Dark Angel: The Breaking Of Dark Angel Part 1 (tort,bond,pee)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

Almost immediately she entered the warehouse, Max knew it was a trap. She had
gone there at the request of Logan, but even as he had spoken she had sensed
something was wrong. Even in his guise as Eyes Only, Max could usually read
Logan like a book but today he had seemed strange, indifferent, cold. And in
an instant, Max knew why.

Spinning on her heel, Max bolted for the door but was suddenly bathed in a
bright, white, blinding light which emanated from a massive floodlight in
front of her. She turned away, trying to find an alternate exit, but wherever
she looked another brilliant light was shone directly at her face, blinding
her. Max shut her eyes tightly and stumbled forward, relying on her hearing
for guidance. But then a shrill, ear piercing noise filled the warehouse,
pounding into Max's ultra sensitive eardrums.

The raven haired girl clutched at her ears in a futile effort to block the
agonising Sonics which tearing her head apart. She stumbled forward, unable
to see, unable to hear, unable to think. Then the noise began to grow in
intensity and Max sunk to her knees, hands pressed tightly against her head,
trying to stop the pain, paralysed by the unbearable sound. The room started
to spin now as the ultra sonic torture continued to increase in volume and
pitch and Max fell to the floor, writhing in agony as the ear splitting sound
pounded at her relentlessly. Eventually she could take no more and lapsed
into unconsciousness.

Max was awoken abruptly by ice cold water being thrown over naked body. The
water stung like small needles in her flesh, her ears were still ringing
from the sonic attack and her head was thumping with a dreadful headache.
Immediately Max realised with horror that she was lying on what appeared to
be a midwife's delivery table, with her legs held open in stirrups, her
ankles strapped down by large leather belts. Her hands were strapped in a
similar fashion above her head. A variety of thin wires trailed from her
temples, armpits, nipples and down below.

Painfully, Max laboured to lift her head from the leather table and her heart
sunk as she focused on her captor, Ames White. Max now realised with horror
that she was back at Manticor.

"Glad you could join us, 452," White said calmly.

"Is this how you get your kicks, you sick perv? By tying me up?" Max asked.

"No, I get my kicks by watching you beg for mercy, 452," White laughed.

"Fuck off creep. Perhaps you've forgotten but I did Torture Resistance
Techniques 101 at Manticore," Max said defiantly. This much was indeed true
as part of the basic soldier training for all X5 Transgenics included the
study of, an exposure to, brainwashing and torture techniques. Max's memory
shot back to her past, and how, when she was just barely 12 years old, she
had been subjected to a week of relentless physical and psychological
torture. Her young body had been exposed to extreme temperatures, first
bitter cold, then searing heat. She had been strung up and whipped. And in
the ultimate humiliation (humiliation being a technique used by tortures to
lower resistance) she had been forced to undress herself and masturbate in
front of her tutor. But by far the worst lesson had been at the end of the
week when, without anaesthetic, they had sewn up her urethra and then forced
her to drink gallons of ice cold water. It was the worst pain Max had ever
experienced as he bladder filled to bursting point but she was unable to
release the pressure due to the temporary surgery. This continued for hours,
with Max literally shaking from pain until eventually it became too much and
she urinated so forcefully it had ripped the stitches. The burning, stinging
sensation was indescribable and even now, years on, Max still experienced
pain when she went to the toilet. But she had not been broken by the torture
lessons and she would not be broken now.

"Oh my dear 452, how naive you are. I know you think you are prepared, know
that you think you can handle it. And yes I know you did the training... I've
even seen the tapes of your gorgeous little nubile body as you went through
the sessions... Had a lot of bush for a 12 year old didn't you? Although I
see you shave now," White said, admiring the thin strip of dark pubic hair on
Max's waxed crotch.

"But you see nothing could have prepared you for what I have planned. You
see I have recruited a bit of a master of torturers - a superstar in the
profession really. Let me introduce you to Dr. Rodwell."

Maxís eyes refocused on the short, skinny man in white lab coat at the end of
the bed. He wore absurdly large glasses that magnified his already bulbous
eyes making him look like a cartoon character. But Max knew of Rodwell - she
had read some of Eyes Only's files on the atrocities he had carried out in
various mercenary roles, including one horrific account of how he allegedly
forced a confession from an Indian man accused of terrorism by making him
watch as he forced an open chilli pepper into the anus of his 14 year old
daughter causing her intense pain from internal burning.

Max began to mentally prepared herself for the ordeal that she knew was
ahead. As she tried to concentrate on her breathing, White moved closely to
her face, his foul breath filing her nostrils.

"You don't have to go though this, 452. Just tell me where the other
Transgenics are and I'll spare you," White said softly.

"White you morbid mother fucker, when I get free from here I am going to
shove your teeth so far down your throat you're gonna have to squirt
toothpaste up your ass to clean 'em," Max said defiantly.

"No 452... soon you will be begging to let you tell me where the other freaks
are. Dr. Rodwell, she is all yours." And with that White walked over to a
chair and sat down.

"Hello 452... Or do you prefer Max?" spoke Rodwell, with a clipped British

"Yo' momma!" spat Max, still trying not to look frightened.

"Max let me tell you what I can do to you. I have put electrodes on the most
sensitive parts of your body, your head, your chest, your genitals. With this
remote control I can direct any level of pain I desire to any part of your
body or if I wish to every part simultaneously. Have you ever felt the pain
of electrocution Max?"

"I had a toaster that went on the frits once," Max joked.

Ignoring her attempt at humour, Rodwell continued. "It's exquisite to watch.
The way the body jerks around, itís like you are having the ultimate orgasm."

"You must get this device of yours in the shops for Christmas, it would make
a great stocki..." Maxís jibe was cut dead as suddenly Rodwell activated the
remote and directed a burst of electricity into her temples.

"Aaaaaaaaagggg!" Max screamed as her brain was fried. This pain was
unbearable and for the first time Max doubted whether she would be able to
sustain the torture.

"Hurts doesnít it?" Rodwell said as he stopped the power. Max gasped with
relief but it was short-lived as the doctor stabbed at another button, this
time unleashing a burst of energy to the electrodes attached to the sensitive
skin of Maxís armpits.

"Uuuuuugggghhhhnnummph!" Maxís body jolted abruptly and she could feel the
muscles in her arms contracting and flexing involuntarily. It had been a few
days since Max had shaved under her arms and now she could actually smell the
tiny crop of dark armpit hair burning.

As that pain stopped so Rodwell directed another, more prolonged attack,
towards Max's small, dark brown nipples.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" wailed Max as the pain began to cripple
her chest. She had always had extremely sensitive nipples and so this torment
was agony. It was as if her breasts were being stuck with red hot needles.

After what seemed an eternity the pain stopped.

"Now you have felt what I can do to your body Max, imagine what it would
be like if I directed my current to your most sensitive parts? Like for
example... Your anus."

At that Rodwell fingered the control and suddenly Max felt the electrode in
her ass come alive sending shock after shock into her body.

"!!!" Max cried
as her body arched off the bed, her limbs straining against the leather
restraints. As the electrode pulsed within her, Max's sphincter opened and
closed as she tried to bear down, tried to force the inhuman device from her.
But ironically all this seemed to do was force the small silver bit of metal
deeper into her rectum, causing Max even greater suffering.

"Now lets add something else," Rodwell said gleefully. Stabbing another
button with his index finger, the doctor directed a new flood of electricity
to Max's vagina.

my...god...stop!" Max cried out in agony. Her back was now arched so far up
from the pain she thought her spine might snap. Her body was drenched in
sweat and her perspiration-soaked face was contorted in agony.

"Tell me where the freaks are," Rodwell shouted over Max's cries.

"!" Max managed to sputter. But her defiance was
rewarded with yet further pain, this time directed to a wire that was
inserted up inside her urethra.

"NNNNNNNnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Max cried
as this new burst of energy tore her apart, the wire inside her urethra
burning and searing her delicate flesh. Such was the extent of her ordeal,
Max lost control of her bladder and involuntarily sprayed a golden shower of
urine through her partially obstructed pee hole. This sight actually aroused
Rodwell and for several minutes he played with Max, flicking the switch on
and off, pushing her tolerance to the limits.

"Ppp...pplease...stop...stop...pplease... I can't... take... any more," Max
stammered through her tears.

"Then tell me where the fucking mutants are," Rodwell screamed back at her,
now directing pain at her clitoris.

This was too much to bear and Max went out of control, straining at her bonds
so hard that the leather lacerated her flesh, her body thumping up and down
in a series of convulsions.

the...pain... ppplease...stop... can't...stand...the pain...aaaggagagagggh!"
Max cried.

"TELL ME!!!" Rodwell commanded and this time he activated all of the probes
inside and out of Max's naked body. Pain engulfed her, ripping her very soul
apart, burning and tearing at her insides.

Agagaggagagagagagaggggggghhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!" Max yeld as she
felt her nerve endings on fire. The pain was excruciating and she was near
breaking point. Her heart was racing erratically and she actually hoped for
death as it would be her only escape from this inhuman torture.

"Can'Ē Max cried.

Suddenly the pain stopped and Max's body slumped down on the table again.

"Have... Mercy..." Max gasped, panting for breath.

"Will you tell me what I want?" Rodwell asked softly.

Max knew that she would have to suffer again. She could not betray her

"You'," Max gasped and then blacked out.

"You idiot Rodwell, I thought you got results!" White screamed, leaping from
his chair.

"She's good...well trained. Iíve never seen anyone resist that much pain
before," Rodwell said with admiration for his torture victim.

"So you can't do it, is that what you are saying?" White asked, enraged.

"Not at all... I just think I will have to use another method."

"And what method is that, you idiot?"

"Well these X5's are very interesting specimens... They have feline DNA, did
you know that?"

"Of course, but what the FUCK has that got to do with anything?"

"Well, I have a way of making her feline side come into heat in a more
desperate and urgent way than she has ever experienced before. If Max won't
break through pain...I will drive her insane through sexual frustration."

To Be Continued...


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