Notes: Based on Episode 2.19, "She ain't Heavy" - some scenes are actual
transcripts from the episode with some minor additions or in some cases major
reworks, cuts and edits while other scenes I have created from scratch ... I
hope you enjoy ... ErosTrek.

Dark Angel: She Ain't Heavy - Director's Cut
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

San Francisco

Special Agent Otto Gottlieb was Ames White's right hand man, but he was
feeling anything but that right now. White kept him in the dark about
everything, even the reason behind this surveillance mission. Just a couple
of days ago White had handed him a piece of paper with an address on it. In
San Francisco.

"Take a team and cover that place. Let me know if you see anything
important" White had ordered Otto. Right! As if it was easy getting from
Seattle to San Francisco in these post-Pulse days. Otto had lost count
of how many times he'd had to flash his NSA badge to get past sector
checkpoints, into the airport, onto a cargo plane .... for heaven's sake
White should have chartered a plane or called NSA HQ and had them send a
Learjet or something ...

"Hey boss, you gotta see this."

Otto's angry thoughts were interrupted by one of his subordinates who was
looking through a pair of gyro stabilized high powered binoculars. They were
in a small sub-urban apartment they'd found deserted and they'd set up in it
because it was just across the road from the address White had given them.

Otto looked through the binos and he grinned. "Bingo!" Then a puzzled frown
creased his brow, "But what is she doing down here? How did she leave Seattle
without anyone noticing?"

He probably should contact White rightaway and let him know that 452 was
here ... but no .. better carry out a proper surveillance first. Make sure
about the target. Check out the area. Standard procedure. Then he'd call

"Mark, take a few shots" he ordered and his subordinate began snapping away
on the camera with the large telephoto lens set up on a tripod next to the

Otto went and sat on the bed and yawned. Staking out a place was boring. He
was about to reach out for the thermos and pour himself a cup of coffee when
he suddenly heard a strangled gasp from Mark.

"What's up?" he asked him.

"S-Sir, I think you'd better take a look ..."

Otto picked the binos up again and put them to his eyes. The scene was the
same as before. The bedroom in the house opposite theirs. The curtains
still were not drawn across the large picture windows. But something was
different - 452 had removed her top and jeans and was walking about in just
her panties and bra. Otto grinned, then his cheeks colored. He and the
other NSA agent were acting like two peeping tom schoolboys, spying on the
neighbour's daughter.

"Sir, shall I continue taking pictures?"

Otto thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. "Sure, why not. We have
to document every move the transgenic makes."

The two NSA agents continued to watch the semi-naked woman go about her
business. She seemed to be packing suitcases with clothes she pulled out of
drawers at random. Her large breasts bounced up and down with each step she
took, her bra barely able to contain them, and it seemed vaguely hypnotic
to Otto as he followed her every move closely on the bino's highest
magnification setting.

"Sir, a car's pulling up in front of the house." Though Mark too had been
mesmerized by the sexy woman, he'd also kept watch on other areas of the
target's house, since he was fresh out of the surveillance training course
and it had become second nature to him.

"Got it" Otto said not taking his eyes off 452 who had just now decided to
bend over the bed facing away from the window, giving Otto a 10x magnified
direct view of her delicious g-string clad ass.

A man got out of the car and let himself into the house, then moments later
the door to the bedroom opened and as the two agents watched 452 ran to him
and hugged him. Then the woman let go of him and stepped back as the man
said something. She said something back ... and Otto wished they'd had the
time to wire the place or that he'd requisitioned a parabolic mic with which
to hear the conversation that was going on right now. Whatever was being
said, it was turning into quite a heated argument with the man gesticulating
wildly and pointing at the suitcases. She was gesturing too and she picked
up one of the suitcases and tossed it against the far wall.

"Man, she's one angry bitch" Mark grinned "I wouldn't want to be that guy
when she beats the shit out of him." Mark spoke from personal experience
having been on a team that had cornered 452 a few months ago in Seattle.
He'd been one of the lucky ones, with just a fractured wrist and a sprained

"Yeah, I bet she's preparing to skip town and that guy doesn't want her to"
Otto had a pensive look on his face, "I wonder if she knows we're onto her
'Frisco hideout ....?"

Mark didn't reply except for a muffled grunt as both agents' eyes opened
wide and stared into their respective eyepieces as the scene they had been
watching changed from a certain fight to something else completely.

The scantily clad woman had run again towards the guy but instead of punching
him as Otto and Mark had expected, she'd hugged him tightly again, her large
bosoms flattening themselves against his chest. He'd returned her hug and
lowered his head to kiss her on the neck, his hands moving lower and lower
down her back until they were firmly on her firm buttocks.

"Ooooh boy!" Mark wolf whistled "damn lucky bastard, look at him grabbing
that awesome ass of hers."

Despite himself, Otto grinned. He shouldn't let his subordinate's discipline
break down like that but this time he'd let it pass. After all, unlike White,
he wasn't made of ice and the show that 452 and the guy were putting on was
enough to give him the beginnings of a boner.

"Oh my god, he just went for her honey pot!" Mark exclaimed keeping up his
lewd commentary as the guy across the street reached down between 452's butt
cheeks and slid a hand between her legs to pull aside her g-string and his
fingers disappeared out of sight. "Whoa! Look at that! He's finger fucking
her like crazy!"

Indeed he was, Otto could see even more clearly through the binos. He could
see the look of ecstasy on 452's pretty face, her eyes half closed, her full
lips slightly parted as the man inserted his digits into her cunt as they
stood together in the bedroom. She seemed to be standing on tiptoes, her feet
spread apart as she allowed him to penetrate her in that way for a full five
minutes. Then she tossed her head about violently, her black mane of long
straight hair flying all over the place, as the guy finally pulled his hand
away from between her legs and stood smiling at her as she continued to cling
to his neck.

"Did you see that sir? I bet she just came, a fucking orgasm from five
minutes of fingering. Boy does he know how to turn that bitch on."

Otto looked at Mark and raised an eyebrow when he saw that his subordinate
had a hand down the front of his pants but didn't say anything. He had such
a hardon now that he'd soon be following Mark's lead.

In the house across the street, both occupants having no idea that they were
being spied on by the NSA, the woman grabbed the guy from his arm and levered
his body around and tossed him onto the bed like an empty sack. In a split
second she was upon him and before Otto or Mark could say anything his pants
were down around his ankles and his stiff prick was in her mouth. Her hair
cascaded on his thighs and he brushed it away so that he could watch as she
sucked him off and deep throated him. It was almost as if he'd heard Mark's
whispered pleas!

She didn't do it for long, just enough to get it all wet it seemed, because
just moments later she stood up before him and pulled down her g-string and
stepping out of the tiny panties. She unclasped her bra and tossed it aside
where it caught on a lampshade and now totally nude she jumped on him like
a wildcat and sat over his rod.

"Yeeeaaahh, go baby, go!" Mark shouted as he watched 452 from across the
street as she spread her labia and impaled herself on the meaty pole.

Otto rolled his eyes. He'd have to note in his after action report that Mark
let himself get carried away easily and didn't keep operational security ...
but then again it wasn't often that you saw your surveilance targets fuck ..
and fuck in such a hot manner!

452 was going up and down on that cock like it was the only thing that
mattered. Her mouth was wide open and Otto was surprised that he couldn't
hear her cries from across the street. She didn't seem to tire and kept
the same rapid pace for a full ten minutes, while the guy just lay there
pawing at her splendid, full tits.

Otto was looking through the binos when the woman suddenly stopped and jumped
off the guy, moments before cum fountained out of his cock ... and splashed
down on her face, since she'd just dropped to her knees next to the foot of
the bed in the exact position where she'd calculated the stream of cum would

"Oh god, she's such a hot slut, I hope White lets us troopers have a few
hours with her when she's captured. What do you think boss, will he?"

"Belay that talk, Mark" Otto snapped, trying to regain control of the
situation but his cheeks burnt a bright red and he'd need a few minutes in
the bathroom to ... ehm .. recompose himself, before he'd get on the phone
and tell Ames White that 452 had been located.

* * *

The next day, the woman that Otto and Mark had watched while she had such
wild sex came back from shopping and entered the apartment with a bag of

"I'm home."

A young boy rushed up to her, "I got an A on my spelling test."

"That's great! Did you show Dad?"

"Hey, honey." The man was her husband.


He kissed her, taking the bag of groceries and rubbed the boy's hair.

"Get cleaned up, kiddo. It's chow time."

The boy ran upstairs.

* * *

The abandoned apartment on the other side of the street was even more crowded
than yesterday. Following Otto's report, White had brought a team down from
Seattle in full combat gear. Here was his chance to capture 452 and she
wasn't on her home turf, no Eyes Only operatives to help her here. He smiled,
something which he rarely did.

"Operation is go in three minutes" he spoke into his frequency-hopping
two-way radio, "remember I want her alive."

* * *

The woman was sitting on a couch, reading a book. The man sat next to her.

"Munchkin down?"


"So I got Friday we can get out of traffic, and maybe try and do
some night-skiing" she said.

"Or maybe some hot-tubbing under the stars?" he winked at her. She was
insatiable and he knew it. They'd probably end up screwing each other on
this couch right now, hoping their kid remained in his room.

"Sounds even better" and she leaned towards him and kissed him. Their lips
had barely joined when ...

The front door burst open and three men in combat suits, kevlar jackets and
guns rushed in. The wide window behind the couch shattered as it was hit by
a metal rod and another three men jumped in, guns at the ready.

The woman jumped up, grabbing one of the agents from his kevlar jacket and
threw him across the room displaying her immense strength. She turned to
another one but from across the room a taser fired, the two thin wires
punching through her clothing, 50,000 volts running down them into her.

"Hey .." her husband cried, but one of the combat suited men punched him,
knocking him down.

Ames White stepped into the apartment, avoiding the debris of the demolished

"Mom!" the boy had run down from his bedroom and was now struggling in one
of the agent's arms.

"Get him and the kid out of here" White ordered.

"No!" The woman screamed as she tried to get up, only to have more jolts of
electricity sent down the wires into her.

"Mom!" the boy cried again.

"You're a long way from your usual haunts" White told her.

"What are you talking about?"

One of White's men put a pair of handcuffs onto the woman and dragged her up
onto her knees before White.

"You really think you could hide from me, 452?"

"Oh, God" she moaned, realization dawning upon her.

"What, no witty rejoinders today?" White teased.

"My designation is 453."

White was taken by surprise, "What?"


White walked around behind the woman and grabbed her hair, roughly pulling
it aside to reveal the barcode on her neck. He examined it closely.

"I can't believe this" he finally spat.

Otto had followed White into the apartment and was waiting for his boss to
compliment him on successfully finding and capturing the transgenic. But
something wasn't right here. "What's wrong?"

"It's not her."

"It isn't?" Otto was puzzled, how could it not be her. She was identical to
the pictures White had shown him.

"It's a clone" White said slowly as if Otto was some particularly dumb

"A clone?" Otto repeated.

"Get her out of here" White said and two combat suited men lifted her up
between them and bundled her out into a waiting van.

Ames White put his arm around Otto's neck in a friendly manner but his voice
was the sound of breaking glass, "Otto, can you tell me what the fuck were
you doing yesterday when such a simple matter as the identity of your target
seems to have been TOTALLY IGNORED!!" he raged.

* * *

NSA HQ, Seattle

Back in Seattle, Otto Gottlieb was trying to make up for his error by being
an even greater brown noser than usual.

"453's DNA assay just came back, sir!" he said handing the handheld
viewscreen to White after having carried it directly up from the lab himself.

They were in a small room at headquarters, with 453 handcuffed to a chair in
the middle of the room, looking slightly disheveled from her ordeal.

He showed her the viewscreen. "So, you're the cheap knockoff. See, 452
doesn't have any junk DNA. Every base pair sequence she's got is coded with
genetic information. I'd like to know why."

"You should ask her" she retorted.

"Fair enough. Where is she?"

"How should I know?"

"You mean to tell me you that you haven't been in contact with her?"

"Why would I?"

"Because she broke you out, along with all the other mutants."

"I was already out. I was on a deep-cover mission for two years. Industrial

"So that poor sap that you're married to--he was just part of your cover."

"At first. But when I found out Manticore went down, I..."

" fell in love with him and wanted to adopt his little boy." White
sarcastically faked tears, "I'm sorry, I'm tearing up here a little bit. How
sweet. But from what Otto here informed me I think you switched from a
deep-cover mission right into a deep-penetration one."

Otto had been listening all along and he blushed when 453's head snapped
sideways to look at him.

"Where are they? They don't know anything" she finally said, looking back at

"You never told him you were built in a lab?"


"They're fine. And you will see them again, after you help me find 452."

"I already told you, I don't know where she is" she paused "and anyway, I
won't betray a sister."

"If that's how you want to play it, go ahead" White smiled a dangerous smile
"but that means that I'll have to re-educate you 453 and I don't think you'll
enjoy it one bit."

"Fuck you, asshole!" and she spat at him.

White laughed contemptuously, easily avoiding the gob of spit by
side-stepping quickly. He turned around, making a signal at the one way
mirror that took up the entire far wall of the interrogation room. The
door opened and Otto followed him out.

"What shall we do with her, sir?"

White thought for a moment, then said, "have Alan and Gunther take her down
to the gym. I'll be there in a minute."

"But Alpha and Delta squads are working out at this time. Shall I have them
leave and secure the area?"

White laughed again this time at his subordinate. "You can be such an idiot
at times. No, I want them to stay, just take 453 down to the gym and wait for

* * *

Ames White strode into the gym and past the group of men who stood at
attention as he passed. They'd gathered around the center of the large room
and were all looking at his prisoner with interest. Most of them recognized
her, since they'd been on the receiving end of her fists and legs several
times - at least they thought it was 452. But this was the first time that
she couldn't get at them and they waited in eager anticipation to see what
was going to happen.

"Gentlemen, this is 453" White announced "she is the clone of 452 and as
such she will be helping us locate and capture her."

The men looked puzzled. They had thought 452 had been caught but that
identical woman on the chair wasn't her, the boss was saying.

"She isn't very willing, so we need to re-educate her. You can do that,
gentlemen?" he asked slyly.

Big grins suddenly appeared on the multitude of faces of the squad members.
Of course they knew how to "re-educate" a prisoner. "Hoo-ah!" they roared
their approval and moved a step closer to the chair.

White quickly removed himself from the crowd and dragged Otto with him.

"Sir?" Otto didn't like this one bit.


"Should we leave her alone with these guys? They've been attached to our
unit for six months and you haven't given them any R&R. Most of them have
been confined to barracks for most of that time ... they must be as horny
as hell. I don't think letting them alone with 453 is a good idea?"

"Don't worry about it Otto. I've taken all that into consideration. Now let's
get back up to my office, relax, have some coffee."

Otto shrugged and followed White, but he did look back one last time over his
shoulder to see 453 jump out of her chair and swing her handcuffed arms at
one of the men surrounding her.

* * *

As the door shut behind Otto, the guy she managed to hit fell with a thud to
the padded floor of the gym. She was about to kick the guy facing her when
someone grabbed her from behind almost making her lose her balance. 453
caught the hand and levered it over her shoulder in a classic move. She threw
the NSA guy into a couple of his colleagues and they all fell down.

"Is that all you got boys?" she wisecracked though she knew she was
surrounded and outnumbered.

Two men ran at her from the front and she sidestepped them easily, punching
one in the ribs as he went by. Another tried to grab her around the waist but
she elbowed him in the face and he went down clutching his bleeding nose.

But there were too many of them. No matter how many she hit, two more came
at her to replace the one she felled. So, finally, her luck gave out as she
tripped on one of the men lying on the ground. 453 was about to spring up
when a particularly heavy guy threw himself across her abdomen, knocking the
air out of her.

"Oooooof" she gasped as she tried to lever him off her but was unable to.

There were cries of "She's down! Get her! Yeeehaaaa!" and more of the NSA
assault team members were on her, pinning her legs and arms. It wasn't long
before she felt them tugging at her jeans and her t-shirt was completely
ripped off her. The heavyweight across her abdomen got up on his knees and
she finally could breath properly again. He grinned down at her and put his
hands on each of her full breasts and squeezed as his comrades wolf whistled
their approval. Then he inserted his fingers beneath the strap of her bra
and tugged. The clasp broke and the bra tore free, baring her tits.

"Fuck look at those."

"They're as big as melons."

"Holy shit .. never seen such nice tits as those."

"Danny get the fuck out of the way, I can't see."

As the men gawped at her breasts, 453 continued to struggle to free herself
but while she'd been trapped someone had found some elastic cord in the
gym, like that used by bungie jumpers, and had fashioned a crude but highly
effective tie down system, looping the cord around each of her ankles and
tieing each end to the heavy gym machines. Another piece of cord went around
her wrists and she lay there spreadeagled at the center of the group of men
unable to resist anymore.

"Make way, I'm first" whooped one of them as he ran towards 453 while
dropping his tracksuit trousers. He knelt down between her legs and ripped
off her panties as his comrades cheered him on.

"No! Please no!" she cried as it suddenly dawned on her that she was about
to be gangraped "Please don't do this to me... ugggh" she grunted as the guy
stuck two fingers into her snatch all the way up to his knuckles. She had
been about to call for Ames White but the guy lowered his face onto her
crotch and and began to lick her slit. All coherent thought disappeared when
he found her clitoris and sucked it repeatedly into his mouth, teasing the
little hard bit of excited flesh with his tongue.

"Suck this bitch!" another trooper shouted as he knelt beside her head and
stuffed his big cock into her mouth. She automatically began to slide her
tongue over the huge penis as now the other NSA agents crowded in and began
to paw at her naked body, a multitude of hands sliding over her smooth skin,
cupping and squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking her sleek
thighs ...

* * *

White looked at the monitor that displayed what was happening in the gym.
Otto was pacing nervously behind him.

"Sir, they're ... they're raping her ... shouldn't we stop them?"

"No, let them have their fun. It's about time that we break one of these
damn transgenics."

* * *

"Fuck yeah, she's so fucking wet!" groaned the guy who moments before had
been tongueing 453's cunt and now had slid his aching cock deep into her
fleshy folds. He thrust deep into her and in between mouthfuls of cock, the
young woman groaned. He humped away at her until another guy put a hand on
his shoulder and pushed him aside none too gently, quickly kneeling in his
place and inserting his stiff rod into her snatch.

A long queue had formed before 453's spread legs as the NSA assault team
agents took turns to fuck her for a couple of minutes each before moving
aside, reluctantly, to let their buddies have their share of this fantastic
twenty year old babe. A couple of guys were content to let her just service
them orally and they knelt on either side of her head, stroking her long
black hair as she alternately deep throated first one then the other.

453 moaned as another in a long line of cocks, a particularly long one this
time, hit her g-spot and made her see stars. Though she'd lost count of the
number of men raping her, her initial panic had disappeared and she was
actually enjoying the constant pounding at her hole even though some of the
guys were being quite rough about it purposefully. Well, her body had endured
much worse during her training at Manticore ... well not exactly a gangrape,
not even Lydecker's goons would have been foolish enough to attempt that ..
but constant physical exertion at temperature extremes was much worse than
this! So she sucked the two guys off with a new found energy much to their
surprise, making both of them cum in her mouth in short order.

They grunted and groaned as they blew their load onto her tongue and face,
coating her pretty cheeks with creamy, white fluid. She licked her luscious
lips until she had swallowed every salty drop and called out, "Who's next?"

"Damn, you're such a slut" one of the guys who stood to one side jacking off
grunted. He'd just had his go between her legs and had been about to rejoin
the queue but now that her mouth was free he decided to get off in that
inviting warmth. "Oh yeah, baby, suck me harder" he moaned as 453's lips
closed around his glans. She could taste her own pussy juices coating his
penis and this turned her on making her buck her hips harder at the guy
taking her at that moment. In no time at all, she made both of them cum,
one in her mouth and the other didn't even have time to pull out of her and
filled her vagina with his seed.

"Awww man, do you expect me to stick my dick into that creampie?" the guy
behind him said rather squeamishly. He knelt down between her legs anyway
and positioned his dick against the young woman. 453's eyes bulged wide as
a cock penetrated her anal sphincter and travelled up her poop chute in one
smooth stroke.

"Aaaaghh, no, not my ass ..." she cried grimacing as pain conflicted with
pleasure on each thrust as he rubbed her engorged clit with his fingers.

Another guy stood over her running pumping his cock with a closed fist
until he came splashing a massive load all over 453's chest and stomach,
then proudly stood to admire his handiwork before he was pushed out of the
way by another trooper who wanted to follow his lead. Soon, all members of
the Alpha and Delta teams were coming over her in unison until she was
completely splattered from head to toe with fresh semen. Gasping for breath
as she swallowed what seemed like a gallon of thick cum and letting the rest
dribble constantly out of the corners of her mouth, she waited and waited
hoping that they'd all be done, only to have another cock hover above her
drenched body and another hot, creamy load would shoot out upon her.

The last guy to come was the guy who had been raping her anally and he
squirted his love juice up into her dark tunnel making her squirm with
displeasure at the feeling of wetness seeping back out of her tight

Unable to move, still tied hands and feet with the bungie cord, she
swivelled her neck around and saw the gym full of guys sitting or lying
down on the mats, exhausted, their bodies coated in sweat as they looked
at her and smiled. Her eyes found the camera in the corner of the room
and she looked directly into it, knowing White must be thoroughly enjoying
himself, the bastard.

"White, I'll do it. I'll find 452 for you" she shouted.

* * *

"Bring her up here, but first hose her down, Otto. I wouldn't want any of
those disgusting fluids in my office."

"Yes, sir" Otto mumbled and rushed out of the room and down to the gym.
Along with White he'd been watching the gangrape of 453 on the CCTV
monitor and unlike White, who had seemed to be made of ice throughout,
he'd alternated between a massive hardon and disgust at the way the
transgenic was being treated. Right now, though, the thought of hosing
her down was becoming particularly alluring ....

* * *

White looked across the table at 453. Her hair was wet and slicked back, tied
into a ponytail. Her dark skin was looking rosy red, the look of having just
had a particularly hot shower and she had a fresh smell of perfume about her.
White shook his head. Otto was so ... soft. He'd ordered him to hose her
down, not to give her a bath and cover her with fucking rose petals! He'd
deal with him later.

"So you're willing to cooperate now?"

"Yes, but what I told you before .. they .. they ...." she paused and took a
deep breath " ... before that unpleasant incident, I really don't know where
452 is."

"Well, you're in luck, because I have a lead for you. See, she turned up at
a local hospital a while back. Really stirred things up. The CDC was even
brought in, and her doctor told them that he didn't have any idea she was

"And you think he knows more than he's letting on."

"Now we had him under surveillance for a while, hoping she'd turn up again, that I have you, why wait?"

The woman sighed, resigned at having accepted to betray her sister. "What do
you want me to do?"

"I want you to find out everything he knows about her--which shouldn't be
too hard, considering--and then I want you to find her."

"And my family?"

"You pull this off, and the three of you are free to go."

He got up and uncuffed her. She stood up and faced him, looking him straight
in the eyes.

"I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "I could kill him right now."
But you won't."

"You seem pretty sure of yourself."

"You won't do anything to endanger your family. I know this, because I have
family too...or at least I did, before 452 took my son away. I am very
motivated, and I want to find her really badly. I am not a patient man. Don't
let me down."

She strode out, stopping only to look back over her shoulder and say in a
defiant voice, "And I prefer to be called Sam!"

White continued to watch her tight, and probably very sore, ass sashay away
until she disappeared around a corner of the corridor. I wonder why these
transgenics get so attached to a name when they've lived all their life as a
number .. a barcode? Do they think it makes them more human? White shuddered
with disgust. He hated transgenics. How had Sandeman dared set up such a
monstrosity as Manticore? He, like White, had been one of them after all,
one of the Chosen.

* * *

Metro Medical Hospital, Seattle

453 - Sam - had just parked her motorbike in the underground garage of the
Metro Medical Hospital. She looked around, then dropped the cigarette she had
been smoking to the ground and ground it out with her boot. She removed her
wedding ring and put it into a pocket, then strode towards the stair shaft.

A tall guy walked past her coming from the elevator and she barely gave him
a glance.

"Hey" the guy said.

"Hey" was her automatic response. She was quite used to strangers greeting
her after having stared at her sexy body. Her beautiful physique didn't pass

Logan Cale watched as Max seemed to totally ignore him. Well, if she wasn't
on speaking terms with him so be it. She'd come to her senses soon enough.
But two can play at this game, he thought, so he decided not to wait for her
and put his car into gear and drove out.

* * *

In his office, Dr Carr was finalizing a patient's medical report and didn't
notice 453 was standing there, watching him. He looked up and jumped.

Then he chuckled. "Max. You scared the hell out of me."


"You know, you just missed Logan."

"Logan? Mmm. That's too bad." Could it have been that guy I met in the
garage? Fuck. I hope he doesn't suspect anything now, she thought.

"So what brings you by?"

"I was wondering if, uh, I could take a look at my file."

"You're kidding, right? You asked me to get rid of it. I did."

"Right. Thanks."

"The CDC's still poking around, asking questions about you. I just keep
telling 'em I don't know anything."

"I was...wondering if you could take a look at my back. I'm having a muscle
spasm. Check it out."

"Let me have a look" Dr Carr said, maybe a bit too eagerly, but besides being
a physician, Dr Carr was a man too, and rarely were his patients as sexy as
this one.

She hopped up onto the examination table and lifted up the back of her shirt.
He checked her back.

"Maybe you can write me a prescription. I'm kinda low on cash."

"Jam Pony doesn't have much of a health plan, huh?"

"Not really."

"Well, there's nothing unusual here. Could be some nerve damage from when
you were..." he moved her shirt aside to examine her abdomen and gasped in
shock, "...shot. Max, there's no wound here. This just happened a few weeks

"I heal fast."

"Not that fast, you don't."

453 grabbed Dr Carr by the throat and held him against the wall.

"The people who sent me--they're not gonna like that you've been lying about
how well you know Max. So when you wake up, grab your family, pack your bags,
and get the hell out of town."

"What are you talking about?"

She punched him hard in the face and he went down like a sack of potatoes.

* * *

In the garage, Otto and another man sat in a parked car. They watched as
X5-453 rode by on her motorcycle.

"There she is."

"Don't lose her" Otto advised.

She turned the bike around, burning rubber, and drove towards the NSA's
unmarked car.

"What the...?"

She pulled out a pair of guns and shot out the car's headlights and
windshield, sending a flurry of rounds into the engine block. Otto and the
other man ducked. When she stoped shooting, they slowly raised their heads.
Otto had almost shat himself.

"If I'm on to you, then she'll be on to you. Got it?"

Otto nodded.

"Good boy. Tell your boss I work alone."

She shot out the car tires, then opened up the throttle and raced out of the
garage as Sector Police units began to respond to the reports of gunfire at
Metro Medical.

* * *

Jam Pony, Seattle

Most of the Jam Pony messengers were, as usual, slacking off, talking in
small groups or lounging about drinking from juice cartons, not doing much
in the way of deliveries. Normal, however, wasn't bip-bip-bipping everyone
about, he had other things on his mind.

"You were here yesterday. You saw the way she muscled me" he was telling

"Yeah, she's been working out a lot. What are you guys gettin' at?"

"That maybe we've got the wrong person and Sky isn't the transgenic."

"Oh, and Max is?" Alec said making his face look as sarcastic as possible,
but his heart began beating faster.

Sketchy, popped in, "Look, man, I don't want to believe it either. But I'm
gonna sneak a peek to see if she's got a barcode, just in case."

"No, there will be no peeking into the woman's showers until I say so,"
Normal warned him, "Besides, these trannies are fiendishly clever. She
could've had it removed somehow."

"That's true. Not having a barcode doesn't prove anything" Sketchy nodded
though he was a bit disappointed about the not going into the showers bit.
He'd been looking forward to that ... ehm, inspection ... all for public
safety of course!

"I don't know, guys. I mean, listen to yourselves. You know? "If she's a
witch, she'll float; if she's not, she'll drown." It's like either way, she's
guilty." He spotted Max ride by on her bicycle and left Normal and Sketchy
continue their anti-transgenic discussion.

"Max, hold up, hold up!"

He checked the back of her neck. The barcode, which he'd lasered off her a
few days ago had started to reappear.

"What are you doing?" Max huffed but allowed him to lift up her hair and
study her neck.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You need a little laser touch-up."

"Thanks for the tip" she said and began to go inside.

"Wait, hold on, hold on. You can't go in there. Normal and Sketchy are all
trippin' about your little stunt you pulled yesterday. Go to Joshua's. I'll
meet you there later, all right? Go. Go."

Max groaned. "Look, whatever's up with Sketchy and Normal I don't give a
flying fuck. I'm gonna go in there and have me a hot shower. The boiler in
Cindy's apartment isn't fixed yet and this is the only place were I don't
have to use kettles to get some hot water."

Alec rolled his eyes and put his hands up in surrender. "Whatever. But for
crissakes, keep out of their way. They'll probably report you to Sector
Police if you just about look at them funny" he said to her back as she
rolled her bike down the metal ramp into Jam Pony.

A short distance away X5-453 pulled up and watched.

* * *

NSA HQ, Seattle

Otto and the other agent who was in the car with him entered White's office.

"And you are not tailing 453 because...?" his cold voice barely masking his

"She made us, sir. Shot out our tires and took off. Said to tell you she
works alone."

"That's my girl. Good to know she's on board."

* * *

Jam Pony, Seattle

Max had scurried to the back of Jam Pony, avoiding Sketchy and Normal. She'd
taken her beloved shower, then dressed quickly and left through one of the
first floor windows, dropping down lightly next to her parked Kawasaki Ninja
motorbike, then roared off down Seattle's half empty streets towards her

Meanwhile, 453 had waited all afternoon for Max to come out the front, but
when she didn't she decided to go in after her. Logan too had come to Jam
Pony looking for Max and he saw 453 stride into the building.



"Oh, so you are speaking to me. I guess I should be flattered."

"What do you mean?"

"This morning, outside Sam Carr's office?"

She remembered passing the guy that morning, and what Dr. Carr said, and put
the two together.



"Sorry. I was in a hurry."

"Great. In a hurry. Hmm. It's bad enough you won't return my calls or come
over, but just because you're seeing someone else, now you're going to treat
me like a stranger?"

"Yeah. I already told you it's over."

She pushed past him. He moved aside quickly to avoid touching her. What the
fuck!? Didn't she know her touch was fatal for him? He stared at her as she
walked away, into Jam Pony.

* * *

Jam Pony was mostly empty now except for a couple of messengers that were
working overtime and Normal who was entering the last package codes into his
computer before shutting down for the night.

"Ah there you are Missy Miss, I'll be deducting that hot water usage from
your paycheck you know" he said as he looked up and saw 453 stride towards
him. Normal kept track of everything, even how many showers his employees
took. "And since you're here you can deliver this to 356 Dupont Avenue" he
handed her a heavy parcel.

Sam looked at the guy then smiled. He'd know where Max lived. Maybe she could
sweet talk him into giving her the address or ...

She batted her eyelids at him and he looked at her strangely. "My bike's
dead. Could you drive me home ..." she looked at his nametag "... Mr Normal."

"If you're doing drugs Missy Miss, you'll end up just like Herbal. I enjoyed
every minute of kicking his Jamaican ass out of here!" he warned sternly.

"Oh no, I'm not on drugs, I just want you to drive me home .. and maybe we'll
have a coffee together" again she batted her eyelids at him promising much
more than coffee. Funny that she wasn't getting much of a response out of him
though. Usually guys became putty in her hands with such simple tricks from
Manticore's "Sexuality and Seduction 101." Maybe it was time to use something
more ... direct.

Normal had handed her another package and she dropped them both to the floor.

"Hey! There might be delicate things in there ... eeeeekkkkk!"

"I bet there are delicate things in here" she grinned having leapt over the
counter and appeared before Normal in a split second, grabbing his groin in
one hand and squeezing.

"Wh-What are you doing ... ?" Normal cried as she went down on her knees
before him. Max had gone crazy or maybe she really was a freak, like he and
Sketchy had been discussing earlier today. But he didn't dare pull back her
hair to examine her neck for barcodes because she still held his family
jewels in her palm. He gasped again when she unzipped him and he felt her
hot breath on his shrivelled cock. "Ohhhhh ..." he sighed as her red lips
closed around his head and all thoughts that she might be a transgenic
disappeared for the moment.

Sam sucked away at the guy's cock knowing that the harder it got the quicker
he'd answer her questions. That's what the Manticore instructors had said

"Oh Alec!" Normal cried as he closed his eyes and imagined Alec's beautiful,
oiled muscles rippling as he beat guy after guy in the arena, dressed in
only a pair of shorts, with the name Monty Cora lovingly sewn onto the waist.
He came.

453 sputtered in disgust as without any warning a huge wad of sperm had
flooded her mouth and almost made her gag. Damn! Normal was still half soft
and he'd been fantasizing about some guy! It was her luck she'd chosen this
method of interrogation with a friggin' gay! Angrily she got to her feet
and wiped her mouth off with a package delivery notice she grabbed from the

"Where do I live?" she almost shouted and Normal, still in a post-orgasmic
state of mind, pointed to a large filing cabinet in the back office not
realising how silly her question sounded.

She went into his office, and opened the file drawer, and pulled out Max's
file. There was a note stuck to the front of it. It said, "Keep an eye on
this one; won't give her home address. Rooms with Nubian princess; keep an
eye on her too."

"Nubian princess?" Sam wondered.

She opened the next file. Inside was Original Cindy's job application.

"Cindy. 339 Waverly."

She stepped back out to the counter and found Normal about to dial 911. She
punched him on the jaw and he fell to the floor semi-unconscious. Then as an
after-thought she kicked him between the legs, "that's for coming too soon
you prick." Satisfied, she left Jam Pony and headed for Cindy's apartment.

* * *

339 Waverly, Max & Cindy's apartment, Seattle

In their apartment, Max packed her things while Original Cindy looked on.

"What do you mean, leaving town?" Original Cindy asked with a shocked voice.

"White's on my ass 24/7, I can't go back to work, I can't see Logan, and
Joshua said he doesn't need me anymore. Why am I staying here?"

"I'm here, for one."

"Yeah, and one of these days, White and his men are going to bust through
that door, and you're liable to get caught in the crossfire."

"I'll kick their asses."

"I'm serious. I've stayed too long. I need to go somewhere new, where nobody
knows who I am and I don't have to worry about anybody but myself."

"You think that's going to make you happy?"


"What about Logan?"

"He's better off without me in the picture."

"If you say so."

"He'll be fine. He's got his whole Eyes Only thing."

"You gonna call him and tell him you're going?"

Max picked up the phone and looked at it. Then she put it back, glanced at
Original Cindy, and continued preparing to leave.

* * *

Outside Max and Original Cindy's building

"Before you go, there's something I want to say. You, Max Guevara, are my
sister. You are my family."

They hugged, then Max surprised Original Cindy by kissing her on her mouth.
Deeply. Their tongues flailed together for a moment before they broke free,
Cindy panting for breath.

"Damn, girl, if you weren't in such a hurry I'd tell you to get your ass back
up to my bed ...."

"I love you" Max told her "but I really have to go now."

"I love you, too."

"You take care of yourself, okay?"

"You, too."

X5-453 pulled up a short distance away and saw Max leave on her Ninja. She

Logan was waiting for a red light at an intersection. He had had to leave
his penthouse quickly, White having finally triangulated his Eyes Only
transmissions. His apartment was probably being trashed by White's goons
right about now. That wasn't good. He looked around. A nearby sign said:


Suddenly Max rode through the intersection in front of him.

"Great. Now I'm seeing her everywhere."

The light turned green. Logan started to turn but was cut off by another
motorbike going by at a high rate of speed.

"What the ..." he exclaimed sure that he had seen another Max ride by.

Eventually X5-453 pulled up even with Max. They rode side-by-side for a few
moments before Max looked up. She was shocked to see that the other rider
looked just like her. X5-453 pulled out a gun and shot out Max's rear tire.
Max's bike skidded out from under her and she lost consciousness as she hit
the hard tarmac.

* * *

White's cellphone rang.


"It's 453. I have her."

"Is she secure?"

"She's not going anywhere."

"Where are you?"

"An abandoned building. Corner of Parish and Beechwood."

"All right. I'm on my way."

453 hung up and the cellphone rang again immediately.

He looked at the CallerID and answered it.

"Fe'nos tol. Tell the Conclave I've found 452. I'll bring her to you" He hung
up, then added "....once I find out where she took my son."

* * *

On the road, Logan came across Max's abandoned bike. He parked his car and
got out, making sure his exo-skeleton had a full charge. He probably was
going to need it.

* * *

Abandoned warehouse

Max was tied to a post with a thick chain. X5-453 leaned against another
post nearby.

"You look familiar. Have we met before?"

"Yeah. In a test tube."

"Who came first, me or you?"

"I'm 453."

"Well, do what your big sister says and untie me."

"Sister? Yeah, right."

X5-453 lit up a cigarette.

"I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad."

"Tell 'em I quit 'til yesterday." She looked at Max's bag. "So, looks like I
interrupted a little vacation. Or were you skipping town?"

"Something like that."

"Same old 452."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's what you do, isn't it? Run away? Like when it got too rough for you
back at Manticore. Bet you never once stopped to think about what they'd do
to the rest of us. They wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again, so
they tightened the leash. We got the worst of it, your twins. Manticore
figured since we had the same basic psychological makeup as the twelve of
you, we were the greatest flight risks, so they hauled us into psy-ops for

She paused as she recalled those days.

"...for six months. You have no idea what they put us through, do you? While
you were out in the world, living the dream, we paid the price."

"'Living the dream' isn't exactly how I'd put it."

"Oh, so it's too tough for you out here, too? Guess I don't feel so bad about
turning you over to White, then. See, he got onto me because of you. It's
been ten years since the first time you ruined my life. I'll be damned if I
let that happen again."

Max watched as X5-453 put her wedding ring back on.

"You're married?"

"I have a husband and a little boy."

"You're lucky."

"Yeah. You know, I had a nice, normal life...until White came looking for you
and found me instead."

"He has them. I'm sorry."

Unseen by the two transgenics, Logan was hiding behind a post in the
distance, watching and listening. He saw a lead pipe lying on the ground
nearby and picked it up.

"Yeah, well, I get them back once I turn you over to him."

"That's if he keeps his word."

"Don't have a lot of options, do I? This is my family. Maybe you don't know
what that means. Maybe you'd just run off and save your own hide, like you
always do. Not me."

She heard a noise in the distance and walked away to check it out. Logan
emerged from the shadows and approached Max.


"You okay?"

"Untie me. Hurry."

He started to loosen the chain, then paused.


"How do I know it's really you?"

X5-453 returned.


"Max?" he looked from one to the other but was unable to distinguish between

"Logan!" the real Max cried.

"Don't untie her!" 453 said.

She ran over and kicked the surprised Logan in the head. He fell to the
ground, unconscious.

"Hey!" Max said angrily, while working her way out of the loosened chain.

"Guy's really stuck on you, huh?"

"I thought I was a bitch, but you take the prize."

They circled each other and began to fight. Each landed several kicks and
punches. Eventually X5-453 gets a hold on Max.

"It's no use. I've got ten years of training on you."

"Yeah, well, they didn't teach you to fight dirty" and Max twisted around
and grabbed a handfull of 453's turtleneck top, pulling it so hard that it
ripped from top to bottom, leaving her chest bare except for her bra.

"You bitch!" she screamed "that was a Christmas present from my husband."

"So? I bet White will get you another one now that you two are so friendly."
Max sidestepped Sam's next attack only to trip over Logan's feet. 453 quickly
pounced on her and tugged at Max's leather jacket until it came off. Beneath
it Max was wearing a bright red tube top that left her midriff bare and clung
tightly to her full breasts.

453 put her hand down Max's cleavage and pulled savagely, tearing the tube
top off. Max wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

Tossing the red top aside, 453 said "Now we're even."

Max somersaulted up to her feet, coming down in a defensive stance, her bare
breasts bouncing gently up and down as she took deep breaths. "Oh no we're
not, bitch. That top was one of Logan's favorites! He loved the way my hard
nipples stick through that thing" she added in way of explanation making Sam
roll her eyes.

Seeing her clone sister distracted, Max reached out and jerked her bra off,
making it the second bra she'd lost that day, the first to White's squad of

Max laughed, "This is like stripping in front of a mirror" and for a moment
Sam grinned too.

The half nude women continued to circle each other, waiting for an opening,
darting in and landing a quick punch then retreating quickly, their strengths
evenly matched.

Suddenly Max sped forward so fast that she was a blur to the normal eye and
leapt through the air at 453. She hit Sam and together they fell to the dusty
concrete floor. Max's fall was cushioned by Sam's body, while Sam got the
breath knocked out of her. Acting on an impulse, Max undid 453's belt and
pulled her jeans down around her ankles to block her legs. While she was
doing this her arms accidentally brushed against 453's hairless pubes, which
was still quite sore from the gangrape she'd endured earlier today.

Sam moaned.

Max looked up at her in surprise. "Sorry" she said hurriedly "I didn't mean
to touch you there. I'm just immobilising you."

"It's ok" Sam told her having regained her breath "it just hurts a bit

"Why, what happened?"

"Oh not much really, except for the entire NSA doing me."

Max was stunned and felt pity for her clone sister. "Damn White" she
muttered, she wouldn't put it past him to allow a transgenic to be raped
just for the fun of it, even if he knew she was going to obey him anyway
since he held her husband and son.

She reached out to touch the tender flesh again, but stopped when Sam sharply
drew in her breath with a hiss of pain.

"Look I have something that will make you feel better, but you must promise
me not to try to escape."

Through gritted teeth Sam said, "Ok."

Max got up and looked through her bag for a vial of special herbal ointment
that Original Cindy had given her as a parting gift. Cindy had explained that
it could be used for soothing tired muscles, sore skin as well as a sexual
lubricant, where it would have a beneficial effect on libido too. Cindy used
it often, before and after her frequent lesbian encounters. Max thought it
would help 453.

"What's that?" Sam asked suspiciously as Max returned with the vial and put
some of the ointment on two of her fingers.

"Trust me. It will make you feel better. Now just relax." Max began to rub
the ointment into Sam's pubic area. At first she started when the cold cream
made contact with her skin, then the medicinal effect began to work and she
relaxed letting her legs move slightly apart. She sighed with pleasure as Max
worked her fingers lower and lower until they were on either side of her
labia. Dipping them again in the vial, she gently spread Sam's fleshy pussy
lips apart and with her free hand, then inserted her ointment covered fingers
into Sam's pink hole and rubbed them over the inner flesh.

453 gasped, then a fuzzy warmth began to spread between her legs and she felt
her nipples begin to stiffen and her clit emerge from its sheath. "Oh god yes
this is so good!" she exclaimed as Max continued to administer the ointment
deeper and deeper into her clone sister's vagina.

* * *

To the side Logan awoke. He twisted his head groggily from side to side.
Ouch! he muttered under his breath as he felt a slightly swollen spot on his
head where something had hit him. He heard a moaning coming from a few feet
away and turned quickly to look. He almost lost consciousness again as the
blood rushed from his head. Take it slowly Logan, he thought, then he almost
gasped out loud.

The two woman, both identical to the Max he knew and loved, were there. One
of them was naked from the waist up and kneeling over the other, this one
completely naked. The Max on the floor was being fingered by the Max kneeling
over her! Fingered, as in two fingers completely stuck up her fuckin' cunt,
a voice shouted in Logan's brain. He must be dreaming .. or having
hallucinations ...!? He continued watching .. maybe the ringing in his ears
would go away along with these images .. or maybe he didn't want them to go
away ....

* * *

"Feeling better now?" Max asked Sam.

"Oooh yeah, much better" Sam sighed, then added quickly, "please don't stop"
as Max had been about to stop applying the ointment.

Max grinned. "So you want little Maxy to play doctor eh? You're such a
naughty little girl."

Sam laughed, "Oh big sister, my pussy hurts so, can you please give it a big
kiss and make it better!"

Max leaned down and planted a big, wet kiss on 453's pubes.


She kissed her on her labia.

"Almost there" panted 453.

Max's face was blushing now, with a twinge of embarrassment at how a "fight"
had gotten so out of hand and also with arousal as her clone sister's pussy
scent mingled with the fumes of the ointment -- which Cindy had omitted to
tell her was also a potent aphrodisiac -- and wafted up into her flared

Gingerly, Max lowered her lips again to Sam's open slit, kissing her right at
the apex where her clit was partially unsheathed. She could feel the hard bit
of flesh make contact with her lips and involuntarily she opened her mouth
and sucked it in, slithering her tongue over it, enjoying the way it seemed
to swell in her mouth.

"Oh yesssssssss!" Sam cried in ecstasy, grabbing the back of Max's head as
she suckled on her clitoris, forcing her down on it and bucking her hips at
Max's face. Max could breath for longer than five minutes under water without
breaking a sweat, but here, her face buried in 453's juicy pussy, she barely
lasted two minutes, though those were enough for Sam to have an orgasm.
Struggling free of Sam's grip, she panted for breath, her sister's cunt
fluids dripping down from her nose, mouth and chin in thick strands.

"Damn! No wonder Original Cindy doesn't touch men. Once you discover this
nectar you're hooked!"

"Is Cindy your roommate? Do you two go down on each other like this?" Sam
asked in a soft voice.

Max giggled, then laughed. "Oh no, she is my roommate and she is a lesbian,
but I'm totally hetero ... well until now, that is ..." she and Sam laughed
together this time.

A few moments of embarrassed silence followed, the two woman's regular deep
breathing the only noise.



"I'd really love to ... ehm .. repay you for what you just did .. you know

"Oh ..." Max was at a loss for words at her clone sister's offer.

"So .. what do you think?" Sam asked after a minute of silence.

Max finally smiled. "Yeah, sure, why not." And she stood up and pulled off
her jeans. 453 kicked hers off completely too, and now both of them weren't
wearing a single shred of clothing.

"Your turn to lie down" 453 said and Max obeyed, feeling completely at ease,
even though they'd been fighting just minutes before.

Sam paused for a moment looking down at Max lying below her. Like that she
had the upper hand. She could subdue Max easily and tie her up again until
White arrived ... but no, Max had shown her kindness, one of the very few
persons in the world who had, the only other one she knew was her husband.
So no, she wasn't going to act like a total bitch now. She knelt down near
Max and faced towards her legs. She climbed over the woman so that her face
was near Max's groin while her groin was over Max's mouth.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Max asked as 453 lay over her in this unexpected

"I think they call it a '69'" Sam said "me and my husband tried it a couple
of times, it's very .. interesting."

"Oh!" Max said flustered. Her clone sister would never know how lucky she
was. While she had a husband with whom to experiment sexual positions on,
she, Max had a deadly virus for her lover Logan, and when Max went into heat,
which happened three times a year, positions were unimportant. The only thing
that mattered at those times was for a long, hard rod to be inside her for a
good ten minutes until she had come. Which meant that there were a number of
lucky guys whom she chose because they just happened to be around her at that
time of the year. Most of them probably were stilling wondering what had hit

Further thoughts left her as Sam spread her legs to either side of Max's
head, her crotch directly over her nose and mouth. The aphrodisiac began to
work it's magic on Max, helped even more as Sam slid a finger between Max's
slit and began to lick her up and down and across her labia until they began
to spread of their own accord.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh yeaaahhh" moaned Max, her voice sounding muffled from inside
Sam's cunt as she paused licking long enough to sigh contentedly as 453's own
tongue slid deep inside her, wiggling all around as it went down.

"Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ... god yeaaaahhh!" she cried again much louder
this time and both her hands reached up to grab and pinch Sam's buttocks as
the woman had begun to jackhammer her tongue up and down into Max's pussy
making her go wild. Max decided to return the favor and formed her tongue
into a long spear then forced it up into Sam's sopping wet slit. On a whim,
as she was squeezing Sam's soft yet tight butt cheeks, her little finger
found a small round puckered opening and Max pushed it inside.

"Aaaaaaaaghhhhhhh fucccccckk" 453 screamed as her asshole was violated for
the second time that day though Max's little finger was way smaller than the
cock which had previously penetrated it.

Max pulled it out, "You don't like that?" she asked hoping she hadn't hurt
her clone sister.

"Oh no, I love it! At first it hurts, but then it feels so good to have
something up my ass ... ohhhhhh dammnnnnn yeahhhh" she shouted as a smiling
Max stuck her index finger in this time and wiggled it about. "Ohhhhh myyyyy
Goooood" moaned Sam as Max pushed the thumb of the same hand into the lower
part of Sam's cunt where it was closest to her anus.

"I'm coooommming ... cooommminnng again!" panted Sam as Max added her tongue
to the fingers in each of 453's holes.

"Make me cum too ... put your tongue back in my snatch" Max shouted as she
bucked her hips at Sam's face and twisted her legs around her neck forcing
the woman's face into her steaming slit.

"Oooooh yeah, ooooh yeah, oooooh yeah" Sam's voice was a constant low moan
and seconds later she shrieked, her entire body trembling, muscles spasming
wildly as she came in a massive orgasm. Max's orgasm was equivalent in size,
if not greater since for her it was her first one. A thick, creamy, whitish
fluid oozed up from deep within her vagina, then ejaculated in a large
stream that splashed over Sam's face and head as both woman screamed in
ecstasy. Sam's cum wasn't as wet as Max's but nevertheless, Max's face was
drenched with female cum.

Both women's cries died down slowly and finally silence descended on the
abandoned warehouse.

* * *

"Seeing one of you like this is enough to make me go hard, seeing two of you
doing each other is enough to drive a man crazy" Logan Cale said as he stood
over the two identical, women, both of whom were naked and were now hurriedly
disentangling themselves from their 69 position.

"Logan!" Max said.

"Logan!" Sam said.

Logan looked at first one then the other's faces - he couldn't resist
glancing down at their heaving breasts and cum coated bodies either - and
couldn't recognise who Max was.

An idea struck him and he grinned. "Ok, the real Max step forward and fuck
me as she always does!" That was a blatant lie since if the real Max fucked
him, he'd be dead. But he was quite the believer in reverse psychology ...

Sam looked at Max, and Max shrugged. She wasn't going to be fucking Logan
anytime soon, but if she could make him happy in any way ... then this
occasion had presented itself quite nicely. Oh of course, she'd be jealous
as hell, but at least it would be better if Logan got his rocks off on her
clone sister rather than succumbing to the temptation that was Asha, the
S1W operative that thought she was helping one of Eyes Only flunkies and
not Eyes Only himself.

"Ok, ok I lose" Max said, "I'm 453!"

Sam grinned at her, "Then I'm Max ..." she turned to Logan, "ohhh Logan it's
been so long ..." she stepped towards him and he backed away from her with a
horrified look on his face. Had Max gone crazy? Didn't she know that if she
touched him he'd die a painful death because of the Manticore targetted
retro-virus she carried? If the real 453 had admitted she was the 453, why
would the real Max be trying to fuck him ....?

Before he could figure out what was going on he tripped over something and
his exo-skeleton's servo motors whined, but failed to keep him upright. He
fell flat on his back and Max lowered herself over him. He could feel her
wet skin begin to soak his clothes, her hard nipples press against his chest,
her tongue slide into his mouth as she kissed him ... ohhhh she was such a
beautiful angel ... a dark angel ... an angel of death. Oh well, if fucking
her meant dying, he'd be going out in style!

He smiled as she ripped the pants off him and sat on his erect cock. It
would be anytime now when the sores and blisters began to appear on his face
and skin, and slowly, slowly he'd lose consciousness, his breathing would get
harder and ...

... five minutes later his breathing had gotten very ragged but not because
of any effects of the virus, but because the wild vixen that was sitting on
his rigid member was fucking him so hard that his balls were aching. She
smiled down with him as he playfully pulled and pinched at her engorged
nipples with one hand, while the other cupped one of her perfectly shaped,
full buttocks and squeezed the tight flesh, something he'd wished to do for
ages ... this was paradise!

Then his head turned to the side and he saw the other X5 .. the one whom he'd
thought was 453 and not 452, his Max ... tears were streaming down her face
as she watched her clone sister go down on Logan. She was crouched on her
feet, and one hand was between her legs as she slowly masturbated herself.

With a shock he realised that he wasn't going to die because for some reason
known only to her, his beloved Max had let her identical sister make love to

"Oh Max" he whispered at her "I love you so."

"Me too, Logan" she whispered back and reached out with a hand, though her
fingers came nowhere close to touching him.

Logan groaned and he thrust his hips upward with a renewed urgency, his cock
ramming deeply into 453. He must have hit her g-spot because she shuddered
and came, screaming with pleasure. He released his seed and flooded her cunt,
though he was not looking up at her. He was still looking into Max's eyes
when Sam got off him, his cum flowing out of her pussy and sliding slowly
down her inner thighs.

* * *

Later, White arrived at the building. Max, dressed as X5-453, lit up a
cigarette. X5-453, dressed as Max, was chained to a post.

"Where the hell have you been?"

"I had a thing."

"Where's my family?"

"All in good time, 453."

"Yeah, right."

Logan snuck up behind White and knocked him unconscious with the lead pipe.

* * *

White woke up, chained to the post. X5-453 was still dressed as Max and
still chained to the same post. Max was still dressed as X5-453 but is no
longer pretending to be her.

"Ames White. I oughta put a bullet in your head. But twenty-odd years ago,
me and her got cooked up in the same test tube. So, in my book, that makes
us sisters."

"Get to the point."

"The point is, I'm gonna trade your sorry ass for her husband and kid."

"I don't think so."

Max held up the lead pipe. "No? Well, then, I guess we get to find out how
high your pain threshold really is."

* * *

Terminal City

"Joshua, I thought Max was with you."

"No Alec. Is she all right?" the large transgenic with dog dna in his
cocktail told the X-5.

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I don't know."

Mole, a fearsome looking lizard man, pointed to Alec. "He can't stay here."

"Easy, pal, I'm not planning to." He turned to Joshua, "I'll hook up with
you in a couple days, okay?"


Another transgenic suddenly shouted, "Guys! What are they doing here?"

Everyone looked at the closed circuit TVs to see Max and Logan escorting
White through Terminal City. Max was dressed in her own clothes, what was
left of them after her fight with Sam. White's hands were cuffed behind
his back, and Logan held him at gunpoint.

"Just a bunch of humans" Mole said.

"It's Max."

"You know her?"

"She's a friend. She's X-5" Joshua intervened.

"X-5, huh? Not our problem."

Alec pointed to White's image on the tv, "Yeah, well, you see that guy right
there? He's in charge of hunting you down, so I suggest you make it your

Later, outside, a car drove into Terminal City. Max, White, and Logan stood
waiting. Otto and the second man got out of the car.

"Let's see what you're packing" Max ordered.

"We're unarmed."

"I don't have a whole lot of patience. I don't think you boys want to stay
in Terminal City any longer than you have to.

Otto and the second man glanced at each other. Each pulled a gun out of his
jacket and set it on the ground.

"All right, let's do this."

X5-453's husband and son got out of the car. Both were looking scared.

"Okay, on three. One...two...three."

"Is my son still alive?" White suddenly shouted.

"You won't be if you don't start moving."

White slowly walked toward his men, and X5-453's husband and son slowly
walked toward Max. They passed each other. When White reached the guns lying
on the ground, he jumped through his handcuffs and picked up a gun. Otto and
the second man each pulled out another gun. A couple more men got out of the
car, and now there were several guns pointed at Max and the others.

"Not another step. Nice work, Otto" White grunted.

Suddenly they heard a lot of guns cocking around them. They looked up to see
Alec, Joshua, and lots of other transgenics taking aim. White and his men
were greatly outnumbered.

"You guys want to throw down, go ahead. But a whole lot of people are gonna
get hurt."

"This isn't over, 452. All right, gentlemen."

White and his men lowerd their guns and headed for the car. Mole led X5-453's
husband and son away from the area.

Inside, in the living quarters, X5-453 comforted her son.

"Sam, what's going on here?" her husband asked.

"I'll explain everything later. Okay?" She put it off, but she was going to
have lots of explaining to do.

A short distance away Max was talking to Joshua.

"So I guess you really can take care of yourself...and me, too."

Joshua growled playfully and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Alec approached

"Score anything?"

"Jacked an SUV from some, uh, gangster guys outside a strip club." He handed
her the car keys.

"Thanks." Max grinned, she lived by a code that stealing was ok if done to
the bad guys.

"It's gonna be a long ride to Canada. She's got some explaining to do"
Alec said pointing to her clone sister still talking in a low voice to her

"I appreciate this."

"Yeah, no worries. Anything for a friend, or a clone of a friend."

Max walked up to Sam.

"You're all set."

"If you're expecting a thank-you, forget about it. None of this would've
happened if it weren't for you."

"You're right."

"You know, if Manticore hadn't gone down, you wouldn't even be with them. You
know who took it down." Alec looked pointedly at Max by way of explanation.

"Not bad" Sam grinned. Her sister was not only a good lover, but had brought
down Lydecker's Manticore all by herself. Not bad at all.

Max handed Sam the keys Alec had given her. "Good luck."

"You, too."

Logan was sitting a short distance away, working on his laptop and trying to
get a signal on his cell phone.

"So White really messed up your place, huh?"


"I'm sorry."

"Got my files out. It's gonna take some pricey equipment to get Eyes Only up
and running again."

"You're going to need a good cat burglar."

Logan was surprised, "Thought you were leaving town?"

"Nah. Got some family stuff to take care of" she paused and looked him
straight in the eyes "and after today I know that I can't live without you.
Whatever happens, we have to get rid of this virus. We can't rely on Sam
each time we want to have sex you know" and they both laughed.

* * *

Jam Pony, Seattle

Normal, Sketchy and the other Jam Pony messengers except for Max who wasn't
there were watching one of the wall tv units as Ames White testifed about a
government cover-up of transgenics at a Senate hearing.

"That, my friends, is a true patriot."

"These transgenics are a great threat to our national security and our
American way of life. Make no mistake. This is a war...a war we cannot afford
to lose" Ames White was saying on the tv.

Max entered behind the crowd of messengers and turned off the TV with the

"Hey!" then his face went white and his legs almost gave way under him as he
saw who it was.

"Bip bip bip, people. C'mon, these packages aren't gonna deliver themselves"
Max said, imitating Normal's voice and delivering his famous phrase.

Sketchy looked at her for a minute wondering what was going on.

"You heard her. Get back to work" Normal finally said.

The other messengers scattered. Normal and Sketchy kept looking strangely at

"What? You got something to say?"

"Not me. Nope." Normal mumbled. He must have been hallucinating yesterday.
There was no way that Max could have done what she had done to him. Maybe
someone had pumped drugs into the air vents. Yeah, that was it. Damn these
practical jokers that worked for him!

Max spotted Original Cindy and hugged. her.

"Miss me?"

"You know it, boo. You know it."

"Oh and that ointment you gave me ...? It was just great!"

Original Cindy smiled, though she was slightly puzzled just when (and on
whom) Max had used it.

* * *

The Space Needle, Seattle

On top of the Space Needle, Max once again was sitting alone. It was a place
she came to collect her thoughts, even if it mean doing something like 600

"Wonder if Manticore cooked up any more of me...'cause one clone is plenty,
especially when she's got a nasty left hook. She was right about one thing,
though--running away isn't the answer. 'Cause as messed up as everything's
gotten lately, this is home."


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