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The New Guy Part 2: Meeting The Family (mmff,mc)
by AzusRageFury

You know, even with my mental power, I can't completely change a person
personality. I can work as hard as I want; there will always be a little part
of the victim personality that will survive. Well Emma personality came back
one day, as we were fucking in her room, the part of her that was giving lots
of importance to her family opinion of her boyfriend came out.

As she was climaxing, she said that I would be a good idea to meet her
parents since we were going out together.

When she said it, it didn't sound like a good idea but in the end, it turned
out to be quite enjoyable.

* * *

Like one hour before the dinner, Emma and I stayed at my house to relax a lil
bit before the meeting.

"Oh man I'm so stressed right now" I said to her.

"Don't be, it'll be alright, but let me help you" she said as she started to
undo my pants.

"Oh you know how to please me!" I said as she started to lick the tip of my
cock. I placed my hand on her head, giving her a rhythm to start with. Her
head started to go up and down as I was looking at her sucking my cock (a
picture that was really nice to look at). I didn't last before her expert
tongue (1 week of being my slave made her become an expert at cock sucking)
and after a few minutes of this treatment I came in her mouth, which pleased
her (Trust me, that girl is a cum addict, and it didn't come from me).

After she had washed herself, we headed towards her home in advance. When we
arrived, we were welcomed by no one else than the famous reporter, Caitlin
Ryan, who was an old friend of the family who was in town for a few day.
After a little talking in the living room, we went to eat in the kitchen. I
grew so bored of this dinner that I decided that it needed a little spice, so
I infiltrated the mind of Snake (Emma's father) and made him incredibly horny
for all the girls around the table. After doing the same thing to all the
girls around the table, I watched as tension rose around the table. The mix
of guilt and incredible hornyness created a strange feeling around the table.
I dropped my fork to watch what was happening under the table, Snake was
fingering Spike as Emma was masturbating him and Caitlin was fingering
herself, trying to relief some of the sexual tension.

But after 10 minutes, the tension exploded when Caitlin got up and started to
French kiss Emma in a deep passionate kiss as Spike and Snake made the same
thing. Not wanting to be left alone, I joined the action by separation Spike
and Snake sending him to Caitlin and his daughter and as he did, I undid
Spike dress and I started to play with her big juicy young mother tits (and
like her mother, she was incredibly sensitive). She sat on the table throwing
all the things that were on the table on the ground, as I started to give her
oral sex. When she climaxed, I left her alone to recover from her orgasm.
Caitlin was well taken care of by the Watson family; Snake was penetrating
her ass as Emma was licking her cunt. I needed to empty my balls so I
penetrated Emma's ass. We all climaxed together, me, Emma, Snake and Caitlin
and we each fell on the ground tired of the exercise.

That night, I slept incredibly well knowing that I had found a group of nice
people that I could use in case I wanted to make an orgy.


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