tight shorts and clinging
low cut tee shirts around the house.

We have always been social and have lots of fun with family and friends but
that fun turned to something different one night a few years ago. It started
with a superbowl party; some friends at our house and the kids asleep early
upstairs, a perfect night for drinks and a game. Two couples and three of my
friends from work, and my best friend Shel who is a Doctor and a large black
man, whom I've known for many years now. Shel is like a brother to me and
he's always over the house laughing and joking.

Beth and the kids love him and that night I could see that Beth was flirting
with him even more than she normally did. I'd caught them looking at each
other more than once and I knew that there was an attraction between them. I
also knew that she was becoming unsatisfied with our love making after being
married for so long. I guess that it had become routine and uninspired. I'm
not a spontaneous kind of guy and I could tell that she wanted more than I
was giving her.

We ate and drank well during the game having lots of laughs along the way,
people flirting with one another all in innocent fun, or so I thought. The
night wore on as some of us we became very drunk including myself. Beth and
I invited everyone to stay over for the night if they couldn't drive, but
only one took the invitation, my best friend Shel.

After everyone left, except Shel, Beth got the three of us more drinks and
chips. As we talked a little while longer I could no longer stay awake. I
told them goodnight and went upstairs to bed. I pretty much passed out
across the bed in a deep sleep only to awaken with raging piss hard on. I
made my way to the bathroom, relieved myself and started to walk downstairs
to see where Beth was.

I walked slowly toward the stairs that led down to the living room. I stopped
for a moment only to hear some strange noises coming from downstairs. I made
my way to the top of the stairs, got down on my stomach and looked down
through the railing.

To this day I do not know why I didn't just walk downstairs. As I peeped
through the railing I was shocked as I saw Shel on the sofa trying to kiss
my wife. They were both drunk and I could tell that she'd gotten Shel really
hot and horny. Beth was trying to get up while pushing him away. His hands
moved up to cup her breasts through her thin clothing, first squeezing her
breasts in his hands, then his thumbs rubbed the edge of her breasts in
search of her sensitive nipples.

"No, Stop, Shel this isn't right," She said trying to be quiet as she
shivered with unwanted pleasure from the hands caressing her breasts, her
nipples rising stiffly to the stimulation.

Shel's thumbs were flicking and playing with her stiff nipples as I heard him
tell my loving wife, "Come on Beth, you've been coming on to me all night.
You're not a cock tease are you? You know that you want this."

"I can't, No ... I was just having some fun Shel. I didn't mean for this to
happen," she responded as she pushed at his chest. "I'm a married woman with
children Shel. My husband and kids are right upstairs for God's sake!"

I couldn't say or do anything as Shel told her, "You want to play the game,
you got to pay off girl." I don't know why but I just watched as Shel slid
his hand under her skirt up my wife's thigh. Beth continued to resist but
Shel was much bigger and stronger and he became more forceful. He overcame
her resistance and managed to work her tits from her blouse and was sucking
her nipples while he worked his hand between her legs.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Sh ... Shelllll!" she shivered as she felt his bare
hand sliding down into her panties. Fingers touching her soft curls as his
middle finger dipped into her slick quim, Beth clenched her teeth tightly
as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the couch. She was
trapped there, his fingers slowly working in and out her cunt and rubbing
her clitoris as he suckled on her full ripe tits.

"Oh, Shellll ... ohhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhh ... ahhhhhh ... I ... I'm
cumminggggggggg! Oh, Goddddddd!" Beth panted after several minutes as my
best friend pressed himself up against her body.

I then noticed I had the biggest hard on I have ever had, my heart was
pounding, I was confused, and all I could do was watch my black friend hit
on my beautiful blonde wife in anticipation of what was to come.

Shel then pulled out his cock, which literally flopped out. He placed Beth's
hand between his legs and made her grab it. I watched as her milky white hand
wrapped around the thickest blackest shaft I have ever seen. He then put his
mouth to hers and kissed her deeply with lots of tongue. She tried to turn
her head but he held the kiss tight.

He was still working her sopping wet cunt with his hand. I watched as her
hips rotated slightly, once again trying to push him away and telling him to
stop, but I noticed that she still had one hand stroking his big prick as she
tried not as hard to escape. He pulled her skirt up over her flairing hips
now and I could see he had pulled her panties to the side, his black fingers
were deep inside Beth's cunt. His fingers seemed to be very wet as he pumped
them into her tight little pussy.

All of the sudden he placed one of his powerful hands behind Beth's head and
pushed it down to his lap. He held her head with one hand and his big black
cock with another as Shel placed the head of his huge black cock to her lips.

Whimpering, Beth said "No I can't, no ... please Shel, stop."

"Oh you gonna love this Beth." Shel deep voice was powerful. "You know you
want to suck it. Go for it baby. Work those sweet lips down over my dick."

I watched as he pushed her head down over his black cock, Beth's mouth
hesitantly opening to accept his big black rod. He started stroking his
cock in her mouth pushing her head up and down over the head, sliding it
down the black shaft. She pulled her mouth off and I could see his black
cock shining from Beth's wet mouth. "That's it Beth," he said. "Now you
do it on your own and I'll let you go."

She gave in at his promise and brought the tip to her mouth and started to
lick. She licked the pee hole, then round the sensitive rim, all the time
caressing it with both hands. Up and down she worked her tautly stretched
lips over Shel's massive black cock as I watched in total disbelieve from
my hidden location.

After several minutes Shel pulled her off his dick and threw Beth on her
back on the couch. He ripped her panties off throwing them to the floor and
opening her legs wide as she pleaded with him.

"No, don't go that far, please don't ... you promised," Beth quietly
whimpered. "Please don't do that I'll suck you off ... please stop and I'll
suck you. I'll deep throat you and swallow your cum, but please don't fuck

I could tell she didn't want me to hear what was going on; she was trying to
take care of it herself. But I knew Shel was going to have her and any second
now he would be fucking my wife with the biggest cock she had ever had or
seen. My eyes were glued to her face and cunt as I watched in total shock and
couldn't move.

Shel's big black body moved in between Beth's white legs pressing her into
the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of
his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her juicy slit.

Beth's head was slowly moving from side to side with her white hands on his
chest trying to push him back. Pleading, Beth whimpered, "No ... No ...
No ... stop now please, we can do something else, you're to big ... please
stop. I'll scream!"

"Go ahead and scream ... watch your sweet little ones coming running down to
see their mommy half-naked on the couch with uncle Shel," he told her. "You
want that Beth. You want Dave to come down here and see you like this, half
drunk, putting out for his black buddy. I'll tell him how you came on to me.
You've been flirting and teasing me all night, he saw that. Oh your gonna get
it Beth baby, but if you want to wake the house go right ahead."

Beth begged and pleaded, "No Shel ... please no .... Please don't do this....
Please NO! My babies can't see me like this!"

Shel drunkenly told her, "OK then, your going to get it inside you baby. I
wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you Beth. You're so beautiful and
sexy." As he rubbed it up over her clit he said, "Don't worry baby, you're
going to love my big black cock ... you'll be begging for more before I'm
done with you."

I watched shocked as Shel started to penetrate my wife. She threw her head
back Gasping, "Noooooo Noooooo Ohhhh Goddd No No ... it's toooo bigggg ....
Please No ... Stop ... Noo Ohhhh Gaaawwwdddd noooo!!!" Her voice a little
louder than it was a few minutes earlier.

I thought, 'Oh my god what should I do,' but I knew I could do nothing and
my confusing arousal by this act on my wife by my big black friend had my
cock rock hard.

"Ohhh gawwwd," she gasped as the sounds from her mouth got softer and lower.

"That's it baby, that's it, yeah ... your so tight .... take it baby." Shel
spoke softer.

Beth continued gasping and whimpering, "No, no, oh god, no, oh nooooo."

I could see Beth's cunt spread out wide as Shel's cock slid halfway in and
out as he pumped her juicy quim. I could see his cock glistening from the
lamp light with her cunt juices covering it.

Shel warned Beth, "Get ready Beth, I'm going all the way in baby."

Beth's hands were still on his chest but not resisting as much as Shel
pulled almost all the way out of her and then drove his massive black cock
deep in her until his huge black balls rested on her asshole. Her legs wide
in the air, her toes curled up as he slammed her ass down into the sofa

At that moment, as Shel plowed deep in her, Beth threw her head back
violently moaning and gasping louder. "Ohhh Gaaawwdddd Ohhhh Gaaawwddd ....
it's sooo deep .... Ohhhh My Gaaawwddd !!!!!"

I watched in amazement as his massive black cock disappeared in my wife's
cunt. As far as I knew she had never taken anything more than my own six
inches, but as Shel pushed forward, his cock slid completely in without
any resistance at all now. I couldn't believe this was really happening
but it was and I couldn't go back in time now.

I could see a definite change come over my loving wife, the mother of my
children, as Shel's massive cock lay fully embedded in her sweet pussy. He
held it until she slowly began to rotate her hips and started to work her
tight cunt around his long thick black horsecock.

With his balls slapping against her ass he started a slow rhythm, stretching
her cunt to the limit on the inward stroke and causing her lips to cling to
his shaft each time he withdrew. Beth lay there with her head back whimpering
with contentment now as Shel slowly fucked her. I lay there mesmerized at the
sight before me. My best friend fucking my sweet innocent wife on my couch in
our living room while our children slept only feet away in their beds.

Shel's big cock had her cunt spread out to the max. He then picked up speed
and power and started to pound Beth's cunt hard, driving her ass down into
the sofa. I could hear the wet noises coming from Beth's cunt as Shel resized
my wife's cunt to where it has never felt the same to me. As he continued to
fuck the hell out of her, I noticed her hands had moved to his ass cheeks. It
looked very erotic how her white hands grasped at his muscular black ass,
pulling on him.

Shel was talking to her now, "Oh fuck baby ... your tight pussy is so good."

Beth was moaning, "Ohhh goddd ohhhhh godddd."

Shel spoke softly to her, "That feel good baby, you like that. This what you
were thinking about when you were teasing me baby?"

"Yessss ohhh yesss," she moaned. "Ohhh yessss oh yes yes yes... goddd oh godd
I love it ... oh god it feels good ... I love your big black cock!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My beautiful loving wife, the mother
of my children was on her back under a huge black man and my best friend to
boot getting the hell fucked out of her and she was now telling him how good
it was.

Shel was fucking her harder now as his big black balls bounced off of her
firm white ass. Beth started to moan louder and louder, I could tell that
she was close to climax. Her hips raised off the sofa, she pushed her hips
upward hard into Shel's long thick black horsecock and pelvis.

Shel taunted her, "Tell me how much you love my black cock Beth."

Beth moaned and whimpered, "Oh god baby ... oh god yes I love your big black
cock Shel ... yes yes yes."

"My cock feels big to you, does it Beth?" he asked.

"Oh god you're huge ... oh you feel so good .... so deep in me, oh yessss
baby," it feels twice the size of Dave's. I've never been fucked like this
before. I love it. Don't stop ... Fuck me ... I'm cumming .... OHHHH GAWWDDD

Shel started grunting and driving hard into Beth, I knew he was starting to
cum as well. Beth grabbed his ass and held him in her. "Oh fuck oh fuck damn

I watched as Shel tensed as he emptied his balls full load of cum into my
wife's cunt, then he settled down and slowly thrust in and out of her. I saw
his white cum oozing out of Beth's cunt around his thick black shaft. It ran
down over Beth's asshole as they slowly stopped fucking and kissed deeply,
his cock still fully embedded in my wife's cunt. A few minutes more and I
saw his ass begin to slowly pump again and I knew he'd regained his erection.
'Damn,' I thought, 'I haven't been up for a second go in many years and he
was starting again after only a few minutes rest.'

He lifted up off of her and flipped her over so that she was on all fours
with her arms and head on the couch, and her cute little ass in the air.
"I've dreamt of you in this position Beth," he said. "On all fours in front
of me with your sexy little ass wiggling as I got ready to fuck it."

He knelt up behind her, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over my
wife's firm buns. Then, with the other hand, he separated them and placed his
cock on the now exposed, and dripping slit. She rolled her sexy ass in front
of him and begged him for it as he fit the wide head in and mounted her from
behind. Shel then locked his hands around Beth's trim waist, and shoved
forward, buried himself again into her sopping wet pussy, but this time she
just gently mewed in pleasure as my buddy's big dick filled her like I never

Shel pumped Beth really hard and I loved how her tight white body looked
as he hammered away with his black cock doggie style. His massive black
horsecock glistened with her flowing juices as I watched her sweet little
pussy take it hard and deep. Beth buried her face into the cushions to
muffle her constant moans so that she wouldn't wake the kids or me as Shel
sawed her in half.

He reached up under Beth and mauled her hanging tits as he ram fucked her.
After a while he lifted up and grasped her flaring hips as he rode her hard.
He fucked her for the longest time as I watched them go at it like a couple
of porno stars. Then I saw him tense and I knew he couldn't take it anymore,
Beth's sweet pussy was milking his big black cock for his load of heavy
cream hungrily. With a mighty thrust, he rammed all he had inside of her and
held it buried to the hilt in her tautly stretched little quim. His muscular
black body tensed again as his testicles exploded. He pulled her against him
as hard as he could as his tremendous black cock once again emptied inside
of her spasming pussy.

He laid forward on her back with his huge black cock fully embedded in her
spasming pussy as their bodies meshed into one and they lay joined on our
couch, totally exhausted from their super intense fuck session. Then he rose
up slowly and she rose up with him, not wanting to lose the feel of his cock
inside her. She stayed on her knees, her head flung back, her eyes closed,
sensuously caressing her breasts as she wiggled and pushed her ass back into

He looked down at the spread cheeks of my wife with a wild gleam in his eyes
and I had a strange feeling course through me, as I knew what he was looking
at. Her tight rosebud anus. He pulled his cock from her grasping cunt, and
placed the head at the impossibly tight entrance to Beth's tight little
virgin asshole and began to push.

"Ooooo...Shel! Please stop...not there, no ones ever, it hurts!" Beth groaned

"Shutup Honey, Shel's doing what he wants to! And right now I want to fuck
you up the ass!" he told her as he nuzzled the wide head in against her tiny
anus. "I been watching you swish your sexy little ass for years ... all those
tight little shorts of yours. How you always seemed to drop something so you
could bend over where I could see you. You'd take your time and give me a
show whenever you knew Dave couldn't see you. You're a born cock tease baby
and tonight you pay the fiddler for the dance. Your ass is mine now baby and
your going to get it fucked."

"But...Shel...I've...nevvver...done that...," Beth whimpered again as Shel's
wide cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.

It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips
forward. I saw the wide head push against her asshole and she grimaced as
she felt the pop of the head pushing into her. Thankfully she was already
somewhat lubed from his cum and her own juices that had flowed down her
backside. Her hands gripped the cushions tensely, almost pulling them off
the couch as his massive black cockhead popped into her rear channel and
deep up her virgin asshole.

Beth's head jerked up and her face contorted in a savage grimace of pain.
"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh ... ...PPPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSSSEEEE... STTTOOOPPPP...!!!" Beth
was sobbing as my big black friend powerfully sodomized her ass. She had
never wanted me to do it because she was scared it would hurt, I could now
see that she was right but I was frozen in place, unable to move I watched
my loving wife take my black friend's massive cock up the ass.

Her eyes were shut tightly in anticipation of the ravaging she was about to
receive. Shel bucked his hips hard against her and he slapped her hard on the
ass. The smack surprised her and distracted her from some of the pain of his
anal penetration. I could tell that she'd never felt anything like it. I
watched as his shaft pushed deep into her and she nearly passed out from the
unbelievable arousal that it created inside her.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"OHHHH Beth ... your ass is so fucking tight!" Shel gasped, gritting his
teeth, his strong black fingers digging into the softness of her creamy
buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed his buttocks and ground his
hips forward into her quivering buns. His cock squeezed deeper and deeper
into her tight little asshole. I was amazed as I watched him put it to my
wife. Deeper and deeper it went, and Shel groaned, burying the enormity
of his long thick black penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly
to her buttocks.

He held it there fully embedded up her butt letting her adjust to his
presence. Slowly the expression on her face began to change and I could
tell that the pain had changed to a feeling of intense pleasure for her.
Her hips began to move in small circles and then began to move back
towards him as she fucked herself on his massive rod. He stayed still,
smiling as he looking down at her beautiful backside come alive. She was
whimpering softly, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch now as
she took his long thick black horsecock up her tight little ass.

He began to move with her then and her body rocked and jerked under his
thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his
hands on her hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his thick
cock. I heard her make a low moaning grunt every time he bucked his pelvis
into her ass. His heavy balls slapped at her from behind as he pounded all
he had to the hilt up her glove tight rectum. She began to moan and
shuddered, rocking to and fro before him like a bitch in deep rut.

Shel powered it to Beth like an out of control sex machine. The exquisite
drip of her glove tight little asshole had him out of his mind as he
pounded his big dick into her. After several minutes Beth cried out softly,
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddd!" and began to writhe and twist against him.

Shel stopped pumping and held her wildly wriggling butt tightly against
himself. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as he got his rocks off,
his mouth wide open, filling my wife's asshole with hot potent cum. After a
couple of minutes he withdrew from my still moaning, quivering wife and she
stayed on her knees in front of him.

Beth's asshole was gaping wide open with a puddle of Shel's cum in it. The
cheeks of her ass showed his handprints on it. Her asshole was beet red and
cum was slowly oozing out. I watched my best friend's thick semen ooze out of
my wife as long drips of cum began pooling on the couch as it also trickled
from her equally gaping pussy down her legs.

I knew that the show was over and suddenly realized that I'd creamed my
shorts sometime during the time I'd been watching. I quietly backed up and
went back to bed. I was lying there pretending to be asleep when Beth crawled
into bed fifteen minutes later. She'd cleaned herself up and was fresh
smelling as she cuddled against me. "Dave are you awake," she said softly.

"Yeah," I said.

"I need to tell you something," she said timidly. "Please don't be angry ...
I ... I ... well you see ... Shel and I ... downstairs after you came up
to bed ... ohhhhh ... we both had to much to drink, though that's not an
excuse ... well you know how much I like him and how he's a part of our
family and all ... the kids love him ... uncle Shel ... well something
happened between us and it got out of hand."

I told her, "it's OK honey. He's my best friend and I know that you're
attracted to him. I've seen how the two of you look at each other when you
think I can't see you. I love you Beth. I know you have needs that I haven't
been able to satisfy. If being with Shel makes you happy, then I'm happy."

She gave me a big hug, "Oh Dave I'm so glad to hear you say that because I
couldn't bear the thought of hurting you. It's just a physical thing with
Shel, you know I'd never leave you. I love you so much." Her hand reached
down and began to stroke my dick as we talked and she had me roll onto my
back as she kissed her way down my chest.

"I'm a little sore but I want to thank you for being so understanding," she
said as she began to mouth my dick. She gave me an incredible blowjob that
night and swallowed all of my cum as she fondled my balls. After licking me
clean she slid up into my arms and we cuddled as we drifted off to sleep.

I never told her that I'd had a long held fantasy to see her with another
man, and with my best friend Shel's massive black cock fucking her it was
just about perfect. I know that she and Shel fuck whenever they get the
chance since that night but then again with the camera I secretly set up
in our bedroom I don't miss any of the action.

Beth and I are more deeply in love than ever. I know it was the added the
spark of Shel providing something I couldn't give her that's rekindled and
fortified our feelings towards each other. We've never been happier and
Uncle Shel is an even closer member of our family.


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