Dark Angel: Remote Love (MF-mast)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Logan sat in his armchair surrounded by several monitors, flat computer
screens and a video camera but today he wasn't recording another Eyes Only
bulletin. His attention was directed towards an elongated plastic object,
tube like in shape which he was examining minutely. Seemingly satisfied with
it he placed it on the edge of the desk before him and stood up with the
soft whine of servo motors as his exo-skeleton obeyed the nerve impulses it
received from the sensor at the base of his spine. Without the exo-skeleton
he'd still be confined to a wheelchair, but being able to walk again was a
small and insignificant fact when the thing he wished to do most was
impossible because it would mean certain death for him.

What he wanted was to touch Max, kiss her, caress her cheeks ... make love
to her - but that just wouldn't happen anytime soon unless he had a death
wish. For Max was the carrier of a retrovirus targetted at Logan Cale's
genetic makeup, cooked up by Manticore gene-splicers just before Max had
taken Manticore down, and with it, any hope of finding a cure.

However, Logan wasn't one to give up and if a cure, at least for the moment,
was out of reach, he had discovered on the net an ingenious way that he and
Max could satisfy their sexual urges. Since money wasn't a problem for Logan
even in the Great Depression of 2020 when many people barely made enough to
live from day to day - he came from a rich family and received a fat monthly
check from his uncle's company which produced the main processors for the
police hover drones - he had ordered the device which he had been examining
moments before, with certain special refinements that he had requested and
which had cost him an extra five grand. Now if only he could convince Max to
use this device it would have been money well spent.

He removed his pants, stepping out of them with some difficulty. His below
the knee underwear usually worn under the exo-skeleton to avoid the metal and
plastic parts from chafing his skin came off too. Now in the nude from the
waist down he sat back down on the armchair and took a deep breath.

"Ok here goes" he muttered to himself as he grabbed the tube and slid it onto
his limp penis. He pressed a tiny button, set into a small control panel on
the side of the tube, and the object hummed to life, buzzing as it released
some lubricant, heated up to body temperature and vibrated till his penis was
rock hard. Logan sat back in his armchair a silly look on his face, "Damn! It
really works! Almost as good as the real thing" he exclaimed, though it had
been slightly less than two years since he had last had sex, before his
encounter with Max and his confinement to a wheelchair. "Ohhhhh" he gasped as
the sex-toy buzzed louder making his cock swell to its full size ...

"Hi Logan" a voice from behind him made him jump and he punched madly at the
buttons on the sex-toy trying to shut it off.

"Max!" he finally managed to gasp "Don't you Manticore people know how to
knock on the front door?"

Max always surprised him by entering through one of his penthouse's windows
or through the roof's glass panels, never once setting off his multiple
alarms. It didn't matter that he was on the top floor of a highrise apartment
block - scaling it was an easy task for her genetically enhanced physique.

His cheeks blushing as he tried to hide his lower body's nudity by pushing
his chair forward and putting his legs under the computer desk.

"Ah .. Max ... errr .."

"Logan? What are you up to?" the sexy brunette cocked her head sideways
looking at Logan as he seemed to crouch in his armchair "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine .. I have important stuff to do, can you call back
later ... I'm really busy right now."

Max's eyes narrowed. It wasn't normal for Logan to act like this. He usually
loved to be around her even though they could not have any physical contact,
sometimes they'd spend hours just staring into each other's eyes after a
delicious meal, in dreamy candlelight ...

Something buzzed loudly and Max's body flowed into a fighting stance as she
looked all around to see from which direction the hidden attackers might
appear. That sound had sounded suspiciously like one of those stun wands
carried by White's people and with Logan acting strangely she had to assume
that they somehow must have gained access to his apartment and were biding
their time to capture her.

"It's ok Max, nothing to worry about" Logan was saying though she wasn't
listening to him, her ultra sensitive hearing attuned to catch any footsteps
on the wooden floor as she scanned her eyes around the apartment. The buzz
sounded again and Max located the source. Spinning around she grabbed Logan's
armchair and pulled it back. Logan, still seated, rolled across the polished
floor with a shocked look on his face as Max prepared to face the intruder
she was sure was hiding under Logan's desk, probably holding a stun wand or
gun to Logan. But there was nothing. Somewhat surprised that her usually
infallible hearing had not located the correct source of the noise she turned
back to Logan.

"Sorry, but I thought ..." her words trailed off as she saw Logan nude from
the waist down, some sort of contraption on his groin, that had again began
to buzz intensely. Her jaw dropped open, her full lips wide apart in
surprise, then the corner of her mouth twitched as her shock turned to
amusement and she began to giggle, then broke down laughing.

Logan frowned at her as he continued to try to cover himself and turn off
the sex-toy at the same time.

"Now just what are you finding funny about this situation?" he asked

"Oh my ... look at ya .." she wiped tears of mirth from the corners of her
eyes "that thing you have on you is funny, wait till I tell Original Cindy
about this!"

"Now you won't do anything of the sort Max" Logan said worried because Max
couldn't really keep secrets, even ones of utmost importance, from her
lesbian friend.

"Yes I will, shall I call her now and ask to come over ... seeing you, Eyes
Only, like this would be priceless for her."

"Max!" Logan almost shouted as she made a move for his phone, then when she
hesitated and half turned towards him he spoke quietly, "look Max, this was
meant as a surprise for you this evening, but now that you've seen it just
open the top drawer on that desk and look under the folders."

"That ... thing ... is a surprise for me?" Max was puzzled. How could a male
dildo (what the hell did they call things like that, a faux vagina!? Original
Cindy would probably know ...) be a surprise for her? She should just leave
Logan up to his perversions, but Max was as curious as a cat, not
surprisingly because she did have feline dna.

"Not this, just check out that drawer."

"This one?"

"Yeah. Now look underneath those folders."

"Hmmm ... this pink box?" She opened it and inside was something which she
recognised as being similar to a dildo, not that she had ever used one
herself, but because Orignal Cindy's drawers were full of them, an assortment
of all shapes, sizes and colors. This one was medium sized, roughly eight
inches in length, around one and a half inches thick, tan flesh colored,
complete with penis head at one end and balls at the other ... all in all a
perfect replica of a standard male cock.

Logan smiled as she picked up gingerly with two fingers and held it at arms

"Logan you're out of your mind if you think I need this. I've never used one
and I'm not gonna start now."

"That isn't a normal dildo. Here let me show you."

"Logan!?" Max gasped as Logan Cale, Eyes Only, Paladin of Justice and general
do gooder leaned back in his chair and began to touch himself right in front
of her. "This is crazy ... stop that right now" but she kept watching as
something stirred deep inside her as he began to fondle his balls and the
crazy machine stuck to his cock began to vibrate up and down.

Logan touched a button on the small control panel and the dildo Max still
held between her fingertips twitched. She yelped and almost dropped it as it
seemed to come to life on its own.

"Hey, what just happened?"

"Don't worry, it's not going to bite, just hold on to it tight."

"Ok" Max said sceptically having decided to humor Logan. The guy must have
finally gone over the edge, she was thinking to herself.

She yelped again as the dildo suddenly grew ... GREW! ... two full inches in
length and a small hatch slid open and a strange attachment rose out of the
back of the damn thing.

"What's going on here?"

"What you're seeing is a Remote Tactile Stimulatory Virtual Genitalia."


"It's a dildo that simulates my penis. This thing attached to me measures my
dimensions, movements ... fluid discharges, then transmits them to the one
you're holding which in turn replicates them very realistically. It also
does the same thing in return, transmitting back sensations of tightness,
wetness and warmth to maximize pleasure to both users. Though it probably
isn't as good as the real thing, you have to admit that in our situation,"
he said referring to the virus she carried that would kill him, "it's the
closest we're ever going to get to having sex. There I've finally said it,
Max. I love you and I want to have you now, and if this is the only way to
do it, then so be it."

Logan had finally gotten it out of his system and now he expected Max to
turn tail (a very nice tail indeed) and leave his apartment, probably never
to talk to him again.

But Max was full of surprises and she continued to stare at him silently for
several minutes as she digested what he had just said.


"I'm sorry Max, it's ok, just forget about it."

"Logan I said ok" she told him with a mischievous grin on her full lips.

"What?" Now it was Logan's turn to do a double take. When she had opened her
mouth to speak he had expected a negative reply and hadn't even heard her
say "ok" and had started excusing himself.

"Oh ... " then he grinned too, "I knew you'd understand Max, we've been
waiting for almost two years to do ..." he squawked in mid-word.

Max had raised the active dildo to her lips and planted a kiss on it,
then licked the rubbery plastic with her tongue. The sensors on the dildo
gathered this information and transmitted it instantaneously to Logan's
unit, replicating the feel of her tongue and mouth on his cock through the
use of an exotic material that could change its shape when electricity was
applied to it. The sensations were almost 75% realistic, but to Logan, they
were the real thing having abstained for so long.

Max looked at him and seeing the look of bliss on his face said, "This thing
really works!" and began to suck away at the dildo's tip.

"Max .. stop .. oh god, stop .. not so fast"

She stopped sucking the dildo. "Had enough already?"

"No, but let's do this properly. Come to the bedroom" and he got up leading
the way, his cock swaying stiffly left and right as he walked.

Max grinned as she walked behind him admiring his butt cheeks peeking out
from between the exo-skeleton struts.

"You take the bed, I'll take this couch" and he sat down on a couch placed
directly opposite the king size bed.

"What should I do now?" Max asked slightly puzzled as to what Logan expected
of her.

"Well, I guess you could undress first" he said grinning impishly, his eyes
glinting behind the spectacles that made him look so sexy and cute to Max.

Max had never undressed in front of Logan before. Oh, he'd seen her in a
bathrobe, and her tight jeans and leather outfits usually left little to the
imagination, but stripping in front of him with sex in mind ...

She hesitated a moment, then after putting the dildo down on the bed, pulled
off her tight t-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Max turned away from
him and undid her black bra, adding it to the pile on the floor.

"Turn around Max"

She did, covering her breasts with her hands shyly. Her face was flushed
now, a mixture of embarrassment and an onset of her feline heat. She forced
her hands down away from her breasts and stood there, allowing Logan to
admire their pert fullness. From his gasp and the sudden buzz given out by
the dildo, they must have been to his liking. She grinned, turning around
again, this time bending over so that her tight ass filled out her jeans to
their limit.

"Oh wow!" Logan breathed as she slowly peeled the skintight jeans off her
buttocks, revealing her ass, bare except for a thin black thong disappearing
down between her cheeks.

She stepped out of her jeans completely and her thong too, then turned around
to face Logan again who was quite red in the face and the remote dildo was
buzzing like crazy.

"You ... you .. shave ... down there?" he gasped as he looked between her
legs and saw only a fine sprinkling of pubic hair that looked like it had
been trimmed within the past couple of days.

"Yeah, it's part of Manticore personal hygiene training" puzzled why Logan
was so amazed.

"Ah .. oh ... yeah" he was grinning like a schoolboy seeing his first ever
nude woman.

Max sat on the edge of the bed and without waiting for Logan to tell her,
she spread her legs and placed the dildo against her slit. Knowing that every
sensation was being transmitted back to her lover, she moved it up and down
the length of her cunt several times, before pushing the large head into her
wet opening. With some difficulty she pushed it in for a couple of inches,
then she felt that she was too tight for the large rubber tool and stopped.

Logan was in heaven. It was just like having real sex. The tube into which
his penis was inserted was duplicating the wetness and tightness of Max's
love tunnel perfectly. He noticed that she had only pushed it in for less
than a fifth of its length. He bucked his hips forward, as if he was actually
humping her and his movements were picked up and transmitted. Max's eyes
opened wide in shock and she moaned loudly as hydraulics in the dildo rammed
at least another six inches of hard rubber into her vagina.

"Oh fuuuuccccccckkkk" she cried in ecstasy as the dildo withdrew
automatically then rammed in again, mimicking each of Logan's thrusts,
"Yeaaaaaahhhhh, fuck me, Logan, fuck me" Max moaned, as she spread her
legs as wide as they would go and clutched the bedsheets in her fists.
She could run up the entire stairway of the Space Needle without
breaking a sweat, yet now she was already coated from head to foot in
a sheen of perspiration by the sheer intensity of this novel sexual

Excited by the nineteen year old's cries, Logan continued to thrust his
hips back and forth pausing only for a moment to press another button on the
control panel. Max didn't notice the dildo's new transformation until it was
too late.

First, the attachment she had seen previously emerged again from the top.
It's purpose was to massage her clit and it did this admirably, almost
sending Max over the edge. A second attachment emerged from the bottom of
the dildo and after a couple of tries managed to penetrate Max's pink little
sphincter. As the foreign object entered her anus, the genetically enhanced
woman almost went into sexual overload. Her moans and rough panting mingled
with an occasional scream of pleasure as the dildo filled both her holes
and rubbed her clit, constantly moving in and out, in and out, as Logan
humped thin air on the couch.

For a full ten minutes Logan, glad to be in a good physical shape thanks to
his personal trainer and physiotherapist, fucked Max Guevara, virtually,
sure, by remote control, but hell, it was just as good as the real thing.
Max had already had two orgasms, he knew, because the tube attached to his
cock had pulsated rythmically twice already and secreted its entire supply
of warm liquid that simulated cunt fluids. Now he knew it wasn't going to be
long before he too would cum.

"Max" he said in a hoarse whisper, then louder, "Max"

"Yeah, Logan, continue fucking me please" she begged.

"Max I'm gonna cum! I want you to have my load"

"But I can't touch you. You know what will happen if I do."

"If we're careful we can do it. Get up from the bed and lie down on the
floor below me."

Max followed his instructions, making sure not to touch his bare skin or
fling any of her sweat on him.

"You're so beautiful" he said looking down at her nude body lying on the
floor, her golden skin glowing with sexual energy. Logan remained seated on
the couch and removed the sex-toy from his cock. It was time for a bit of
natural, do-it-yourself, fist action. Max's face, framed by her long black
hair spread over the hardwood floor, was directly underneath his cock as he
rapidly jacked himself off to an orgasm. He aimed his penis at her just as
the first blast shot out, hitting her on her cheek. Adjusting his aim, he
directed the next stream onto her luscious lips and into her open mouth. She
swallowed his seed eagerly just as the next stream splashed down her throat,
followed by several more less juicy wads.

Gurgling contentedly, cum dribbling out of the corners of her mouth, Max
sat up grinning at Logan as the dildo which she hadn't removed continued to
vibrate inside her pussy.

"Logan, let me tell you, that was awesome! Not even sex with that pizza
delivery guy while I was in heat was this good!" then she looked at a digital
clock on the wall, "Oh damn, Normal is going to go crazy, I should have been
on my shift a couple of hours ago .. gotta blaze!"

She dressed quickly and blew him a kiss, then left Logan's penthouse, leaving
him with his satisfied thoughts, having finally had sex, virtual though it
was, with the woman he loved.


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