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The Fan

Darkman: Sympathy for the Devil (MF,anal,bond,magic)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Being that looked through the scrying glass of magic was not human.
It was Memnoch, the ruler of the demons of the dark underworlds. He was a
supreme overlord of evil. He held dominion over the realm of Man. Everyday
his agents went out to cause more misery and death in the world. They
inspired wars. They made women leave their faithful husbands. They caused
jealousy, deceit, betrayal and murder. They inspired lust and carnal urges
disguised as love.

Memnoch knew the secrets of all humans. They all wanted love and control
and power and wealth and beauty and fame. All of them. They wanted material
things. Especially those in the west. Yes, he knew he could claim their
souls. When they died, they came straight to Hell. He would be their master

He was contemplating all that when someone walked into the Fortress that was
his home. Pandemonium, the city built by the fallen angels eons ago after the
fall from Heaven. Memnoch had once been a fallen angel though he kept his
true name secret. He ruled the underworlds of Xibalba and every demon and
monster and dark soul obeyed him. He looked at the visitor...

It was Pazuzzu.

Pazuzzu appeared to be a tall, lean woman with long black hair and blue
eyes. The woman's skin was dark bronze. Memnoch was not fooled for a minute.
Pazuzzu was a demon. And a powerful one. A shapeshifting annoyance that he
tolerated. Presently the coy temptress was bothering the hell out of him, so
to speak.

"What is your business here?" said Memnoch.

"Oh, watching and waiting," said Pazuzzu.

"For what?"

"Haven't you felt a rise in the Force lately?" said Pazuzzu. "A sudden rise
in power. In change in state? A transformation?"

"What in hell are you talking about?" said Memnoch.

Pazuzzu looked him straight in the eye and walked over to him. She smiled.
"Oh, nothing in hell," she said. She held out her hand and willed a One-way
visionary portal to open.

Suddenly they were looking at New York city. They looked at the city as it
was by night. They focused on the scene: A trio of men had a woman pressed
against a wall. She was trying to escape from them or at least to scream.
They were looking at her with something in their eyes. Memnoch recognized
it as sheer lust. They were gonna see a rape.

"Interesting," said Memnoch. "But utterly mundane, I fail to see how this,
no matter how entertaining, could interest me."

"Watch," said Pazuzzu.

They watched.

A dark cloaked figure came along. The thing looked at the scene. Then
it waded into the men. It moved very quickly, taking them all down. He
punched and kicked. Two were down in two seconds. The third was looking
very surprisingly and fearfully at the man-thing. The man-thing simply
grabbed him by the collar and threw him into the air with a strength
decidedly greater than anything human.

The hero looked at his handywork. Then he turned to leave when something
stopped him. He had taken a hit. Hadn't even noticed but now he buckled.
The woman he had rescued came to him.

"Are you okay?" she said. "I don't know how to thank you." She looked at
him. He was covered in white gauze and had them all over his body. "What
happened to you?" she asked with concern.

"Go away!" said the man.

She did not recognize the agonized plea in his voice and instead reached for
his face. Pulling off the white gauze. The bloodcurling scream that filled
the alley could have come from any of the damned. The man ran. Leaving the
woman screaming in shock and fear. She had seen his face.

He ran. He ran up the alley at great speed then leapt fifteen feet into the
air. He scaled the walls of the building like a spider then took to the roof.
Once there, he leapt from building to building, moving with awesome agility
and precision. He would run for the rest of the night before coming to the
abandoned building that was his refuge.

The Darkman's Lair.


"Am I maintaining your interest?" said Pazuzzu.

The Lord of Evil looked at her. "Definitely," he said. "What manner of being
was that? He seemed outright inhuman but his actions..."

"That was the Darkman," said Pazuzzu. "It is being whispered in the shadows
that he is the next champion."

"Truly?" said Memnoch. "Get me everything you've got on him."

"My pleasure," said Pazuzzu. She smiled and walked way. "The plan was in

Darkman's Lair...

He sat there, working on his experiments. He had left the new SS-110 in the
machine. It was a new kind of synthetic skin. It was supposed to last 450
minutes instead of 99. He prayed that one day he would find a way to cure

Not too long ago, he had a life. He was Peyton Westlake, a scientist. He
loved Julie Hastings. A reporter. She was invesigating a guy named Louis
Strack. She messed with the wrong guy. Louis had a friend named Durant. A
crime boss. Durant sent people to kill Westlake in an attempt to get Julie
to leave Louis alone. They blew up Westlake's lab. The same chemicals that
burned his skin altered him at a genetic level and changed his molecular
structure as well. He was... dense down at the molecular level. His white
blood cell count was over one hundred and fifty percent. Medical
impossibility. His strength ratio shot to the roof. Basically his body was
now strong and fast and felt no pain. He healed quickly. The only thing his
body could not replace was the skin, which had been completely seared off.
Aside from that, life was peachy. Oh, and he had lost Julie.

Now he spent his days (mostly nights) fighting to help people who did not
like him. It had become obvious to the New Yorkers that the Darkman was real.
A superhero of sorts. Darkman's power was triggered by rage. Once pissed, he
could throw a 300-pound weight 10 feet into the air. He was no longer human.
He did not like what he had become. A faceless, skinless freak with
superhuman strength.

He had taken down Durant and a slew of other villains. The mob bosses of the
city feared him. He was the man with a thousand faces. He could make a skin
duplicate and make himself look like anyone... for 99 minutes. That was his
unique ability. There was adventure in his life. The rest of the time he was
a lonely bastard. He often wondered how long he would last in this mutated

No idea. No time. He prepared the skin. He had made an entire bathtub of it.
He swam in. The synthetic skin covered his skeletal arms and legs and every
inch of his body. It worked its magic. He stayed in for thirty minutes. The
skin covered all of him. When he emerged, he looked a lot like he did back
in those happy, pre-superhuman monster days. Only he was skinnier than he had
been, with bronze skin. His hazel eyes were the same. He felt the skin harden
against him. It felt good. The synthetic skin was over twenty times harder
and tougher than normal human skin. It would last 450 minutes in daylight but
much, much longer at night. His head was bald. he hated synthetic hair.

He dressed himself up and went to town. He was neither Peyton Westlake (a
dead man according to the police) nor the Darkman (an urban myth according
to the New Yorker). He was Adam Kraith, a young undergraduate of B.U.
seeking employment with the Daily Seeker.

He went there. He presented his papers. They went for an interview. He was
hired to be a photographer. He would work with Peter Pankins and Maria
Mendes. He met with them. Peter Pankins was a thirty-something man with red
hair. He was nice enough. Maria Mendes was another story. She was petite,
barely over 5'4". She had black hair and cocoa butter skin. She was in her

"Un gringo," she said. Darkman had no idea what she said but agreed. She
asked him about who he was. He studied his own story right. He was a young
photographer who nearly dropped out of B.U. He wanted to make some money.
When he "died", Peyton had been 31. It had been 7 years. But the skin he
wore over his body was that of a young man some 22 years of age. The wonders
of artificial skin. It was kinda real, too. Bio-engineered and synthesized
flesh rather than plastic.

They were going on a story. They got inside Peter's SUV. A red thing. He
drove. Maria sat up front. Darkman stayed out back, in the cool, away from
the sun.

"So, where do you come from, Adam ?" said Maria.

"Eastern MA," he said. That was true enough. Peyton Westlake had been born
and raised in Boston. The Darkman was "created" in New York and Adam Kraith
was a creation of the Darkman.

They drove the streets.

"Hey, Adam," said Pete. "I know you're an outsider and everything but what
do you think of our Darkman?"

"Dark who?"

"The Darkman, gringo," said Maria. "A malo hombre who comes out at night
and beats the crap out of gangsters. People say he's really strong and can
look like anyone."

"Really?" said Darkman. He smiled with the faux Adam Kraith's young visage.
"You guys believe in that stuff?"

"Si, hombre," said Maria. "In fact, we are going to interview a woman who
said he saved her last night."

"Merde!" said Adam.

He hadn't expected that. He stayed in silence while they drove there. They
went uptown, to Sixtty Third and Madison. There was a nice townhouse.

"Damn," said Maria. "Dis is da place? That bitch must be rica."

"Whatever," said Peter.

All three of them entered the building.

"We are the crew from the Daily Seeker come to interview miss Alison
Angeles," they said to the receptionist.

"I shall take you there," said the man. He looked like his name should be
JEEVES. Adam pointed that out. Peter laughed. Maria didn't.

"That's not funny, gringos, my own padre was a concierge."

That silenced them.

They went up.

Alison Angeles lived in a plush apartment. They had researched her prior to
coming to interview her. She was the daughter of Markus Angeles, a wealthy
Latino who made millions selling american sportswear to Carribean peoples.
She came before them.

"Hello," said Peter.

It was Adam Kraith who looked at Miss Angeles. But it was the Darkman's
uncanny eyes that registered everything. It was the lady from the other
night. He hadn't paid too much attention to her then but now..... Tall,
slender frame. Long black hair. Bronze skin. Emerald eyes. Firm, full
breasts. Perfectly rounded, tight butt. All in a form fitting spandex
outfit. Wow.

Pete was dripping with saliva when he talked to her. "Hello, miss," he said.

She interrupted him. "I know who you are." Her eyes went to Maria Mendes and
lingered there for a second or two then focused on Adam Kraith. "Who are
you?" she said.

"The new guy," he said. "Here for the interview."

"Oh yes."

She led them to a vast, rich, plush, ultra comfortable room.

"Lady, you should be on CRIBS," said Maria. "Wow."

"Thank you. Well, I have to tell the tale now," she said.

Pete set everything up to record. So did Maria. Darkman did the same. They
were joined by another woman. A tall, lean, bronze babe with eyes of the
clearest blue. She wore a Yankees shirt and blue jeans. Her long hair was
pulled in a bun. She came to sit next to Alison and kissed her on the lips.

Maria lowered her eyes. "Chicana lesbianas," she said so low only only
Darkman's inhuman earing picked it up. "Que malo."

Pete was smiling an impossibly large grin. Not to be suspicious, Darkman
made his Adam Kraith face smile as well.

"This is my lover, Pazi", said Alison. She smiled at Pazi with real love in
them eyes.

"Nice to meet you," said Peter.

He began to ask questions and Alison explained in vivid detail what had
happened. She told of the Darkman and Adam tried not to pay attention. Maria
was looking at nothing in particular. But Pazi, while holding Alison's hand
was staring at Adam Kraith the whole time. She was taking him in. Detail by
detail. Darkman looked at her. While doing so he got a curious feeling... she
made him uncomfortable. Okay, she was one sexy lesbo but there was something
else about her... something wrong. He could feel it in his bones. All of a
sudden he felt dizzy. He felt something inside him rise. The same feeling of
otherness he had when he first became the Darkman and the same feeling he had
when he was angry... the surge of power. Only he could feel a power coming
off of that chick. Well concealed but power nonetheless. He looked around
the room, and saw things differently. It was not a woman that held Alison
Angeles's hand but a strange creature. Something he could not imagine. So
beautifuland female he thought he was going mad. "AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"
he screamed. He got up and recoiled.

Maria looked at him. "What the...?"

He looked around, disoriented. Everyone in the room was looking at him.
Maria, Peter, Alison Angeles and the enigmatic Pazi who now looked normal.
Darkman did not know what he saw, or thought he saw. He looked at Pazi
again and saw an attractive if sexually bombshell-like girl.

"Are you okay, hombre?" said Maria. "You looked like you seen the devil or

At that everybody laughed. Including Pazi. She looked at Darkman and smiled.
For a fraction of a second Darkman saw another face, something ugly and wrong
and outright fiendish looking at him. Then all he saw was Pazi's beautiful
face smiling at him. She got up and fetched him a drink. He drank the strange

They left. Peter was all gaga over the two Latin lesbians. Maria was
disgusted and said, "Todos los hombres son el mismo." No need to speak
spanish to know "All men are the same". She hit Peter upside the head as
they went down.

"Ow," he said. "What was that for?"

She glowered at him. "You know why."

They were in the car.

"What is it about men and lesbians?" said Maria. She hit Peter. "Hellooooooo.
If they are lesbian they don't like man so you no stand a chance."

"You wouldn't understand," said Peter. He looked at Adam Kraith and grinned.
"But the man over there knows what I'm saying, right." He high-fived. Adam
actually smiled.

Maria shook her head.

"Yo, man," said Peter. "That Pazi chick was looking at you, man, like she
wanted know."

Maria looked at Adam. "So, the new guy is popular with the lesbians, uh?" she
grimaced. "He ain't lying. That chick wanted to do something to you. Must be
why you got all jumpy, uh?"

He looked away. She looked at him. He was so... lost. She reprimanced herself
for that. That's how her last romance started.... with a loco hombre named

"I thought I saw something," said Adam. He surprised himself by sounding...
different. He sounded not like Adam Kraith or even the Darkman but like
Peyton Westlake. The man he hadn't been in almost a decade. Suddenly
something hit him. "What time is it?" he asked.

It was 11: 30 A.M.

More than seven hours had gone by. He hadn't noticed. His skin should have
evaporated. But it hadn't. Frantically he felt up his face and touched
himself. He felt... different. Wow. The skin had stayed. He was still
touching himself when his new buddies gave him strange looks.

"Are you okay, hombre?" said Maria.

"Yeah," said Adam Kraith aka Darkman aka Peyton Westlake. "I feel....okay."

They went back to the Daily Seeker.

Thirty three hours later....

He could not believe it. Not only did the skin stay but somehow it felt like
natural skin. He could feel warmth and cold again. He could feel pain. Heck,
he could feel. But everything else was out of whack. His sensitive hearing,
sight and smell were gone. He was no longer strong. Or fast. He tried leaping
six feet vertically, an easy feat for one such as he, a superhuman and all
but found out he couldn't. He was... normal.

He tried to process all of this. The new skin he wore bonded with his body
molecularly, becoming real. Real skin. He was not stronger or faster than
would be a six-foot-two, 170-pound guy. His awesome night vision was gone.
So was that Rage that filled him all the time.


He was so happy.

He wished Julie was still aliive. But Durant had killed her. He wished he
could hold her. But she was dead. Memories, memories... only memories. He
thought about all this long and hard. It seemed all of his wishes were
coming true... what could it mean?


Memnoch, the ruler of the underworld looked at his servant. "So, you have
taken the Darkman and turned him into a mortal, how is that to serve us?"
said Memnoch.

"Oh, my lord. He thinks he is mortal but the potion I gave him only makes
him so temporarily. Soon he will be Darkman again and having all his hopes
crushed will destroy him. Like any mortal, he would pay anything for
happiness." Pazuzzu "Pazi" looked at the One she served and equally
loathed/loved/feared/admired. "How do you like my plan, my lord?"

Memnoch smiled. And Pazuzzu gasped. He changed his appearance, going from a
100-foot tall horned and winged dark being sitting upon a colossal throne to
the look she preferred. That of a tall, lean white man with dark brown hair
and a scholarly look. A dead ringer for the way Peyton Westlake looked prior
to his physiological and mental transformation into the Darkman. When he
looked that way, there was one thing she wanted to do...

But she could never have it. Pazuzzu was a creature spawned by an angel and
a woman. What they called a Nephilim. She had joined the Dark realms eons ago
to serve the demon Maelfas. A former angel. Memnoch had been a young angel,
recently fallen. She helped him defeat Maelfas and take over the underworld.
She had once been lover and accomplice to the young darkangel, but when he
became Memnoch the Devil he forgot about her. Any woman's heart would break
when abandoned by her lover, demon or otherwise. Pazuzzu was no exception.
She hated him and wanted him back. So she became the annoyance he had to deal
with, the teaser and temptress. He was annoyed and had her often hurt and
killed only to be brought back because like him she was immortal. She enjoyed
it when he hurt her. It was the closest thing to what they had.

Somehow, she would get him back... and make him care. She worked hard to
impress him, even slept with mortal men and women to make him jealous but
nothing moved his cold heart. She even showed him what the Darkman used to
look like, Peyton Westlake, the man he ressembled in his angelic days, when
they were together. He was a demon lord. And a male. Therefore stupid and
sightless. She would have to show him...

She left the Throne room.

He still wore his better face. The face of the man...angel she loved. Yes,
it would be worth it.

She went to the Triad. They were the oldest of magic wielders in the
Universe, older than angels and demons and perhaps older than time and space
themselves. Compared to them, she and Memnoch were youngsters. She ascended
to their world through a Portal. She entered a circle of fire. The Triad
stood there, unseen.

"Greetings," she said. "I am Lady Pazuzzu, come here seeking..."


"Can I have it?"


"An eternity in your debt."


In front of her materialized the object of her desires, or rather the object
that was gonna help her get the object of her desires.


She bowed respectfully and teleported out of there....

Meanwhile... on Earth.

Darkman could not contain his joy. Three months had gone by. He was still
normal. He had found a new joy in life. Being normal. He lived his life more
happily now.

He went to work with Peter and Maria and took pictures. He worked on stories.
He interviewed people. He could not contain his joy. He took his two friends
and co-workers out to eat. He got himself an apartment and torched the
Darkman's Lair. Darkman and Peyton Westlake were no more. He was a new man...
Adam Kraith.

Right now he was in the coffee room of the Daily Seeker. He was faxing
something and humming a song when someone came in. He looked. It was Maria.
She smiled at him.

"El loco Gringo," she said. (the crazy white guy). "What are you up to now?"

Adam smiled. "Oh, nothing. I am just happy that's all," he said.

"You're always happy," said Maria. "It's like someone gave you a new life
or something."

"Yeah. something like that."

She smiled then looked away. Then she turned and stared at him. "Look, Adam,
I don't usually do this but I..." she trailed off.

Adam looked at her. "Would like you to go out with me?" he finished for her.
"I'd love to."

She gasped. She couldn't believe he said yes. "Great," she said. "I'll meet
you at the Rialto Lounge at eight."

"It's a date." said Adam.

She left. She wasn't out the door when Adam Kraith started jumping up and
down. "She likes me, yesssss!"


He got ready. It had been a while since he dated. More than seven years. He
wore dark clothing and a jacket. He showed up at the Lounge. It was a nice
restaurant in the city. There was a reservation for him. Three minutes after
he arrived... Maria came.

She was dressed in that evening gown that showed all her curves. He gulped
when he saw her. That girl had a body! Wow! The way she went around in those
unflaterring baggies at the office he neevr would have guessed. "You look hot
!" he blurted out.

"Thanks," she said.

They sat down and got ready to order dinner. Adam couldn't take his eyes off
of her. She was so cute. Maria pretended to be reading the menu but she knew
he was staring at her and she was loving every minute of it. He was so...
different. Like he had a new lease on life or something. He was a crazy
gringo but she liked him...


Memnoch the Devil looked at all this through a Scrying Glass. This was weird.
The Darkman was human. Very human. No power came off of him. He looked happy.
He did not understand Pazuzzu's techniques but when had he ever understood
her? They had been... close... once. He had known her to be faithful and
treacherous, loving and hateful, virtually impossible to figure out. But he
had never known her to be sloppy. Now it seemed she was. To convert the
Darkman to evil was an important scheme of his... and he would not let her
mess it up, even if it was she who brought it to his attention.

"Pazuzzu!" he bellowed.

A Portal opened and she came into the Throne room.

"What is this?" he asked, pointing to the scene displaying on the magical
scrying glass. Two humans, a male and a female were dining. It was obvious
the girl was in love and the guy smitten as well. But they were Adam Kraith
(formerly Peyton Westlake and Darkman) and Maria Mendes. He stared at them
with fury. Pazuzzu looked at the scene. She looked at the two humans with
envy. They were short-lived creatures but most tried to make the best of
their time... by loving. Unlike the immortals like her and Memnoch. He was
a bastard and the one she wanted but could never have...

"Explain yourself!" He said.

"Memnoch," she began. "Do you remember us? Long ago, how we used to be?"

"What is this?" he said. "Why are you acting sentimental? That was eons ago!"
He looked at her. "We were young, that was all."

That was all. The words sank into Pazuzzu's heart.

He was dismissing their past love just like that. She remembered him well.
The young angel who had defied his Maker because he thought there was nothing
wrong with Angels Loving the Daughters of Men. He had defended her when the
Maker sent the Powers, these fanatical angels to kill the Nephilim, those
half human, half angel creatures like her. His compassion and love for her
cost him his wings. She helped him. She helped him conquer the dark world.
She was his lover and accomplice. She did every vile act for him. She was the
Devil's Bitch. But he grew colder. and colder. Only pain and suffering did
anything for him. She loved him and was repelled. She would have her revenge.

He was looking at the humans on the screen. There were no demons or angels
around. So she acted quickly. She dropped the magic liquid and intoned the
words of the Conversion and Transposition Hex. A green energy suddenly
enveloped Memnoch's colossal form. And hers. He gasped. "What's happening
to me?"

"What you deserved all along," said Pazuzzu.

She watched the change. Shef felt herself leaving her body behind. Her
essence, everything she was from memories to mind patterns and very
personality was sucked through the scrying glass. So was Memnoch's.

On Earth......

Adam Kraith and Maria Mendes felt something weird happening to them... They
gasped then they were gone... from their bodies that is.

Memnoch slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the world. Not his world but
his nonetheless. He saw it with limit. He looked at the woman sitting close
to him... and understood. They were in a diner somewhere. He knew what she
had done.

"Pazuzzu!" he screamed.

"Yes!" she said.

He looked at her then at himself. Two supremely powerful immortal beings...
now bound by the flesh.

"What have you done?" he said.

Pazuzzu spoke with a woman's voice. "I wanted this... Memnoch... for us."


He looked at her. With all of his phemomenal intellect and knowledge he could
not fathom of why she would do such a thing, place them in human bodies!

"Just look in the mirror," she said.

He did. There was something so familiar about that face. It was so alike the
face he wore as an angel. Wow. The Lord of Demons was speechless. He looked
at Pazuzzu, seeing her through the flesh and blood. He was speechless. At
what she had done to him and for him. He lowered his head in defeat. He had
lost... after all this time.... to a woman. He did something no demon could
or would do.

He quietly sobbed.

A gentle hand touched his. He looked up. It was Pazuzzu. She was looking very
shocked by what he did. She got up. And left. Shocked. Awed. He got up and
started after her. He caught up.

They chased each other. Things of eternity now in the flesh. They were bound
by the flesh and walked among humans as humans, yet not. Finally he chased
her to what humans called a Park. It was deserted.

She had fallen and he was on top of her. A stream of emotions were passing
through him. Anger. Hate. betrayal. He saw something wet coming out of
Pazuzzu's eyes. He hit her. Blood came from her lip. The hard thing was she
did not put up a fight. He hated her for what she did to him. He was Memnoch.
He fought angels and won often. He was the dark lord. No one should or could
trick him. He drew back his fist....

Pazuzzu looked at him. Without fear but somethjing else in her eyes. She
would not put up a fight. This was unlike her.

"Why won't you defend yourself?" he asked.

"Because I love you, Memnoch," she said. "I always have. I try to get your
attention all the time. I've tortured and maimed and seduced and raped and
killed in your name. But nothing gets your attention," she cried. "If you
kill me while I'm in a human body, I will die forever," she said. "You will
be rid of me."

Memnoch growled and drew back his arm, clenching a stone in his fist. Pazuzzu
in Maria's body closed her eyes. She waited for the hit. But it never came.
Memnoch stopped. He thought of all the times when he had been lost. Who had
been his friend and lover and temptress and annoyance and the main pain in
his eternal life since he fell? Her. Try as he did, he could not envision
life without her. "I can't do it," he said.

He dropped the stone and fell heavily on top of her. He was sobbing. Human
emotions were overwhelming him. He looked so... human. He looked at her
through tear-filled eyes. "What do I do now?" he asked.

"Shhhhh." She silenced him. Then she pressed her lips against his. Memnoch,
in the former Darkman's body gasped. He felt something he never thought he'd
feel. He held her and kissed her. They explored these mortal bodies. She took
his cock in her mouth. Pleasure rocked Memnoch's body. He hadn't fucked since
what felt like forever. Being a 100-foot tall monster who could only assume
his angelic form twice a year did that to people. He watched her work his
cock in her mouth. She was like those freaks in Sodom and Gomorrha. He fucked
her mouth. Then he suckled on her breasts. They ravaged each other. He spread
her legs and entered her pussy with his dick. He fucked her. She screamed her
pleasure and dug her nails in him.

"Harder!" she begged.

He did. He fucked her until she was all soft around him and gave up. Then he
did what he saw some bold mortals so. He stuck his dick deeper in her. She
screamed like a banshee. They fucked right there on the grass until dawn.
They were oblivious to the world. They were two lovers with a lot to make up.
She gave him everything she had.

They lay against each other, watching the sun rise. Pazuzzu looked worried.

"What's wrong, love?" said Memnoch.

"Oh, nothing," she said.

She looked around. They looked at man's world with mortal eyes. It was a
beautiful place. Really. They smiled at each other. Then, Memnoch slept. He
had used up all of his borrowed human form's energies.

Slowly, Pazuzzu got up. She kissed him. She hated to leave but a deal was a
deal. Even so... she would miss him. Terribly. She only had so many hours.
She intoned the words.

The energies surrounded them both once more. Memnoch woke up abruptly as his
essence was forced out of the body he occupied. They vanished...


They materialized in the Throne Room.

Memnoch went back to being his 100-foot tall self. The supremely powerful
demon monster who ruled the Dark underworlds "What the...?" he said.

He understood at once what had happened as his awesome intelligence returned.
He was an Overlord once more. He stared down at Pazuzzu.

She stood before him, looking up. She was strangely silent. Pazuzzu was
thinking. "Now he's back to being himself, he's gonna punish me." She knew
she wouldn't survive his punishment. She had given up a lot to have him for
one night. If she got killed, she would not return. She was still not fully
human but was not immortal either. Certain demons and half demons lived
forever unless they were slain. They were the Near-Eternals. She was now one
of those.

Memnoch looked at her and she felt afraid. He was such an incredibly powerful
being and she had dared to toy with him. "Here it comes," she said. "He's
going to smite me." She closed her eyes.

When she woke up, she found herself bound hand and foot by thick chains. She
was bent over a stone bench. She found out she could hardly move. The chains
were too strong. As a Nephilim she had super strength. As a Near-Eternal she
could not even shapeshift. Too many limits. She resigned herself to dying at
his hands. "At least I got to have him," she thought. "For one last time."

From behind her came a voice. "Now, bitch, I get to have you."

She twisted her head around to see Memnoch. He wore his better face. The
form he had as an angel of the lord. The Peyton Westlake look. Only he was
clad in a leather outfit. He had no pants on and was rock hard. In spite
of her position, it gave Pazuzzu a thrill to see him.

"I'm gonna take you," he said. "Only I want you to see it coming."

He snapped his fingers and she was laying on her back, still bound but with
legs spread. His rough hands spread her asscheeks and she realized what he
meant to do. Something wasn't right. He was too big. In Adam Kraith's body
he had a 7 inch rod. Now he was more than 20 inches long and quite thick. He
was aiming the head of that monstrosity at the entrance of her tight asshole.

"No, Memncoh, she begged. I'll do anything, anything else, please!"

The demon lord watched her beg. He appeared to be considering this. He
slammed his cock up her ass with one thrust. The shrill scream that filled
the throne room was music to his ears. He began to pump up her ass. She was
screaming and had tears in her eyes. Pazuzzu was laughing inside. He thought
he had her but she had him. He wouldn't be able to control himself around
her. She had her man back, so to speak.

On Earth....

Adam Kraith and Maria Mendes woke up to find themselves in each other's
arms, in the grass. In a park. After the initial shock, guess what they did?

The End


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