Donna Reed Show: Jeff's Surprise (bFf,inc,oral,anal,facial)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jeff was downstairs watching his favorite tv show when he heard giggling coming from the upstairs. It continued to the point it really annoyed him and since only his Mother and sister were home it had to be them... "Damn women!" He thought, as he walked upstairs to see what they were doing. When he got to the doorway of his Mother's bedroom where the sounds were coming from he cracked open the door and peaked inside in a sly way.

Jeff's eyes opened wide as he seen his Mother and sister standing in the room totally naked and in an embrace; not any old embrace but kissing and caressing each others bodies. He couldn't get a full frontal view of their nakedness as of yet since their frames were pressed together, but he seen his gorgeous Mother's backside with her naked back and round rump; along with her smooth legs as his sister Mary cupped her ass cheeks while plunging her tongue into their Mom's mouth.

He couldn't believe his eyes, he never thought of his Mother or sister in a sexual way before, but after this scene he couldn't help but think of such things. He watched while stroking his emerging erection through his pants as his Mom went and laid on the bed with her head hanging off the foot of the bed, while his sister got between their Mom's legs.

Jeff could now see the splendid beauty of his naked sister and Mom. 15 year old Mary had a petite frame with long silky black hair and pert tits that had inch long erect nipples pointing off them, her toned stomach and pretty legs that led to her brunette pubic muff teased him so. But his Mom! His Mom is what turned him on the most as she laid there in her naked beauty with her large breasts heaved up full and her stomach rising and lowering as she panted with excitement; her lovely legs opened and bent at the knees with Mary between them and licking her way down to her...Her perfectly shaven pussy!

His Mom had absolutely no puberty down below, she must've shave her pussy, which is unusual for women in the 1960's. But he watched as his sister swiped her wet tongue across their Mother's snatch, leaving wet trails that glistened in the rooms light, making Donna squirm and moan with pleasure as Mary wiggled her tongue into her Mom's bare pussy. Suddenly Jeff heard: "Wanna join us?"

His eyes turned to his sisters and Mothers faces and seen they both were staring at him in the doorway playing with himself as he watched them. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience sex for the first time and with two people he knew his whole life, and sexually for the first time. Jeff came into the room and removed his clothes, exposing his boyish good looks with no underarm, leg, or private area hair. He had peach fuzz on his testicles at best, but his cock...His huge fucking cock!

Both his Mom and sister were impressed at the shear size of his dick, appearing to be at least 12" in length. Since he was only 12 years old, that would make an inch long for every year he was old! His cock ripple with popped veins and stood out erect from excitement as he walked to his mom on the bed, placing his cock against her face and wiping it across her cheeks, feeling her warm skin and hot breath as she opened her mouth to accept it in.

Jeff put it in her mouth and went balls deep until he could see her throat expand as his long cock went down her esophagus. Mary went back to licking their mom's pussy as Donna sucked her son off, playing with his smooth balls as he pumped his hips in a humping fashion to fuck his Mom's mouth as Mary flailed her tongue about inside her Mom.

Jeff pulled out and straddled his Mom's chest, placing his hard cock into her cleavage and pushing her tits together; fucking them as she lifted her head and worked her tongue into her sons ass. A huge smile came over Jeff's face as he felt his Mom lick his asshole while he fucked her warm melons and his sister licked her pussy. Within seconds, Donna squirted all over Mary's face as Jeff blew long strands of hot cum across his Mom's body, all the way down to her pussy where the landed on her smooth slit and partially on Mary's face.

Mary began to lick her brother's cum off their Mom, working her way up their Mom's body till she reached her brother's shaft, putting it in her mouth and sucking every last drop of cum from it she could. She proceeded to lick her way up his smooth stomach till she was straddled over their Mom;s chest along with her brother and face to face with him...

"Fuck me, Jeff...I want to lose my virginity to you...Fuck me! Fuck me, NOW!" His sister demanded.

Donna stared up and watched as her son guided his long shaft into his sister's hot pussy, feeling her tenderly tight loins muscle around his cock as it slid into her. Mary's wetness encompassed his shaft and she winced with several puppy-like yipes as her brother popped her cherry and began to take her...

"It's happening again, Mary! You're making my thing throb again! GOD! IT FEELS SO GOOD!" Jeff exclaimed...


Jeff pulled out in mid-orgasm and sprayed the rest of his load onto their Mother's face. Donna gobbled the cum like drinking milk as what part of his orgasm did happen inside of Mary oozed from her formerly virgin pussy, dripping from the ends of her pubes into the base of her Mother's kneck. Mary smiled with delight and pleasure while kissing her brother tenderly with tongue and asking: "Got enough left for my ass?"

Jeff smiled and nodded a profound 'Yes' as he watched his sister spin around into a 69 with their Mom and her perfect ass stared straight up at him. Donna gazed up from between her daughter's legs and watched as Jeff forced the head of his cock into his sister's rump, making her cry out with screams of both pain and pleasure...


Donna watched while licking her daughter's pussy and Mary hers, the stretching of Mary's asshole as it pulled outward with each of Jeff's backward pulls to the tip of his dick and then plunging fully into her. Jeff couldn't hold out any longer and shot his load deep into his sister's ass, Mary squirted onto her Mom's face in reaction to the sensation of her Brother's pulsing member inside of her ass. Mary experienced her first assgasm as her Mom became soaked from her squirts.

Jeff finished totally in hi sister and pulled from her ass, watching her asshole remain gaped for at least a minute while his cum flowed from it into their mom's mouth. Donna swallowed what she could and let the rest pour out the sides of her mouth and down the sides of her face.

Mary got off of their Mom and smiled at her brother while toying with his thing...

"Mom's turn, now..." She exclaimed to her little brother.

Jeff positioned himself between his Mom's legs in a kneeling position as his sister got behind him and reached down his stomach and took hold of his immense shaft. Mary lined the tip of it up with their Mom's pussy slit and bucked her hips against the back of Jeff's ass cheeks, forcing him into their Mom's wet pussy...

Donna moaned as her lower back lifted off the bed while Jeff bucked his hips in a humping manner, fucking his mom as he felt the soft pubes of his sister caress his ass cheeks while she kissed the side and back of his neck.

Jeff couldn't believe the sensation of his Mom's pussy, the wetness, the tightness-though not virgin-like like his sister, but the feeling of her contracting vaginal muscles and her large 1" erect clit prodding the topside of his cock was amazing...

"Fuck her in the ass, Jeff!" His sister told him from behind.

Donna's head quickly sprang up as he pulled from her pussy and began to push the head of his huge shaft against her asshole...

"NO! NOT THERE! IT'LL HURT!" Donna exclaimed to her son...

"C'mon, Mom! It'll be fun...He did it to me and I was a virgin at the time...Just try it..." Mary stated.

Donna realized she did have a point and she never had anal before in her life...But now she was willing to try with her son and the guidance of her daughter. Jeff pushed firmly until his cock head popped into his Mom's ass, working an inch at a time into her and watching her ball up the sheets into her fists and groaning with intense strain.

Veins popped out on his Mom's neck and her face turned red as she struggled for air while he plunged his long cock back and forth into his Mom's ass, taking its virginity and laying across her body and working his tongue into her mouth.

Donna's eyes sprang open as her son fucked her ass and tongued her while Mary hooked her legs around her son's waist. Jeff made love to his Mother anally, fucking her hard and making the bed sway with each of his thrusts as her eyes began to water and squirts emitted from her pussy, showering his lower body as his cock pulsated in her ass, filling it with his jizz.

Donna could feel the warm lubrication slicken her son's cock inside her as the ridge of his cock head massaged her inner anal walls, he came so much in her it was almost as if he was peeing in her. Donna's body quaked from orgasmic delight as Mary caressed the spine of her brother's back as he finished in their Mom.

Finally Jeff stopped thrusting and Mary laid at both his and her Mom's side, leaning in and giving the two a 3-way kiss, their tongues fluttered about each other as they all thought of when such a thing would happen again...


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