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Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat Part 2 (MF,oral,bmail,reluc)
by Sup Man ([email protected])

It was almost dark by the time Alec finally got home. He had gone back to
JamPony after he had left Max's place. As he expected she didn't show. From
what he knew from the female x5 heat cycles Max would probably sleep off the
rest of the day. Hell, there was a good chance she would even remember what
they had done. The memory of his cock pounding into her ass would just blur
together with all the others that had fucked her that morning.

Alec scrounged through his pockets as he entered his apartment. Smiling as
he pulled out what he was looking for, a small slender memory stick. He had
taken it from one of the men who were recording Max's little gangbang and he
had been itching to see what was on it ever since he left her apartment. He
grabbed his laptop and inserted the memory stick.

"Should'a made some popcorn," he muttered to himself as the video began

"Mmm," Max's moan filtered out of the crappy laptop speakers as the video
started to play.

"Heh, gets right down to business," Alec muttered to himself as he shifted
uncomfortably in his seat. Still not used to seeing Max like this. The camera
hovered over Max as she laid on the sofa. The video panned up and down Max's
tight tanned body. Making sure he captured every naked and exposed inch of
her. The man with camera must have been a late arrival to the gangbang
because Max looked like she had been at it for hours. She was sweaty, and
covered in cum, completely lost to the heat as she slurped on one man's cock
while another pounded her cunt.

"Mmh... Mhh... Fumm," Her moans got louder as the video focused on her face.
Her lips sealed around the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Her eyes met
the camera and for a moment, a look of shock crossed her beautiful features.
But as quickly as it had appeared any trepidation she had about being
recorded was gone as she continued to bathe the mans cock with her tongue.

"Offuck," the man she was sucking on groaned. His hands gripping her head
tightly forcing his dick deeper into her mouth as he came. Her eyes closed
she swallowed his load before pulling her mouth free of his dick. Cum covered
her lips, dripping slowly out of her mouth and onto her cheek. She laid her
head back closing her eyes once again, her hands trail up her stomach she let
herself enjoy the feeling of the cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy.
Her body rocking back and forth matching the movements of the man fucking
her. Biting her lip she sat up slightly, looking down between her legs as
she watched the man's cock disappeared inside of her. Her juices covering
his shaft as he pushed in and out of her. Her mind hazy from the heat she
couldn't help but stare almost hypnotized by the sight of herself getting
fucked. She could feel and see her pussy stretch around him, grabbing his
cock, pulling it deeper inside of her.

Alec could hear the sounds of men grumbling off screen as they argued about
who was next in line. The cameraman seizing the opportunity pulled out his
own dick. With camera in one hand, he pushed his dick towards Max's face,
offering it to her. Without hesitation Max turned toward to man's cock and
took it in her mouth.

"Holy god," the cameraman moaned out, shocked how eager Max was. The video
shook focusing on the floor for a moment as the cameraman's body trembled as
Max took him into her warm wet mouth. Max wasted no time as she began bobbing
up and down his dick, sucking and swirling her tongue around him. His free
hand grasped her head, helping guide her as her mouth lips and tongue
devoured his cock. "Hey... look at me." He obviously wanted to get the porno
feel, Alec thought to himself as he watched the video. Max looked up, her
brown soulful eyes meeting his as her mouth continued to work on his cock.

"Into the camera," at his request she gazed into the lens.

Alec felt his cock twitch as Max stared back at him from the laptop screen.

"MmmMm," she moaned around the cock in her mouth as the man who was fucking
her increased his pace. "MmmmmMFumk," her scream muffled by the cock as she
came. Her eyes went wide before rolling back into her head as she climaxed.
The video panned out, capturing her entire body as her orgasm rolled through
her. Her hips jerked upwards thrusting the mans cock deeper inside of her
convulsing pussy. Her chest and stomach heaved as her body trembled in
pleasure. She tried to pull away from the cock in her mouth but the camera
man wouldn't let her.

"Ohfummmm," she moaned as she tried to pull her head away. Gasping around the
man's cock, her orgasm left her breathless.

"Come on, come on," the camera man groaned as he forced his dick deeper down
his throat. Max's body still trembling with pleasure, he pulled his dick free
of her mouth. Her mouth still agape as she let the last waves of pleasure run
through her. His dick slick with her saliva he jerked himself until he came,
exploding into Max's open mouth and cheek. Covering her face with his cum.

"Fuck..." Max pinched her eyes closed ignoring the warm cum that splashed
over her face as she arched her back trying to prolong her orgasm. "Yess,"
she groaned feeling the cock in her pussy pulse as it came, filling her with
his warm seed. He pulled out of her and she moaned. "Please" she begged
reaching down between them trying grasp his cock, she still needed more. But
the man pulled away, finished with her for now. Max collapsed back onto the
sofa frustrated, her breathing still labored as slowly recovered from her

The video panned back shaking slightly as the camera man stuffed his dick
back into his pants. Max stared at the camera as she laid there. She opened
her mouth to speak but was quickly silenced as more men came into view,
quickly filling her with their cocks.

"Holy shit," Alec said to himself as she paused the video. The video was more
then he had ever expected, and there was still almost an hour more footage.
He stared at the freezed frame. Max grasped a slightly overweight man's cock,
staring at it like it was the most beautiful thing in the world, while
another man was just inches away from plunging himself into her soaking
pussy. "What the hell am I gonna do with this," he muttered to himself as he
though of ways he could use the tape.

* * *

"Arrgh," Max awoke with a groan. What the hell was going on, she felt
dizzy and her mind was hazy. She sat up on her bed as she tried to get her
barrings. A shiver ran down her spine as she felt the cold air of the
apartment on her bare skin.

Why am I naked? She thought to herself, but before she could wonder anymore
it all came rushing back to her. All the men, oh god so many men, she had
let them fuck her. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass, she didn't just let them,
she begged for it.

"Fucking heat," she grunted as she let herself fall back into her bed. Her
memory was hazy, bits and pieces missing others jumbled together. It almost
felt like a dream but she knew it wasn't. She would still taste the cum on
her lips. As far as heat cycles went this one was a disaster. Rolling over
she looked at her alarm clock. 9:32pm. Grunting she picked herself up,
throwing some clothes on she went to the washroom to wash her mouth out
before cleaning up the rest of the house. Making sure that all evidence of
what had happened just hours ago was gone before her roommate got home.

Satisfied that the apartment was clean Max slowly made her way back to room,
still utterly exhausted she collapsed onto her bed falling back to sleep.

The screeching buzz of her alarm clock woke Max from a dreamless sleep. Her
hand clumsily hit the snooze button as she rolled over to face the clock.
Groaning as she read the time. 7:00am. She had slept all day and night, if
she slept any longer she would be late for work. Groggily she stood and
started to get ready for the day ahead. Just as she did after all the other
times she let her heat get the best of her she tried to forget what had
happened and move on with her life.

Within the hour Max and Cindy were both leaving the apartment, ready for a
long day of Normal's constant bip bip biping. Cindy hadn't bothered to ask
why Max skipped out on work yesterday, nor why she had spent the entire day
sleeping. She knew Max liked to keep some things to herself, and she was
fine with that. Everyone was entitled to their secrets.

"Hey!" a mans voice called out at Max and Cindy interrupting their chit
chat as they made their way down the street. Both girls looked up at the
man unsure if he was yelling at them or someone else. "Hey!" he called out
again, jogging up to them both.

"Yeah?" Max asked to man, he looked oddly familiar to her, as if she knew
him from somewhere. But she couldn't place the face.

"Could I talk to you?" the man asked Max. Max just looked at him expectingly,
waiting for him to spit out whatever he wanted to say. "uh.. alone" he added
when he saw both girls just looking at him. Max and Cindy exchanged
questioning glances at each other, neither one sure of what to think.

Eyes Only informant? Manticore? One of Ames Whites men? Max's mind raced with
the possibilities of who this man could be. "I guess..." Max replied to him
tentatively. Not sure what to make of him, he looked like one of the thousand
other skinny pale stoners that called Seattle home, certainly not Manticore
or an agent of Whites and if he was an Eyes Only informant she should hear
him out.

"Huh," Cindy said surprised. "You sure boo?."

"Yeah, I'll meet you at work."

"Okie," Cindy said shaking her head, bewildered at her friends behavior as
she walked away from Max and headed to work.

"So?" Max turned to the man as soon as Cindy was out of view "What do you

* * *

Alec glanced down at his watch, if his timing was right he would be catching
Max just as she left her apartment. He leaned casually against one of the
brick buildings that lined Max's street. Blending in with the crowd of people
making their way to work he sat and waited for Max to appear.

He didn't have to wait long as Max and Cindy came strolling out of the
apartment. A smile on both their faces as they talked about who knows what.
Alec grinned as he watched Max, his mind couldn't help but wander back to
yesterday and the feeling of her surrounding him, of her ass milking his
cock. Or to the video he had watched repetitively last night. Oh, after
watching that video it was hard to see Max without thinking of her face
plastered with cum as she begged to be fucked.

Max and Cindy were barely a block away from their apartment before they
stopped. Alec's brow furrowed as an unknown man walked up to the two girls
and began talking to them. What the hell was this Alec thought. He let out
a frustrated sigh, this was not apart of his plan. He was too far away to
hear what they were saying, but if he got any closer there was no doubt Max
would pick him out of the crowd. So he waited, and watched as Cindy left
Max alone with the man.

"Prolly an Eyes Only informant," he muttered to himself as he watched Cindy
walk away towards JamPony. It was the only thing that made any sense. He
needed to see who this guy was so quickly crossed the street to get a better
view. "Fuck me," he whispered to himself as he saw the mans face. It was the
camera man from yesterday. Max must barely remember a thing if she didn't
recognize him. But more importantly what the hell was he doing.

Alec kept his distance, waiting and watching as Max talked to the man. At
first their conversation seemed harmless but quickly it turned ugly,
something the man said obviously hitting Max like a ton of bricks. Even
from a few blocks away Alec could see Max's entire body tense up. Her fists
closed tightly at her sides, whatever he had said it had pissed Max off. The
man pulled out a small piece of paper showing it to Max before putting it
back into his pocket. His body language became more aggressive, and knowing
Max he knew the man was in for a world of pain. But to Alec's surprise Max
didn't attack the man, she didn't lash out against him. Her shoulders
slumped, and she refused to meet the gaze of the man who was still talking.
For the first time since he had met her Max looked defeated, she looked
lost, helpless even. The man nodded at Max, and she nodded back, agreeing
to something. They're conversation seemingly done the man started to walk
away with Max following him.

Back in Manticore Alec had excelled at stealth and tailing missions so
staying unseen while keeping pace with Max was easy. Alec watched them both
carefully as they walked through the streets before stopping in front of one
of the run down houses that made up the neighborhood. As soon as they entered
the house Alec moved closer making sure he was in a location where he could
easily see through all the windows of the home.

Alec lost track of them for a moment before they reappeared in one the
bedrooms. Quickly Alec climbed up an abandoned neighboring house to get a
better vantage point into the room.

"Holy shit," Alec swore to himself as he watched Max drop to her knees in
front of the man. She pulled on his belt, loosening his pants before reaching
in and pulling out his cock. She jerked it slightly, and Alec could easily
see the disgust in her face as she parted her lips and took the dick into her
mouth. She sucked on it gently for awhile, running her tongue up and down his
shaft before the man pulled her on her shoulders, making her stand.

He whispered something into Max's ear causing a look of utter horror to cross
Max's face. She shook her head rejecting whatever he had said. But the man
continued on talking until the defeated look returned to Max's eyes. She
stared at the floor as pulled her pants down, exposing her self to the man.
He gestured to the bed and slowly Max moved over to it, bending over the side
she laid face down. The man approached her from behind, his dick rock hard
and covered in her spit he grabbed her hips and thrust his dick into her

Max visibly winced as the mans dick slide into her. Alec watched as she bit
her lip and buried her head into the mattress. He watched in surprise as Max
arched her hips slightly letting the man thrust deeper into her. Was his
little Maxie enjoying this? But before anything could come from it the man
roughly grabbed Max's hips, his thrusts becoming erratic the froze holding
still as he came before collapsing on top of Max. Whispering something to
her and rolled off her. Max looked at him for a moment before sliding down
and taking his cock into her mouth once again. She licked his cum and her
own juices off his softening dick before putting him back into his pants.
The man laid there for moment, dozing in and out of consciousness before
waving Max away. She didn't waste any time and quickly left the house,
heading back towards her own apartment.

Alec waited before he could no longer see Max before jumping down from his
hiding spot. He made his way to the door, roughly banging on it.

"Hold on!" the man inside called out. Alec could hear him shuffling out of
the bedroom. The door creaked as he opened it. "What do you- Oh shit it's

"Yeah it's me," Alec replied as he barged though the doorway.

"What do you want man?" the man said as he backed away. He already watched
Alec break one man's nose and he didn't want to be next. He liked his nose.

"I'm here to help," Alec stated as he walked past the man and began looking
through the run down house.

"Huh?" the man replied utterly confused. "Help? With what?"

"With the girl. She's gonna come back."

"She?... Who?" the man played dumb, unsure of what to make of Alec.

This was getting no where so Alec charged at the man, throwing him up against
the wall. "You got something on her? Huh? You make up backups of the video I
took form you yesterday?"

"Uh... You... You only took one of the videos," the man stuttered out. Afraid
of what Alec would do to him. He must have been a friend of the girls, maybe
a boyfriend. After what he had done to her he wouldn't blame this guy for
killing him.

"There's more?" Alec said, letting the man go. His curiosity replacing his
threating demeanor.

"I was there for hours. I mean, I didn't mean anything about it. We were just
having some fun, she was so into it. I didn't think."

"Show me," Alec told him, tired of listening to him blabber. Nervously the
man gestured towards on the back room, Alec followed him as he led the way.
The room was empty except for a small desk. On it sat an old dirty laptop
and the camera he had been using yesterday. "Whats your name." Alec asked
as the man sat down. He figured it was about time he learned the name of the
man who was fucking Max.

"Ted." he replied. The computer beeped as finished booting up. "I uh, was up
all last night editing the footage, cutting it up, categorizing it. I mean,
I had hours of video, she just kept going and I mean I like to keep shit

Alec peered over the mans shoulder at the screen. Oral, Anal, Double,
Triple, Cumshot, Screaming, Doggy a large list of folders displayed on the
screen. Alec let out a low whistle in amazement. "You were really busy
yesterday. We need to move this shit out of here."


"You just coerced her into sucking you off, then you fucked her. You think
she's just gonna take that shit? You think she's just gonna keep letting you
use her as your own personal sex toy. She's gonna come back tonight and
probably beat the living shit out of you, then destroy everything you own so
nobody will ever find out what happened yesterday."

"Huh, shes just a girl, what could she possibly do?"

Alec smirked, "You don't even wanna know buddy."

"Why are you helping me?" Ted asked wondering what Alec had to gain from
all this. Then it dawned on him. "Your her friend... But your stuck in
"friendzone"." Ted made the quotation marks with his fingers as he talked,
earning him a strange look from Alec. "I mean, I can't blame you for wanting
to fuck her, I mean look at her. So you need me to be the middle man so she
won't figure out it's you doing the fucking." Ted smiled to himself, proud
that he was able to figure out the other mans motives.

"Something like that... Now lets go," Alec replied, grabbing the laptop and

* * *

Max silently slipped through one of the rear windows of the house. Her hatred
for this little punk had been growing all day. She couldn't wait to vent all
her anger onto him. Stupid fuck, thinking he could use her like that. She
made her way to the bedroom where just earlier today he had bent her over and
fucked her. The door creaked as she slowly pushed it open. To her surprise
Ted wasn't sleeping in bed, but sitting on it, watching her as she stood in
the doorway.

"I've been waiting for you." Ted said. "Couldn't wait for more?" Fuck! Max's
inner voice screamed at her. How could she be so stupid, maybe Zack was
right, maybe she was getting soft. She had never anticipated him being awake,
let alone waiting for her. He was just some stupid punk that had stumbled on
to her in her time of weakness. "I figured you'd come back," he continued on.
"I thought maybe you'd be mad, so I lent out some videos to some friends." He
stood and inched his way towards her. "You wouldn't want my friends to lose
those videos now would you? Wouldn't want one of them to accidentally leave
something at JamPony." He rested his hand on her shoulder, testing her
reaction, smiling as she made no attempt to move away.

"What do you want me to do?" Max replied sadly, knowing that he had her for
now. She couldn't risk letting her friends see those tapes, couldn't let them
think she was some kind of sex freak. He had outplayed her, but she knew he
would slip up and when he did she would make him pay. He tugged on her hand,
pulling her into the room.

* * *

Alec stood just outside the house. He looked down at his watch, it had been
ten minutes since Max had slipped through the back window. If everything had
gone as planned Ted should be coming out any second. As if on cue the front
door opened as Ted came strolling out. Alec tossing a questioning gaze
towards him.

"Went perfect. Did exactly what you said," Ted said with a grin. "She was a
little hesitant at first, but she really doesn't want people to know about
those tapes. She's in there waiting for ya."

"Good," Alec replied. "Meet back here in the morning 'kay?" Ted nodded in
agreement, as Alec passed him. His heart pounding as he entered the house
and made his way into the bedroom.

His breath caught in his throat as he entered the bedroom and saw Max. Over
the last few days, he had watched her do unthinkable things on the videos,
but the sight of her just a few feet from him was still stunning. Ted had
done a perfect job. He almost couldn't believe it was real, never in his
life would he have though Max would be in a situation like this.

Max's clothes were removed, leaving her naked body bare before him as she
laid on the bed. Her hands bound above her head, handcuffed to the headboard.
Most importantly the dark black blind fold that covered her eyes that made
sure she would never see the man who was about to give her the fucking of her

The floor creeked as Alec stepped into the room, closing the door behind him.
Max's head turned towards the sound as she realized she was no longer alone.
Her legs folded together and she turned her exposed breasts away as she tried
to hide herself from him. Her lips parted as if she was about to say
something only to close as she realized there was little point.

Alec made his way to the end of the bend shedding his own clothes on the way.
Max flinched, a gasp escaping her lips as he reached out and touched her
calf, letting his fingers trace along the smooth skin of her leg. He never
had the chance to really look at her yesterday, what had happened in the
shower was fast and brutal, full of need. He promised him this time he would
take his time, he would make sure that unlike what had happened yesterday she
would never forget this night.

Gently he parted her legs, surprised as she doesn't fight him. His hands
softly caressing her legs as he places a first light kiss onto her inner

"Mmfm," Max gasped in surprise as she felt the mans lips on her thigh. Her
leg recoiled instinctively away from the mans touch. She could feel his warm
breath on her pussy lips as he move his mouth over her. "Please..." she
whimpered, not sure if she wanted him to stop or not.

"Shhh," Alec shushed her. Happy that despite her hesitation that she was
beginning to enjoy herself. He didn't know if she was still feeling the
after effects of her heat cycles or if she just got off by being fucked
by strangers and he didn't really care at the moment. Tired of teasing
her he lowered her mouth onto her wet core.

"Ohfuck, Mmhhm," Max let out a deep groan as she felt Alec's mouth cover her
pussy. Her hips jerking towards his mouth as he pushed his tongue inside of
her, tasting her. Her legs tightened around his head as he began licking her
pussy. "Ohgod," she moaned as he assaulted her cunt with his mouth.

Max pinched her eyes closed as her back arched, pleasure shooting through
her as this mans mouth worked wonders on her body. She shouldn't be enjoying
this, she told herself. She bit her lip hard as she tried to gain some
semblance for control. She pulled on the handcuffs but they would budge.

"Mmm," she hated herself but she couldn't stop the moan from escaping as she
felt two fingers slide into her pussy. His mouth turned its attention to her
throbbing clit suckling on it as his fingers slowly moved inside of her.

Alec pulled his mouth away watching as Max's body arched towards him trying
to prolong his touch. His fingers glistened with her juices as they slowly
worked their way in and out of her. He could feel her body tremble with
desire as he played with her. Her face hidden by the blind fold all he could
see were her pouty parted as she panted for breath. Her hands strained
against the cuffs as she struggled to control her own body. Curling his
fingers he rubbed her sensitive inner walls, smiling as her mouth opened in
shock and she moaned loudly. He captured her clit once again in his mouth,
sucking hard on the little nub of flesh. His fingers rubbing her from the
inside Max let out a small scream as she came.

"MmFuck... Why, ohgod," she moaned as he body convulsed around Alec's
fingers. She pulled violently on the handcuffs frustrated at her lack of
control as he body was rocked with a wave of pleasure. Alec gently kissed
her firm stomach as his fingers slowly slid in and out of prolonging her
climax. Alec watched as her body slowly calmed as her orgasm faded.

Alec gave her a moment to recover before he slowly began kising his way up
her stomach. Nibbling on the underside of her breast before taking one of
her hard nipples into his mouth rolling his tongue against it.

"I... Please... Why..." Max began whimpering again as he made his way up her
body, licking and kissing every inch of her exposed flesh. "Just let..." Max
began only to be silenced as Alec covered her mouth with his own.

"Mmmmmmh," Max moaned as Alec passionately kissed her. She could taste her
own sweet juices on his lips as he plundered her mouth. Nipping and biting
at her pouty lips. "Please..." she moaned as she tried to pull her mouth
away from his. She swallowed hard as she felt his cock press against her

"Noo... Fuuck," she whimpered as she felt his push his cock against her wet
pussy. Slick from her previous climax he slowly slid inside of her. Alec
slowly pushed inside of her, holding back a groan. She was so tight, so wet
and hot, it felt like her inner muscles were massaging his cock. He had
dreamed of his moment since he first laid eyes on her and it was finally
coming true. He bent down trying to recapture her lips with his own.

"Mmstop," Max protested turning his head away from him, not letting him kiss
her. Alec was disappointed but quickly got over it, turning his attention to
her neck as he lick and bit at her. Slowly he began moving inside of her,
thrusting into her, taking his time to enjoy the feeling of her body wrapped
around his. Her breasts crushed against his chest as he pressed his wieght
against her making sure he could feel as much as her body as he could.

He looked down at her face as he thrust into her with slow long thrusts. He
wanted nothing more then to rip off her blind fold so he could watch her face
as he slowly fucked. But he knew that would ruin everything. So he made do
watching her lips as her jaw clenched. Her breathing picked up as sshe tried
in vain to ignore the feelings his cock was creating inside of her.

Noooo, Max's mind begged her body to resist the feelings building inside of
her. Her cunt squeezing with harder with every thrust. Despite herself she
could feel her hips slowly grinding against his, meeting his slow strong
thrusts. It felt so good, she could feel the heat growing in her blood. His
pace increased, and he captured her breast in his hand twisting and pulling
at her nipple and she knew that she was lost.

Max's legs lifted resting against Alec's hips for a moment before wrapping
around him, locking his cock into her pussy. Her whimpering increasing with
every thrust. "mmmMmmm, mmmm, mmm, fuck," Max's body started thrusting
against his own. Matching his intensity as their bodys slapped together.
Still she kept her head to the side still not willing to let him kiss her.

Ohgod, Alec wanted to scream out in pleasure, but he bit back his moans, not
willing to risk Max hearing his voice. Max's own groans and moans filled the
small bedroom as Alec fucked her. He bent down, gently biting her shoulder
as he pounded his cock into her. His slow steady strokes long gone as his
animal instincts took over, ravaging Max with his cock.

"Fuck, ohgod, mmmFuck," Max screamed out. Her body now covered in sweat
bounced with every hard fuck. She came hard, wildly jerking her hips against
the mans invading cock. Pulling so hard on her handcuffs she thought her
wrists would break. But Alec didn't let up, he continued fucking her,
pounding every ounce of energy had into her.

"Fuckmeee," Max whined as another orgasm rocked her body. Never in hear life,
in heat or not had anyone give it to her this hard. "ohgodohgodohgod," she
moaned as she saw stars. Her body on fire and she didn't know how much more
she could take. Using everything she had left she rocked her body against
Alec's pressing her breasts against his chest. Wanting him to cum so her
delectable torture would stop. "Please, cum in me" she moaned into his ear.

That was too much for Alec, hearing Max moan that into his ear broke any
resolve her had left as he let it go. For the first time grunting loudly as
he came. Shooting his cum deep inside of her he collapsed onto Max, too
exhausted to move.

Max laid there silently as she tried to catch her breath. The man pressed
against her, she could feel his cock softening inside of her, his warm seed
filling her. She hated herself for losing control like that. Letting his
strange man fuck her till she came, twice. It made her sick to her stomach
knowing that being used like some kind of sextoy made her so wet.

"Get off me," she spat out, as she squirmed under the man, trying to get him
off her. His only response was to grunt at her before rolling off of her. She
let out a sigh of relief as for the first time in what felt like hours she
didn't have some mans hands all over her. She could hear him shuffling
around, no doubt getting dressed. She could do little more then wait and
listen as the man moved around the bedroom. She felt him lean over her,
pressing something cold and metallic into her bound hands. It was a key to
the handcuffs.

Alec looked down at her naked body one last time before pressing the key into
her hand. God she was a little sex kitten. Regardless of all the horrible
things Manticore had done he had to hand it to them, cause they sure could
make hot pieces of ass. He smiled knowing that this was just the beginning
before quickly leaving the room.

Max fumbled with the key for a moment before she heard crisp click of the
cuffs unlocking. Immediately she pulled her blindfold off looking around the
dark room. She was alone, the man long by now. She rolled off the bed and
went to where she put her clothes and slowly got dressed. She grimaced as she
saw the white piece of paper hidden under her jacket. Picking it up she read
the message printed on it.

To be continued...


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