Donna Reed Show: Donna's Dorm Room Romp With Her Daughter +1 (inc,herm,FF,Anal,DP,DPP,facial,cream pie)
by Dr. Demented 666

Donna was missing her daughter, Mary, for the first time in her life since Mary went off to college; especially the tender sexual moments they had together after discovering each others deepest deviance. Donna never experienced sex like she did up until Mary seduced her for the first time and now Donna has been thinking of a sexual re-encounter for months.

Donna decided to head off to Mary's college to meet up for a frolic with her 18 year old hermaphroditic daughter and her immense 10" shaft that pleasured her mother so long ago. Mary wasn't expecting her mother and neither was her roommate, Katy. Katy was a hot model-like blond with a body to match Mary's and was quite shocked to see Donna enter the room with a burst of excitement to greet her daughter but to only find Katy there...

Donna was sort of disappointed to not see Mary there to fuck her brains out but Katy would certainly do since Mary spilled the beans on her roommates little secret-she, too, was a hermaphrodite and was having sex with Mary regularly. Donna would infringe upon this secret and expose it in its entirety as she went to Katy and stroked her long blond hair and groping her private area.

Katy was shocked at the sudden violation of her privacy as Donna positioned herself into a long French kiss with the young blond as the hot MILF seduced the college girl just as her daughter did years ago for the first time...

"I know what you are, you're just like my daughter-a hermaphrodite...She says you have a cock just as big as hers as you two fuck each other more than ever...Well, I wanna fuck you just like I did Mary before she went off to college." Donna exclaimed with delight.

"What!? Mary told you about me!? God! I'm so embarrassed! But....She is right, you are a hot woman..." Katy exclaimed as she admired the older mother in front of her and her hot body and what may lie underneath all her clothing.

Just then Mary strolled through the door to discover her mom fondling Katy's cock through her dress and a wide smile came over Mary's face...

"Mother...You took matters into your own hands I see. Did you come all the way out here just to fuck me and discovered my roommate? Well, lets not stop now...Show Katy how hot you really are." Mary exclaimed with excitement.

Donna stripped naked and let the hot 18 year old college Freshman take in her motherly beauty as her tits held firm and stuck out like torpedoes as her nipples grew erect and goosebumps formed on her skin from the cool room air. Katy's eyes strolled down Donna's perfect body and widened as she took in Donna's brown pubes that were obviously well groomed with a peak at their center at her vaginal slit that came to a fluffy thicket.

Katy and Mary undressed and Katy rushed to the bed and laid back on it on her back and watched as Donna climbed onto the bed and took her 7" cock into her mouth. Donna slobbered over the thick shaft and lubed it with her drooling saliva as Katy took great pleasure in the mother-daughter sex duo before her.

Mary got on the bed on her knees behind her mother, who had her ass up in the air as she was on her knees as well but had her breasts planted into the tops of Katy's legs. Donna felt her daughter swipe her large cock against her wet pussy slit, teasing her into a long muffled moan with Katy's cock in her mouth. Donna's eyes became watery as she stared into Katy's with her cock in Donna's mouth as Mary plunged herself deep into her mother's pussy.

Donna broke her giving oral to Kay just long enough to ask: Want me to fuck you? Wanna see what my pussy feels like?"

Katy dropped her head into the pillow with a long drawn out: "YESSSSSSSS!"

Donna licked her way up Katy's body as Mary's cock flopped out of her pussy. Donna was face to face with Katy and felt Mary take hold of Katy's cock and line it up with Donna's pussy. Donna lowered herself onto the blonds shaft and watched her facial expressions as she began to fuck her. Donna loved the feeling of a cock other than her daughter's in her as she took the young girl under her.

Soon, Mary was lining up with her mother's pussy and forcing it into her along with Katy. Donna plunged her tongue into Katy's mouth as she struggled to get out: "Your (tongue swap)--daughter, Mary (tongue swap)--is in your (tongue swap)-- pussy with me (tongue swap)...

"Mother! Your pussy is so tight today!" Mary exclaimed as she double penetrated her mother's pussy along with Katy...

"Because you're both in it at the same time! GOD! You two are really filling me up!" Donna exerted under great strain.

Mary slowly pulled from her mother's pussy and plunged her wet cock into her mother's ass. A huge smile came over Donna's face as she groaned while her daughter and Katy thrusted into both her pussy and ass and creating a dual vaginal-anal orgasm for her. Long squirts emitted from Donna's pussy and showered Katy under her as she felt Katy and Mary's cocks begin to pulse inside of her, filling her ass and pussy with great amounts of cum.

Mary eased herself out of her mother's ass and watched the gape she left behind pulse as it poured cum from it that slid down the insides of her mother's legs and onto Katy under her...

"Your daughter really made a mess in you, I can feel it coming onto me." Katy exclaimed as she kissed the beautiful MILF atop her...

"So did you..." Donna stated to Katy.

"Yeah, lets see it!" Mary blurted out as she leaned down and yanked Katy out of Donna.

Mary put Katy's cock into her mouth and sucked her mother off of Katy's member as Katy's cum began to ooze from Donna's pussy and coat the side of Mary's face and shampoo her hair. Mary lapped up the cum and fluttered her tongue over her mother's freshly fucked pussy and ass, teasing her into yet another orgasm and having her spray her orgasm all over her daughter with loud screams echoing in the dorm.

The girls finally finished with each other and got dressed to head out to lunch. As they exited the room, everyone in the other dorms were out in the hall and obviously heard them as they all started to clap and cheer them on. Mary, Katy and Donna were so embarrassed and became red in the face as they all scurried to get outside and away from the few dozen witnesses who heard them. But Donna couldn't help but wonder if any of them knew she was Mary's mother...





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