Dallas: Lucy, Bobby And J.R. (MMF,MF,MM,inc,oral,voy)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Southfork Ranch, the home of the Ewings, an oil rich family from Texas. Not
many know of the deeds and deals that are done via sex and or torture, but
those who want to buy into the fields that the Ewing family own, have to go
through incredible odds to sign the contract.

One such deal was on a hot August evening, as only J.R and Bobby were in on
the deal. First they took a new client to dinner, told him that if they are
to agree to the deal, he must meet their niece Lucy. Once the client was in
agreement, the three of them went to the ranch to seek out the sexy Ewing
girl. Upon arrival they made him comfortable, sought out Lucy and some items
needed for the evening and returned to the living room.

By this time Jake was wondering what sort of a deal was he in for this night
to secure some oil for his firm. Bobby explains to Jake that if he tells what
is to occur to any soul what so ever, that he and J.R would seek him out and
drive him out of business. Jake agrees not to tell anyone, as he watches Lucy
walk the carpeted floor like a model on a catwalk. J.R sits next to the
client, tells him that Lucy will strip for him and then the fun will begin.

On cue, Lucy puts some country song on the stereo, stand son the coffee table
and teases Jake with her attempted striptease. Jake wants to get up to help
her, but is restrained by J.R and Bobby. The two Ewing men take some rope to
tie his hands together so he cannot lay a finger on their niece. To be
certain Bobby shackles him to one of the chairs in the living room. J.R knows
that the way to torture a single man is to have a young woman strip while the
man thinks of fucking that lady. Jake squirms as Lucy has lowered her jeans
to the floor, while her cowboy boots remain on. Lucy sees the bulge in Jake's
trousers, saunters over to where he sits and rubs her still covered pussy on
his leg.

Backing away from the eventual partner, Lucy slowly unbuttons her shirt,
blowing soft kisses to the now sexually aggravated man. Again Jake squirms;
knowing that he is unable to touch the sexy Miss Ewing and sits solemnly to
watch the show before hopefully signing a contract with J.R and Bobby. Lucy
has now removed her outer clothing, walks towards Jake and once more
slithers along his leg with her pussy feeling moist under her panties. What
she doesn't know is that Jake has cum in his shorts and wants to have his
dick inside her ass.

Lucy backs away very slowly, makes Jake squirm more as she pretends to undo
her black bra, but drops her hands into her panties and fingers her ass and
pussy. This of course drives Jake crazy; knowing that Lucy is deliciously
creating torture in his heart as well as his pants. Finally after
masturbating for a few moments Lucy takes her bra off to reveal the breasts
that few men have seen. Bobby and J.R are pleased at the length of time it
is taking their niece to strip totally and plan to reward her in front of
Jake. At this time the two Ewing oil owners have left the room to prepare
for the reward that Lucy will receive. Again Lucy is making Jake sweat as
she squeezes her breasts right in front of his face; in fact she is so close
that he could lick her nipples, but decides not to at this time.

Thirty-five minutes into the strip tease, Lucy slowly lowers her panties in
front of Jake. He thinks that she is going to have his dick, but is in for
a surprise as J.R and Bobby have stripped in another room and have returned.
With all three Ewing family members nude, Jake wonders what is in store and
thinks that the men are somewhat gay, thinking that they are planning to have
him sexually.

J.R smiles, takes Lucy by the hand and leads her to the couch. She kneels
on the floor to wait for the command to do as asked by her uncle's. Bobby
whispers into her ears to give J.R and himself a blowjob in front of this
man. Lucy strokes both cocks, licking the heads so quick that OLE J.R is
nearly cumming in her hand. Back and forth she goes sucking the balls and
rods of her uncles. Suddenly an explosion of cum enters her mouth, which
she swallows. Jake shows shock at what is taking place, but knows that if
he says a word the deal is off and keeps the sex quiet.

Bobby next will tell Lucy to sit over his cock as he is going to ass fuck
her. When Lucy is comfortably in place, J.R drives his cock in her pussy,
fucking her cunt as her ass is rammed by Bobby. Lucy smiles and winks at
Jake as her uncles continue the sort of torture that they use regularly,
but this is she first time helping out. Usually the experience is left for
Sue Ellen or Pam, but both ladies have an evening out to fuck each other
in a hotel.

J.R and Bobby exit the room after they have fucked their niece; Lucy strolls
over to where Jake is and removes his pants and cum soaked shorts. She licks
the sticky ooze of the tip of his cock and deep throats it as Bobby walks in.
He doesn't stop her, but urges it to continue what she started. Jake is still
shackled to the chair, but doesn't mind the treatment if it means oil being
shipped to his service stations. Again Lucy slides over a cock, taking the
full length in her hot hole. Once Jake has cum in her ass, Lucy undoes the
chains and lies on the floor with open thighs. The young man eats her already
dripping pussy, fingering it as he drinks her pee and cum. All this action
has Lucy wetting herself in more than one way and to keep it from soiling the
carpet, Jake laps up the fluid as he fingers her tight ass.

J.R walks in with the papers Jake has to sign, but sees Lucy is enjoying his
cock so much, he waits nearby until she has completed her first effort into
the Ewing Oil Company. Meanwhile in the kitchen Sue Ellen has returned home
early, she left Pam shopping in Houston and wanted a little male
companionship. Upon entering the house, she sees Bobby without his pants on
in the kitchen. Knowing what has happened, she sucks her brother in law's had
cock while Lucy completes the transaction in the den.

J.R walks in as Lucy and Jake end their sexual needs, he tells Jake to sign
now before the final act. Jake signs the contract as J.R takes the young
man's cock and sucks it himself. This turns Jake's stomach, as he never knew
that the Great J.R Ewing was part gay. Later on the three men go out to
celebrate and Lucy goes to bed with her Aunt Sue Ellen.

The End


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