Dick Van Dyke Show Part 1: Larry Stays Over (best)
by Wilcox

Rob Petrie came home hoping that his wife Laura wouldn't be angry with him
for agreeing to take care of Buddy Sorrel's dog Larry without consulting her
first. Buddy and Pickles were going away for a two week vacation and needed
someone to watch their new dog. Buddy told Rob that he'd gotten the dog from
a friend, who told him that Larry was going to be put down if no one took
him. What he neglected to mention was that Larry, a massive German Shepard,
weighing well over 150lbs, had been the star of a porno show that had been
raided by the police.

Rob walked into the house just in time to hear his wife explaining to their
son Richie how the family always makes important decisions together. He
sheepishly told them that he brought Buddy's dog home with him. Laura asked
why he didn't call and discuss it first.

"That's our way, daddy," his son told him. "Isn't that right mommy?"

"Yes it is dear," she said as she glowered at her husband. "How long are they
going to be away," Laura asked.

"Ahhh, two weeks," he replied. "I'll bring him in, your both going to love

"TWO WEEKS!!" Laura shouted at him as he shot through the front door.

When Rob brought Larry in. Richie took one look at the huge animal and was
immediately terrified of the massive dog. He ran off screaming, "He's going
to eat me!" His mother followed to comfort him as Rob called out, "Their
already gone. Their plane left this afternoon. We have to keep him."

Laura returned after calming her young son down. She insisted that Larry had
to stay in the garage and was not to be let into the house. "I told Richie
that it would be fine because the dog won't come in the house. It's the only
way I could get him out of his closet."

Rob knew that it was useless to argue the point and took Larry into the
garage. He threw down an old blanket for a bed and put out water and food.
Larry seemed fine and settled down. He remained calm as he listened to their
voices coming through the closed door.

That evening Rob and Laura shared a few bottles of wine after dinner and
decided make up in bed. Laura was close to an orgasm but Larry's now constant
whining broke the mood. Laura angrily pushed her husband off of her and told
Rob to go handle the situation before the dog wakes Richie. "You can sleep
with the dog tonight!" she yells at his back he he left the bedroom.

Laura is horny and frustrated, but she knows that Rob will be staying in the
garage tonight. She decides to take a sleeping pill so that she'll be able to
drop off to sleep. Meanwhile out in the garage Rob eventually realized that
Larry was lonely and will only stop whining if he's with people. Rob brought
him into the house and led him to the bedroom to ask Laura if Larry can sleep
in their room. Finding Laura sound asleep and seeing the bottle of sleeping
pills, Rob decided to let him stay and took a couple of the pills himself so
that he could finally get some sleep.

During the night Laura tossed and turned and kicked the covers off of
herself. Being a warm summer night she's wearing a short nightgown and had
no underware. Larry was drawn to the familiar scent of female arousal coming
from Laura's bed as she fingered herself in her sleep. The big dog bounded
over to her bed and then leaped up on top of it, next the the sleeping wife
and mother.

Her long milk-white legs were spread open in the center of the bed. She was
fingering her erect clit as groans of desire broke from her lips. The big
German Shepherd inclined his head and he moved forward between her wide open
legs. He'd been well trained to perform with human females and his instincts
took over.

With a single long, swiping movement, his snout went down and forward, and
then his tongue snaked out and whipped through the moist wet furrow of her
vulnerably spread vagina as she moaned, "OHHHHHH ... YESSSSSSS ROB!" Her
beautiful dark-tressed head flailing backwards, her pelvic region thrusted
upward to meet her husband's tongue.

As the big dog's tongue lapped through her warmly seeping pussy slit, her
glistening cuntal lips clung to it. The rough texture of his tongue serving
to magnetically bind her tender cuntal folds to it.

Larry drove his cold wet snout right up into her juicy pussy flesh, wedging
it in as deeply as he could. Then he began moving his snout in and out of her
convulsing cunt with a savagely swift movement.

He punched his snout in and out between her legs with machine-gun like
thrusts. This was wild, crazy. He left her with no room to alter, cajole or
implore. This was the most furious, wonderful oral pleasure she'd ever
encountered. The lusty tattoo of his snout banging back and forth against her
vulnerable, open vagina sent her half way towards her orgasm before she knew
what hit her.

Laura had never had any experience like this before. Usually Rob made love
to her very affectionately before he even considered putting his thick,
blood-swollen cock into her cunt. But the huge animal she thought was her
husband was actually penetrating her with his nose! And in her alchohol and
drugged out condition she was loving every minute of it!

Frantic with desire, she unconciously gripped his ears wildly and tried to
drag his face all the way up inside her. And all the while she was moaning
as if she were delirious with fever. His snout was pumping in and out of her
loins like an jackhammer, making her lust spiral higher and higher with each
lewd bestial thrust.

The horny drugged wife and mother squirmed and twisted voluptuously on the
bed and thrashed her body all over her lover-dog's face like a woman gone
mad, heaving her firmly mounded breasts up and back with primeval desire. The
needs of her flesh had taken complete control of her unconcious being.

The eager German Shepherd whimpered with growing need, feeling his new
mistress responding beneath him as his thickening red penis slipping ever so
slightly more from its well-concealing sheath, the tiniest drop of milk-white
sperm glistening in its red beveled tip.

Her hotly seeping pussy seemed to be carried away on a tide of sensuality.
"Rob!" she panted breathlessly as her clouded brain replaced Larry with her
husband. "That's it, darling! Oh, darling yesss! Darling ... oh god ...
that's it ... oh darling ..." She trembled thrillingly beneath his lavish
oral fucking. Her vagina was so moist and flowing with passion that Larry
was sent to a higher degree of arousal as Larry lapped up Laura's intimate

He went back to licking her again. Laura uttered a mindless little cry of
pure heaven as the canine's long, thick tongue suddenly snaked out, curling
wetly at its tip as it searingly splayed open the sensitive lips of her
sopping wet cunt.

And then before she could get her head back on straight, Larry had laved
his way all the way down to the very mouth of her lust-inflamed vagina,
separating wetly the soft, hair-fringed folds, drawing with a scorching
heat upward and in between the swollen lips, and then finishing with an
agonizingly electrifying twist at the delicate little bud of her already
hotly vibrating clitoris!

Laura gurgled like a baby, out of her mind with ecstasy. "Aaaarrrrgggggmur
fffgggghhhh ..." This was unlike any other feeling in the world. She wanted
to burn up in it! Pressing her fingers into his soft furry crown, she goaded
him on as his lewdly lapping tongue assaulted her most secretive inner

Again and again the handsome brute repeated his burning caress, dragging
gasps from the intoxicated housewife. His obscenely stroking tongue splayed
through the widespread crevice of her shivering white thighs, singeing her
exposed and vulnerable loins which were humping so lewdly up into his snout.

Larry's furry head was pursuing her pussy with an adoration she had never
known from her own husband. As for the German Shepherd he was going wild with
desire himself. His enormous ten inch dog cock, red and angry-looking, was
now fully exposed and bobbing gently with lewd intent.

He knew what to do, and he did it ruttishly, his long wet tongue slavering
through her curly pussy hair, then up in scroll-form through her eagerly
responding cuntal flesh to flick artfully at her ecstasy drenched clitoris
as Laura's cream-white thighs shivered with longing.

The lustful scent of her loins made the dog's sensitive nostrils flare, and
he lapped at her loins with increasing urgency, drawing up all of the tender
hair-fringed folds and then letting them slap back again like liquid rubber.
The moist pink flanges quivered with expectancy, tremulous with desire for
him, as the German Shepherd's heart beat frantically and his penis felt as
if it were bursting.

"Yes darling ..." she hissed mindlessly, lost in a lust-drugged fit. "That's
it, eat my cunt ... oh ... oh ... Rob darling ... that's it ..." She murmured
endearments through passion-clenched teeth, her slender white neck straining,
her hips pumping upward into his face, and her long legs thrashing.

Her eyes were tightly shut, and her head lolled from side to side on the
pillow, rolling all of her long dark hair back and forth over her milky
smooth shoulders. A tiny blue vein throbbed ardently in her temple as all
of her lust-ridden body gave itself over to pure sensuality.

"Darling! Oooohhhhhh ... love me to death! Lick me ... oh God I'm dying ...
God ... don't stop Rob ... oh ... oh ... oh ... I'm going to cum in a minute
lover ... don't stop ... faster ... faster ... lick ... oh God Rob ...
you're ... ohhhhhhooooohhhhhh ... BABEEEEEEE!" All the nerve-endings in her
sex-taut body seemed to be shrieking out for completion ... but only ... only
the most wonderful blinding orgasm would ... oooh ... oh ... ohhhhh ..."

Laura had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation which had
made such a furnace of her belly. The fluid cuntal channel between her legs
had become a raging river at floodtide. The full, sensually swollen mounds
of her breasts felt as if they were bursting with milk. Each time he lapped
through her hair-fringed pussy slit, her belly convulsed with new lust.

Her groans deepened with each long, drawn-out lap of her cunt, mingling
with the lewd liquid noises of his tongue between her legs, and filling the
Petrie's bedroom in a crescendo of carnal release. Her feverish brain had
become a blank to everything except Larry's pleasure giving tongue, and her
breathing now came in ragged, sharply punctuated gasps.

She was trapped by an obscene emotion that had no name. Then there was a
swift, whooshing intake of her breath, as Larry's irresistibly searching
tongue splurged out between her widely spread buttocks to worm its way up
between her tingling ass-cheeks to her snug little anal mouth, where it
lewdly burrowed in as deep as it could!

The voluptuous young wife was wracked with agony as she twisted and turned
on her bed, her molten hot breasts heaving sensuously from side to side.
Blissfully the dog's tongue continued splaying open the hotly welcoming
flesh -- then lunging in a maddening invading curl all the way up into the
primitively clutching heat of her craving vagina!

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!" Laura moaned with anguish, a moan that seemed not to have
any ending. Her entire vaginal region spasmed with burning energy like an
imploding star, and opening her glazed over eyes to feed lustfully on the
obscene spectacle of Larry's tongue lapping so madly between her shivering
white thighs only served to increase the maddening quiver of her belly.

Oh God, what's this ... she was going to lose her mind entirely, she thought!
She was ... truly was as she turned her head and saw Rob sound asleep in his
bed next to hers! The reality of her situation struck her like a thunderbolt.
'OOOH MY GOD,' her brained screamed as she realized that it was Larry,
Buddy's giant German Shepard, who was giving her so much pleasure.

She groaned giddily, unable to stop, everything inside her struggling for the
climax that was just out of reach. Her hotly smoldering flesh seemed to be
burning up in its own juices with each maddening lick and flick of the huge
German Shepherd's pleasure giving tongue!

Larry licked deliriously, whining the whole time, his tongue lashing her
naked flesh like a whip, penetrating deeply through the warm, moist
hair-fringed folds between her obscenely bucking thighs. He slavered
thirstily in her ever-flowing cuntal secretions, adoring her melodious
sighs and moans and groans as they broke about his head in a tidal wave
of encouragement. And yet his ruttish instincts clamored for still more!

Consequently he abruptly stopped his lapping of her steaming loins and
backed away from her on his hairy haunches. Laura wailed with anguish,
gasped and drew herself up on her elbows, her long dark hair trailing out
in back of her on the pillows, her eyes humid and smoky with lust. Her
abandoned pussy folds clutched hungrily after the swiftly departing tongue,
but it was no use. He was gone.

"Darling, where are you going? Please don't stop!"

But the big German Shepherd didn't appear to be listening to the lust-fired
housewife's ardent love words. His eyes blazing with animal desire, he
continued backing away on the bed as Laura spread her legs wide apart and
rotated her hips upward, so that her open pelvis was raised high into the
air as she rested back on her shoulders with her glossy black hair spread
out like a fan around her head.

This position forced the burning hot flanges of her cunt to open up in an
oval like a mouth waiting to be tongue-kissed. Beyond those open and
vulnerable portals Larry could see all of her urgently waiting wetness,
waiting for the plunge of his huge lust-stiffened member.

Laura's eyes glowed with lascivious desire, and then she pulled her knees
back again until they pressed into her erotically tingling breasts, revealing
still further the lewdly raised mound of her flaming pussy, glistening with
molten desire where it lay nakedly spread open before him.

Larry wanted to fuck the beautiful mistress of the house, but he had been
waiting for her to turn over. He was used to fucking bitches from behind, his
paws clutching their hips as they trembled excitedly under him. He was not
familiar with this new position. He moved to her side then, nosing against
her soft hip in a gesture that she found herself understanding. 'God ... he
wanted her to turn over onto her stomach!' Gently, he nudged again.

Unable to stop herself, she willingly responded, and lowered her long, white
legs and rolled over onto her stomach, no thought of fear or resistance in
her carnally muddled brain. She again spread her long shapely legs wide,
sensing that he wanted this as did she, narcisstically picturing her own
naked, smooth curvaceousness in her mind's eye. She sensed his panting, hot
breaths against the soft mounds of her partially raised buttocks, then
joyfully felt the heat of his thick wet tongue slithering into the soft
smooth crevice separating them!

Laura moaned audibly, unknown sensations of burning lust charging ever
stronger through her cunt and belly. She hardly realized it as she reached
back behind herself with her small hands to spread her cheeks open, giving
him full access to her tiny anus! Then, his loving hot tongue was wetly
caressing it, again splaying open the ragged, hair-lined lips of her inflamed
pussy to graze the sensually flushed, pink flesh on its lewd path to the
baby-like mouth of her naked rectum.

And then, her animal lover was nuzzling beneath her pelvis and lifting, his
desire as clear to her as if he had spoken. Obediently, she raised up,
elevating her wide-spread buttocks as she knelt slave like before the
powerful dog in complete inner-surrender!

Once more, as if in answering-love, he drew his thick, splaying tongue up
through the full length of her seethingly wet cuntal crevice, and she gasped
out her erotic delight. She tried to widen her knees even further to open the
throbbing pink pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him.

His long, curling animal-tongue thrust possessively, sweeping hotly through
the blood-flushed, wet inner-flesh and flicking at the hungrily grasping
mouth of her vagina, enticingly firing her offered loins to greater heat
before he moved to a new position!

She tensed as the massive dog's muscular, furry body crowded in behind her
toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, suddenly aware that he was raising up
on his hind legs and his powerful forelegs were grasping at her upthrusting
hips! Oh God... he... he was mounting her, she thought wildly twisting her
head to look back... and he was! Dear Lord... he was! He intended to fuck her
just as though she were another animal!

Her desire confused brain whirled with the lurid idea! Oh God! she inwardly
gasped, her body tremoring to the sensations Larry's lashing tongue had set
her palpitating loins afire with. Then, her glazed eyes caught sight of their
lewdly locked position in her vanity mirror and she groaned helplessly at the
obscenely provocative reflection. The bestial obscenity of the great German
Shepherd astraddle the spread white moons of her smoothly ovaled buttocks
sent unbelievable charges of salacious fire soaring through her quivering

Then, she breathlessly gaped at the sight of his glistening, massive scarlet
cock, wet and hard, the wet, tapered end slipping and dancing as it moved
forward to probe the damp, pink crevice of her wildly excited cunt once
again. She felt his strong canine body jerk against the giving flesh of her
supple, white buttocks, saw his dangling thick length of hardened cock trying
to penetrate the thin vertical mouth of her defenselessly upturned vagina!

He whimpered loudly, his forepaws making new claims against the soft
sensitive flesh of her naked hips as he thrustingly stumbled on his hind legs
behind her, desperately endeavoring to bury the sleek, throbbing shaft up
inside her!

Laura saw it all in the mirror, and with an inescapable, sensuous moan, she
shifted her hungrily quivering buttocks back at it in an effort to capture
his lengthening hardness, the feverishly impassioned tension inside her
reaching a near unbearable point! Oh God... she wanted it... had to have his
long, thick animal-cock inside her inflamed, needing cunt!

Yes, she had to have it in her before she went mad with her desire! Nothing
else mattered! She reached back between her full, widely spread thighs,
grasping the slippery dog cock to spread her soft silken pubic hair with the
tip and guide its hotly pulsating, head to the wetly receptive mouth of her
eagerly waiting vaginal hole!

Immediately, he humped forward, bursting it from her grip as he speared her
defenseless young cuntal channel open wider and wider, sending the ten inch
long rod of hard, thick animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming hole
between her thighs!

Laura watched in the mirror in bulging eyed fascination as the burning,
scarlet rod of stiffened dog flesh slithered forward with a wet, brutal
charge, burying itself all the way to the hilt in her wide stretched vaginal
passage. Larry's heavy, sperm-bloated balls swung down wildly and smacked
flatly beneath her dark pussy-hair.

The intensive, pressuring sensation of impalement came bursting through her
loins seconds later and she grunted out her choking gasp. Then: "Oh God!" she
wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as the excitedly panting German
Shepard began to fuck rhythmically up into her from behind. Her head jarring
from his every fierce breast-quivering plunge, Laura tried to concentrate on
the long, scarlet length of hardness slithering into her as she began to move
rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes!

Unequaled sensations of base-lust filled her sensuously slaving body as she
thrust backward onto the ever-thickening cock skewering deeper and deeper
into her raging, hot belly from behind. Furiously, his savage muscular body
battered and thudded resoundingly against her yielding, wide-spread
ass-cheeks, his incredibly huge dog cock a relentless shaft of glistening,
sadistic joy sinking to its full length deep into her tightly clinging
vaginal channel!

With whimpering moans, she lewdly rotated her rounded hard working buttocks
back at him with a lewd frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cunt walls back
over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a masochistic cry
of wanton passion.

The signal flashed through her lust-inflamed body then, the unmistakable
beacon of erotic fulfillment! It spiraled through her seething loins like
the pricking of a million warning needles, and gnawed at the base of her
quivering belly with the promise of unknown rapture. She whimpered aloud at
her growing sensual bliss, gaping at the mirror hungrily to see the great
dog's glistening, thick cock disappearing up between the soft whiteness of
her own roundly absorbing buttocks, his furious fucking of her tempoed in
power laden animal strokes!

She caught sight of her own pink cuntal flesh wetly clinging to his huge
hardness when he pulled out of her, then vanishing back up inside again
with his thrusting charge, his heavy cum-laden balls smacking solidly below
between the spread-open lips of her hotly searing pussy.

Her brain reeled in the throes of her wildly aroused passion, her eyes
feasting on the sensuous spectacle of her full breasts quivering and swaying
like hanging white mounds of lush, pink-crested fruit to his beautiful,
battering barrage! She saw the flailing beauty of her own long, black hair
when she tossed her head in cadence to the moans of gasping enchantment
hissing from her heaving chest!

"Oh God... fuck me you magnificent beast!" she cried, "... yes... yes! I'm
yours, Larry... yours forever... Oooohhhh... God!"

It was the wailing soft lilt in her crying voice that made Larry answer her.
He whimpered back in response as he ardently thrust into her from behind in
the only depth of expression his basic instincts allowed. The wet, warmth of
her human vaginal channel was greedily clenching at his animal cock, as if
she were his own bitch mate, and his great heart pounded in his chest as he
fucked her.

Abruptly, Laura raised her sensuously slackened face to whimper out a
guttural, animalish groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed blue eyes
grew round and unseeing. "Ooohhh... ooohhhh, Darling... I can't stand it!
I-I'm going madddd! Do it to me harder... please do it for me, my lover!
Oooohhhh!" And her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her
head tossing insanely from side to side, her long black hair wildly
flailing as she began the first convulsions of her climax, skewering her
white, passionately undulating buttocks back onto his long, thick rod of
hardness with a wantonness that she had never even imagined she was capable

The first spasm struck her then and she shrieked, slamming her rounded
white ass-cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking dog cock with
a desperate, frantic lunge. Simultaneously Larry responded with a forward
thrust and growl, his massive hardness beginning to spew its heated animal
sperm deep up into her soft, wildly constricting belly with long, hard

Again, Laura cried out, her crazily jerking buttocks beginning to contract
convulsively to the eruption exploding hotly in her belly and loins in the
universal ecstasy of all animals! She threw her head from side to side in a
heretofore unknown, erotic bliss... at last opening her eyes on the mirror
to see the combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her tightly
clenching cuntal-mouth which was still clasping and milking hungrily at
Larry's slowly deflating cock. Thin rivulets of their sticky, white fluids
ran hotly down the smooth white columns of her inner-thighs... and when she
could no longer watch, she pitched forward on her breasts, gasping a great
sigh of blissful relief.

Laura lay unmoving for a long, long moment, refusing to let the thoughts
that were trying to flood her mind return. Instead, she thought only of the
beautiful, wildly arousing orgasms she had just known... felt his movements
on the bed behind and over her. Suddenly, she felt his hot, wet tongue
licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of her spread open buttocks as his long
tongue lapped up the evidence of their bestial mating... then the small of
her back! It stopped, and smiling, Laura slowly rolled over.

With a start, she sat upright, just in time to see his great flanks
disappearing off her bed as Larry went to lay down in the corner. Laura
couldn't contain her trembling smile of happiness. Slowly, she crawled
back up into the bed, feeling the heat of his animal sperm still puddling
deep in her satiated belly as she drifted of to sleep.

When she awoke in the morning she felt incredibly satisfied as the memories
of the bestial activities that had taken place on her bed flooded her brain.
She looked over and saw Larry curled up in the corner. She stared at him for
a long time as she tried to decide what she should do. She realized that the
best defense of her lewd actions would be a strong offense. She then looked
at her sleeping husband and called loudly, "Rob, wake up. What is that animal
doing in the house? I thought we had an agreement!"

Rob slowly emerged from his pill induced sleep and saw his beautiful wife
looking daggers at him. Her words slowly sank into his conciousness and he
began stammering on about how bringing Larry into their bedroom was the only
way he could keep him quiet. "You were asleep Laura, so I thought it would
be OK," Rob told her.

Just then Richie ran into their bedroom and Larry got up and licked his hand
in a gesture of friendship. Richie began to pet the big dog and soon said,
"Mom can Larry stay with us? Please ... I'll take care of him. Please Mommy,
can he?" Rob joined in with a goofy smile, "Yeah Mommy, can he?"

Laura looked at her husband and son, then at the huge German Shepard who had
filled her night with a sexual intensity she'd never experienced before. It
was working out perfectly she thought as she slowly nodded her head, "Well, I
guess it'll be all right. Of course with you two away at work and school all
day it'll be up to me to take care of him, won't it. OK, I'll just make the
best if it. I'm sure that I can find the time to see to his needs." 'And he
can see to mine,' she thought as her young son yelled, "Wooppie, thank you

She smiled as her husband told her she wouldn't regret it. "Oh, I'm sure I
won't," she replied as she felt her dog cum filled pussy give a twitch.


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