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Degrassi - The Next Generation: The New Guy Part 3 - Christmas Break
by AzusRageFury

Even thought I living a perfect life with my family of slave, I was getting
late with my plan and knew I had something to do about it. When Emma told me
that her friend Manny was coming to her house for a few day during Christmas
break, I figured this was my chance the take step toward my goal.

* * *

Manny arrived at our place, December 22th at 8:00 pm, coming to spend
Christmas with us cause her parents were going out of the country for a few
days. After she had settled (which took her a few hour), we decided to watch
a movie. As they preparing snacks and stuff for the movie watching, I was
supposed to find a movie to watch, settling my plan in motion, I picked a
movie that was showing me and Emma in intense sexual act.

The movie started with an image of Emma stripping for me while I filmed her.
When she realized what was the movie she screamed while getting up, "What the
fuck are you guys showing me, this is a sex tape, you're sick."

We both said in unison, "Common, Manny, you'll like this, trust us."

That's when I invaded her mind, giving her interest in the video tape, making
her body tell her that she will enjoy that movie.

These changes took place in her slowly as she sat down with a little glow of
pleasure in her eyes.

The movie was arousing me and Emma felt it as we started to make out and
caress each other body.

Under the influence of all the sexual energy in the room coming form the sex
tape and me and Emma, Manny started to caress her body, her hand caressing
her breast and eventually her vagina. After a little bit off touching herself
Manny couldn't help it anymore and joined us by getting behind Emma to help
her get rid of all of her clothes (wich were basically bra and panty
considering the fact that we were undressing each other while we were making
out.). Manny removed her shorts and her strings as she placed herself on my
mouth telling me that she needed relief for her pussy. It was hard to lick
her because Emma was also giving me the best blowjob I ever had, this, mixed
with Manny's scream of pleasure made me cum in Emma mouth.

Manny said, "Don't tell me that it will take just a little blowjob to finish
you up."

"Watch for yourself," I responded.

She did so as she licked the tip of my cock instantly getting me rock hard.

"That's better," she said as she placed herself on it bopping up and down on
it. Must admit that her rhythm was hard to keep, although penetrating her was
very pleasant, she was going too fast (I would teach her to go slower) to
really savor the true pleasure of sex. Feeling a little left alone as she was
watching us while rubbing herself, Emma placed her ass on my face telling me
to lick her while she was caressing Manny body. We stayed like that for a few
minutes when we all came together, all falling asleep on top of one another,
exhausted from our sex session.

Later that night, as Manny went to sleep in her prepared room, me and Emma
where watching TV in each other arms.

"So will she stay with us?" Emma asked.

I responded, "What do you think?" I asked in a playful tone, making us get
even closer together and gently kiss each other. That night we fell asleep
in front of the TV in each others arms. After that night, I realized that
our relationship was more that just the mind-control I had over her, there
was natural feelings in our relation.


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