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Summary: Max goes into heat and runs into some old friends.

Dark Angel: Heated Encounter (MFF)
by Sup Man ([email protected])

Rain poured down from the overcast night sky, pounding down against Max's
apartment window. The sound was all too familiar to Max, but that fact didn't
keep it from bringing down her already foul mood. With a scowl she watched
the streams of water cascade down the glass face of her window. She hated
it. There was a pile of scrap sheet metal just outside her window and when it
rained hard enough, the pounding would remind her of the sound of distant
gunfire that seemed to play soundtrack to her nightmares of Manticore, which
then brought her to the reality of her current dilemma.

It was the dead of winter and it was cold. Almost cold enough to snow, but
the Seattle weather seemed to produce only the most miserable of weather;
just bordering on freezing, but allowing the still liquid precipitation to
chill even her transgenic constitution to the bone. Living in an apartment
with no heater didn't help any either, but that wasn't Max's problem -- she
was anything but cold, she was burning up.

Something had been off all day for Max. She had thought she was simply
overdue for a good night's rest, so she headed straight home after work.
Hoping to catch up on the sleep she so sorely needed, she jumped into bed
and quickly fell into a dream filled slumber.

The fading memory of her dream was still lingering in her mind, she had been
on a mission for Logan, taking down a local group of mercenaries, or maybe it
was drug dealers. What she did remember was that the mission had taken a turn
for the worse and she had ended up captured. Bound and gagged, the group of
men started to do horrible things to her, horribly delicious things to her.

"Ungh," Max groaned and shook the thought away. It had been so real; she
could still feel their hands roaming over her, holding her down as they
forced themselves onto her. She had woken up gasping in a cold sweat the
truth painfully obvious to her: she was in heat.

That was almost an hour ago and now she sat alone in her apartment, in her
hands the note Cindy had left her informing her roommate she had taken off
for the night to hook up with some "lickity chick." Nobody was around to help
her; nobody was going to stop her from making the same mistake she had made
so many times before.

Tightening the blue bathrobe she had thrown on after her second cold shower,
she watched the cracked clock that hung from the far wall. With each
painfully slow tick of the second Max could feel herself losing resolve. Her
hand rested on her naked thigh, her fingers gently tapping the inside of her
leg in rhythm with the clock's second hand.

Burying her head in her free hand Max let out a soft whimper, it had only
been an hour and she was already losing it. Her hand inched further up her
thigh and her mind raced. What was she going to do? The need was already
almost too much to bear. Pressing her head against the wood table she wracked
her brain for a way out. She could tie herself up, lock herself in her room
for the next three days. She laughed at the thought, with her luck someone
would find her and then she would really be fucked.

Logan. There was always Logan, he could help her. Maybe he had some sort of
tranquilizer, maybe. No, she couldn't let him see her like this. She couldn't
risk being near him like this, not when one touch meant death.

Maybe there was no point in fighting it. Maybe she should just find some
stranger on the street and get it over with.Maybe just give some random dude
the time of his life in some back alley. With that thought her hand slipped
up her thigh and between her legs.

"God," Max whimpered and hunched over the chair, her face still buried in the
sleeves of the oversized bathrobe. Her fingers slid up and down her wet slit
before finding her swollen clit. Max bit down on her pouty lower lip. This
wasn't helping, this wouldn't help anything. She knew the momentary relief
she could bring herself would be fleeting and the heat would only return
stronger than ever.

Mike, Matt, she wasn't sure of his name but he had moved into the apartment
three doors down last week. He and two friends; they seemed close, very
close. Max gasped as she let a finger slip inside her, she was so wet and
tight. It had been so long since anyone had touched her, too long.

Panting, she squirmed in her seat, her strong finger working in and out of
her dripping pussy. Her legs curled up and tightened around her hand. All she
had to do was walk over there and they could be giving her the good hard
fucking she so desperately needed. Another digit slipped inside her, her
body convulsed around her fingers until she had to bite down the soft sleeve
of the bathrobe to muffle the cry of pleasure.

Then her mind wandered to the inevitable, Alec. He was out there somewhere,
just a phone call away. He was attractive enough -- Manticore made sure of
that -- and he was transgenic. He was stronger, faster and with more
endurance than any man.

Max's toes curled as a spasm of pleasure ran down her back, gasping she moved
her fingers faster. She had never been with a transgenic before. He could
bend her over this very table, and instead of her two fingers his hard cock
could be slamming into her. He would do it, she knew he would, she saw the
way he looked at her when he thought she wasn't paying attention. One phone
call. just one call.

"Fuck!" Max cried out, her fingers franticly rubbing over her over sensitized
flesh, driving inside of her tight pussy. She pictured Alec behind her,
holding and squeezing her ass tightly as he drove his cock into her, slamming
into her harder and harder with every thrust. Three doors down she could be
pressed up against three men filling her body with their cocks, six hands
touching her, massaging her, three mouths sucking on her heated flesh. Or she
could be tied up in Logan's penthouse, unable to move as he teased her aching
body from afar.

"Ohgod," she whimpered feeling her body convulse. She pushed her fingers
deeper, rubbing the sensitive inner walls of her body. She was so close,
crying out she arched her body, her free hand grabbing the side of the
flimsily table causing it to shake. "Ohhhgod," she cried, her hips thrusting
down against her hand. And then just as she was reaching her release it was
ripped away by a loud strong knock on the apartment door.

Max's eyes went wide with surprise, her head snapping towards the door to
stare at it in shock. Her hand flew from underneath her robe as if someone
had caught her in the act. The violent, jerky motion sent her tipping back on
her chair. Kicking her legs out did little to help as she tumbled backward
landing in a heap on the floor.

Panting, her heart racing she stared in disbelief at the door before looking
around the room as if someone was playing a cruel joke on her. Another loud
knock snapped her attention back to the door.

"Who..." she whimpered out, unable to find her voice. Her body still reeling,
still waiting for that climax it so desired. Taking a deep breath she tried
to regain her composure. Picking herself up she tightened the robe again as
another hard knock rang out from the door. She knew opening it was going to
be a mistake, but her curiosity got the better of her.

"Kendra?" Max squeaked out in shock seeing her blonde haired friend stood on
the other side of the door. Her gaze shifted sideways to the man standing
beside her. "And Walter," Max backed up and tightened her robe again. Her
body almost immediately began reacting to the presence of a male.

Taking Max's withdrawal as an invitation Kendra wasted no time in entering
her old apartment and enveloping her friend in a tight hug. Walter followed
behind oblivious to the lustful stare he was receiving from Max.

"It's been too long," Kendra said pulling away from Max and giving her a once
over, "you still look great as always."

Tearing her eyes away from Walter, Max turned her attention to her
ex-roommate. She landed a nice job in Portland last year, Walter had been
able to talk his way into a transfer, and almost as fast as the blonde had
stumbled into Max's life she was gone. They hadn't talked much since then, a
few phone calls and some letters here and there but with all that had been
going on in her life it had been hard to keep in touch. So why in the world
was she here now of all times?

"I know, I know," Kendra said with a smile, seemingly just happy to see her
friend again. "You were supposed to meet us at Walter's brother's place for
dinner but we were in the area and I knew there was no way you had gotten rid
of your baby so I figured why not stop by and give you a ride over too? Save
you the trouble of driving through his storm ya'know?"

Max blinked, still utterly confused, the aching between her legs not helping
any. Dinner? Dinner with Kendra and Walter? No, no, no, how could she have
forgotten?! Tilting her head Max peered into the kitchen staring in horror at
the Jam Pony Calendar Normal had so graciously given to her for Christmas. On
today's date, in bright red marker read "Dinner: Kendra."

They had made the plans a month ago. Kendra was coming up to visit family and
she wanted a chance to catch up with Max face to face. Kendra thought it
would also be the perfect time to prove to Max that Walter wasn't the same
corrupt asshole cop she thought he was.

"I can't." Max blurted out without thinking. There was no way, no way in hell
she could. She had to stay home and tie herself up or knock herself out. This
wasn't the time for a fucking dinner party.

"What?" came Kendra's shocked reply, "Why?"

Max gave the question a moment of thought. Why? Because I'm a genetic freak
who wants nothing more than to run over to your boyfriend rip his pants off
and ride him until I die. Max remained silent.

"Please," Kendra asked sadly. "I don't wanna have to wait another nine months
to see you again."

Maybe it was the disappointment in Kendra's eyes or the sadness in her voice,
but for the first time since she had realized she was in heat Max had a clear
thought. Maybe guilt was the cure to heat and maybe it wasn't as bad as she
thought. Maybe having something to do other than fantasize about the men in
her life would help her beat this bitch.

Max nodded, "Okay,"

"Yes!" Kendra squealed in delight. "Get changed, Walter and I will be waiting
out here." Max nodded again and keeping her head down she made her way into
her room to change.

Sighing heavily Max leaned back against her bedroom door. She could hear them
outside, creaking on her floor board whenever they took a step. With a shrug
of her shoulders she let the soft blue bathrobe fall off her slender frame.
Bare, she stepped up to the cracked full body mirror that leaned against the
wall and took in the sight of her tight, tanned body. Her breasts were
swollen, her nipples hard. Goosebumps formed over her flat stomach and she
had to fight the urge to let her hand travel any lower to the wetness between
her legs. Maybe this wasn't a good idea after all.

"Fridge still full as ever, eh Max."

Hearing Kendra's muffled sarcasm through her bedroom door was enough to break
the mirror's spell. She had to do this, she could control herself. Walter was
one of her closest friend's boyfriends. No way would she ever let herself
destroy one of her best friendships for a quick fuck. She had this, easy as
pie. Turning on her heel she grabbed some clothes from her closet.

* * *

Thankfully the ride to Walter's brother's place went by quickly. Max spending
her time huddled in the back staring blankly out the back window while Kendra
went on about her new job and apartment. In no time at all they were pulling
up to a middle class suburban home.

"Walter's brother is outta' town for the week at a police conference," Kendra
said spinning around to face Max. "We have the house all to ourselves. Come

Joyful as always Kendra wasted no time in jumping out of the car and making a
quick dash for the door. Max followed behind, pulling her leather jacket
tighter around her body protecting to herself from the onslaught of rain. The
house was nice, warm and inviting. In fact the entire neighborhood seemed
that way. It wasn't that far from where she lived but still, it almost seemed
like the pulse never happened here.

Inside Kendra gave Max a quick tour while Walter warmed up the dinner they
had prepared. Soon enough, the three of them were sitting at the large dining
table with a plate of Kendra's specialty, pasta tricolore, in front of them.

Eyeing the pasta Max couldn't help but remember the first time Kendra had
tried to help her cook. She had taught her to make this very same dish in
hopes it would, in Kendra's own elegant terms, turn Logan into her sex slave.
Shuddering at the thought she took another sip of her wine.

With her legs crossed tightly against each other Max ate quietly. Her
movements mechanical and forced she tried to focus on the food and
conversation instead of the older, slightly overweight man that sat across
from her. With military precision she chewed her food, never letting herself
look at Walter for more than ten seconds, she smiled and nodded as Kendra
went on about her new life.

A new job, a new apartment, Kendra genuinely seemed happy and that in turn
made Max happy. Maybe it was the hormones but even Walter wasn't getting on
her nerves; although she could definitely do without the loving glances they
kept sneaking at each other.

Dodging questions about her own personal life Max quickly learned what her
friend's new life entailed. Kendra told her excitedly about her job as an
assistant to the assistant chief of police, all the way to how Walter had
been able to transfer to Portland to be with her, and his change of heart
after his run in with Eyes Only. He was actually helping out genuine members
of Eyes Only informant net in order to try to make up for his past misdeeds,
a fact he seemed genuinely proud of. Maybe Max had been wrong about him.

Dinner wound down, Max had hoped it would mean the end of the night but
apparently they had other plans. Max uneasily followed them both into the
living room where Walter was more than happy to show her his brother's new
big screen TV.

It was Kendra that decided for all them that they were going to watch a
movie, choosing a pre-pulse action flick from the decently sized collection.

"I heard it was a classic?" Kendra said responding to Walter's questioning
glance. "And besides I doubt you or Max wanna watch some chick flick."
Jumping down on the single couch that sat in the room Kendra asked Walter to
put the disc in. "and could you get me a blanket? It's cold in here." She
added with a smile.

Walter snorted, but put the disk in and left the room in search of a blanket.

"See, I trained him well," Kendra laughed, earning smile from Max. "Now come
sit down,"

Easing herself down on the far side of the sofa Max immediately knew this was
a bad idea. Walter had no choice but to sit between the two girls, just
inches away from Max's rapidly warming body. Re-entering the room he did just
that, sitting down he spread out the oversized quilt he had apparently stolen
from a giant. The large blanket fell softly on top of Max, himself and

"Good?" he asked.

"Great," came Kendra's reply.

Max swallowed hard, not good. She shifted uncomfortably as the movie started
the play. This wasn't good at all. The ride over, dinner, she seemed to have
her body under control, but now under this huge blanket, so close to a man,
that was all thrown out the window. Her heart raced, thinking of all the
wonderful things she could do under this blanket.

Just watch the movie Max; just watch the movie, she repeated over in her
head. A soft whimper escaping her lips when on screen appeared a strong
muscular half naked action stars. Ohgod, she wanted to sob. She shifted
again, this time, to her horror her foot pressed up against Walter's leg.

"Sorry," she muttered softly and pulled her foot back slightly, he seemingly
never even noticed. She sat like that for nearly ten minutes, her gaze
transfixed on a spot of the floor, her heart pounding so hard she thought it
was going to explode in her chest. She couldn't take it, she had to do

Without thinking she let her foot slide over just a few inches so her toes
where touching Walter's thigh. It wasn't much, but even such little contact
felt good. She nearly screamed when she felt Walter's hand come down on her

Holding the arm rest tightly Max began to panic. What the hell was he doing?
What the hell was she doing?! Hormones surged and she could feel her legs
quiver with desire, she needed this so badly. Closing her eyes she did the
unthinkable and reached down and gently grabbed his hand.

Walter shifted, seemingly just as surprised as she was. Max, still refusing
to look at him, guided his hand up her calve then her thigh. Even through her
cargo pants his touch was setting her a blaze. Reaching her goal she pulled
loose the draw string of her pants and guided his fingers beneath her cloth
barriers to her heated flesh.

That first touch of his calloused fingers to her swollen aching body was
almost enough to make her scream. It took all of her remaining willpower to
remain quiet, her fingers dinging deeply into the sofa's cushions as a soft
whimper escaped her mouth. Her hand shaking Max let go of him, letting him do
as he pleased. Tentative at first, he quickly got comfortable.

Max swallowed down another moan as Walter's fingers began playing with her.
His rough stubby digits ran up and down her swollen flesh, teasing her before
brushing against her engorged clit. Her eyes pinched tightly shut Max leaned
back against the sofa, her legs spreading as far as she dared with Kendra so
near. She gently shifted her hips against his hand, almost panting, quick,
harsh breaths hissing through her clenched teeth she silently prayed Kendra
wouldn't notice.

Max's mouth went wide in shock as finally one of Walter's fingers dared to
push against her tight opening. Coughing to cover the soft moan that she
hadn't been able to hold back she curled her body tightly only to push back
against the sofa as Walter slid his finger deeper into her.

What was she doing? Max's conscience questioned, finally deciding to rear its
head. What the hell was she doing?! Walter's finger slid into her deeper,
curling up inside her body. Her stomach convulsed in response to the spasm of
pleasure that ran from between her legs all the way up her spine. Her head
arched back slightly and she gasped, the strain of holding back not helping
her, a light cover of sweat began to cover her exposed skin.

Again he pushed deeper inside of her, Max's body jerking back against his
hand. She gripped the blanket covering her body, desperate to hold onto
anything, to remain in control. Glancing over with the corner of her eye she
finally looked at Walter. He was the picture of nonchalance, he was leaned
over slightly, but his attention was seemed to be completely on the movie
playing in front of him. Just past him Kendra sat unknowingly, cuddled up
against Walter, his free hand holding hers.

Max couldn't believe she was doing this to her friend. She couldn't
believe -- Walter pushed another finger inside of her breaking her thought.
She wasn't going to be able to hold back for long, his fingers were quickly
pushing her to the edge. His strokes were faster now, his two fingers
plunging in and out of her tight, wet pussy leaving Max unable to think or
move; her body rocking slightly against his hand as she panted for breath.
She could feel it, the tingling of pressure ready to explode from between
her legs; she was so close, so very close.

All day it had been building inside of her, all day, and now finally after so
much teasing and if only for a moment she was going to find relief. She
gasped, and grinded her hips against his fingers, thankful for the loud music
from the tv hiding her moans. Max bit her lip in anticipation, her entire
body coiling up like a spring ready to burst. She was going to cum and
scream; her body realizing that with all the build up she would squeeze
Walter's fingers until he thought they would break. There would be no hiding
it, no denying what just happened. Kendra would know and she would hate her
for it.

Kendra would hate her. Kendra would hate her.

No. Max couldn't. Even so very close the intense guilt seemed to clear her
mind for just a moment. No, she couldn't do this. Abruptly and without
warning Max pulled Walter's hand from between her legs and jumped off the
couch and away from the man sitting beside her.

"Gotta' go to the washroom," Max muttered out, suddenly very aware of the two
sets of eyes on her.

* * *

The cold water felt good splashing against her burning skin. Looking up from
the bathroom sink Max stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair was slightly
disheveled, her face flush, her pouty lips swollen and red. She had to laugh
at the absurdity of the entire situation.

"You can do this," she told herself. Splashing her face again with another
hand full of cold water she gave her reflection a determined look and headed
back out to the her friends.

Hold onto the guilt Maxie, she told herself. Kendra will hate you; no man is
worth that, not even in heat. Sitting back down she kept her body stiff and
rigid, fully prepared to watch out the rest of the movie just like this. But
fate and Walter had other plans.

She nearly jumped out of her seat when she felt Walter's hand skirt across
the couch, under the blankets to rest against her thigh. The little self
control she had gained from her little prep talk was fleeting and she could
feel her body once again warm up at the thought of his fingers once more
against her skin. But Max wouldn't have it, she couldn't.

Reaching down she grabbed his hand, this time to try to stop him. She had to
stop him. Turning to face him she was shocked to find Kendra staring right at
her, a small smile on her face.

"I never thought," Kendra said a slightly embarrassed look on her face. "I

"Wha--?" Max stuttered out, did she know? Oh god she was screwed. Then she
noticed the slow, soft movements under the blankets on Walter's lap. Kendra
was leaned over him, both of her hands down there doing something. Max looked
up at Kendra in shock, her heart slamming against her chest again.

Kendra smiled back at her. "I never thought you'd be open to something like
this Max. I've always wanted to try and who better than you to try it with?"
Kendra pulled down the blanket and Max's eyes went wide.

Walter's long, thick cock sat just inches from her, Kendra's hands gently
stroking him. Max couldn't look away, suddenly feeling light headed. This
couldn't really be happening could it? It had to be some kind of heat induced

"His nickname is Mr. Multiples for a reason Max." Kendra said. Max swallowed
hard and held back the urge to pounce on him right there and then. "And I'm
willing to share." Kendra added before leaning over, her mouth opening she
took the head of his cock into her mouth sucking on it as she stroked his

Max stared in disbelief, watching her friend suck another man's cock. Her
body began to ache, as Walter's cock twitched and pulsed to life, quickly
hardening in Kendra's mouth. Fully erect, Kendra pulled away and looked up
at Max. "It's okay, Max."

Max couldn't stop herself. She was so wet, so ready; she needed this more
than anything in her life. Bending over she moved closer to the two of them.
Kendra reached out and took her hand, dragging it against Walter's cock. Max
gasped and stroked him slowly, making sure to feel every inch of them. She
was taken by surprise when Kendra leaned in and kissed her, her tongue
pushing into hers. Separating Kendra guided Max's head down into Walter's

Licking her lips, she opened her mouth. Her tongue darted out to taste to tip
of his cock, earning a loud moan from Walter. The taste of him was
intoxicating and Max needed more. Stroking him faster she took more of him
into her warm, wet mouth. Moaning around his cock as she flicked her tongue
out against him, his hand reached around to her ass, squeezing and groping
her as she worked over his cock with her mouth. Kendra watched on, pleased,
her hands holding Max's head helping her guide those pouty lips down on her
boyfriend's cock.

With frantic pace Max jerked Walter, her mouth sucking and licking the tip of
this cock. She pushed her ass up into his groping hands moaning wildly,
instinct and hormones taking over. Noticing her friend's eager attitude
Kendra reached over and helped pull down her cargo pants.

Gasping Max felt the cool air brush against her bare ass, as Walter's
familiar fingers began to skim over her swollen flesh. Ripping her mouth away
from his dick Max crawled up the sofa ready to mount Walter and fuck him
until she passed out, only to be stopped by the feeling of Kendra's hands
grabbing her hips, guiding her to a different position.

Tossing her leg over Walter's leg Max knelt above him, her back to him, his
cock standing proud just inches away from her waiting body. Kendra's hands
pulled Max's hips forward until Walter's cock was so close to her she could
feel the heat from his body radiate onto her.

Now face to face, Kendra smiled at her friend and dipped her head in for
another kiss. Max kissed back moaning, not caring whose tongue she was
sucking on just that it felt good. "Ohgod," Max moaned as Kendra's hand
cupped her burning heat, her fingers circling around her swollen lips before
sliding into her.

"You're so tight and wet." Kendra moaned pulling back a mischievous grin on
her face. Pulling out of her she rested her hands on Max's hips and pushed

"Mmmh," Max cried, feeling Walter's cock press against her wet entrance. Her
eyes rolled back as she sank down on him, her body stretching to accommodate
him. "Ummm," she cried pushing down against him.

Kendra's sealed her lips against Max's mouth once again muffling another
scream of pleasure. Walter's hands covered Kendra's holding to her, helping
her impale Max onto his stiff shaft. With jerky, strained movements Max
reached out, holding onto Kendra as another inch of cock filled her.

Panting Max stopped moving, her eyes still pinched tightly. Kendra's hands
left her hips traveling up her body catching the bottom hem of Max's shirt in
her fingers, pealing the last piece of clothing Max was wearing off of her
tanned body.

"OHhhh," Max cried and lifted herself slightly, only to slide back down onto
Walter's cock. Shuddering with every movement she began to ride him. Naked
and exposed, Walter's stomach pushing against the small of her back forcing
her to arch her body into Kendra's waiting hands.

Kendra kissed and licked her way up Max's flat stomach, teasing her navel for
a moment before moving up, her lips sealing around one hard nipple, sucking
and nibbling on the tender bud of flesh. Her free hand caressing Max's other

Gasping, Max couldn't catch her breath; her hips now lifting up and down,
bouncing up on top of Walter's cock, driving him deeper and deeper inside
her. She let go of Kendra reaching behind her onto the sofa holding on to
dear life as her body arched and she slammed herself down onto the hard cock
inside of her.

"Fuck," Max breathed. "Ohhgod," Again and again she drove herself down.

Kendra dragged her teeth away from Max's breast, and licked her way up to
Max's neck, before catching her ear between her lips. "I told you he was
good," she whispered huskily. Max's body tensed, then spasmed, sweaty and
slick Walter struggled to hold onto her thighs as she rode him hard and fast.

"Fuckme," Max whimpered feeling her orgasm near. A soft purring sound
emanating from her chest ran down her body, a soft shiver of pleasure with it
running all the way down to her toes.

Kendra watched in amazement as her friend's body convulsed, small tremors of
pleasure coursing through her body. Wanting nothing more but to help her
friend enjoy herself she reached down between her legs; her fingers barely
touching Max's swollen clit sending her over the edge.

A deep throaty gasp, followed by a scream, as Max came hard. Her legs jerked
together and her body nearly bounced off the sofa. Walter wrapped his hands
tightly around Max's stomach holding her still as her orgasm violently washed

"Fuck, ohhh," she cried unable to control her spasming body. "MMmm,"

Holding onto her tightly Walter lifted his legs, giving him enough space to
continue to slam into her from behind. Not letting up he continued to drive
himself into her. Following his lead Kendra sank down onto his knees, her
face level with Max's soaking wet pussy she leaned forward capturing Max's
clit in her mouth. She could feel the vibrations of Max's orgasm roll though
her as she began sucking and licking on the over sensitized bud of flesh.

"Ohhh," Max whimpered, her body being overwhelmed by the sensations.

Walter's hips jumped up off the coach, his body slapping against Max's again
and again. Unable to keep up Kendra pulled away, watching in awe as her
boyfriend slammed into Max's perfect body.

"I can't." Max cried, her body still spasming from her first orgasm she could
already feel the second quickly building, "Ohgod, please."

Grunting Walter pushed harder, his arms holding tightly around Max's petite
waist. His legs and back screamed at him to stop, he knew he couldn't keep
this up. Holding Max tightly he leaned forward, pushing Max to his side and
onto her stomach. His cock still buried deep inside her he leaned over her,
pushing her body hard into the sofa holding her down he finally had the
leverage to really fuck her.

With one hard thrust he drove into her, causing Max to scream out, her face
buried deep in the sofa's cushion, she came again. Pulling almost all the way
out of her, Walter drove back in, using his entire body to slam into her
convulsing pussy.

Max was seeing stars. Stretching her body out she pushed her ass up, giving
him a better angle to drive into her with is long, hard, slow strokes. Her
entire body was tingling and she could barely think. Exhausted and covered in
sweat she blacked out. Walter's loud grunting as he came was the last thing
she heard.

* * *

Max's eyes snapped open, her body tensed as she jerked awake. Alone on the
sofa she looked around, squinting from the sun glaring in from one of the
windows. Pulling the blanket around her naked body she sat up, memories of
last night coming back to her.

"God," She groaned and buried her head in her hands. Of all the people it had
to have been Walter. "Ungh," she groaned again; next time she was just going
to call Alec. Peeking her head out from her hands she looked for any signs of
the couple. She was listening for a sound in another room when she noticed
the scribbled note on a counter across from her. Leaning over she grabbed it.

Had to jet to catch the bus to Portland. Sorry for not waking you, but
you seemed like you needed the sleep. Walter's brother isn't due home
for another three days, raid his fridge, just lock up before you leave.
Don't worry about last night; it will be our little secret. Maybe we
can get together again next time I'm in town.


Ps. I told you Walter wasn't such a bad guy.

Again Max groaned and fell back against the coach, crumpling the note in her
hand she made a mental note to burn it. Sighing she picked up her clothes,
ready to get home and have a very long bath and put the night behind her. It
wasn't so bad she figured, no embarrassing video of her on the internet, she
didn't wake tied up in some dudes basement or end up fucking Normal. Next
time she talked to Kendra would be beyond awkward, but she could deal with

That is of course if Kendra could actually keep her mouth shut for once.

Max grimaced at the thought. Yeah, on second thought, maybe a video on the
internet would have been better.


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