Daredevil: To Love A Loathsome Enemy (MF-mast)
by ManUtdRonaldoNo7 ([email protected])

Matt Murdock stared out into the darkened night, looking out into the city
of Hell's Kitchen, patrolling again, endlessly. Trying to ease the ache of
loosing the love of his life, Electra Natchios with endless patrolling.
He knew she was still alive; she had to be. She was the best friend that
he'd ever had, not to mention one of the best fighters that he'd ever known.
He remembered the time at the playground, and the two skilled warriors were
evenly matched.

"You're holding back... don't." He'd told her. And then a dance had occurred
between the two of them that would last for a long, long time.

He'd taken her to his apartment, high above the city he'd offered her as
wine and a place to sleep, which she'd eagerly took, entwined in his arms.
He could see her body by the scents that she gave off. The jasmine of her
perfume and the lusty taste of her tongue as it tangoed with his.

He had clocked her a good one in the mane of egotistical bantering, and had
bruised her neck with the back of his palm. He'd traced the outline of the
bruise with his tongue as she disrobed for him, her hands going along the
lining of the dress that she'd warn for the benefit. He could sense the
peaks of her nipples, as they stood out tough and taunt from her body.

His nostrils also told him that she was aroused. He could as easily smell
the musk leaking out ever so slightly from between her legs as he could the
mustard that his partner in their law firm had slipped into his coffee.
Matt's fingers played with the zippers of his business trousers, unzipping
them and bringing them down to his knees. His boxers were silk, but he had
no idea as to what color they were. He just knew that they were clean,
thanks to his uncanny sense of smell. Just as he knew what Electra smelled

His hand sought out his cock, freeing it from the confines of the boxers.
These too dropped at his ankles and he slowly kicked them off naked from the
waist down he made his way back to his bedroom, his cock bobbing up and down
as he walked.

There was a rumble of thunder, and Matt's cock twitched in response. Rainy
nights were his favorite, and he remembered the first time that he'd been
able to see her. He wondered how and what she was doing, wondering if she
was thinking of him as much as he was thinking of her.

Indeed, far away in Japan, Electra Natchios had just gotten finished with a
training session her fourth of the six that she'd managed to schedule in for
this day. She walked over to the bathroom and slid off the workout uniform,
letting it pool onto the floor. Naked she walked to the bathroom, her black
hair swishing across her bare back as she moved.

She too was lusting after Mathew, and she could already feel the dampness
between her legs forming. Fondly, she remembered the lovemaking that she and
Matthew had shared and as she turned on the water, she felt as her fingers
slid their way down to her pubic bone.

Matt gripped tightly on his cock, thinking only of Electra, his hands swerved
up and down his hardening cock and he remembered the night that they had
shared together.

Electra too had plunged two fingers in her pussy and had begun to pump them
out and in as fast as they would go, letting them tease and pleasure herself
as fast as she could. She felt the first jolt of an orgasm as it ripped
through her body, the power of it all, almost bringing her to her knees

Matt tightened up on his grip of his cock and started to jerk off, the
feeling was more intense than he'd ever imagined and he went faster than
he'd ever had before. "Oh god, Electra, Electra!"

Electra could feel a powerful surge burst forth from her body, almost living
up to her name, and it brought her to her knees. "Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt..."

Thin jets of sperm arched through the air, landing on Matt's stomach, and
hest, covering him in their cooling sliminess, and all at once he felt at
ease. "I love you Electra... " He whispered to her in the darkness, knowing
that she couldn't hear him.

"I love you Matthew..." She silently called back to him, knowing that her
lover loved her back, made her mission all that more difficult for Electra
had to kill Daredevil.

Little did the two lovers know that...


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