Notes: I've rewritten a scene from S2, Episode 8 "Gill Girl" based on part
of the episode's transcript. It is just one scene so don't expect anything
more than that. :)

Darl Angel: Gill Girl Cut Scene #1 (MF,oral,exhib,reluc)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Outside the Blowfish Tavern, a man took a poster off the wall and looked at
it. It said "THE REAL MERMAID!" He entered the bar while another man stood
at the front door, trying to attract customers.

"Come on, take a look at this blowfish beauty. Real mermaid from the deep.
Hundred percent real, hundred percent guaranteed."

Alec grimaced, "They've been passing these things out all over town. I
wouldn't be surprised if White's already on to it."

At his side, Max looked worried, "We gotta get her out of there." She pushed
forward through the jostling throng of men all trying to get in to see the
new Blowfish wonder.

"Hold on, hold on." Alec grabbed Max's arm. "There's one problem. There's
no ladies allowed inside - not unless they're working."

"What?" Max exclaimed as he winked at her.

"That's okay, there's a line around back. Girls show up, and management
picks the good ones."

"No way!"

"Come on, Max, don't sell yourself short. I mean, you've got a decent shot."
He looked her up and down, his eyes roving all over her body, lingering for a
moment on her well developed chest area under her leather jacket. "More than
a decent shot I'd say."

"Forget it!" she growled, her cheeks flushing slightly at Alec's lecherous

"All right, fine, be a prude. We'll just leave her in there for White" Alec
shrugged, knowing exactly what which buttons to push.

Max glanced at the man at the door who was still crying out his spiel.

"Come on, step up, take a look. Don't be shy. Come on, you want to be inside.
Come on, take a look. Take a look. Come on. Let's go, fellas. Don't be shy.
Step up. Mermaid. Check it out. Splish splash, mermaid takin' a bath. Won't
believe your eyes. All right, come on in, fellas."

She glared at Alec, took off her jacket, and shoved it at him. Alec smiled.
She walked toward the back of the building. Alec stepped into the bar.

The man at the door nodded as Alec passed by him, "Have a good time. Get a
look at the catch of the day. You ain't never seen seafood this fresh."

At the rear door, a man was turning scantily clad women away. Max approached.
She was wearing jeans and a shirt, no way that guy would think she was a
stripper looking for work. She sighed, grimacing for a moment, then forced
her full lips into a smile. She removed her shirt to reveal a tank top
underneath. It was tight, the material hugging her body like a second skin
and it was obvious she wore no bra underneath. Her nipples began to stiffen,
pressing out against the tank top in Seattle's cool night air. Yet Max didn't
shiver, her normal body temperature was 101.8 degrees, her transgenic
metabolism running at a faster pace than normal people's.

At the rear door an Oriental looking guy was selecting the few extra
strippers needed. He was checking out their bodies with an experienced eye
and copping a feel of the better looking girls' asses or breasts, while
keeping up a running commentary ...

"No, no, show what you got, girls. Turn around. Turn around. Show what you

Max walked down the alley, taking it slow, swaying her hips with each step.
She suddenly felt very self conscious, as if someone was looking at her,
straight at her butt which was clad in the extra-tight jeans. Max cast a
quick glance back down the alley but her enhanced night vision eyes didn't
see anyone behind her. The feeling of being watched was still there but she
tried to ignore it. There was a transgenic sister who needed to be saved,
so she'd do anything to accomplish the mission. Anything!

"No. No, no, no, come on, scram, that's it. Go home. Go home. Go. We got
all the girls we need" the oriental guy was about to shut the rear door of
the Blowfish tavern when he spotted Max. Even though in jeans and a top -
very clothed compared to the other girls, some in bras and seethru
miniskirts - she was a stunner. "You ..." he pointed at Max, "Right this
way, miss." To the other women, "All right, ladies, get lost. It's time to
go home. That's it for the night."

Max smiled at the guy and sashayed past him to enter the bar. He grabbed
her wrist and jerked her to a stop. She could have freed herself in less
than a split-second and highkicked the man in the side of his head. He'd
be eating dirt in no time, but that would blow her cover, so instead she
looked at him meekly.

"Not so fast, sweetheart, I haven't decided yet if you've got the right thing
for the Blowfish. You see, the Boss doesn't want just any dancer to perform
in here, he wants the best. So, it's my job to see that you're the best."

"Whatever" Max said, sighing. "What do you want me to do."

They were in the Tavern's back room, each wall piled with crates of bottles.
In one corner, there was a small empty space with a chair and a large wooden
barrel that was being used as a table. On it there were several porno mags,
a half empty mug of beer and a large flickknife stuck into the wood.

The man motioned her towards the corner of the room. "Come back to my ...
office" he grinned at his own sense of humor and Max rolled her eyes. He sat
on the chair. "Now turn around, baby, show me what you got."

Max obeyed albeit reluctantly, raising her hands above her head as she turned
around slowly, swaying her hips seductively while the guy undressed her with
his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, nice ass, very nice ... sweet! Oh, yeah, smokin' rack too ..."
he reached up and placed his hand on one of her breasts and squeezed. Max
froze, her self control stretched to the limit as she resisted the intense
urge to knock the guy out cold as he continued to fondle her tits through
her tank top.

"Nah, nah, I don't think you make the grade" he said shaking his head, "I'm
sorry, missy, but the boss wants the best ..." he looked disappointed, but
Max could see he was hiding a grin, as if this was a game he played

"But I have to get in there! Please, let me dance, I really need the money"
Max whined acting the part of a stripper who really needed a job.

The guy didn't bother hiding his grin anymore. He knew he had the girl in
his grasp. She'd do anything for a job. "Well ..." he thought for a moment
"... maybe I can put in a good word with the boss ..."

"Oh thank you, thank you!" she simpered, trying to put on a dumb blonde look
which considering she wasn't blonde and definitely not dumb didn't work very

"... but only if you do something for me." He leaned back on his chair and
undid his fly, his cock popping out of his pants immediately, already hard
just from looking at the beautiful young woman.

"No!" Max cried instinctively, then as the guy made to get up and show her
out, "wait, wait .. ok I'll do it ..." Grimacing, she knelt down on the
greasy floor of the Tavern's store room and put a hand around the base of
the bouncer's cock. Gingerly, she began to jerk it up and down until it
began to swell in size and the foreskin moved down off the head. Max
hesitated. It's just part of the mission, she thought to herself, just suck
this guy's dick and you'll gain access to your target, use your sexuality
whenever possible to attain your goals - standard Manticore training!

"Come on, sweetheart, we don't have much time ... unless you want to spend
the rest of the night back here with me" he grinned lecherously, "but then
you won't get paid for your services." He put a hand on the back of her
head and pulled her face down into his lap, grunting when her mouth opened
wide and her luscious lips formed an O and settled around the tip of his

"Oh god, that's so nice" he groaned as Max's tongue rolled over his exposed
glans, thoroughly wetting it with her saliva. His eyes closed as she filled
her mouth with his stiff organ, sucking at it noisily for several long
seconds. Then she let it slip out of her mouth, holding it back against his
belly with her hand as she ran her tongue along the sensitive underside from
his balls up to his pisshole, lingering over the little aperture as drops of
pre-cum and moisture formed there. She sucked them up greedily then looked
up at him and smiled widely, strands of saliva and pre-cum coating her sexy
lips. He groaned at the sight, knowing that if she kept this up he'd blow
his load soon. In fact that was what Max wanted. She couldn't spend too much
time back here when White could act any moment and she'd be too late to
rescue her sister. So, she want back to sucking his dick with even more
gusto, trying to picture Logan's cock in her mind, a cock she couldn't
touch ... but better not think about that!

After a minute she glanced up at the guy and knew from the look on his face
that he wasn't going to last much longer. Max took a deep breath and deep
throated him, his cock deep inside her windpipe until she could swirl her
tongue around the base of his shaft. If she wanted to, she could remain like
this for over five minutes, without breathing, a move that had stunned many
a guy though it was normal for her genetically modified physique. However,
this was too much for the bouncer who, as Max's tongue tickled his cock's
underside, grunted loudly like a rutting pig and came, spurting a fat wad
of cum down her throat. She almost gagged, then was swallowing reflexively
as more streams of thick cream erupted into her mouth.

Max stood up and wiped the back of her hand across her lips, then licked it
clean like a cat lapping at a saucer of milk. The Oriental guy was slumped
in his seat, sweat rolling down his forehead, exhausted from the way she'd
drained his balls. She smiled sweetly, "Do I get a job now?"

"Yeah, yeah" he finally managed to say, "that way." He jerked his thumb at
the door and made no attempt to show her the way.

"Thanks" she said and waltzed into the bar, the bouncer's eyes following her
sexily swaying butt all the way.

Max walked through the bar and saw the naked woman in the big aquarium. The
gills on her flanks rose and fell slowly as she breathed underwater. Max
stepped through a curtain next to the tank into another back room. She
knocked on the rear glass of the tank, and the woman turned around to look
at her. Max lifted the hair from the back of her neck to show the mermaid
her barcode. The woman made a high-pitched noise in response, as if
communicating by sonar. Max used hand signals to lay out her plan. The woman
nodded and signalled back her agreement. Max nodded, then left the back room.
She searched the crowd and spotted Alec. He was sitting on a couch, smiling,
while a stripper gave him a lapdance. Alec actually had a finger up the
stripper's cunt and was fingering her heavily as she swayed her butt at him.
Max rolled her eyes and approached. As soon as Alec saw Max, he stopped the
dancer, hastily removing his finger from her and wiping the wet digit clean
on his pants.

"All right, that's good, sweetie. Thank you."

"But the song isn't over yet" she said petulantly.

"You know, you're just so beautiful I can't take it anymore. Look, why don't
you go over there and give my two buddies a dance, huh?" He took some money
out of a pocket and handed her a few bills.

"Sure." She shrugged and got off his lap.

"All right." He patted her bare hip as she walked away.

"This is how you rescue a mermaid?" Max said hotly. Alec grabbed her wrist
and pulled her into his lap. She felt something thick and rock hard against
her buttocks. "Hey! Hey!" she cried trying to get up but he held her down,
his strength matching hers.

Alec lowered his voice. "White's got someone here."

Max stopped struggling. "Where?"

"Two o'clock."

Max looked around and saw the man Alec was indicating.

"See him? No drink, no girls. He's been casing the place the entire time."

"Yup. Looks pretty shady to me."

The man made eye contact with them. Alec and Max quickly looked away.

"Okay, now would be a good time to look like we belong here, huh?" Alec

Max started rubbing his head distractedly while looking around the room.

"Wow, Max. You, uh, you done this before?"

"Shut up. Why isn't he making his move?"

"There's too many people around. He's just waiting 'til closing."

"Or backup."

Alec removed her hand from his hair. "Look, either way, we're not getting
her out of here alive as long as he's around."

"How'd she end up in a dump like this, anyway?"

"I don't know. Heard fishermen snagged her."

Max quickly trailed a finger back and forth across his chest. "Probably won't
last long out of the water. Once we get her out, we're gonna have to get her
back into the ocean, fast."

She began to stroke his cheek. "Maybe the ocean's not the way to go. I mean,
she got caught once. Max, just what are you doing?"

"Fitting in! She's Manticore. She won't let it happen again."

"Still, though...a beautiful girl like that, all by herself out there in the
ocean...she's gonna get lonely" Alec the ladies' man said thinking about how
interesting sex with a mermaid could be. Though with Max's tight ass in his
lap, sitting on his hardon any coherent thoughts were almost impossible.

"Can we concentrate on coming up with a plan?" Max growled, feeling Alec's
dick twitch beneath her.

"I'm thinking."

"You're talking."

"I can do both."

"I doubt that."

"Well, you just lost your tip."

Max smacked him on the side of his head.

Meanwhile, a few tables away, woman after woman danced for Normal. He gave
each of them money, putting it into their garters or the hem of their
panties. As they stripped naked before him he ended up putting the dollar
bills between their teeth as they rubbed their bare pussies over his
thighs. He seemed to be enjoying himself, having momentarily overcome his
usual taste for sweaty, muscular men.

"It's a shame" Alec said.

"It's sick, is what it is" Max said looking in Normal's direction. Seeing
her Jam Pony boss like this was disgusting. Feeling Alec's stiff dick having
found a cosy place along her ass crack, even though she still had her jeans
on her was worse.

"No, I mean her all alone out there in the ocean, nothin' but fish to talk

"Give it up, Alec. The two of you would never work."

"Yeah, you're right. I always do this. I always go for the ones I can't


Alec chuckled, "You should talk. I mean, hello? You, Logan, the virus..."

Max angrily grabbed his shirt, "Don't! Don't even..."

Sketchy and Normal walked up to them.

"Hey, hey" Sketchy said, a lecherous grin on his face as he eyed Max's
revealing tank top.

"Hey, guys" Alec waved one hand at them, placing the other firmly on Max's
thigh, his fingers so close to her crotch that he could feel her warmth.

"Oh, my God." Normal did a double take as he saw Max on Alec's lap and turned
immediately and walked away as if in shock.

"Hey, Max! I didn't know you worked here."

"Actually Sketchy ..." she began trying to think of a good excuse of why
she was in this place but Alec popped in before she could say anything.

"Just one night a week." Max elbowed him in the ribs.

"Well, anyway, we gotta go. We're out of money."


"Yeah, Normal went kinda nutty with the honeys. He spent it all on them.
Anyway, see ya later."

"Hey Sketchy, maybe Maxie here will give you a freebie ... Max?" Alec smiled
innocently at her.


"Not even a little lap dance for poor Sketchy? You're one of his best friends
at work after all" Alec insisted, then he leaned over and whispered into her
ear, "Do it, I think some more of White's guys have come in and they're
looking in our direction.

Max gritted her teeth and swore under her breath, but she did spot a couple
of guys in suits, looking totally out of place, scanning the tavern's clients
from near the door.

"Ok, ok, have a seat Sketchy."

"Really!?" Sketchy had a foolish grin on his face as he sat down on one of
the empty couches feet away from Max and Alec as she got up and stood before
him, hands on her hips. "Wow! Wait till I tell the rest of the crew at Jam
Pony, you'll have a whole line of guys waiti...." he squeaked, his sentence
cut off in mid-word as she leant over him and grabbed him by his collar,
lifting him bodily a foot off the couch.

"Don't you ever mention this to anyone else or I'll smack you in the face"
she hissed angrily, then pretended to smooth down Sketchy's jacket as one
of the waitresses passed within earshot.

"Errr ok, I won't" Sketchy shrugged, "I'd have told them to tip you well ..."
the look on Max's face told him he'd better shut up, something that Sketchy
didn't usually do. But then he gasped, his jaw dropping open in surprise and
awe as Max pulled off her tank top and stood before him topless, her
perfectly shaped and large tits bouncing gently as she danced to the music.

From his seat Alec grinned and watched the show that Max was giving. Those
two guys he'd pointed out were a couple of bodyguards who worked for a local
mobster who was a regular at the Tavern. He'd recognised them because he
came often to this place - the girls here were hot and willing ... if tipped
right. He cast a quick glance in the direction of the one they thought was
White's guy. He hadn't yet made his move, so he could relax and enjoy the
usually stuck up and inhibited Max strip her clothes off. Woohoo! Alec
chuckled again.

Meanwhile Sketchy was staring mesmerized by Max's breasts swaying in front
of him as she clumsily pretended to give him a lap dance. At first Max felt
so totally embarrassed at having gone topless .. she felt that everyone in
the Blowfish tavern was looking at her but after a while, as she looked
around at numerous other girls in various states of undress shaking their
thing in front of their clients, she relaxed and even began to enjoy the
role she was playing. In fact she was so absorbed by it, that when Sketchy
pulled out his last few dollar bills and waved them at her, she turned
around and bent over pulling down her tight jeans. She teased him for a
couple of times, pulling them back up quickly barely giving him a glimpse
of the black thong she was wearing. Then with a final tug, she dropped the
jeans around her ankles.

Sketchy's jaw became even slacker and saliva drooled out of his mouth as he
came face to face with Max's sweet ass, the string of her thong disappearing
down into the crack between her taut ass cheeks. His hand trembled as he put
the dollar bills into her g-string. Her butt cheeks swayed at him for a
moment longer keeping with the music's tempo, then she turned around, kicking
off her jeans completely. She sat on his on lap and Sketchy gulped, sweat
pouring down his forehead as he gripped the couch's armrests. Feeling Max on
him like this had reduced him to a quivering pile of flesh unable to do more
than mumble unintelligibly. She turned around to face him and put her arms
around his neck, then she squashed her tits against his face. Sketchy croaked
something though whatever he said was muffled by her breasts as she rubbed
her tits across his face. Max giggled when one of her hard nipples dropped
into his open mouth and without thinking Sketchy began to suckle on it. Max
began to deliberately squirm in his lap, her red-hot crotch rubbing against
his cock until she felt it quiver like a violin's string ... Suddenly Sketchy
grunted twice and then groaned. Max felt a damp wetness on the underside of
her bare thighs. She got up and saw a spreading dark stain on Sketchy's

"S-Sorry Max" he groaned again, totally embarrassed at having cum like that,
but god, Max was so hot!! And she'd been sitting naked on his lap!!! He was
convinced no one would have been able to resist.

"Don't worry, Sketchy, it's ok" she lied, rather disappointed that he'd cum
so soon. She'd been about to unzip him and sit on his boner ... she'd been
feeling strangely horny for the last few minutes, almost as if she were in
heat - it happened to her three times a year because of her feline DNA. Maybe
that side of her Manticore created personality had awoken because of the
situation she was in ... whatever ... Sketchy wasn't going to be much use
anymore. She patted him on the cheek and kissed him on his forehead, "Thanks
Calvin, it was fun while it lasted" she said calling him by his real name.

He got up, his feet feeling a bit wobbly after his "ordeal" with Max and
trying to hide the dark stain at his crotch he walked slowly out of the
Tavern, giving Max a final smile. He'd spend the rest of the night awake in
bed, masturbating as he replayed in his mind the splendid vision of a naked
Max grinding herself against his crotch.

Behind her, Alec clapped his hands together slowly, "Nice, very nice. You're
a pro, Maxie, whoever would have guessed... the uptight, fun-hating X5-452 a
professional lapdancer! Way to go!"

"Shut up!" Max scowled suddenly blushing furiously as she realised she was
completely naked in public, crossing her hands across her breasts, while
trying to pick up her clothes at the same time.

"Oh come on, Max, come back here and let's have some fun. I can tell you want
it." His sensitive transgenic nose had picked up the pheromones that Max was
putting out, the ones that signified the onset of heat. Manticore females in
heat were very much sought after back when Manticore was still standing, they
were wild, wild fucks!

"Alec .. I .. can't ..." but then she smiled, a lovely and naughty smile as
she ran her tongue over her full, red lips and let go, her self control
fading completely as she literally jumped onto Alec, her mouth searching
hungrily for his.

"Woah! Max, just give me a second here ..." but her tongue slipped into his
mouth before he could say anything else and he just returned her eager kiss
as her hands worked feverishly at his waist as she undid his pants.

Finally freeing his cock from his underpants, she straddled him without even
removing her g-string. She tugged the string aside and spread her pussy lips
with her fingers, exposing the inner glistening pink wetness of her aroused
slit, then lowered herself on Alec's rod. She bit on her lower lip as his
entire length slid into her tight tunnel, then after a moment of feeling his
man meat completely fill her up, she began to buck up and down on him. His
hands grabbed each of her ass cheeks, squeezing them and then spreading them
apart, his fingertips brushing lightly against her anus, teasing it.

Max put a hand on her pubic mound and began rubbing her clit as she humped
Alec's cock, flicking the unsheathed bundle of nerves from side to side with
her fingers. Her moans got louder and louder with no attempt to stifle them
as her heat took over completely. Her hips were almost a blur as she
jackhammered her pussy down on Alec's dick. A lesser man would have begged
her to stop, but Alec was a transgenic just like her and could give as good
as he got, but today he just sat there and enjoyed. After all, he'd covered
Max's ass when she was still at Manticore and he was her "breeding partner"
though she hadn't done it with him then. When Director Renfro had asked him
if they'd copulated, he'd said twice, saving Max from another week in
solitary ... or worse. Now he was getting something back in return for that.
Alec never did anything for nothing after all! After five long minutes of
humping the nineteen year old, hot transgenic woman began to climax. Alec
grinned as Max screamed twice, very loudly, and then fell forward against
his chest, her breasts heaving as she breathed in ragged gasps. Alec himself
had cum at the same time she had and his fresh seed now dripped from her
crotch in a messy creampie but she didn't seem to care or even notice as
she held him tightly for several long moments.

Other patrons of the Blowfish Tavern went about their business barely
looking at them, such things were normal for the place, in fact several
other strippers were going down on their clients at other tables in the

Then Alec noticed a commotion at the mermaid's aquarium.

"Max? Max!" he shook her back to her senses, "Even though I'm enjoying it
very much with you on me like this I think you'd better get dressed, I
think White's gonna make his move ..."

Max blushed, the effects of her estrus wearing off quickly and as her head
cleared she suddenly was very embarrassed by all that she'd done. She got
up off him, putting on jeans and tank top. The mess between her legs would
have to wait until she got back to her apartment and hope that Original
Cindy didn't ask her too many questions.

Then, Max and Alec headed for the tank ....

.... see Dark Angel Episode 2.08 "Gill Girl" for the rest of the
(non-erotic) story :)


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