This should not be read by anyone under 18 or anyone who is too prudish to
enjoy sexual fantasies.

Dark Angel: Caged Angel
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

Max knew it was coming. Her genetic make up made her physically superior to
everyone around her, but it seemed to have its flaws, at least from her
perspective. She had to take supplements or she would seizure and once a
year she would have an uncontrollable desire to mate. Her sexual urges would
be fierce for a week and uncontrollable for a couple of days. She had been
going through this for the last 2 years, since her 18 birthdays. A couple
more times a year she would have the increased sexual appetites but nothing
like what she knew she was going to go through shortly. She had been through
it twice before and the first time it took her by surprise and she ended up
having lesbian sex with a friend before hitting the streets to find a series
of guys to fuck her. The second time she managed to lock herself up in her
apartment and spent several tense days masturbating furiously.

This time would be different. She knew she was feeling it early and it was
getting very distracting. And unlike last year, she had a roommate so she
couldn't just lock herself away. She knew she would have no problem finding
sexual partners, hell most of her friends of either sex would pay to go down
on her. But she didn't want to change the dynamic of their relationships
if she didn't have to. She suddenly realized that her hand was fingering her
clit and thought oh shit. She couldn't believe that the feelings were this
strong already.

That night Max went out, but only after using a vibrator for half an hour to
help delay her sexual urges. She planned to be back to her room in about two
hours. Enough time to pick up a few items for extra money and not too much
time that she would be caught outside before her urges became uncontrollable.
She hoped so anyway. Max hopped on her motorcycle and went out to the site
she had scoped early. She found herself uncomfortably aware of the vibrations
from her bike.

It took her longer than she had hoped due to a couple of new check points
she had to avoid, but still made it to her target in 40 minutes. Plenty of
time for a quick heist and a quick dart back to the apartment. The building
was even easier than she had hoped for one with her skills and 20 minutes
later she had enough small valuables to keep her for several months without
any worries. She jumped on her motorcycle again to head home. She quickly
realized that she wasn't going to make it. The vibrations from the bike made
it impossible for her to concentrate on her driving and only her reflexes
kept her from stopping before she was half way home.

She knew that there were several gangs in this part of Seattle, but they
didn't concern her as she parked her bike and started to stroke herself
through her tight dark clothes. She unzipped her vest and stuck her hand up
her shirt to fondle her overly sensitive nipples. She unzipped her pants with
her other hand and reached down to stroke her pussy. It took her several
minutes to hear the laughter from the alleyway. She cautiously entered the
alley to see what was going on without bothering to zip her pants or lower
her shirt.

She found a local gang laughing and drinking at the end of the alley. There
were about 14 men and 5 women who were obviously members of the gang and
about 6 more women who seemed to be hostages. Four of them had obviously been
here for sometime and looked misused but attractive. The other two looked
fresh. One girl was obviously a runaway who most likely wished she had stayed
home. The other girl was in a school uniform, probably a senior or very well
developed underclassmen. The gang members were drinking and taunting their
hostages while the other women joined in.

Max was disgusted and felt the urge to free the slaves from their captivity
until she remembered why she had stopped in the first place. She moaned with
desire and was suddenly frightened as she saw several gang members turn
towards her. They were startled to find this hot young woman in their
territory, but were very ready to take advantage of the opportunity this

Several members rushed over to Max expecting her to run and became cautious
when all she did was lean up against the wall. They suddenly noticed that
her pants were at her hips and her hand was furiously stroking her pussy
while her other hand was up her shirt. Two gang members picked up Max and
carried her to the center of the party. She was quickly stripped and the gang
marveled at her large tits and tight ass. Without talking about it the gang
decided the drinking was done and the orgy began. The slaves were stripped
and laid on the ground near Max. The female gang members started to disrobe
and join the men with the rest of the women.

Max was too eager for sex to wait for the first man to mount her so she
grabbed a gang member and yanked off his pants and jumped on top of his dick
and started riding his cock. She gasped as another man stuck a tit in his
mouth and the sensation rippled through her body. Another man stuck his dick
in her face and she started to blow him. The hostages were fucked as soon as
they were stripped. The new women cried and struggled only to find that the
gang seemed to enjoy it more when they did this. The other four hostages
simply let the men do what the wanted with their bodies. They took cocks in
their months when stuck in their face and took double and triple penetration
without flinching. The girl in the school uniform screamed in pain as a large
dick penetrated her virgin ass. She continued to cry as she was repeatedly
ass fucked by one member after another.

Max startled the men though. Unlike their usual victims, Max was initiating
the sex. As soon as one man reached orgasm she mounted another and rode him
hard. After finishing her third gang member, she was picked up and had her
ass and pussy filled by two different men before she could jump on her fourth
gang member. Another man stuck his dick in her mouth and she started to suck
him off as she had triple penetration for the first time tonight. When one
man finished another took their place and she was fucked and sucked from all

Max regained control after about ten men fucked her, but still felt a strong

She decided to try to free the hostages after tiring out the gang by fucking
them into submission. She had a little bit of help as they kept fucking the
other women, even the female gang members joined in the sex. Max was glad to
get some action and hoped that this romp would help her with her desires for
a couple of more days. Max jumped on one of the few men still halfway active
and continued until all of the gang were tired enough to fall asleep in the
alley. She ate out several of the women to orgasm to tire out all of the gang
and then help the hostages to their feet.

She called her friend "Eyes Only" to get the women picked up and out of reach
of the gang and hurried home. She was sore and exhausted but she knew she
would feel fine in the morning. Her body always recovered quickly.

The next day went smoothly; except for the man she had sex with after
delivering his package. He was really cute and Max decided that she would
have to remember his address to have another go with him later. Her urges
were controllable if only barely except for the one instance and she decided
that except for a quick ride after supper she would spend the night at home.

Max had a quick supper and took her supplement and went out for a quick ride
before spending a long night with a big dildo, or so she hoped. She hopped on
her bike as the sun was starting to set. She noticed as she started out that
there seemed to be more check points in places she normally didn't see check
points. Her crotch started to grow warm from the vibrations of the bike and
her desire started to mount after only about half an hour. This startled her;
the sex from last night and this afternoon should have sated her for longer
than this. Confused she decided she had better head home before she had a
repeat of the night before.

Max had to actively fight down the mounting desire and use all of her
concentration to stay on the bike which was why she did not see the check
point until it was too late. Max was stopped at gunpoint and forced to get
off her bike. The four cops checked her ID and taunted Max. Max was reaching
the point where she could no longer resist the urge to masturbate or to jump
the nearest cop. They stopped laughing and started to watch her more closely.

It took a minute for Max to realize that she was rubbing her tits through
her shirt. She heard the men whisper briefly and then continued to watch her.
Max unzipped her pants and reached a hand down her panties. She knew it was
too late and that she needed these cops to fuck her and fast.

"Come on can't you see a girl with needs?" She purred at the nearest cop.
The only response was nervous laughter as they led her to the back of the
van and handcuffed her hands behind her. They lifted her into the back of
the van and set her down on a bench.

"Come on, fuck me already", Max whined as they cuffed her feet to the floor.

The cops looked at each other and one shook his head.

"No, we were warned how dangerous she can be. Let's just get her the hell out
of here and get the fucking bonus."

The rest nodded in agreement after a brief pause to consider his statements.

The cops delivered Max to General Decker, but she lost conscious thought as
the desire overwhelmed her. The carried the unconscious form into the
building and laid her where they were told. Decker looked over the writhing
body and turned toward the doctor. "You were right this worked great. Are
you sure it will only affect the females?"

"Yes, the genetic key is on the female gene. The synthetic drug will only
affect females who have the genetic make of this group. You will have to find
out some other way to track down the males. But like I said, it is harmless
to all others so you can go from city to city and insert the drug into the
supplement until you find the rest of the females. They might be able to help
you find some of the men."

"No, I am thinking of changing the program. These subjects are no longer
controllable. If we keep the females doped up on this drug we can safely
breed them. Their children will have their traits as we programmed their
genes to be dominate. We can start over with new children much easier this

Decker smiled and licked his lips. He ordered a couple of soldiers to strip
and then tie Max up with her knees up and apart and her arms above her head.
He then pulled his own pants down and fucked Max until he came. He licked
her breasts as he fingered her into an orgasm. After he finished he order
the waiting soldiers to fuck Max in turns until she was aware of her

"About time, I was afraid that we would have to find more men to fuck you to
bring you out of you fantasies. I have been looking for you for a long time.
I might not be able to use you like I originally planned, but I think I will
have more fun using you this way anyway. You will be our personal fuck toy.
You will even like it, or actually need it anyway. You will get daily doses
of the drug you unknowingly took with you supplements but at a much higher
dose. Don't worry though. You will have plenty of sex to help relieve the
cravings it will cause."

Several weeks later Max rolled a peer to eat her out as another plunged a
dildo into her own pussy. The door opened and another was carried into their
plush cell and carried over to the far wall. That makes 11 playthings Max
thought to herself with a smile. She wondered when the next group of men
would come to give all of the women their next fucking. She hoped it would
be more than 3 to 1 ratio. She never seemed to be satisfied unless 4 or 5
men fucked her. At least the fuckings were now happening 5 times a day
instead of just 4, but 8 times a day would be about right she thought to


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