Notes: This short story is based on the transcript (which I have modified
slightly) of the Alec & Asha scene in Dark Angel Episode #212: Borrowed Time.
Thanks to for the transcript.

Dark Angel: X5s Do It Anytime, Ma'am (MF,ncon)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Alec and Asha sat on the bar stools at Crash downing beer after beer.

"Logan and Max" Asha toasted, downing a shot of whisky in one gulp.

"Max and Logan" Alec replied.

"Every happiness."


Alec and Asha clinked glasses and drank their drinks.

"Wonder what they're doing right now" Asha said rather ingenuously.

Alec gave her a look.

"You know what I mean. Logan's so romantic - I bet he made her dinner.
Wine...candles...I bet it's perfect."

"Yeah, that sounds like them. I mean, why consummate two years of unbridled
passion when we can have pasta?"

Asha scowled, her little nose screwing itself up making her look even
prettier, "You're a pig. You don't know anything about love."

"Well, I know more than you think. Besides, you're a liar."

"How so?"

"Because you don't wish them all the happiness in the world; you want Logan
for yourself. I mean, come on. You had it all dialed in when Max was back at
Manticore, presumed dead. You and Logan, doing your hero thing, spending
hours together in his fancy little apartment, all tuned up about the ways of
the world. It was a good time for you, right?"

"Yeah, he was thinking about Max every second of every day. He never believed
she was dead. And when she came back, he was the happiest I'd ever seen him.

"Yeah, until the virus thing."

"Even with the virus, they never gave up on each other. And no matter how I
feel about it, I have to respect that. Because that, my friend, is true

"Yeah, right. Have they ever even once said "I love you"? No. No. Max...Max
would choke on the words., he'd say it, in an e-mail." Alec
imitated Max mockingly, 'He's not my boyfriend. We were never even like that.
It was never the right time.' No, Logan is a repressed WASP and Max is a...a
broken toy. The two of them will never work out together."

"And you are cynical."

"No. I'm someone who believes in going after what he wants, and damn the
consequences. When you've been dead a hundred years, little girl, you have
only just begun to be dead. We're living on borrowed time. And if you don't
put your heart out there on the line, then you're never really living at
all. If I loved someone, I'd tell 'em. And if I wanted someone, then I would
let her know, straight up. Asha, I want you. Come home with me."

He looked at her straight in her face as he made his proposal. She stared at
him for a while wondering whether to slap him silly or take up his offer.

* * *

"Here we are. Well, make yourself at home. I'll, uh, get us a drink."

"Thanks, Alec. My feet are killing me."

Asha sat on the couch, yawning loudly. She began to take off her boots.

Behind her, Alec took out a bottle from a cupboard and poured a couple of

"I got this bad boy from an old guy down on the waterfront who, uh,
specializes in pre-Pulse small batch, of all things. Turn on some music if
you want. I got that tricked-out stereo out of a dumpster, if you can believe

Asha didn't reply and he turned to look at her on the couch.

"Asha? Asha?"

Tired and half drunk, Asha had fallen asleep on the couch with one boot
still on. Alec sighed and walked up to her pulling off the remaining boot
and covering her gently with a blanket. Looking down at the sexy blonde's
body wistfully, he turned and went into the kitchen to cook himself a meal.

* * *

He was out of the kitchen barely ten seconds later.

"Fuck this. I have a sexy girl on my couch in my apartment and all she's
doing is sleeping? No way. The bitch is gonna get what she came for."

Alec pulled off the blanket he had just covered Asha with and tossed it
across the room. He began stripping the sleeping S1W operative by taking off
her socks. She was sleeping with her face down on the couch so he turned her
over on her back, his genetically enhanced strength barely feeling her light

Her top came off easily and he paused for a moment to admire the
semi-transparent lace bra she was wearing.

He tugged at her tight, black pants and they were soon added to the growing
pile of discarded clothes.

Alec grinned as he saw that she was wearing matching underwear, seethru lace
panties. "So that's what the rebel underground is wearing nowadays. No wonder
Logan kept her by his side for three months when Max wasn't around."

Asha mumbled something and shivered slightly in the cold, unheated apartment.
Alec had his hands beneath her back and was about to unclasp her bra. He
stopped, wondering if she was about to wake up, but Asha just mumbled
something unintelligible, but her eyes remained closed. "Probably dreaming
about Logan" Alec thought.

The clasp undone, he pulled her bra off and looked at her pert little tits
with a wide grin on his face.

"Not bad, not bad at all. Not in the same league as Max, but it's not as if
I'm gonna have a go at those anytime soon, so these will have to do."

Asha had light pink aureolas on her white as snow breasts, topped by cherry
red, succulent nipples that looked thick and juicy. Alec couldn't resist
longer than five seconds looking at them. He dropped to his knees and pulled
gently at each nipple with his thumb and forefinger until he felt them
stiffen. Asha moaned softly and bit her lower lip but she remained fast

Alec lowered his face until his lips were only a hair's breadth away from
one of Asha's nipples. His tongue flicked out and licked tentatively at the
rubbery little bit of flesh which seemed to grow a little bit more under his
touch. He then closed his lips around the nipple and sucked it gently into
his mouth, occasionally nipping at it with his teeth.

Asha moaned louder this time and her head tossed from side to side, her short
blonde hair forming a golden arc on the couch's armrest. "Oh Logan ..." she
said as reality and her dreams mixed together in one hot fantasy.

A dark look came across Alec's face. Logan, Logan, Logan. That's all that
women seemed to talk about these days. You couldn't even get away from the
guy while watching tv, because there was a pretty good chance you'd get to
see an Eyes Only bulletin interrupt programming, and Alec was privy to the
secret that Logan and Eyes Only were one and the same person.

His mouth let go of Asha's juicy nipple and he put a hand down the front of
her panties.

Wet! Very wet! She mouthed Logan's name again as Alec slid a finger between
her hairless labia.

"Fuck!" he said angrily. Standing up he took off his leather jacket and
pants, his t-shirt and his boxer underpants. Completely naked, his muscular
body seemed to glisten in the apartment's dim lighting and his cock stood
stiff as a flagpole. A funny thought passed through his mind ... imagine if
Normal sees me like this, he'd cream himself before he can say bip bip bip!

Normal was Jam Pony's owner, the bike messenger service were both Alec and
Max worked. That Normal admired Alec was an understatement. He had admitted
to dreaming of oiling his muscles after Alec fought Gladiator style
battles ... the guy was freaky!

Alec shuddered trying to remove the nasty mental image of Normal oiling him
up. Looking down at Asha's almost naked body took away all those thoughts.
Bending over he pulled off her panties slowly so as not to wake her.

"Nice!" he muttered as he saw that she was freshly shaven except for a tiny
tuft of blonde hair at the apex of her slit. He ran a finger through that
silken tuft then lower into her wetness, pulling aside her labia with two
fingers. Her bright pink inner skin seemed to glow as light reflected off it.
A drop of her pussy juices gathered at the lower rim of her open pussy, then
rolled down between her ass cheeks.

Alec drooled at the sight and buried his face in her hot snatch, licking up
that sweet goodness with an urgency that came from having lusted after the
petite blonde from the first time he'd set his eyes upon her in Logan's

His tongue ran up and down her slit licking every square inch of wet flesh,
then forming his tongue into a stiff rod, he rammed it down into her open

Asha's eyes fluttered open but then closed again. She was still out cold,
though now she was dreaming of a multitude of Logan Cale's all going down on
her and banging her every which way.

Alec continued to tongue Asha's pussy for several more long minutes before
he decided he'd better stick something else into it or otherwise it would be
too late.

He got up onto the couch in one quick movement and knelt between Asha's
thin legs, spreading them wide. Positioning his iron hard dick head at her
opening, he pushed his hips forward and penetrated her stretched love canal

"Oh yeah" Alec groaned, echoed by a dreamy Asha.

Tight, she was so wet and tight, he thought as he began to pound his cock
into her hard and fast.

Alec didn't care if Asha woke up now. All the X5 could think about now was
reaming her cunt and he was doing this with such intensity that at times his
genetically enhanced muscles kicked in and his hips and cock became a blur
as they dug deep into Asha's box.

Alec stiffened, then buried his cock to the balls for a final time before
pulling it out and cumming heavily over the blonde's tight stomach, several
strands of thick, white semen dripping down from just below her pert breasts
to her groin, from where they had arced out of his cock.

"Yeah, man, that was fuckin' great" Alec said satisfied, "Renfro would have
been proud of me."

Renfro was the late director of Manticore and she had personally chosen
X5-494, now known as Alec, as one of the most prolific breeders in her
program. Whatever ... he had finally fucked Asha - even though she hadn't
been very active at her end - but what the heck, he'd done it like a good
soldier, wham, bam, thank you ma'am. He grinned, imagining the look on
Max's face if she ever found out what he'd done.

Covering Asha's dripping wet body with the previously discarded blanket, he
left the woman, still fast asleep, and went to take a shower.

* * *

Max ran into Alec's apartment.

"Alec? Alec?"

She saw the sleeping form on the couch.

"Hey, wake up."

Asha uncovered her face sleepily.

"Oh, hey, Max."

Max's eyes opened wide.


What was Asha doing in Alec's apartment. Her eyes opened wider when Asha sat
up and the blanket fell from her chest revealing her nude breasts and still
stiff nipples. She shrugged. Whatever Alec and Asha were doing together was
none of her business.

Alec emerged from the bathroom, wet and wearing only a towel. After that hot
sex with Asha he'd really needed that cold shower.


"I need your help. Can you get dressed?"


"Please hurry."

She looked down at her pager. It read 8.43.31"


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