Dark Angel: An Angel In Heat (MF,F-gang,anal,reluc)
by Sup Man ([email protected](dot)com)

The soft crunching of branches and dead leafs filled the otherwise calm and
peaceful morning. With nimble precision Max sprinted through the the lush
green forest barely making a sound as she transversed the dense forest. It
was supposed to have been a simple job, but something had gone wrong, someone
had fucked up. Somehow she had tripped an alarm, and now instead of silently
sneaking away unnoticed, she was running for her life. She could hear the men
behind her, barking orders as they spread out looking for her. She increased
her pace, knowing that her bike was less then a mile away. There was no way
anyone could keep up with her, but she wasn't going to risk it.

Max rounded the corner pushing herself as hard as she could hoping to finally
put some distance between her and her pursuers. She sped up even more as she
could hear the voices behind her grow fainter, her boots digging deeply into
the soft soil with every stride as she pushed her pace faster. She ran for
another few minutes, no longer able to hear her pursuers she slowed only to
come to a halting stop as she heard the crack of a snapping branch just a few
yards from where she was.

Any hope of not being noticed were completely destroyed as she lost her
footing in the muddy soil while attempting to stop. She landed with an
'Ummfpt' falling to her ass. The sound of dead branches and leaves crunching
under hear weight alerting all in the area to her presence. She froze for a
moment, then scanned the area, looking for the origin of the sound that
stopped her dead in her tracks. Then she saw him, a guardsmen stood a few
meters from where she lay. His face was mostly obscured by the heavy face
visor he wore but he looked just as surprised to see her as she was to see

'What the hell was a guardsmen doing out here alone' Max thought to herself.
She thought she had left all of them atleast a half mile behind her. It was
then she noticed that his fly was down, his dick in his hand. Out of the
thousand of trees that covered this forest she had to run right into the one
this guy was taking a piss on.

"Fuck!" she muttered under her breathe, trying to think of ways out of this
as she began pushing herself back to her feet.

"Hey! Don't move!" the guard yelled, quickly dropping his dick and replacing
it with his firearm. Pointing it squarely at a now crouching Max. Fuck! What
was she going to do now. "Stand up slowly."

Following his command Max slowly stood. Even hidden behind his visor she
could still see his eyes as they slowly ran down her body. She was drenched,
partly from sweat, partly from the early dew that covered all of the foilage
that she had just spend the lasts ten minutes running through. She watched as
his eyes lingered on her chest. The shirt she was wearing, soaked with sweat
clung to her every curve leaving nothing to the imagination. Max wasn't
surprised as he leered at her. Guys did it all th time but the way his eyes
lingered, the way he shifted uncomfortably as he took in the rest of her body
told Max that she had a way out.

Disgusted as it made her, she would be stupid not to use her sexuality as an
advantage. She parted her lips, and increased her breathing as if she was out
of breath. Pushing her chest out more as she inhaled, her shirt stretching
tightly around her breasts, her hard nipples pushing against the fabric as if
begging to be freed.

"Um.. ahem" the guard cleared his throat nervously, her heavy breathing not
lost on him. A small victory for Max, but she didn't have time to waste.

Giving him her best smile she approached him slowly. "Why don't you put the
gun down, I'm not gonna try anything." she began. "Nobody knows we're out
here... nobody will ever know you let me go, all you gotta do is look the
other way and... and I'll make it worth your while." she said, licking her
lips, her eyes glancing down at his growing arousal. She dared to move even
closer still, her hand trailed down her chest, lightly tracing her breast,
then over her flat stomach to the button of her jeans. "Mmm" she moaned as
she popped open the button, biting her lip looking at him seductively, she
took another step closer, almost within reach of the pistol that was still
pointed at her. The guard couldn't help looking at her perfect body as she
slowly swayed towards him. Only one more step and she would easily be able
to disarm the distracted man.

"Stop!" the man suddenly ordered. "You think I'm stupid? Shake your tits and
ass at me and I'll let you go?"

Fuck. Max mentally screamed at herself, she had been so close, almost in
reach of the weapon. "You don't have to do th..."

"Shut up and put your hands on your head and turn around." the man barked at
her. "Now!" he yelled again seeing her hesitate. Having no other choice she
did what he said. As soon as her back was turned the man kicked at the back
of her knees. With practiced precision he followed through by pushing on her
back, causing her to tumble to the ground.

"Ahh" Max yelped as she felt the guard kick her legs out form underneath her
causing her to fall to her knees, before she could recover her balance he had
pushed her forward, causing her to fall face first towards the forest floor.
Her hands shot out, barely catching herself in time. Instinctively her body
screamed at her to turn around and fight, but the cold hard barrel of the
mans pistol pushing against her thigh stopped her.

They both paused as static filled their ears as the mans radio came alive,
then a gravely voice spoke. "Sector 4 Patrol, Subject last seen heading south
towards your position. Report back any activity."

"Sector 4 all clear" the guard quickly replied back.

"What.." Max begun, confused at the turns of events.

"You're gonna make good on your offer you little slut." he told her as his
hand roughly grabbed the waistband of her jeans and yanked them down.

"Hey, don't you fucking." Max began to fight back, only to stop as the barrel
of his gun pushed against her leg, a stern look in the mans eyes reminding
her who as in control.

Not wanting to waste time, knowing another patrol would find them soon he
grabbed Max's hips tightly, plunging his rock hard member into her.

"Fuck Nooohh" Max moaned as she felt his dick slide into her. In one long
hard thrust he buried his complete length into her. How had this day gone so
wrong she thought to herself as she felt the mans hands roam over her back,
his dick throbbing inside of her.

"Do you know what the boss is going to do with you?" the man said as he
slowly begun thrusting into her. He had to bite his lip while letting out a
deep groan as Max's pussy gripped his dick, he had never in his life felt
someone so tight, so wet. "They're going to punish you. Make sure you know
that trying to steal from us is the worst mistake of your life. There gonna
fuck you so hard, make you beg for it. Not gonna be gentle like me, gonna
fill you with enough cocks till you can't take anymore, then they are gonna
fuck you some more."

"Fuck.... mmmyou." Max spat back. The man picked up his pace, his thrusts
becoming more powerful. Max closed her eyes as she felt her body begin to
betray her. She felt flush, her body burned with desire. She couldn't help
the soft moans that were now escaping her lips as the man roughly took her
from behind. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with every
pounding thrust she took.

"God you're so tight for me you little slut." He grabbed both of her hips,
his hands digging into her flesh as he fucked her with everything he had.

"ohgod.." Max moaned, dropping her head in shame. She begged her body to
stop responding to the mans touch but it didn't listen. It was then she
noticed the glint of metal on the ground. The man had dropped his gun. The
pistol laid no more than a foot away from her, completely forgotten by the
man. All she had to do is reach out and grab it.

"Oh god, fuck, fuckme fuck" Max screamed, her back arching pushing harder
against the man cock pushing him even deeper inside of her now sopping cunt.
Any though of grabbing the gun lost to her as the man reached around and
began rubbing her clit. Pinching and twisting, laughing as he felt her pussy
lips tighten and convulse around his invading cock. Oh god, Max thought to
herself, she was so close, it felt so damn good. She bent her head back,
bitting her lip as she was lost to the desire. "right there, mmm fuck" she

"Fuck arrgh" the man moaned as he came. Shooting his seed into Max.
"Fuckyababe, goodshit"

"Ohhm" She couldn't keep back the moan as he pulled out of her, she could
feel his warm cum inside her, their juices dripping from her pussy down her
leg. "Fuck" she muttered, still so close, so hot. As much as she hated
herself for it she wanted him to continue, needed him to continue. She needed
to cum. Closing her eyes, swallowing her pride she was about to beg him to
continue when she felt strong hands on her legs and stomach.

"Wha.. ommfpt" without warning she was flipped onto her back. Shocked as she
opened her eyes to see a large group of men standing around her. Where had
they come from, how did she not notice them. It was then that she realized
she had been stripped completely naked. Her body completely exposed to the
small army of men, she blushed and tried to hide her nakedness with her
hands. She couldn't help but tremble with excitement at the though of all
these men having their way with her.

"This is what you've come to Max?" a familiar gruff voice said from behind
the wall of men. Max sat up, trying to see who had spoken. Her mind raced,
trying to figure where she knew the voice from.

"Stay down" one of the men said as he pushed her firmly back down. The men
shuffled out of the way as the owner of the voice made his way through the

"What... how?" Max face dropped, her mouth hanging open as she finally saw
the man behind the voice. Donald Lydecker. Lydecker smiled at her as he took
in her naked body. Max struggled against the hands holding her down. But she
could do little more then wiggle away from Lydecker as he slowly approached

"If I had known you were such a slut I would tried harder to catch you Max."
Lydecker said, his hands now on her knees.

"Oh god" Max moaned. This couldn't be happening, why was he here. She looked
at him, whimpering when she noticed that his dick was already freed from his
pants. Oh god she thought to herself. Donald Lydecker, the man that had
consistently tried to ruin her life was about to rape her, worse still was
the fact a part of her wanted him to. She held in the sob as her mind battled
with her body.

"Spread your legs for me Maxie" he whispered hoarsely at her and she
complied. Parting her legs giving him access to her dripping wet pussy. She
felt the head of his cock push against her hairless pussy lips and she had to
bite her lip to stop the scream of need from escaping her mouth. Lydecker
bent down, capturing her breast in her mouth, sucking its rosy peak. "You
don't know how long I've wanted this."

"Mmmfuck" Max moaned as he thrust into her, her cunt gripping and contracting
around his dick. Her legs wrapping around his waist pulling him even deeper
into her. She grabbed his head pulling it closer to her chest as he nibbled
on her nipple. So wrong, this is so wrong, her mind kept telling her. But she
didn't listen, it felt too good.

"Fuckmefuckmefuckme" she screamed, arching her back in pleasure, her
breathing heavy as she begged for him to fuck her harder. Oh god she was so
close, she could hear the men around her laughing and cheering but she didn't
care. "Ohgodohgod" she pulled him closer, thrusting her hips up to meet his.
The sound of their two bodies slapping together with every thrust filled the
forest as Lydecker gave her exactly what she wanted. Her body burned with
desire and just as she was giving up on ever getting release, she came. Her
body tensed as she let out a breathless moan as her climax rocked her body.

Max's eyes shot open as the pleasure ran through her, only to see her dimly
lit room instead of the green lush forest. Her breathing still heavy she
quickly sat up. Confused and disoriented, her body trembled as her orgasm
still surged through her body. It was all a fucking dream.

"Max you coming to work or not?" her roommate, Original Cindy called out from
the living room. Max tried to reply but was still too shocked to respond. Her
dream was so real, she wiped the sweat from her brow and looked down at
herself. Her tank top was drenched in sweat, her hard nipples poking through
her thin shirt. Her fingers danced over her panties, finding them soaked with
her own juices. She sighed and collapsed back into her bed. It had felt so
real, felt so good.

"Go ahead without me, I'll be in late" She called out to her roommate. She
still hadn't recovered from the dream.

"Kay, cyalater boo" Cindy called back as left the apartment. The fact she had
dream involving Lydecker fucking her till she came greatly disturbed her. But
for the time being she had bigger problems, seeing that she only had dreams
like that when she was going into heat.

Max sat up as she heard the door shut behind Cindy. As much as she wanted to
crawl back into her bed and hide for the next few days she knew her body
wouldn't allow it. Soon her hormones would be in overdrive and the need to
mate would be almost unbearable. No, laying around wasn't the answer, she
needed to keep herself busy. Constant action to keep her mind off the growing
heat between her legs. All she could do was focus her mind on anything other
than sex for the next couple of days and hope to god she didn't do anything
she would regret.

Forcing herself out of bed she made her way to her bathroom. A nice cold
shower would help to calm her body down. She quickly disrobed and jumped
under the cold stream of water. Gasping as the ice cold water cascaded down
her body. With mechanical proficiency she scrubbed down her body with a bar
of soap. Not allowing her hands to wander over her overly sensitive body she
constantly reminded herself that she was in the shower to cool off and
nothing more.


"Fuck" she muttered to herself as she heard someone knock on her apartment
door. Who the fuck could that be.


Obviously whoever it was they weren't going to simple leave. "Hold on! I'll
be right there!" Max yelled as she grabbed the blue towel she had stolen from
Logan. Wrapping it tightly above her breasts she angrily went to open the
door. Swinging the door open, yelling out "What the hell do you want..." She
paused, seeing the cop who stood just outside her door. Shit. Almost
immediately her body reacted to the presence of the male. Her body tingled
with anticipation, burned with desire. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus.
Giving him her best smile she back peddled trying to make up for her previous
rudeness. "uhh... what can I do for you officer?" the last thing she needed
was to deal with a pissed of cop.

"I'm sweeping these buildings for squatters ma'am." He responded. He couldn't
help but stare at Max. Her body still soaked from her shower. Droplets of
water running down her arms and legs, her hair tussled. Just a blue cotton
towel covering her slim body. A towel just barely long enough to cover her
most private of parts. But it was the look of pure sex in her eyes that
startled him, she looked like she wanted to eat him alive.

"argh" Max groaned, of course, how could she of forgotten. She looked over to
the cupboard in the kitchen. Inside of which was a small box that contained
the bribe money that she and her roommate paid to the cops every month.
Squatting was illegal, but the cops didn't care as long as they got something
out of it. Hell, it was much cheaper then getting a real place. She paused,
thinking of all the money she had saved during the month for 'rent'. She bet
she could drop her towel and this cop would be more then willing to forgo his
bribe for a chance to fuck her. He could bend her over the kitchen table and
take her from behind. Fuck her hard and fast and his partners who were
undoubtedly shaking down the rest of the building would never even know.
Fuck, maybe his buddies could even join in.


"Uhh.. yeah... uh one second" she couldn't focus. She bit her lip as she
desperately fought the urge to drop her towel and pounce on the man. Just
turn around get the money and close the door, just turn around get the
money and close the door, she repeated over and over in her head.

The cop looked perplexed as he watched Max spin on her heal and make her way
into the kitchen. The girl was obviously struggling with something, but what
he had no idea. He couldn't help but stare as she walked away from him. Her
ass swayed slightly as she moved. The towel barely covering her behind,
giving him small glimpses of the bottom of her ass every time she shifted her
weight, hinting at the perfection that laid beneath. He had to hold back a
groan as he felt his dick harden, uncomfortably pushing against his pants.

Max could hear the man shift uncomfortably behind her, she could feel his
eyes on her as he watched her every step. Her blood boiled with desire
knowing that he was checking her out. Knowing that all she had to do was
turn around and spread her legs and she could feel release. She grabbed
onto the cupboard door, her knuckles turning white as she squeezed the
handle to the point of pain, anything to take her mind off of the man
behind her. Reaching up she grabbed the lockbox.

"Uh.." the cop stood dumbfounded as he watched Max reach up to grab something
from the cupboard. As she stretched out the towel inched its way up her
behind, until her ass was completely exposed. Her perfectly toned round butt
jiggled slightly as she pulled the box down. His heart pounded, his dick now
rock hard there was no mistaking what this girl wanted from him.

As soon as Max felt the cold air of her apartment on her bare bottom. She
pulled down the towel, covering herself as best as she could, but it was
already too late. The raging conflict inside of her had made her completely
oblivious to the fact she was still wearing the dangerously small towel. Her
reactions slow enough to give the cop a nice long look at her exposed ass.
She sighed, this wasn't' going as she had planned, not even an hour into her
heat and she was already succumbing to her mating instincts. It was a losing
battle, she could feel the heat radiating off her body. If it wasn't this
cop, then it would be some strange guy in a back alley. Atleast here she
would be safe in her own apartment. She tried to justify what she was
thinking, but deep down she knew it didn't matter anymore, the only thing
that mattered was that she needed a good fucking.

She faced the cop, smiling at the large bulge in his pants. It was probably
her hormones talking but he wasn't half bad looking. He still stood near the
doorway, maybe 10 feet from her. "Officer.." she began in her sweetest voice
"I know I'm not supposed to be here, but I don't wanna get in any trouble...
Maybe we could work something out?" and with a slight tug on the towel pooled
at her feet.

"Uhh" the cop stood dumbfounded as a very naked Max offered herself to him.
Her breathing was heavy as she stared at him. Her perky breasts rose and fell
with every breath. The cop couldn't help staring as her skin, still damp from
her shower, shined in the morning sunlight. He swallowed loudly as his eyes
trailed over her breasts down her tight stomach, his cock twitched in his
pants as his eyes came to rest on her shaved pussy. Max shifted her weight,
her body trembling as she watched the man measure every inch of her body with
his eyes.

Her movement snapped the cop out of his reverie. His eyes met hers and he
quickly closed the distance between them. In a blur of movement he pinned her
against the kitchen wall before capturing her mouth with a demanding kiss.

"Mmhh" Max moaned as he forced his tongue past her lips. Any self control
she had left was gone as her naked body grinded against him. His hand cupped
her breast, squeezing it as his thumb rubbed her hard nipple. Every time he
touched her he was rewarded with a gasping moan from Max. His erection
pressed against her stomach and Max whimpered as her pussy moistened in
anticipation. She couldn't take more of this, she felt like she was about to
explode. Her hands dropped to his groin, making quick work of his police belt
it landed with a thud as his gun and radio hit the ground. Unzipping him she
grasped her prize.

"Oooooh fuck" the cop moaned as her fingers surrounded his length.

"Fuck me" a hoarse whisper came deep from Max's throat. She looked at the
sofa, too far, then at the kitchen table just feet from her. "Table.. on the

Max gasped as the cop lifted her, squeezing her ass as he pulled her body
close to his. Her legs instinctively locked behind his back as he carried her
over to the table. A glass cup shattered on the floor as the cop quickly
cleared the table before lowering Max onto it. Not able to wait any longer
she reached in between their bodies. Firmly grasping his cock she pulled him
close to her sweet core.

"I need it" she moaned as she rubbed the head of his cock against her wet
pussy lips. "Fuckme" she begged.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh" they both moaned in unison as he finally pushed into side of
her. Her tight cunt grabbing hungrily at his cock as he slowly slid his
length into her.

"Fuck...yesss" Max moaned. Her pussy convulsing around him, trying to pull
him even deeper inside of her. Closing her eyes she leaned back onto the
table. Her hips gyrating against the man as he stood there in awe. Never had
he felt a pussy so tight, so wet. He was stunned at the beauty of Max as she
laid back. Her hair framing her face like halo as she bit her lip, a look of
utter bliss on her sweat covered face. Her fingers danced over her breasts,
rubbing and pulling at their rosy peaks. Slowly he started to thrust his
throbbing member into her.

"ohhh""ahhhh""harder""fuck..ohgod.. fuck" Max's moans filled the small
apartment, drowning out the cops groans as he pumped into her with long hard
strokes. The makeshift table strained with every thrust, barely able to hold
Max's 110 pound frame. But Max didn't care, her eyes rolled back as she
begged him to fuck her harder, silently wishing he would never stop. Crying
out loudly as his balls slapped against her ass with each thrust. She was so
hot, she felt like she was burning up, she needed more. The mans grunts were
becoming louder, his grip on her hips tightened as his thrusts became more
erratic. Reaching to where their bodies were joined she toyed with her clit,
inciting a wave of pleasure as she came hard. "OHH FUCK" she screamed as her
body spasmed. Arching off the table as pure intense pleasure rolled over her,
her hips jumping widely against the mans cock as she rode out wave after

* * *

"Jim you there, over." Officer Jacobs called out using his radio. A worried
look crossed his face. Jim was new to the squad, and it was odd he wasn't
answering his radio. These squatting sweeps were normally a pretty boring
affair. Each cop takes a floor, collects his 'rent' money and their out,
little or no trouble. So there was no real reason for him to worry when Jim
didn't respond. His radio was probably just dead.

"Floor 4 clear" he said into the radio as he pocketed his cash. "Jim isn't
responding to his radio, prolly just a equipment problems, but I'm gonna
check it out. Over."

"Roger, we'll head your way once we've cleared our floors, over."

Causally, Jacobs made his way down to the third floor. Checking out each
hallway stopping when he saw one of the doors still open. Cautiously he
approached the apartment.

"Hey Jim, you in here, why weren't you answering your radi.. holy shit" he
said, shocked at what he saw. There Jim was, absolutely pounding away at a
gorgeous petite raven haired beauty. The girl was a perfect 10, covered in
sweat, as she moaned at Jim to fuck her harder. It was the hottest thing he
had ever seen.

Max let her head roll to her side as she let go, and simple enjoyed the
brutal fucking she was receiving. Her eyes half open, she noticed that they
were no longer alone, another cop stood near the door, watching her as she
was fucked. She bit her lip as the idea of being watched ignited a new fire
inside of her. Their eyes met in a lust filled glare. "UmmmM" Max tried to
speak but could only moan as Jim began squeezing her tits. Regaining some
control as looked at this new cop, his arousal evident, and with a breathless
moan she called him over. "Come'ere"

* * *

Alec peddled his way towards Max's apartment building. It was almost noon and
Max still hadn't shown up at work. Knowing she only skipped work if she was
running some kind of errand for Logan. He had decided find out what she was
doing and tag along. Work had been boring as shit, and running around with
Max and Logan on one of their adventures was just the excitement he needed to
brighten up his day. Locking his bike up he made his way into her building,
heading up the stairs towards her floor.

"Yeah... hot as fuck... so tight for a slut... haha... yeah..." Alec couldn't
help but overhear as some punk kid walked past him, a smug smile on his face
as he talked loudly on his cellphone. "oh man... she just moans for more...
haha.. i made that whore beg..." the conversation faded as the kid reached
the bottom of the stairs, Alec chuckled, figuring the kid was just bragging
to a friend about a recent sexual conquest.

Must be something in the air, Alec thought to himself as he ran into another
man, leaning against the wall the same shit eating grin on his face. A vacant
look in his eyes as he stared down the hallway. Carefully Alec stepped around
him, not wanting to wake the man from his daydream.

As he approached Max's apartment he could hear the faint yells and jeers of a
group of men.

"Fuck yeah!"


"Grab her titties!"

"Oh shit, slut, beg for it!"

A small group of men had formed just outside Max's door. Alec paused, not
sure what to make of any of this. Bewildered he pushed his way past the men.
"Hey man wait your turn" he ignoring the protests as he made his way into
Max's apartment. Entering the apartment he was greeted by the strong musky
smell of sex and loud grunting. Looking into the living room he saw the
source the sound and smell. A beast of a man was pounding away, fucking the
living shit out of a girl. He could hear her soft moans with every thrust
but Max's sofa blocked her from view. Another man stood behind the sofa, a
camera in his hand pointed down at the girl as he filmed her getting fucked.

"No fucking way" he muttered to himself. No way in hell that could be Max,
not in a million years would she do something like this.

"MmmmHHHHHmmm" a loud moan from the girl filled his ears. Alec's cock
twitched at the sound and he could feel his dick hardening as he pictured
Max, behind that sofa, servicing all these men, sucking them, fucking them.
It was then he noticed it, masked by the musk of sex, pheromones. He had
smelt it before, back in Manticore when female X5's went into heat.

"Ohgod" it all made sense, Max was in heat. Out of her mind with lust she
was willingly being gangbanged by all these men.

He knew Max was behind the sofa but his mouth still dropped as he peaked over
it and saw her. He had fantasized about seeing Max naked, but nothing could
of prepared him for this. Her firm tanned body was covered in sweat and cum.
Her breasts slick with the juices of many men bounced as the man continued to
fuck her. Soft moans escaping her lips as he pounded into her. Cum dripped
from those pouty lips and he could only imagine how many cocks she had
sucked. Her eyes half open as she lazily stared into the camera. She looked
exhausted but still in utter bliss as she was roughly fucked. Alec was

"Hey! I said wait your fucking turn!" One of the men, not happy with how
Alec barged through the line grabbed his shoulder from behind, twisting him
around. With a swift fluid movement Alec knocked the hand off his shoulder,
following with a quick jab to the mans face. Alec's fist connected with the
man's nose with a sickening crack, the man crumbled to the floor holding his
nose screaming in pain.

"Ohhh fuck I'm cumming" the man fucking Max bellowed out. He pulled out of
Max, his dick slick with her juices. He pumped his fist over his cock before
exploding all over Max's stomach and breasts.

"Goodjob... who's next!" the man with the camera called out.

Alec had seen enough. "Everyone out! You're done here!" he yelled at the
group of men.

"Fuck that! I didn't get my turn!"

"Yeah who made you boss!"

"You wanna end up like him?" Alec said, pointing to the man with the broken
nose. That seemed to shut the men up. Muttering to themselves they slowly
made their way out of the apartment. Alec's hand shot up to block the way out
of the cameraman. "Not so fast."

"Heyman, Im sorry if she's your girlfriend or something. I mean, she was more
then willing man. I didn't even touch her man." the cameraman started to
ramble on afraid of getting his ass kicked.

"Sure ya didn't buddy." Alec replied grabbing the camera from him. Pulling
the memory stick out he handed the camera back. "Get out of here." the man
scuttled out of the apartment. Pocketing the memory stick he went back to

It looked like she had been ravished for hours. But still, even covered in
cum and sweat she still looked gorgeous. She had rolled over to her side, and
was seemingly alseep as Alec knelt down beside her, not totally sure what to
do. Gently he picked her up and carried her towards the bathroom. Holding her
with one hand he turned the shower on. The water running, an unconscious Max
still in his arms, he stood there unsure of his next move. Awkwardly he
pulled his shirt off, along with his pants. No need to get them wet he told
himself. Standing in his boxers, hoping to god Max wouldn't awake and notice
his raging hard on he carried Max under the stream of water.

"mmmhhmm" she moaned and curled closer to him as she felt the warm water of
the shower hit her skin. "Alec?" she asked as her eyes peaked open. A look of
confusion crossed her face for a moment, why was she in the shower naked with
Alec? But that confusion soon turned to lust as her raging hormones took

"Uhhh Max" Alec muttered as he felt her lips kiss his neck. "uhh you gotta
get cleaned up" he pleaded she wiggled out of his grip and soon was standing
on her own. Pressing her naked body against his. Water streaming between
them, soaking them.

"Come on Alec." she moaned, nibbling on his earlobe. "I know you want me,
here's your chance" her hand found his hard on pulling it free of his boxers.

"Mhhohgod.. what about Logan.." At the mention of Logan's name she stopped
stroking him. Her eyes cast down words and for a moment Alec thought she
might have regained some control.

"Don't worry about Logan... He'll get his turn."

Guess not, Alec thought to himself. Max continued her assault on his body,
trailing kissing along his neck as she slowly stroked his cock. Fuck it. If
she wants it he'll give it to her. Her grabbed her shoulders and roughly
twisted her around. Max gasped as he took control. Pushing her against the
wall of the shower he kicked her feet apart. She caught on and arched her
back towards him. Water cascaded down her back, running down between her
asscheeks and over her pussy lips. She shivered in excitement as she felt
Alec's hands on her ass.

"This is what you want?" Alec asks. He might as well have fun with her.


"Beg me to fuck you ass Maxie"

"Alec. Please." she pushed back toward him. "Mmmh" moaning as she felt his
cock press against her. "Fuck my ass" Not one to say no to a lady Alec thrust
deep inside of her. Roughly burying his entire length into her ass with one

"OhhhFUCK" Max screamed as her ass was violated. Alec's hands covered her
own, holding them in place above her head. He didn't let up as he thrust into
her again, harder this time, causing her to scream out again. He was gonna
give her a fucking she'd never forget.

"Unngh... Ohhfuck...Ohgod... fuckme...ahhh.." Max screamed out with every
thrust. Pain and pleasure ripped through her body. Her hands held tight, his
thrusts almost lifting her off her feet. Alec brutally fucked her, using all
of his enhanced speed and strength to pound his cock deep into her ass.

"Feels good Maxie" he whispered into her ear. Letting her hands go he pulled
her from the wall until her back was resting against his chest. His one hand
cupped her breasts, teasing the nipple. The other went straight for her hot
wet core, plunging three fingers deep inside of her.

"Oh god...ohhhhhh" she whined, her body trembled as the shower head sprayed
warm water over her over sensitive breasts. His pace had slowed from
punishing to the pleasurable. Slowly he worked his dick in and out of her
ass. His fingers playing her like an instrument. He felt her ass convulse
around him and he knew she was close.

"You want to cum Maxie?"

"yes... please.." Max moaned as his fingers rubbed her clit. Her head bent
back, resting on his shoulder as he trailed kissing up and down her neck.
Alec leaned back, pulling Max off her feet impaling her on his dick. It was
all too much for Max as she came in great heaving gasps."Ohhgodohgodohgod...
FUCK" Her legs curled back as her muscles spasmed, intense heat rolled though
her body as a sense of relief ran through her. "Ohhhhyess" moaning her ass
squeezed tightly around his cock milking him as he climaxed with her,
shooting his seed into her bowels. The warm water of the shower ran down her
body, trailing down the valley between her breasts, down her stomach before
washing over her pussy. Her body trembled as her orgasm weakened. She could
feel the water wash away the cum of countless men, her own juices dripping
down her leg, Alec's warm seed filling her ass.

After hours and hours of a constant train of men using her, Max's body
couldn't handle anymore. "so good" she gasped before passing out from sheer
exhaustion. Alec easily caught her as her body went limp. Guess today wans't
that boring, he thought to himself as he picked her up and carried her to
bed. Placing her under her blankets he took a final look at her peaceful
face, while wondering if it was all worth it seeing that after her heat
passed she would most likely kill him. He chuckled, he'd worry about that
later. Getting dressed, he left the apartment and headed back to work.

* * *

"Dispatch 3423"

"This is Officer Jacobs, badge number 32453. I'm inquiring about an warrent.
Female, Brunette, Browneyes, Petite build, Barcode Tattoo on the back of her

"One moment Officer."

Officer Jacobs waited patiently for dispatch, the moment he saw that girl he
knew he knew her from somewhere. He was almost sure there was a warrant out
for a girl matching her description. He had almost arrested her there on the
spot but he quickly gave up that idea once she her lips surrounded his cock.

"Officer Jacobs?"


"There is a active warrant matching that description. Wanted for a number of
crimes, she is to be considered very dangerous. All information is to be
redirected to an Agent Ames White of the NSA. There is also a 10,000 dollar
reward for any information that leads to her capture."

"Alright, Thank you." Jacobs said hanging up. "10 grand and a fine piece of
ass" he muttered to himself, today was a good day. He punched in another
phone number.

"National Security Agency, How may I direct your call."

"I need to speak with an Agent Ames White please."

"Forwarding you to his office. One moment sir."

A good day indeed.


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