Disclaimer; Dark Angel owned by James Cameron, etc., used without permission
or compensation. Meant as tribute, parody etc., get a life if you are
offended. If hot steamy, girl on girl acton isn't your thing, go somewhere

This is a Tyval story so you know it's rated NC-17 for F/F sex in various
combinations, BDSM, kink, cons.

War looms ahead! War between human and Transgenic! A nameless evil slithers
behind the scenes. But is there something else, out there.

Reality changes: Season 1; Tinga didn't have a family and didn't die, Brin
didn't age or get re-programmed, and they escaped with Zack to Canada. Later
though Max is captured. Tinga and Brin are then captured in the end of season
1 trying to break her out. Season 2; Max, Tinga, and Brin all escape with the
help of Joshua and Zack and they free everyone and bring down Mantcore. Zack
doesn't become a cyborg, Sam wasn't married, and CeCe doesn't die. Eveything
else stands. The story picks up 7 days after the escape from Jam Pony, 4 days
after the show ends.

Dark Angel: The Return Of Dragons! Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Seattle 2021: The big man shook his head as he looked at the decrepit hulk
that had once been the famed 'Space Needle'. It was summer, he was wearing
a ski mask, and a trenchcoat, but since it was 3:00 a.m. there weren't many
people noticing that.

Up ahead was a checkpoint. With the current tensions in the city security was
tight. There were 5 cops, heavily armed and unusually alert. There was no one
else in sight as they trained their guns on him.

"You don't need to see my pass," the man said.

"We don't need to see your pass," all 5 said lowering their weapons.

"These aren't the droids you're looking for," the man said, trying hard not
to crack up.

"These aren't the droids we're looking for," the 5 cops repeated.

"Enter freely and of your own free will," the man changed the script, trying
hard not to lose it.

"Enter freely and of your own free will," the cops replied.

"The 'Force' really does give me power over weak minds," he smiled under the
mask as he walked through.

A hoverdrone passed overhead, but he didn't care if it saw him or not. He
could have easily taken it out, but he wanted 'them' to see him.

"Damn thing itches like hell," he said aloud.

"Cheer up, it hides that ugly mug of yours," a voice in his ear joked.

"Fuck off!" the man growled.

"Not into men," the voice said, (grinning to himself at his best friends

The big man paused as he looked to the left and saw an American flag flying.

"That used to mean something," the man said, an unwanted tear forming.

"Jackass 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, and current 48," the voice knew how he felt.

"We should have been here," the big man's heart was breaking, "We would have
stopped it."

"Like we stopped 9/11 back in 01," the voice said, "We were just as surprised
as everyone else back then."

"Or maybe we shouldn't have come back," a female voice that only he could
hear now spoke.

"We had to," the man said.

"He's right," the male voice said, "It's time. Time for the Dragons to

* * *

He/It had been called many things over thousands of years; The Serpent, Set,
Quetzalcoatl, and many other names. Some known, others forgotten in the
mists of time. The followers had been known by many names as well. Selected
breeding over 4000+ years had been their plan for a 'Master Race'. Now was
the time for their rule!

But one obstacle had to be removed. The creations/abominations, (in their
sick twisted minds), of Dr. Sandeman. To accomplish this they had set up a
plan to start a war. A war between human and transgenic. Humans were so easy
to manipulate they thought. So easy to kill what was differant.

One adult transgenic was worth 12 soldiers, but Manticore only produced some
1500 before it's destruction. Some 300+ never survived, another 200+ were
confirmed dead, around 400+ were currently under siege in the 'Terminal City'
section of Seattle, the rest were scattered over North America. Many more
than the cult, but with 6 billion humans on the planet there was no way the
transgenics could win.

"Status report," Ames White ordered as he saw the hoverdrone footage of only
minutes before.

His face was still puffy and bruised from the beating he had taken from
Joshua the week before. In an attempt to kill Max the Conclave had
brought in their finest warriors, the Phalanx. The Phalanx had seriously
underestimated the transgenics. They had not counted on CeCe being a X-5,
nor Logan's unexpected power (they still didn't guess he was wearing an
exo-skeliton on his legs), and Joshua's sheer strength as well as Alec,
Max, and Mole.

Joshua had beaten Ames to a bloody pulp and Ames now hated him even more
than he hated Max. The Phalanx members had recovered and were back at full
strength. Ames still showed his beating and was sore all over.

"Definately not human," Otto said, switching to their new thermal imaging,
"Slightly warmer than average. Wears his hair shoulder length so I can't
confirm his number. Way he got through the checkpoint indicates some kind
of mental abiity."

"He knows he's been spotted, but it's like he doesn't care," Ames mused,
"Most unusual. Almost like he's daring us to come after him."

"Sir!" another agent said, "Should we pick him up?"

"Not yet," Ames said, "He might lead us to more of his kind."

To White's surprise the man instead was making a beeline to an abandoned
house. The house the Phalanx was using as they regrouped. Ames couldn't call
them directly, so he punched in a code on his cell to alert them. Despite
their narrow defeat the week before they were more than a match for 1
transgenic. In fact they were most eager for a fight.

As he neared the building he threw off the coat and ripped off the mask.
Corded ripped muscle stood out on his 6' 5" frame. Two male members of the
Phalanx, Gordon and Simon walked out with shock batons. Watching on the
hovercraft's monitor Ames smiled.

"That guys pretty big," Otto said.

"Those are some friends of mine," Ames smiled evilly, "They'll tear him

But the big man spun and kicked Simon in the chest, sending the Phalanx
soldier flying 20 feet and crashing through the door he had exited only
moments before. Simon had 6 broken ribs and was out cold.

"Believe it or not I had to pull that kick," the big man smiled.

Gordon thrusted with his shockbaton, but the big man caught and trapped his
arm, breaking it, then landed a short crisp punch to Gordon's face breaking
his jaw. Walking into the building he was confronted by Lance, Rita, and
Thula. Thula fired 2 shots from a pistol that hit the big man dead center
in the chest.

The big man was thrown back out the door by the impact. 'Too bad,' Thula
thought, 'That was one of the best looking men I've ever seen.' Armed with
a new M-20 fully auto rifle, Lance stepped outside to check on the body. A
lifetime of training didn't prepare him for seeing a man shot with .41 cal.
bullets suddenly kip up.

"You know, that hurt," the big man said kicking Lance's rifle away and
delivering a stiff open hand thrust to his solar plexus.

Lance went down gasping for breath and didn't see the chop that knocked him
out. Rita ran out the door also with a M-20 rifle. The man grabbed it out of
her hand and knocked her cold with the butt.

"This isn't possible," Thula said shooting him 3 more times.

But the man was braced this time and the bullets just bruised him. Taking the
gun away from her he kissed her full on the lips. Thula struggled at first as
her arms were bent behind her. She tried a knee, but that was blocked.
Besides, he's a good kisser she tought as she felt herslf becomming aroused.

"You're on the wrong side," he whispered to her, "The Dragons have returned."

"Who, who are you?" Thula demanded.

He whispered his name. It meant nothing to her, but still it caused a shiver
to run down her spine. Watching the Phalanx being beaten so easily caused
Ames White to stare at the screen in shock.

"Shows over folks," the big man smiled as he looked at the hoverdrone.

The hoverdrone exploded without seemingly being touched by anything.

"Enhance that bastard's picture and find out who the fuck he is!" Ames White
shouted," I want his fucking head!"

* * *

Inside the Terminal City section of Seattle: The past few days had been busy
ones for the hopelessly out-numbered transgenics. The humans hadn't brought
tanks in yet, but a full battalion of regular U.S. Army, backed by half the
Seattle police force, and a company of U.S. Marines had the defenders almost
competely surrounded.

The transgenics had received some aid, and even some re-enforcements of
their own, but it wasn't enough. Asha and 20 members of her group the
S1W had joined them, bringing some much needed modern weapns, ammo, and
medical supplies. Dr. Sam Carr and Dr. Beverly Shankar, both sympathic
to transgenics, had also came in with the S1W.

Two of the S1W's had been combat medics and helped them set up a makeshift
hospital along with a few others with medical training. Normal and others at
Jam Pony had set up an underground system to get supplies to them, but it
would never be enough.

Long time friend, and one of the few honest cops left in the city, Lt. Matt
Sung and 12 honest S.W.A.T. cops also joined the resistance, crashing 2
heavily armed 'riot cars' through the barracades. Passing out much needed
automatic rifles, a couple of rocket lauchers, and a .30 cal machine gun.

Zack had also returned with 20 more X-4's, X-5's, and X-6's in tow and all
the weapons they could carry, including a few 'stinger missles'. They
wouldn't go down without a fight. Others were coming, but not everyone made

Deiter and Katarina, showed that. Deiter was an X-3, lizard D.N.A., and he
looked it. Katarina was the last created X-4; a prototype for the X-5 with
feline D.N.A. Katarina could pass by wearing sunglasses, plucking her few
'whisker hairs' and hiding her pointed ears. Max had seen them briefly the
previous Halloween (then later that day had a nightmare they were in). The
duo were tying to smuggle 4 young X-6's into 'Terminal City'.

An alert cop with one of the new 'heat sensors' spotted them and opened fire.
Deiter was cut in half before he knew what was happening. Katarina was more
fortunate. Grabbing the 2 young X-6's in her care she jumped on top of a
police van, a second leap got her over a 20' chain-link fence and from there
to safety with her cat like speed. The cops mercilessly gunned down the other
2 X-6's.

Katarina screamed and cried with rage at being unable to save the other 2
kids. For 2 days she wouldn't talk to anyone, not even Original Cindy who she
had grown fond of. One good thing did come from the murder. Channel 3 news
had been filming live. Killing a non-human transgenic on national tv was one
thing, killing what looked like 2 normal fightened 10 year old kids was quite

Public opinion was turning against Senator McKinley-D from Washington state,
the most outspoken of the anti-transgenic body. This did not set well with
the Conclave either. High Prietess Moorehead had sent orders down to McKinley
and White to avoid another such public relations disater.

Inside the building that served as the headquarters for the resistance,
the sky still dark, but surrendering, the early morning meeting was going
smoother than the previous nights. Logan, Max, Asha. Joshua, Mole, Zack,
Sung, Original Cindy, Alec, and others poured over maps and plans.

"Currently we have 522 transgenics and humans here in 'Terminal City',"
Logan Cale said," But with non-combatents, pregnant females, younger X-6's
and X-7's, and weaker anomilies I would estimate our effective fighting
number at no more than 400."

"Situation FUBAR," Alec smiled.

"With all the new arrivals food is in short supply," Max said, "Normal got us
some seeds last night, but what bare ground we have is pretty contaminated."

"We have plenty of water, but it's pretty bad," Mole said, "Most of us have
plenty of anti-bodies, but again, the humans and weaker anomilies are in
danger. We've been trying to build a filtration system. Not much success

"On the weapons situation," Zack said, "That's the one area we've had some
improvement on. We now have enough guns for everyone, but that's still
counting a lot of older weapons. I haven't armed any X-7's because none of
us trust them. Their loyalty is questionable at best considring there's
still around 50 of them still workng for Ames White. Ammunition is still a
problem, and I would like to have a lot more heavy stuff."

"Fuel is in short supply," Dix said, "After allocating some for 'molotov
cocktails' we have enough to run the generators 3 hours a day for about a

"Max's friends are doing their best, but our medical supplies are at a
critical stage," Dr. Carr said.

"Public sympathy is starting to shift our way," Asha said, "That bastard
McKinley! I'd love to get my hands on him."

"Max, any more clues from those markings you had?" Alec asked.

"Afraid not," Max said, "They're almost gone now. We were never able to
translate much of it. If Joshua and Cin hadn't found that partial book..."

Joshua had returned to the Sandeman house he had lived in to pick up a few
personal items he had left behind. Max and Cindy had been with him. Joshua
had noticed something sticking out from a crack behind the bookcase. Original
Cindy discovered that it was a hidden compartment. After breaking some of the
plaster out Cindy discovered that the papers inside had once been part of a
Minoan translation book.

Max had seen one when she had stolen Ray White, the son of Ames White, out of
the cult. This copy was damaged by time, water, and half eaten by mice, but
was still partially useful.

"A lot of what we did translate didn't make sense," Logan said, "Something
about Max being some kind of 'chosen one', something about a 'snake god'
that's suppsed to rise, and something about 'dragons returning to crush the

"Oh, and an enemy joining our side is supposed to be an early sign, "Original
Cindy sarcasticly said, "And don't forget the 'miracles' that are supposed to

At that moment a breathless Dr. Shankar ran into the room.

"Youarenotgoingtobelievethis, it'samiracle," Dr. Bev Shankar rapidly said
pulling on Dr. Carr's arm.

"What in the world?" Dr. Carr said.

As they all rushed outside to see the sun just starting to rise. Mouths
dropped open at the sight of it, the stub of Mole's cigar fell to the ground
without him noticing. A deserted derelect building had stood on the site the
night before. A pristine 4 story hospital now stood there.

Three hours later; Dr. Carr shook his head as amazing revelations were
discovered about this building that had literally 'sprang up from nowhere'.

"This hospital has more equipment and supplies than anything I've ever seen,"
Dr. Carr said.

"I've got schematics on the entire building," Logan said, as he worked on a
very new hospital computer, "This whole building is powered by some kind of
solar cell, but the technology, it's so far advanced, so efficient, an hour
of sunlight can power this entire building for a month."

"That's impossible," Zack said, "The kind of technology for something like
that doesn't exist."

"Impossible or not, the water in this joint is pure, the lights are on, the
elevators work, hell, it's even got air conditioning," Dix said.

"Just checked the garage section," Asha said, "Four ambulances, all fully
stocked, all running on some kind of solar cell."

"Someone has got to be pulling our chain," Original Cindy said, "Something
like this didn't exist even before the pulse."

"Even the location," Max mused aloud, "This is even the best possible
location we could have for a hospital. Central, well protected."

But this was not the only surprise of the day. A hi-tech water treatment
plant was discovered underground. The makeshift armory was now fully stocked
with uzi's, M-20's, gernades, rocket launcers, and various other weapons
were found. Other un-occupied buildings were stocked with food and other

"Where did all this stuff come from?" Logan asked as he sat down behind a new
computer that had been brought to him by Joshua and Max.

"Logan, you've got to see this," Max said as she sent a tv feed to him via
another computer that she and Cindy were on.

"This was taken from a hoverdrone a few hours," Asha said, "But how are we
getting it?"

"After today I'm about to become a believer," Alec said.

The scene repeated the big man's easy single handed victory over the entire

"Whoa, I hope he's on our side," Alec said, "We barely beat those guys 6 on
6 last week and he trashes them in a couple of minutes and doesn't even look
like he's trying."

"He gets shot, look at this close-up," Logan said, enhancing, "Two small
bruises can clearly be seen underneath his shirt, but no penetration. Ah,
look, clear view of the back of his neck, hidden most of the fight by his
hair. No barcode."

"Maybe had it removed, lasered for the time being," Zack said.

"Could he have been psy-ops?," Alec asked, "Almost looks like some mind
control and some telekinisis thrown in."

"Could be, I could check around, see if anyone recognizes him," Max said,
"There is something awfully familiar about him."

"Wait up! Did he just say something about dragons returning," Original Cindy

Glances were exchanged all around. Far away from 'Terminal City', but able
to be there in seconds a tall oriental man with natural blond hair smiled as
he listened to everything these brave people risking their lives for freedom

'No my brother,' he mentally said to the big man, 'As long as people like
this are alive, the spirit of America is still alive.'

From his hiding place the big man watched a fightened, but determined Thula,
slip away fom the 'crime scene'. Her mind was made up. She WAS on the wrong
side. She could see that so clearly now. Thula wonderd why she now knew that
her side was evil. 'Doen't matter,' Thula thought, 'I have to warn them.'

'You are right my brother,' the big man said, 'There is still hope. I wonder
who she is and what she will think when she learns she's gay.'

The big man smiled as he walked towards 'Terminal City' humming a Charlie
Daniels song.

* * *

It had taken 12 hours and every resource Ames White could dig up. Records
of the big man's identity had been wiped clean even before the pulse had
finished the job. High Priestess Moorehead looked at the big mans photo,
then at a 30 year old drawing that showed what looked like the same man.
There was another photo, also 30 years old showing what again looked like
the same man along with blond haired Asian man fighting a horde of robots.
This was followed by yet another drawing of the blond Asian.

Another drawing, this one 4000 years showed 2 men, a big man and a blond man
defeating a large serpent. Names were under the 2 drawings. The blond was
China Dragon, the big man was Questar. 'Who are these men?' she wondered. As
High Priestess she had of course heard the prophesy. She dismissed this one.
No one could stop them.

The world would soon belong to their master. Only the faithful were immune
from him. They would rule over what was left of humanity. The only obsticle
in their path were the 'freaks' created by that traitor Sandeman. They
outnumbered the Familiars 4-1. They had to be stopped.


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