Dallas: Part 2 Sue Ellen Creams Pam (MFFF,inc,food)
by Spyder ([email protected])

After the Ewing men have left Pam alone, a horny and somewhat drunken Sue
Ellen moves on the bed beside her. Seeing the well-groomed pussy of the new
Mrs. Ewing, Sue Ellen begins to undress. Pulling off her jeans and panties
first, she finer fucks herself in front of the not so shocked Pamela. Sue
Ellen moans and then removes her striped shirt and black lace bra. A pair of
large breasts pop into view, by this time a blonde vixen joins them named
Lucy. Since they haven't met to this point, Sue Ellen introduces Pam to Lucy
Ewing and adds that this is Gary's daughter. She says that this is the slut
of the Ewing clan, fucking men since she moved to the ranch. Lucy smiles at
the revelation, removes her clothes and joins the two ladies on the huge

While on the bed the three beauties talk for a few minutes as each finger
fuck the others pussies. Ruffling the hair that covers their mounds of
pleasure. Lucy pulls her fingers out and licks the cum from Pam's cunt off
them, insisting that it is the best cum she has enjoyed in weeks. Pam slides
under a squatting Sue Ellen and jams her tongue into the wildly horny lady.
Moans of ecstasy fill the room as form the outside a returning Bobby watches
in awe at what his wife is engaged in. Of course he was there to see the end
of his brothers J.R. and Ray sexually devour his wife. Pam continues to eat,
suck and nibble on Sue Ellen's clit, making the red head scream. At this
minute Lucy has had Pamˇs pussy controlled with her tongue lashing, drawing
cum out faster than expected. Lucy writes that off to the fucking she
witnessed from a two-way mirror between Pam and her uncle's. She then thinks
that both J.R. and Ray left enough cum to enjoy the taste while making Pam
explode from the pleasure.

All three Ewing women taste each other's finely contoured cunts, making the
jism flow like wine at dinner. Lucy leaves the room for a few seconds and
returns with some whipping cream and strawberries. Sue Ellen squeals in
delight at what is about to happen. It doesn't take long for Pam to catch
on and she initiates the proceedings. Placing a strawberry in Lucy's pussy,
Pam takes hold of the whipping cream canister and sprayˇs a little over the
berry and her pussy. Pam then moves into position and licks the white sticky
dairy product of the berry while nibbling the sweet fruit she licks the
pussy of her female lover until she has cum once more. It is sheer pleasure
as Sue Ellen repeats the process with Pam. Lucy watches on while the two
women take turns eating a strawberry from the love cavern. She masturbates
rapidly until more of her juices flow outside. Smelling the dew, Sue Ellen
eats more pussy and smiles at the fact that a new Mrs. Ewing has been
welcomed by the men and now the women.

The coup de Gras occurs when the ladies take turns fucking one another.
Pussies clash in unison at the ongoing pleasure felt. Meanwhile Bobby can't
take anymore and enters the love nest; he takes his hard cock and plunges
deep inside Lucyˇs open ass. Fucking her hard and proud that he finally has
got his turn to bang the young Miss Ewing. Pam again doesnˇt show any shock
at the goings on and continues to eat the pussy of J.R.'s wife. Lucy moans
as she begs Bobby to fuck her cunt good and hard. Obliging the Ewing whore,
Bobby rams his stiff dick into the pussy of his 18-year-old niece. She
screams in delight at the thought that she might be pregnant before any of
the Mrs. Ewing's in the room.

Bobby cums inside the cunt of the young woman and moves over to Sue Ellen,
she is willing to accept his dripping cock and sucks it a long time before
allowing him to enter her burning box. Inside and out he goes fucking the
first of the Mrs. Ewing's after their mom. Sue Ellen takes his cock all
the way in while leaving nail marks on his back. Bobby turns her over, pulls
her butt near his hard dick and forces it in her still untouched ass. She
squeals in agony while he fucks her ass for what seems an eternity. Soon the
pain turns to pleasure as he cums on her buttocks, leaving a sticky load on
and in her ass. Lucy is amazed that Bobby is still hard, considering the
amount of cum he has given the two he has fucked. By this time Pam has become
restless and sucks the breasts of Lucy and then Sue Ellen, while Bobby has
zeroed in on his wife for the first time since they met.

Turning his attention where he should have started, Bobby takes his dick
and tells his wife to suck it as long as she wants. Pam licks the shaft and
balls, sucking on the orbs as well. Pam feels the length of her husband's
cock at the back of her throat as she deep throats it until a load of jism
oozes down inside her. Bobby pulls back long enough to have Pam rear back
in a doggie style position. After all she did this for Ray and J.R. earlier,
he finds that his cock enters much more easily than into Sue Ellen's ass.
Ramming it hard, Pam reaches underneath herself and rubs her clit. As her
husband cums in her ass, she cums on her fingers. Bobby pulls out and enters
the pink pussy of his wife from behind. Teasing her with a partial entry and
full attacks on the cunt that is now his. Again she squeals loudly as Bobby
has cum once more. Bobby is tiring and turns his lovely wife on her back and
plunges his cock inside her hot pussy one more time. The women await the
final load to enter Pam's hot cavern of love. Lucy and Sue Ellen have
returned to eating each other while Pam is being fucked like never before.
It isn't too much longer when Bobby finally has creamed the pussy of the
lovely lady he married. He rolls off, Sue Ellen moves in between Pam's legs
one last time for the evening and devours the pussy of Bobby's slut, er wife.
Sue Ellen eats until she has creamed the hot pussy of her new lover. They
all know that this isn't to be the last time all four of them will engage in
such hot and lengthy sex. Collapsing for the night, the three ladies and
Bobby sleep on the waterbed, while J.R. sleeps alone again.

The End


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