Disclaimer/ranting: Someone else copyrights these characters; but if Cameron
sees this and likes it, feel free to make this into an episode. If you're
under 18 you stopped reading after the number and have already skipped ahead
to the story. "If I don't see it, it's not illegal."-Homer Simpson. And
since this is only a screenplay there's no soundtrack, I was just listening
to Broken while I wrote this. My script supervisor at the time, who wishes
to remain unmentioned, caught a spelling error and suggested lengthening the
motorcycle scene, which was just one line before he came along. He also
named the character of Traxler, whose original name I hated and regretted
coming up with. Bonus points if you know which James Cameron character
Traxler is. If anyone wants to put this anywhere on the internet, just try
and keep the spacing and tabs close to screenplay format and it's ok by me.
So, without wasting any more valuable masturbation time, I begin my first
published screenplay.

"If you write it, they will cum."-The Marquis de Porn

Author's commentary: This is the second edition of this script. The first
edition developed continuity errors as the Dark Angel series changed. Also
my original name for the Traxler character mistakenly appears in the first

Dark Angel: Horny Angel (FF,bond,drugs)

Second Edition Screenplay

By: Marquis de Porn

[email protected]


MAX-Jessica Alba
LOGAN-Michael Weatherly
TRAXLER-Paul Winfield

Soundtrack: Nine Inch Nails-Broken


MAX is in bed. Her eyes are closed and it looks like she is dreaming. She is
rolling around and her hands are rubbing all over her naked body. She rolls
onto her back, spreads her legs, and starts masturbating. Her face shows
more and more signs of pleasure. When it seems she's about to cum her eyes
open and she looks at her hand. She pulls her hand away and closes her legs.
She gets a very worried look on her face and gets out of bed.


MAX walks outside fully clothed. She looks around suspiciously.


MAX sniffs the air. She moans.


MAX walks in, her hair is messy. LOGAN looks at her.

Are you ok?

MAX straightens her hair a bit with her hand.

Ya, I'm just in heat again. All because of Manticore's pussycat DNA I can't
control my own pussy. And it's like there's some scent in the air today
making me even hornier.

LOGAN turns to his computer.

Well speaking of Manticore, I just got some new information. It seems that
there was a second company working with Manticore. The same type of project,
only nonmilitary. I'm not sure what they did, but I'm looking into it.

LOGAN turns around and sees MAX. She is by an open window with one hand in
her pants rubbing herself.


MAX realizes what she's doing and pulls her hand out of her pants. She looks
embarrassed and stands up.

I have to go.

MAX runs out of the room.


MAX is riding her motorcycle on a deserted road through the forest. She
suddenly stops her motorcycle in the road and takes off her helmet.


MAX hears a buzzing noise.


MAX walks to the side of the road and sees and box where the buzzing is
coming from. She picks up the box and opens it. Inside the box is a
vibrator, which is switched on and vibrating. MAX takes it out of the box
and looks at it hungrily. She bites one of the nails on her other hand and
has a worried look in her eyes. She sighs and looks up at the sky, closing
her eyes. She sits down in the grass on the side of the road. MAX unzips her
jacket and pulls the front of her shirt over her head. She rubs the vibrator
between her breasts with one hand and massages each breast with the other
hand. She uses the tip of the vibrator to trace circles around her nipples
until they're hard. Then she puts the vibrator between her legs and squeezes
it tightly with her thighs. She throws her head back and shakes her hair
back and forth. She sees her parked motorcycle and stands up. She runs
across the road, still holding the vibrator between her legs. She takes the
vibrator from between her legs and places it on the seat of her motorcycle.
She mounts the motorcycle and sits on the vibrator. She puts her hands on
the handlebars and guns the engine, causing the entire motorcycle to
vibrate. She leans back screaming with passion as the revs the engine over
and over. Eventually she stops and gets off the motorcycle. She pulls her
pants down to her knees and Sticks the vibrator in her pussy. She sits down
again, pushing it all the way in. after a few seconds her eyes open wide and
she gasps. She pulls the vibrator out and looks at it. There is a needle
sticking out of the tip of the vibrator. She breaks the vibrator in half and
the inside contains a syringe, which is now empty, and a remote controlled
device to trigger the injection. MAX drops the vibrator and collapses.


MAX wakes up and finds herself strapped to a table. She struggles against
her restraints to no avail. Then a man enters the room wearing a nametag
that reads TRAXLER. He stands over MAX and takes her wallet out of her
pocket. He looks at her ID.

So, you're calling yourself Max.

This doesn't look like a Manticore lab. There's no guns for one thing.

This project isn't military.

Well I thought Manticore was all about creating genetic super soldiers to
take over the world.

Manticore is a business; it's all about profit. And profit is not short
term here.

Unstoppable trasngenic armies not paying the bills?

You're still thinking short term. People will only buy what there's a market
for. Once Manticore created armies conquer the world and are installed as a
global police force, what's next. If one highest paying customer has ultimate
power, then there's no war, no terrorism, no crime, Manticore would be out of
business. That's why this half of Manticore was created.

So what do you do here?

Well, after military and medical applications are exhausted, there's only
one profitable thing we can create. You.

Well you already made one of me, project's over so you can let me go.

But you don't work perfectly or perpetually. You're working right now, but
not very efficiently. And we want you to work more than a few times a year.

What are you talking about?

Your feline genes, to ones that send your hormones off the charts. We want
perfect looking women who can be horny and profitable all the time.

Are you saying you want to create genetically enhanced super whores?

Exactly. We've never been able to get it exactly right though. That's why
we used your hormones against you to bring you back. That scent in the air,
the syringe in the vibrator, all part of our plan. And now we're going to
upgrade you, sexually speaking. If the experiment works, we'll have a
product that will always be in demand.

TRAXLER injects something into MAX and everything fades to black.


Max is restrained against a wall in an empty room with a mirror at the end
of the room opposite Max. She looks at the mirror as though she is looking
straight through it to the people she knows are watching her. Max is naked
and only her wrists and ankles are covered by the metal restraints holding
her tightly to the wall. Her arms are above her head and her legs are spread
apart. A door opens and TRAXLER comes in as Max wakes up.

We completed the experiments Max.

Great, then lets get me down from here and get me some clothes so I can
start kicking you ass and escaping.

No, I have to perform a few tests first, to make sure the experiments were
successful. After the first test is over, if you still want to try and
escape, then we failed again anyway. However if the experiment worked,
you'll have no desire to leave.

TRAXLER reaches up and touches MAX'S hand. He strokes the palm of her hand
and watches her face. She shudders and sighs with pleasure. TRAXLER removes
his hand.

Increased sensitivity on skin surface, check.

TRAXLER licks one of his fingers and places it on MAX'S lips. He strokes her
lips with his finger and MAX opens her mouth slightly. She licks the tip of
his finger as it moves around. She moans and licks her lips and he takes his
finger away.

Increased response to oral stimulation, check.

TRAXLER takes both of MAX'S breasts in his hands and squeezes them. MAX
moves her head from side to side, moaning and breathing heavily. TRAXLER
rubs her breasts with his hands and circles her nipples with his thumbs. MAX
arches her back as much as she can. TRAXLER pinches her erect nipples,
twisting and pulling them. MAX begins struggling against her restraints.
TRAXLER stops for a moment and MAX looks at him disappointedly. He then
slaps the bottom of her left breast and watches it jiggle. Max tosses her
head back against the wall and groans.

Increase in mammary and nipple sensitivity, more than expected, make a note
of that.

TRAXLER reaches between MAX and the wall and grabs her ass. MAX moves her
hips, trying to press herself into his hand. He pulls his hand out. He puts
his hand between her legs and rubs her pussy. MAX struggles against her
restraints more fervently than ever. TRAXLER reaches back between her legs,
fingering her asshole with one finger, and finding her clit with his thumb.
MAX moans and screams in pleasure. TRAXLER stops and removes his hand. MAX
looks at him with desperation on her face. TRAXLER reaches behind MAX'S back
with one hand and pulls her as far away from the wall as her restraints will
allow. With the other hand he slaps the side of her ass, and at the same
time, lets go of her back. MAX'S back goes back against the wall. MAX looks
upward, panting and straining to get free.

All initial tests were successful. Send the data back to the lab.

TRAXLER leaves the room for a moment and returns carrying a bag.

Well, Max, the first test is over. We're going to release you now. You can
do two things. You could easily fight you way out of her and escape. We
really only have guards at the perimeter of the complex, so escape would be
simple. Or if you wanted to, when we release you from the wall, you could
just lie down on the floor here and masturbate.

TRAXLER puts a finger on MAX'S neck and runs it down between her breasts to
her bellybutton. He stands back and MAX'S restraints unhook. MAX stands
ready for fight for several seconds. She is breathing fast. Then she sighs
and collapses on the floor with one hand between her legs and the other on
her breasts. She wiggles all over the floor, moaning and screaming and
touching herself everywhere. The whole time it seems like she will cum any
second. After several minutes she stops and sprawls out on the floor,
groaning and whimpering. TRAXLER opens the bag and takes out a small
flesh-colored dildo and holds it in front of MAX. She grabs it and starts
thrusting it in and out of her pussy immediately. She gets on her hands and
knees and tries doing it that way. She tries humping against the dildo with
her legs closed, and again with them open. Eventually she gives up and lies
on the floor panting from exhaustion and looking like she's about to cry.
TRAXLER spills the entire contents of the bag onto the floor. Dildos and
vibrators and all shapes, sizes, and colors roll across the floor. MAX pulls
the first dildo out of her pussy and scrambles to pick up as many large ones
as she can. She first picks up a large pink vibrator, turns it on and sticks
it in her ass. Then she grabs a long, thick, black dildo and puts it in her
pussy. Next she gets a long thin flesh-colored dildo and pushes it as far
down her throat as it will go. Lastly she tries to fit more dildos in her
pussy and thrusts with the large black one already inside her, trying even
harder than before. After a few minutes the batteries on the pink vibrator
run out. MAX pulls all the toys out of her body and curls up on the floor
moaning softly.

Second test completed. Results: no form of stimulation will cause the
subject to orgasm.

MAX rolls over and looks up at TRAXLER.

What did you do to me?

First we permanently increased your hormone levels so you'll be
uncontrollably horny all the time. In order to ensure that this is permanent,
we took away your ability to orgasm. That way you will constantly desire
sexual stimulation. This is because your body will always feel that just a
little more stimulation will give you an orgasm. But as you have just proven,
nothing will give you an orgasm. But we're not done yet. If we let you go now
you'll just spend the rest of your life masturbating, and that's not
profitable for us. So we need to make sure you'll want to find male customers
who can pay you.

I'll never work for you. I don't even have to charge money, no matter what
you do to me.

Perhaps, but just as you would rather use you energy masturbating than
fighting, we will make you want to return to us with profit in hand.

TRAXLER takes a pill out of his pocket and gives it to MAX.

When you bring us enough money we'll give you one of these pills. They
won't let you orgasm, but they will relieve your horniness for a few minutes.

MAX swallows the pill and suddenly relaxes.

There, see, I think you'll work very hard for us in order to get these
pills. After a while you'll be desperate for just a few minutes of relief.
It'll be decades before anyone but us develops these pills, so don't bother
trying to find another way to get them.

MAX just lies on the floor, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

Now for the third test, to make sure you'll want men who can pay you.

TRAXLER takes a container out of his pocket.

Is the pill wearing off yet?

MAX looks up at him and shakes her head in the affirmative. TRAXLER hands
the container to her.

Drink that.

MAX drinks it. She closes her eyes, smiles, and moans.

It makes me feel good but it doesn't make me any less horny.

That's exactly how you're supposed to respond to it. That was semen and now
you're addicted to it. Even if you get used to being horny and frustrated
all the time, which I doubt you ever will, this will keep you working.
You'll respond to semen as the most pleasurable thing that you can get,
since you can't have orgasms. At best this will provide a momentary
distraction from you constant sexual frustration. Now we will test what you
are willing to do just to get some semen. Now for this test, you must keep
in mind, no matter what you do we will not give you another relief pill.
You're just working for sperm this time.

TRAXLER laughs.

I'm sure you want to kill me right now for what I've done to you. And
that's why this is the perfect time to test your obedience.

TRAXLER unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.

If you're going to be good girl and do as I order, then signify that by
kneeling in front of me and licking my balls.

MAX gets on her knees in front of TRAXLER. She closes her eyes and starts
licking his balls. As she licks she gets more aroused and starts sucking his
balls into her mouth. TRAXLER grabs his cock with his hand and rubs it on
MAX'S face as she licks. He rubs it all over her cheeks and forehead and
eyes. Sometimes he moves fast, slapping her face with his cock as it gets
harder. The more he does, the more it turns MAX on, and the more fervently
she licks. Eventually he grabs MAX by the hair and pulls her away. He looks
down at her. MAX is licking her lips and staring at his cock.

Get on your hands and knees.

MAX gets on her hands and knees facing away from TRAXLER. TRAXLER kneels
down behind her and grabs her ass. He moves forward slightly and starts
fucking her ass. She rocks back and forth, slamming into him as hard as she
can. TRAXLER slaps her ass each time she thrusts toward him. Each time he
thrusts forward his balls slap against her pussy and he hears a little
scream from MAX. He stops fucking her and holds her ass against him. He
moves his hips in little circles, rubbing his balls against her pussy. MAX
moans and tries to reach between her legs but TRAXLER grabs her hand.

Oh, Max, do you want me to fuck your aching pussy for you?

MAX looks back at him submissively

Yes, please.

TRAXLER puts her hand back on the floor.

No, Max. Your ass is so tight, I think I'll just cum right here, instead of
letting you taste me.

TRAXLER resumes fucking MAX'S ass.

Do you want that Max? Do you want me to cum in your ass?


Well where do you want me to cum Max? Beg for me to fuck you where you want

I want you to fuck my face and cum in my mouth. Please, I need to taste
your cum, it's the only pleasure I can have. Just let me suck you and eat
your cum, please.

Ok, I'll let you suck my cock. But when I cum I want you to keep your mouth
closed while I cum on your face. Then I'll decide if you can taste it.

TRAXLER stopped fucking MAX'S ass and stood up. MAX kneeled in front of him
and started sucking his cock. She took it as far down her throat as it would
go as soon as she got it. She bobbed her head back and forth as fast as she
could. The whole time she flicked her tongue back and forth and kept her
lips tight around his cock. TRAXLER grabbed her hair and moved her head as
he wanted to, finally pulling her head away and pinching her lips shut with
the other hand. He let go of her and she reached up to stroke his cock as he
started cumming. MAX struggled to obey orders and keep her lips closed as
she watched his cum shoot toward her face, landing in her hair, on her eyes
and all around her lips and face. When TRAXLER was done cumming he wiped his
cock on her forehead and looked down at her.

Tell me how much you want to eat it all, but don't eat any while your

MAX opened her eyes and looked up at him pleadingly.

Please, you've taken away all the pleasure I can have except this. Just let
me taste your cum. I need to swallow all of it. Please, I've followed all
your humiliating orders, just let me have this. I'll do anything; I'll work
for you and be your whore. Just let me lick my face clean, please.

TRAXLER zipped up his pants.

Ok, go ahead.

MAX first licked her lips. Then she used one finger to wipe her face clean
bit by bit. She got as much as she could from her hair and everything from
her face. By the time she was done TRAXLER was standing in the open doorway.

We have one last test to perform. We designed some male specimens for the
same purpose as you. They have increased stamina, girth, and length. We also
increased the amount of semen they produce when they ejaculate, which you
should enjoy. We're going to test if you can keep up with them sexually.

TRAXLER moved aside and five naked and obviously genetically enhanced men
entered to room.

If they can't keep up with you we'll give you another pill to relieve your
frustration. But they're designed to go for hours without stopping, so
you'll really have to work hard this time.



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