Dark Angel: Dawg Day Evening (MF,F-best,oral,voy)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

One moment Sketchy was walking down the steel ramp that led into Jam Pony,
the next moment he hit what felt like a brick wall and found himself on the
hard concrete floor, limbs flailing about as a rain of packages he had been
carrying fell all around him.

"Oh sorry Max, I didn't see you," he said as he looked up and finally saw Max
Guevara, his friend and co-worker at Jam Pony.

Max gave him a hand and pulled him up easily. "Thanks Max" he said smiling
at her and much to his amazement she actually returned his smile. Now that
was new. His smile ... more like a dopey grin ... usually irritated Max, but
today she was even batting her eyelids at him ... and now Sketchy realised
that her hand hadn't released its grip on his and her skin felt oddly warm
and tingly. "Whoa!" Sketchy gasped as her hand moved slowly up his arm until
she was touching his cheek, "Max?"

From behind them Original Cindy rolled her eyes. "Oh not again. Original
Cindy to the rescue." She strode forward, grabbed hold of Max's arm and
pulled her towards the changing rooms at the back of Jam Pony. She looked
back at Sketchy who was still rooted to the spot looking at Max's fast
receding, tight jeans-clad derriere with a stunned look on his face, his
cheek still burning from her touch. "Don't you have those packages to
deliver? Bip bip bip" Original Cindy shouted at him.

Sketchy seemed to wake from his dream-like state and stumbled about
collecting the packages he had dropped. From behind his counter, Reagan
Ronald, owner of Jam Pony and known to most people as Normal looked at the
little scene unfold with a bemused look on his face. "Idiots. They're just
a bunch of idiots" he muttered under his breath.

* * *

"Max! Max! Snap out of it" Original Cindy shouted as she pushed Max up
against the tiles of the changing room after having made sure no one else
was in there with them.

"What?" The doe eyed look that had come over Max when she had been touching
Sketchy suddenly left her and she looked around as if she had just woken up.
"Oh no!" she gasped suddenly realising what was wrong with her today.

"Those bastards really screwed you up boo" Original Cindy sighed "but no
worries, OC will be near you and slap you silly whenever you be giving the
boys those looks."

Despite herself, Max grinned. The bastards that Cindy had referred to were
the gene splicers at Manticore who had mixed her human genes with cat genes
to give her such goodies as being able to leap several feet in the air, night
vision ... and going into heat every few months. Original Cindy knew her
secret, that she was a transgenic super warrior who had escaped Manticore,
and last time she'd been in heat OC had kept her from just fucking every guy
she met with a few sharp slaps that woke her from her sudden and intense
bouts of sexual lust.

"Thanks Cindy. I'd have died from embarrassment if I'd gone down on Sketchy
right in the middle of Jam Pony" she paused and then grinned again, "though
it would have been worth it just to see the look on Normal's face." Both she
and OC laughed at that. "I'd better blaze, I need to feel 600 horse power
roaring between my legs right about now."

"Ok boo, but don't get yaself into anything you can't handle."

"You know me, I won't" but not even Max was sure she wouldn't. She ran out
of Jam Pony and climbed on her Kawasaki Ninja motorbike, kickstarting the
powerful engine and feeling it throbbing beneath her was very satisfying.
Max was on her way, only stopping at Sector checkpoints which she got
through with her Jam Pony messenger ID and trying very hard not to get
turned on by the muscular military police in their blue and black uniforms
with those large bulges in their tight camo pants .... STOP IT MAX! she
shouted at herself as she twisted the throttle wide open and roared down
one of Seattle's mostly empty avenues.

* * *

Max had been driving for hours, the wind in her hair and the roar of her bike
almost managing to take her mind off the one thought that kept coming back
obsessively. She had to fuck someone, anyone, now! Max resisted it, gritting
her teeth and opening the throttle further. It was getting dark and she was
in a neighbourhood she didn't recognise but she didn't care. Only a few hours
to go and this would be over and this time around it looked like she was
going to keep the promise to herself and not have sex with a total stranger.

Her bike sputtered, slowed and the engine died.

"Fuck!" She'd ran out of gas. Getting off the bike she began pushing it up
the road, her almost infallible inner sense of direction guiding her back to
her apartment, though she was miles away and in an area of Seattle far from
her usual haunts.

A few sharp barks made her look at a building to her left. A large sign read
"Sector 3 K-9 Unit".

"So that's where they keep the pooches that give me so much grief" she
muttered to herself. It wasn't the first time that the big police dogs
had snapped at her heels while she was breaking and entering a public
building ... like say the mayor's office or Seattle's art museum as she
ran one of Logan's Eyes Only errands or got herself some work of art to
turn into cash ... gas was so expensive nowadays!

Suddenly a nasty thought entered her head and her face flushed even more than
it had been already all day. She struggled with herself, but the "naughty,
sexually turned on, heat blinded Max" won easily over "good girl, only Logan
can kiss me after a candlelit dinner Max."

She propped the bike up by the curb and studied the single iron door into the
building. No easy way through that. Looking up Max spotted a semi open window
on the second floor. There was a small ledge around the first floor but that
was protected by a coil of razor wire. No problem. She walked back several
feet, then ran towards the building so quickly that if someone had been
watching all they'd have seen was a blur. She crouched for a split second,
then her leg muscles propelled her straight up into the air past the razor
wire, up to the second floor where she managed to grab the window ledge.
Pulling herself up with her hands, she dropped into the office through the
open window and looked around. Though no light was on she could see quite
clearly thanks to her enhanced vision. The office was empty and the barks
that had attracted her to this place came from downstairs.

She exited the office into a dark corridor and found the stairwell. Max made
no noise as she walked down the two flights of steps. The ground floor was
lit dimly and her acute hearing could make out the sound of human voices in
a room at the end of the corridor as at least three men talked and drank
coffee. Pressing her back against the wall, she crept to the opposite end of
the corridor and found what she had been looking for. A padlocked door read,
"Dog Pound".

Three seconds and one lock pick later, the padlock was open and she was in.
There were at least 20 cages, at least half of them containing a big German
Shepherd. She grinned at them, "Hey boys" she said as she walked between the
cages running a gloved finger along the metal bars. The dogs were about to
bark at this intruder they didn't recognise when the first one closest to her
and then all the rest began to sniff the air. Some of them whined, others
stood up and wagged their tails furiously all of them excited after having
caught a whiff of her pheromonic scent.

"I betcha you're all happy to see me" she continued walking down the cages
looking at each dog in turn "let's see which one of you puppies is gonna be
the lucky guy tonight." The last cage in the center row had a huge dog, a
German Shepherd same as the rest, but at least a head larger than the rest.
A splendid specimen, probably would have won lots of dog shows in the
pre-Pulse days. Max nodded, this one would be great. But she had to be
quick, any moment the dog handlers could walk in on her and she'd have some
explaining to do. She opened the cage and the dog sniffed cautiously at her
hand then seemed to accept her and wagged his tail. "Good doggie, come on

The dog obeyed, jumping down out of the cage. He stood obediently before Max
who patted his large head. Max waited for a few moments for the dog to make
his first move. She'd never even thought she'd be in this situation so she
didn't really know how to proceed, but she was worrying needlessly. The dog
picked up the source of the scent he and the others had smelled as soon as
she'd entered the room. His nose snuffled at her crotch leaving a wet spot
on her leather pants. Max giggled as the dog insistently rubbed his nose
against her and made snorting sounds. "You sure know what you want from a
girl" she told him.

Each time the dog pushed his nose between her legs Max became wetter and
wetter until all her inhibitions, very little to begin with when she was in
heat, totally disappeared. She took off her leather jacket and woolen top
and spread them out on the floor tiles. She wasn't wearing a bra and her
perfectly shaped, large round breasts swung free for the dogs to admire if
they cared about such things. Her pants followed and her tiny panties had
barely touched the floor when the dog's long tongue slid between her legs
and dipped into her dripping slit.

"Ohhhhh" Max sighed as an animal's tongue touched her most intimate parts
for the first time ever. It felt so good! Max felt weak from having endured
her heat induced lust for an entire day before finally succumbing to it. She
dropped to her knees, then lay down on her clothes as the police dog buried
its muzzle between her legs, his tongue flicking in and out rapidly and
deeply into her juicy hole. She shut her eyes and moaned quietly, while
squeezing her breasts together and rubbing her nipples which had become
quite stiff.

The dog was very good at cunnilingus, Max thought, in the few seconds of
clearheadedness she had in between bouts of extreme ecstasy. His tongue would
start licking her ass crack from just below her anus, over the little pink
bud, and continue up along the length of her snatch, over her stiff clit and
into her trimmed bush. Then he would start over again, and repeat this for
three or four times. After that, as if knowing that this had excited her into
releasing a quantity of pussy juice that seeped from her slit, he would slide
his long tongue straight down her open hole as deep as a medium sized cock
would go. Max could feel the wriggling tip of his tongue against her vaginal
walls and she'd arch her back off the floor and hump her cunt at the dog's
snout whenever this happened.

This vigorous doggy tongue fuck went on for the best part of ten minutes
until Max felt her pussy was rubbed raw that she couldn't take it any longer.
Besides, she needed something bigger and harder stuffed up her hole rather

"Ok, big fella, that's enough lickin'" she told the dog. Using her nickname
for Joshua (a transgenic with dog genes in his cocktail) brought a wide smile
to her face. She wondered what he'd say if he knew what she was doing to one
of his "cousins". She got up on her knees again and turned around facing away
from the dog. Placing the palms of her hands on the floor she raised her butt
towards the German Shepherd's face and spread her thighs slightly apart. The
dog didn't need any encouragement. This was after all the classic doggy style
sex position, obviously having been invented by dogs. Max grinned as the big
dog stepped forward and put his front paws first on her shapely butt and then
around her slim waist. She could feel something warm, wet and slightly clammy
slide across her buttocks, then against her swollen pussy lips. She pushed
backwards against the dog at that moment and his cock slid easily into her
wetness. The dog went wild, humping her at a very fast pace, almost a frenzy.

"Oh god, fucking yessss!" Max shouted in pleasure forgetting about the need
to remain quiet not to be discovered. She'd never experienced such a wild
pounding before. There was no way a normal human would be able to keep up the
speed with which the dog was fucking her. The dog's tongue was lolling out of
its mouth and the way its head was positioned it was tickling the base of her
spine leaving a trail of saliva just where her ass crack started, which Max
thought was one of the most erotic sensations she'd ever felt.

Her eyes shut, her cunt stuffed full of doggy meat, her attention 100%
occupied with getting the most out of this fuck, Max didn't notice the door
slide open and a sector police dog handler enter. He had gone to take a
piss in the head just a couple of doors down and he had heard strange cries
coming from the dog pound. Thinking that one of the dog's might be sick or
something, he'd slid the door open ... puzzled for a moment why the padlock
was laying on the floor and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw something
that stunned him speechless.

There was a naked girl on the floor, an awesomely sexy naked girl at that,
her long black hair flowing down her shoulders and framing her face was
tossing about in the throes of passion that were being caused by the
handler's finest dog, Rufus, who was mounting her like a bitch in heat. A
strangled gasp finally escaped the handler's mouth. He had an instant boner.
He'd once seen a girl engaged in such an act but only in pictures on
magazines and tapes which they'd confiscated from a sex shop because the
owner hadn't been prompt in his monthly "protection money" payments. He'd
never imagined that he'd actually see it being done less than five feet away
from him and with one of his dogs.

Max had heard the handler's gasp and though she was almost at orgasm her
reactions were still those of a transgenic. It took less than three seconds
for her to disengage herself from the dog's cock and grip around her waist,
jump up to a standing position in front of the stunned handler who's mouth
gaped wide open. She even had the time to smile at him before punching him
in his sternum, knocking the breath out of him. He doubled up trying to
return oxygen to his lungs and she grabbed the metal handcuffs on his
utility belt and in one quick, smooth motion she locked one end of the cuffs
around his wrist and the other end around one of the bars of the dog cages.
When she was done she rubbed her young, hot body against the man and
whispered in his ear, "Don't shout or I'll have to knock you out. If you're
quiet you can go on watching the show" she looked down at the bulge in his
pants and squeezed it "and I can see you're enjoying it."

The dog handler gulped and nodded quickly, "Yes, yes, I won't call for help"
he whispered back at her.

Max let go of his balls and stepped away from him, walking backwards until
she reached the dog who had sat on its haunches and was licking its cock,
still a bit surprised that the bitch it had been fucking wasn't there
anymore. When he saw Max he stood up and began wagging his tail eagerly then
when Max responded by scratching under his chin, he got up on his hind paws
and putting his front paws on Max's shoulders. Like that he was almost as
tall as her. "That's a good boy, you want Max to make you feel good again?"
she purred sexily at him. She put her hands on the dog's belly and moved
lower until she found his semi-flaccid cock, "Yeah, I know you want to put
this back inside my wet cunt." To her side she heard a cut off gargling
sound and she grinned having known that her dirty talk would be more of a
turn on for the sector police guy she'd cuffed.

Getting back into position on the floor she waited for the dog to mount her
again and he didn't disappoint. In seconds he was humping again, pounding his
now hard cock into her hole as if the interruption just moments ago hadn't
happened. Max moaned loudly now, not really caring if the other guards heard
her. She'd deal with them just as she'd dealt with the first one. She was
close to coming now, strangely she was even more turned on knowing that there
was someone watching her while she had sex with a dog.

"Yeah, fuck, yeah, oh yeah!" she screamed as she came, a wild orgasm making
her entire body shudder in synchronization with the spasming of her vaginal
contractions. The dog chose that moment to cum too and she felt his warm
semen fill her. Now that she had come her head began to clear from the heat
induced lust and she was fast returning to her normal state. She tried to get
up but got a small surprise. The dog wouldn't ... or couldn't ... disengage
from her. Puzzled she reached around with her hand and felt the base of his
cock which was all that was outside her cunt. She could feel a bulge inside
her that seemed to be what was causing the blockage and though she was sure
that if she pulled hard enough the cock would come out, she didn't want to
hurt the dog.

"It's his knot."

"What?" Max looked at the dog handler who had just spoken.

"I said it's his knot. All dogs have it. It swells in their penis after sex
so that their cum isn't wasted. Keeps it inside the bitch" he explained
hoping that she didn't take it to mean he was calling her a bitch - She had
a wicked jab, his chest still ached from the poke she'd given him.

"Oh, I didn't know, I've never done this before you see" she confessed,
blushing slightly now feeling embarrassed.

"Don't worry, it will shrink soon" he did feel a bit sorry for the girl. She
was cute .. no not only cute, fucking hot! And she hadn't harmed Rufus, his
favorite dog, in fact Rufus seemed to have really enjoyed it. Who could blame
him? "Whaaaa ..."

While he had been thinking, the dog handler hadn't noticed that Max had
slowly crawled forward on all fours towards him with the dog still stuck
onto her ass and she'd pulled down his zipper and reached in to grab his

"What ... what are you doing?" he finally managed to stammer.

"Just passing the time till the knot shrinks and he can let me go" Max said
happily in between licking along the length of the guy's penis. She licked
all around the head, then deep throated it several times taking its entire
length down her throat that she almost gagged.

"Damn, this is awesome" the dog handler managed to gasp as she continued to
nibble on his cock like it was a tasty treat. Max now turned her attention
to his balls, first licking at his sac then sucking them into her mouth
making the guy shudder all over. As she returned to his penis by licking the
sensitive underside he grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head back
until he could force his cock back into her mouth. She was surprised that
even from his cuffed position he was trying to take control, but she let him
do for now. Her mouth full of his cock, he began to force her head up and
down on it rythmically until he gasped, "I'm coming, baby!" and cum he did,
filling her mouth and throat with his thick sperm. Max swallowed as she
usually did, though there was such a lot that some still dribbled out of the
corners of her mouth.

As though connected on some level, the dog's cock popped out of her cunt just
as the dog handler's dick withdrew from her mouth. Max got up, stretched the
stiffness out of her back and patted the dog on the head, then she grinned
and ruffled the dog handler's hair too. She dressed in her black leather
outfit and crouched next to him.

"Don't say anything about what happened today, and I might drop back to try
out another dog or two .. and you can watch same as you did today" she winked
at him.

He gulped and nodded his assent. This was too good to be true! He wasn't
going to report this incident. His sarge probably wouldn't even believe him
anyway. Would think he'd been drinking on the job again. Fuck his sarge! No,
hold that thought ... next time he'd fuck this awesome babe!

Max left the way she'd come, though not before siphoning off a full tank of
gas for her bike from the K-9 unit's utility vehicle.

* * *

Back in her apartment at 3.30 am, a sleepy Original Cindy called out, "You
ok Max?"

"Yeah Cindy, I'm fine. I was lucky. Didn't meet anyone except a couple of
dogs, and now I'm out of heat."


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