Dick Van Dyke Show Part 2: Larry Takes Laura Again (f/f,best)
by Wilcox

It was a lazy Saturday morning. It followed the most incredible night of my
life. My husband Rob had to go to work in the city, my young son Richie was
off to the zoo with a group of friends and their parents for the day and I
was enjoying a sexual interlude, masturbating on my bed as I relived in my
lust filled mind the wonderous coupling I'd had with Larry on my bed the
night before, right next to my sleeping husband.

I'd hurried into the shower to soak in the hot spray and wash of the rements
of Larry's crusted over seed before my husband noticed the condition of my
well used body. Rob left with Richie, to drop him off at the William's house,
while I was in there and I'd just got out of the shower when something came
over me. I laid down naked on my bed and was fingering myself to orgasm when
suddenly Larry came bounding into the room.

Larry, let me explain, is a huge German Shepard that we were watching for
Rob's friend and co-worker Buddy Sorrel. He'd taken me in my sleep the
night before. Well, to be honest, I did become a much more than willing
participant before the night was through.

In a flash he was on the bed, like a puppy, trying to see what all of the
excitement was. I wasn't about to quit a good thing and I sure didn't care
who saw me now, especially not a dog who already ravaged me with his huge
dog cock. I was so far along.

My body was struggling to complete its journey and I came as he looked on.
He didn't seem to care that I had climaxed, though I could see his nostrils
flairing as he drank in the scent of my gushing cunt. I wanted to lie there
and bask in the warm afterglow, as it were, but fate would have none of that.
There was Larry wanting to mate with me again. He'd picked up the smell of
my fragrent femine juices and began earnestly humping the air with all of
the urgency and abandon of a teen in the back seat of a car. I sucked in my
breath at the sight before me. Larry was humping the air with his downright
prodigious member flailing around.

This flaming red rod was staring right at me, glimmering and shimmering in
the soft morning light filtering into the bedroom. It's a pity my husband's
not endowed like Larry, was my first thought, followed by, Oh My God, what
am I saying. Anyway, weak as I am, having just completed a very nice climax,
I lay there slowly fingering my juicy cunt, wanting to savor the moment. "Go
away," I told him. "You've had your fun. I'm still sore from the pounding
you gave me last night."

But it was not to be. Larry was a typical male. They all did their thinking
with their small head once their blood was up. He was towering over me still
humping like mad. I couldn't take my eyes off of his moist penis thrusting
from his sheath, flopping and bouncing around in the air.

It was agonizing to watch him. I'd just got off and it was really my fault
the he was all worked up I thought. As his haunches continued humping I could
see that long dick twitch. I slid my foot under his belly and gently rubbed
his engorging cock with my toes. I found myself saying, "Come on you
beautiful beast, if you want to get off so much, fuck my toes, let it go ...
come on you beast, fuck my fee t..." Slowly and cautiously I reached my hand
up to touch it.

As it thrashed back and forth in the air I could hold my hand still and feel
its smooth and slimy surface run over it. It felt good. Hot and slimy and
good. Slowly I closed my hand over it. "Surely, it wouldn't do any harm," I
thought. After all I'd had his thick dick in a much more intimate place than
my hand, hadn't I. Larry, figuring he had hit home, went berserk. As I
clamped his prick tighter he gave a great surge and "plunged home."

For an instant he paused, then slowly withdrew and began his exaggerated
pumping again. It felt fine to me, but I was overcome with a sudden rush of
the depraved nature of what I was doing and I panicked and let go. Here I
was a loving wife and mother playing with the massive cock of the dog that
had ravaged me as I slept. Unfortunately for me, Larry felt no shameful
feelings to match, but then, how could he. He was only reacting to his
bestial nature and urges. He didn't stop, but his howl convinced me that he
might catch on soon that things were not as he wanted them. Quickly, I tried
to slip out from under him.

As I rolled I must have caught Larry off balance and he went tumbling to the
floor with a terrible crash. That gave me an opportunity to wriggle off the
bed and escape. Unfortunately, I met Larry as he bounded back up. His immense
size and forbidding strength sent me flying backwards. I had the presence of
mind to twist around before crashing down. Thank goodness I could reach the
bed I thought or I would have surely broken something.

I wound up face down, my upper body laying on the bed. For an instant I lay
there, panting. That instant was fateful. Before I could push myself up and
get away, I felt Larry's hot breath on my back, instantly followed by a
clunk on my head where his chin came to rest. His massive, hairy body had me
pinned. I struggled to slip away, but his powerful forelegs were like iron
prison bars.

I didn't fully realize the predicament I was in, until I suddenly felt a hot
wet object goose me in the buns. A scream only seemed to further inflame my
new lover as I desperately tried to wriggle free. His hard chest scraped my
back as he strived to mate with me once again. I guess he thought that I was
his now now that he'd fucked me and he wanted me again.

His rigid penis, thank God, with a soft, pointy head kept probing into my
rear, getting nearer and nearer to my sopping wet cunt. It was still swollen
and sore from the fierce pounding he'd given me last night. I knew that I
needed to take control of our new ... 'freindship'. What was I to do. I was
being raped by Buddy's huge German Shepard. My husband Rob would never
believe it if I told him about his friend's big dog. Especially since I
hadn't bothered to mention to him that Larry had fucked me last night while
he was sound asleep in his bed next to us. I stopped and gathered all of my
remaining strength for one last effort to break free. But this pause was
also "fatal."

I looked over my shoulder and just caught a glimpse of his massive cock fully
extended a good ten inches long and as thick as my wrist, ready for action.
Posed directly behind my vulnerable, totally exposed backside.

The instant before I was going to throw myself back to one side, his urgent
cock found, and entered ... my anus. I gasped. But I couldn't stop myself
from instictively pushing back in an attempt to get away.

Amazingly, Larry never missed a stroke. As I'd gathered myself to push back
he'd quickly pulled back a short distance, not far enough to extract himself
though, and with his own desperate surge foward drove himself deeply up my
tight little asshole as I pushed back against him trying to throw him off.
My God, my own attempt to escape only assisting him in driving his massive
dog dick deep up my ass as I screamed at the unnatural entry.

I gasped again as he hopped foward and reestablished his position. His
determined thrusting beating a tattoo on my backside as he relentlessly drove
his big cock all the way up my ass to the hilt. Sky rockets went off in my
head as his long thick dog dick plundered my tender asshole. I couldn't
ignore the erotic sensations that skyrocketed in my horny aroused brain at
at the forbidden union, even more so because he was sodomizing me, and after
a while I found myself rotating and rolling my hips back to meet him in a
fuck me big boy motion. God, here I was again. At this big dog's mercy as he
fucked me like a bitch in heat.

He took a step toward me with his back legs and hunched his powerful
haunches. I groaned, "Oh, YES!," as his long hard rod aggressively slipped
deep into my ass again and again. My eyes must have gotten as big as saucers
as I felt his hard urgent cock pounding me up the ass. I felt his hairy
haunches strike my buttocks as he sank his massive dog dick all of the way
into my wide streached anus again and again.

"Oh God! It's in my ass. He's in me. Oh God!" I moaned as I worked my rectum
over his jackhammering shaft of thick dog flesh. I must admit I loved having
anal intercourse with him. It was so naughty and unexpected and besides who
could he tell. It's not like he'd be in a bar bragging about how he'd fucked
Rob's wife Laura up the ass. In a strange perverted way, I knew that he was
the perfect male to have an illicet affair with.

I was in heaven kneeling on the floor, bent foward over my bed, my big boobs
pressed into the bedspread, my nipples, hard tingling nubs rubbing over the
smooth material. Behind me Larry, a massive dog was humping the living shit
out of my ass. I sure wasn't in any pain now. I reached down to enhance the
effort by playing with my clit. It was so nice to be fucked and still be able
to finger my clitoris and I finger fucked myself in rhythm with Larry's
demanding shaft.

Larry was fucking my tight little asshole like crazy. He was going incredible
fast, taking short hard strokes. His cock was slipping in and out like
nothing I have ever felt before. I could feel the heat build up. I squealed
with pleasure each time he thrust his long hard cock into my asshole.

Larry was having a great time, too. Yes, I was now fucking the big dog every
bit as much as he was fucking me, and we were both enjoying it very, very
much. My hips sort of twitched to meet each thrust that the dog made. He was
picking up speed rapidly. Never had my husband humped me so hard and fast.

Once he had his long cock fully into me he started making short thrusting
jabs, not like the delicious long slow strokes that Rob was capable of,
seemingly trying to get into me even deeper. I was squealing and groaning,
urging him on. All of the sudden it was like I couldn't get enough air and
I nearly passed out.

But I was only cumming. Huge waves of orgasmic release rolled over and over
me again and again. I could feel my bodily juices flow over my fingers as I
stuffed them in my vagina as far as I could. My clit instantly became ultra
sensitive and I had to stop stroking it in time to Larry's thrusts. I could
feel my nipples, hard as cherry pits, and I ached to have a real man stroke
them. Rubbing them over the bedspread was all I could manage with Larry's
heavy weight resting on me.

Over and over I orgasmed. Then the dog took a long deep powerful lunge that
drove my thighs into the side of the bed. I felt a forceful swelling in his
penis, fully buried to the hilt so that my virgin asshole was filled with
all ten inches of his massive dog cock. He exploded in my straining body.
Surge after powerful surge followed giving me exquisite pleasure.

I expected him to quickly withdraw his wondrous instrument and amble
unconcernedly away like he had before. Then I felt him start to swell. I
wondered what's going on, "How big will you get?" I could feel his cock
getting bigger, stretching me, as it twitched inside me. It was overwelming
and I felt so full as I realized that his knot had entered me and had locked
us together.

I was so horny with lust that there was no way that I was going to sit idly
by waiting for him to complete the act of mating. I was determined to cum
again and began rolling and pushing my hips back into his huge hairy body.
"Oh, my God, I'm cumming again!" I moaned to no one in particular after
several minutes and started to pant and gasp once again. Eventually, I
became aware of the dog getting restless and wriggling around, still inside
of me, each movement giving off lighting bolts of incredible pleasure.

I cried in anguish as I finally felt him slip out and tried to back into him
to engage it once more, but a sucking sound and a juicy "plop" told me he had
pulled out. I looked back and was amazed to see how big he really was, over
ten inches long and about an two and a half inches thick. Then he followed
the human male lead and casually swaggered off to take a leak some where.
"That was fantastic, simply fantastic!" I said to what I thought was an empty

To my utter shame and astonishment, I heard a familar voice yell, "OH MY
GOD!!" I turned and saw my best friend and neighbor Millie standing in the
doorway. Her hands were up to her mouth and her eyes were wide open in shock
at seeing me servicing a huge dog. "OH MY GOD!!" she shreiked again. "Laura,
what ... what ...."

Before she could finish I started to cry and sobbed, "Oh Millie, what am I
going to do. That beast raped me. I had no choice, I was helpless ..."

Millie rushed over to comfort me, "Oh you poor thing. The beast ..." I was
relieved that she bought my story, but I knew that I needed to find a way
to keep her from telling anyone. Especially her husband Jerry, Rob's best
friend. She turned down the covers and helped me onto the bed. "OH MY GOD
LAURA! How do you feel," she asked with a tone of deep concern. A sudden
thought flashed into my conciousness as the I realized how to insure her
silence. I had to draw her into the forbidden affair I was having with
Buddy's dog.

I drew my legs up to my chest, totally exposing my swollen pussy and ravaged
anus to her wide opened eyes. "Look what he did to me Millie. God, I'm so
sore that I don't think I can walk. What am I going to do. It feels so sore."
Her eyes where locked on the exposed holes between my upraised legs. I looked
down and saw that my asshole was gaping wide open with a puddle of dog cum in
it. It was beet red and cum was slowly oosing out. Millie watched the thick
dog's semen as long drips of cum began pooling on the sheet as it trickled
from my plundered rectum.

"OH Laura, what can I do to help," she said. I saw her slowly lick her lips
and knew that I'd been right about her latent tendencies. "Well, would it be
to much to ask for you to lick it ... to make it feel better? Your lips and
tongue would really make me forget what that horrid dog did to me, and it
would relieve the soreness he gave me when he fucked me with his long thick
dog dick," I said in a low voice. I knew I had her as I saw Millie twitch as
I mentioned getting fucked by the big dog."

She looked at my sopping wet loins then over at the big dog licking his dick
and balls in the corner. She waivered as she thought it over, then said,
"Well OK, if you think it will really help."

"OH I do Millie. It would help so much,"I said. "You'd better take off your
clothes so you don't get them all messy," I told her.

She nodded her head and slowly removed her dress and without my prodding, her
bra and panties as well. I was surprised as I looked at her nude body. She
was really built and in great shape. Her baggy clothes had concealed a set of
perky full breasts, a flat tummy, flairing hips and a very nice, heart shaped
little ass. "What should I do first Laura," she said, a little timidly.

"Lick my pussy first Millie. That's the sorest spot," I told her. She got
down between my legs and I felt tingles shoot through me as her tongue loving
flicked over my swollen labia like a butterfly. "OH YES, that feels so much
better Millie. Don't stop. It's making me feel so much better," I moaned.

She grew more confident and was soon working her tongue through my puffy cunt
lips and teasing my erect clitoris with a faboulous swirling action. She was
really getting into it and so was I. I'd never been intimate with another
woman before and her wonderful tonguing put Rob to shame. I felt an orgasm
begin to grow and I tugged on her hips as I moaned, "spin around Millie so
that I can return the favor."

She didn't need much convincing as she spun around and got into a 69 position
over me. Millie's cunt was closing in and I could see how wet and juicy it
was before my tongue confirmed it. I slipped my tongue into her and began to
lap up her flowing juices as we lost ourselves in horny passion. My rising
climax washed over me just as a similar one hit Millie. We ground our gushing
pussy into each others faces as the waves crashed over us. I couldn't resist
coating a finger with her oozing fluids and I worked it deep into her tight
little asshole as she began to moan into my sopping wet canyon of lust.

"Lick my ass," I called to her. "Lick up that thick rich dog cum. Go for it
girlfriend." I probed her ass hard and began to finger fuck it in time with
the tonguing I was giving her sweet tasting pussy as I felt her tongue slide
out of my cunt and slowly work it's way down to my cum oozing anus. "OH YEAH,
DO IT MILLIE," I moaned as she dipped her tongue in and tasted her first dog

"OHHHH Laura, I like it ... it tastes so good," she moaned as I felt her
hungry mouth working on my asshole. It was then that I noticed that Larry had
become interrested in our activities on the bed. He had moved up close to my
head and his big nostrils were flairing as he investigated the tantilizing
scent of females in heat. Millie was so into it that she never noticed him
leap up on the bed behind her. I watched his massive rigid shaft as it bobbed
in lewd intent, fully engorged to it's overwelming ten inch length. He closed
in on Millie's erotically undulating backside as I removed my finger from her
ass and watched him approach from my ringside seat.

He came up close and sniffed her juicy slit, then ran his rough tongue though
her wet gash as she moaned, "OH Laura. YESSSS, that feels so good." She
thought it was me, but I knew that it was only a matter of moments before my
best friend and neighbor would know exactly who was servicing her. He hopped
up and locked her flairing hips with his forelegs. In almost the same motion
Larry's foward momentum slammed his massive dog cock up Millie's juick pussy
to the hilt. I must admit that he had a little help in finding her hole so
quickly. I couldn't resist using my hand to guide his long thick love missile
to his intended target as he slammed his hips foward.

Her head rose up and she let out a piercing scream as all ten thick inches
pentrated her cuntal sheath in one powerful lunge. "OHHHHH MMMYYYY
DEEEPPPPP ...OH LAURA ... it feels so good I can't believe it. Is this what
he did to you ... oohhhhh ... he puts Jerry to shame ... what a cock!!!"

I knew I had her now. This would be our little secret. There's no way she
would talk now. I knew what Larry would do once he picked her her femine odor
and he didn't disapoint me. We would share his services from now on and after
he was gone Millie and I would be spending a lot more time together.

Life couldn't get any better I thought as I used my tongue to stimulate
Larry's big balls. He was pounding Millie with his usual bestial
forcefullness and I contented myself in licking the underside of his hard
charging shaft as her fucked my best friend's brains out. My pleasure
increased a few moments later when Millie dropped her head and resumed
eating me out. AHHH life is so good, I thought.


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