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writing fiction and satire. It is an exercise in erotic writing that I am
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as long as it is not for profit, and as long as the rating and disclaimer,
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Rating: You must be 18 or older to read this. (Mf, cons, oral).

For those of you who don't watch Days of Our Lives, I'll give you a little
background on the characters. One of the characters, Belle Black, is played
by Kirsten Storms, who played Zenon in a couple of Disney movies. Kirsten is
18 years old now, but her character, Belle, is still only 17. This episode
is about Belle Black and her 21 year old brother (actually half-brother),
Brady. Belle was 17, she had just graduated from Salem High as the class
valedictorian. She was smart, outgoing, popular, and very outspoken in her
opinions. Oh, and she was cute, very cute, and had a body that wouldn't
quit. Belle had really filled out during the past year; her hips had
developed to adult proportions and her breasts were well on their way, but
she still had a distinctively teenage face. Even with her almost grownup
body, she wouldn't have been mistaken for an adult. Besides being cute,
Belle's face was innocent and sweet; she didn't look at all like the type of
girl who would be promiscuous or even sexually active, except maybe with her

Days Of Our Lives: Belle Black Expands Her Horizons
by DiGiovanni ([email protected])

Shawn Brady was Belle's boyfriend. They had known each other all their lives,
but didn't realize they were in love with each other until about a year ago.
Now it was pretty well determined that they would someday get married and
have a family. Belle and Shawn had been going together for the past year, but
they had never actually been intimate. They would kiss quite a bit, but that
was all they did with each other. In fact, the previous summer, when they
were on the island, they were making out on the beach and Belle really wanted
to get it on with him. She took off her bikini top for him but he didn't even
look at her breasts, let alone touch them. Maybe that's what drew her closer
to Brady. It went without saying that Belle loved Shawn and would someday
marry him, so she wasn't interested in another boyfriend. But she did want to
become sexually active, and that created a rather frustrating dilemma for

Brady was Belle's half-brother. They shared the same father, John Black, but
Brady's mother had died when he was a small child and his memories of her
were rather vague. Marlena, John's current wife, was Brady's stepmother and
Belle's natural mother. Until recently Brady and Marlena didn't get along
very well, but now they had a good relationship. Brady was a good looking
guy. He was somewhat tall. He was blonde, slim, and rather athletic. Belle
and Brady often hugged each other in a brotherly sisterly way, but that was
the extent of any physical relationship between them, outwardly anyway.

Belle lived in a penthouse with her parents. Brady had come home from college
a couple of years ago and had lived there too, until recently, when he got
his own apartment.

Chloe was one of Belle's best friends. She was also a very close friend of
Brady's. They became close after Chloe had broken up with Philip. Their
relationship was purely platonic. Actually they both really had the hots for
each other, but neither of them would admit it to themselves, to each other,
or to anyone else. This pretty well left them stuck in a platonic
relationship. That was especially frustrating for Brady.

Our story takes place on a spring evening in Salem, about 10:30 PM.

Brady knocked on the door of the penthouse. There was no response, so he let
himself in. "Belle, are you here?" he called.

"Is that you, Brady?" she answered. "I'm up here in my room."

Brady went on upstairs, and Belle met him in her doorway. "Where are Dad and
Marlena?" he asked.

"They went to Tuscany" she answered. "They won't be back `til late. I was
just getting ready for bed." Tuscany was one of their favorite restaurants.

"Good. I need to talk to you."

"What's the problem, big brother? Come on in. Sit down and tell me about it."
Belle and Brady had often confided in each other when they had problems. They
knew they could trust each other completely, so they had no trouble opening
up to each other.

Brady walked in, sat down on Belle's bed, kicked off his shoes, and began to
tell her about his ongoing problem with Chloe. He had never admitted to
anyone, including himself, that he had romantic feelings toward her. He had
always insisted that they were "just really close friends." And now he was
totally frustrated. There was something missing in his life and he couldn't
put his finger on it.

"You don't mind if I get ready for bed while we're talking, do you?" Belle

"No, go right ahead." Brady knew he was taking a little bit of a chance when
he said that. He knew that he was attracted to her, not just as his sister
but as a girl, a very desirable girl.

Belle was wearing one of her cute tank tops and a pair of well worn jeans. As
brady continued talking she undid her jeans, dropped them to the floor, and
stepped out of them. She was wearing a pair of tiny pink bikini panties that
did very little to hide her. She glanced up to see if Brady was looking at
her. He was.

As Brady continued relating his problems to her he couldn't keep his eyes off
her. Belle had just about the nicest ass in Salem High. It was full and firm
and round and smooth, and so were her thighs. He felt a stirring in his pants
as he watched her, but that was not uncommon; he had often gotten an erection
watching her. In fact he had often fantasized about her and what it would be
like to really mess around with her. He had never acted on it, though. She
had never given an indication that she was interested in starting something.

As Belle began taking off her tank top she smiled and said, "I'll save you
the embarrassment of having to look away, Brady. I'll just turn around for
this." She turned around, raised the tank top over her head, and took it off.
Brady saw the side of her breast bounce as the tank top rode up over it, then
released it. Aside from having the sexiest ass in town, she also had really
nice breasts. Granted, they weren't as big as Chloe's, but they were
definitely first rate. Brady hadn't seen them since she was a little girl,
but he had imagined what they must look like now, and what it would be like
to fondle them.

Now that her tank top was off, Belle began looking around for the white
T-shirt she was going to put on. She and Brady both spotted it at the same
time, on the bed next to him. He picked it up and held it up for her. Belle
held the tank top over her breasts with one hand and reached for the T-shirt
with the other. When she reached for it Brady grinned and playfully whisked
it back behind his head, out of her reach. She grinned at him, then made a
quick lunging grab for it. Brady let her grab hold of it, but he held on too.
Then he fell back on the bed, pulling her with him. It surprised Belle and
she couldn't keep her balance; she fell right on top of him. He let go of
the T-shirt.

As Belle lay on top of Brady, giggling and trying to figure out what to do
next, she felt a distinct bulge in his pants. At first she was a little
surprised, but the more she thought about it the more sense it made. She had
been stripping in front of him and now she was lying on top of him almost
naked. What did she expect? He had an erection. Well, since Brady had tricked
her with the T-shirt, she figured "two can play at this game." She held on to
the T-shirt, but let go of the tank top she was holding in front of her and,
with both hands, pushed herself up, leaving the tank top on Brady's chest,
and leaving herself bare from the waist up. As she pushed herself up she
deliberately pushed her pelvis against Brady's erection just to let him know
she was aware of it. Once standing, she put the T-shirt on, smiled, and
announced, "Okay Brady, now that the peep show's over let's talk about your
problem with Chloe."

She sat down beside him on the bed and further announced, "No, on second
thought, we don't have to talk about it. I can tell you exactly what your
problem is. You're horny."

"Whaaaat?" Brady quipped, still lying back on the bed.

Belle looked directly at the bulge in his pants, then looked at him, smiled
and said, "You're horny, Brady. Look at yourself." Then Belle lay back on her
side alongside him, leaning up on her elbow, and looked directly into his
face. "Want me to prove it?" Belle and Brady had goofed off before, but in
recent years it hadn't been nearly so up close and personal. Before he could
answer she planted a kiss on his mouth. It wasn't just a kiss; she put her
hand to the side of his face and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. Brady
wasn't expecting that at all! He wasn't sure what he should do. He had
fantasized about making out with his little sister, but he didn't think it
would ever really happen. Now, all of a sudden, he was lying on her bed with
her tongue in his mouth, and he had to decide how he was going to react.

Belle's tongue was all over in Brady's mouth, searching for his. It didn't
take long for Brady to recover his senses. Their tongues had never touched
each other before. They touched gingerly at first, sort of like they wanted
to become acquainted. The longer the kiss lasted, the more familiar they
became with each other. Soon they were lapping at each other and chasing
each other from one mouth to the other. Belle and Brady lay there kissing
and sucking on each others tongues for several minutes. When the kiss was
finally over Belle smiled at him and announced, "Brady, you are definitely
horny. But we're going to do something about it." Brady had no idea what
Belle was talking about, but if that kiss was any indication, he was
certainly willing to find out.

Belle sat up and raised her T-shirt up over her head, then took it off and
threw it on the bed. She raised her hands back up behind her head and
slightly arched her back in a playful pose and, with a grin, asked, "Do you
like them?" Belle's breasts were standing up there for the whole world to
see. They were like the epitomy of teenage breasts. They were a good handful
size, and firm and smooth and almost white, like they had never been exposed
to sunlight. Her bikini line from last summer was still slightly visible.
Her virgin nipples were a light pinkish tan color. They stood there just
begging to be kissed and caressed.

"Of course, Belle, they're beautiful; all of you is beautiful."

"Thanks, Brady, you're kinda hot too, for a big brother." Then she continued
"I've seen you looking at them ever since you came back from school." As
Belle lay back down beside Brady she slid herself up a little so her breasts
were directly in front of his face. With a smile she said, "Go ahead, Brady.
They won't bite."

Brady took a mouthful of one of her breasts. He caressed it with his tongue
as he gently sucked it in as far as he could. He couldn't believe what was
happening: lying there with Belle's tit in his mouth. He couldn't think of
anything he'd rather be doing. Her breast was firm and smooth, and her
teenage nipple was standing straight out. After a short while Belle moved
her shoulders to the side, pulling her tit from his mouth, and positioning
the other one for him to sample. After that she began rotating her shoulders
around, brushing and rubbing her tits against his face as his mouth tried to
catch one, then the other.

In a few minutes Belle slid back down so her face was again even with his
and playfully asked, "How was that, Brady? Are you getting turned on?" Before
he could answer, she was again kissing him. This time Brady's tongue didn't
hesitate; it met hers and they both caressed each other as they exchanged
saliva. Brady's hand went to Belle's breast and gently squeezed and fondled
it as they kissed. Belle's hand found its way down Brady's stomach to his
pants. She took hold of what was now a very large bulge and gently worked her
fingers around exploring it.

Brady wasn't the only one who had had fantasies about the other. Belle had
often wondered what Brady's cock was like, and what it would be like to play
with it, and maybe actually put it in her mouth and give him a blow job. She
had never given one before, and she thought Brady, being such good friends
with her, would be the ideal guy to practice on. She would never even have
thought about mentioning it, let alone acting on it. But now the rules
definitely seemed to be relaxing, and she thought this might be just the
right time to see what would happen.

After a few more minutes of oral indulgance Belle raised her head from the
kiss and, with a serious look on her face, said, "Brady, I definitely think
you'd be more comfortable without your pants on." And, with a devilish little
smile, she added, "I know I would." With that she quickly undid his button
and zipper, and both of them pushed his pants down. Belle reached down and
pushed them all the way past his knees, so they dropped down around his
ankles. In reaching down like that she found her head next to Brady's naked
cock, which had almost arrived at a full erection. She looked at it for a
moment, then looked back at Brady, smiled, and lay back down beside him.

When Belle had leaned over and reached for his knees, Brady positioned his
arm so that when she lay back down he could wrap it around her waist, which
he did. He then slid his hand inside her panties and caressed her ass. "I
think I'd be more comfortable with your panties off too, Belle."

"I agree, Brady, but only if you take off your shirt." As Brady took his
shirt off, Belle wasted no time in slipping her panties off and returning to
her position beside him. She looked down at his cock, then looked back at
him. "That's definitely better. Now where were we?"

As they kissed again her hand again found its way back to his cock, but this
time there was no clothing in the way. She first ran her fingers through the
pubic hair on both sides. Then she reached down to his balls and fondled them
both as if to make sure they were both there. Next was his cock itself. She
slid her hand slowly from his balls up to his waiting cock, and wrapped her
teenage fingers around it. She slid her hand lightly up and down and all
around it, feeling its warmth and hardness. Then she lowered her hand to the
base of the shaft, got a little firmer grip, and began to gently pump it up
and down.

After several minutes of thoroughly enjoying each other, kissing and fondling
and pumping, Brady suddenly said, "Belle, you know if you keep that up you're
gonna make me cum."

Belle looked at him with a perfectly innocent face, "Do what, Brady?", and
continued stroking his cock.

"I'm gonna cum all over the place, Belle!"

"Gosh, what would you suggest, Brady?" as she continued stroking.

"Belle, I'm serious. It's going to get all over your bed."

Belle pushed her hips away from him and rotated so her head was down by his
cock. She smiled and, still with her air of innocence, asked, "What do you
want me to do, Brady?"

Brady didn't say anything. He just looked at her with a grin on his face.

Belle smiled and asked, "Does that mean you want me to suck it?" With that
she lowered her head and took the end of his cock into her mouth. She licked
it a couple of times, then raised her head back up and looked at Brady. With
a smile she asked, "Like that? Is that what you had in mind?"

"You don't have to do it, Sis, if you don't want to." Brady suddenly felt
a slight twinge of guilt. This little sex game they were playing was
fantastically enjoyable, but he didn't want his little sister to feel
pressured into doing something she didn't really want to do. Yes, he had
fantasized about his cock in her mouth, but this was different; this was
the real thing.

"I know I don't, Brady. It's like this: you're my brother and I love you very
much. And I'm more than willing to do whatever it will take to get your mind
off your problems." Then she added with a little smile, "Besides, I'm
enjoying it. I'll even admit to you that I've fantasized about it a few
times. But you had so better not tell anyone about this."

"Don't worry, Belle. Not a word about it to anyone. I'll admit that I've
fantasized about it too, though."

"Thanks, Brady... You really did? Well, let's see if I live up to your

Belle climbed off the bed and knelt between Brady's legs as he slipped his
feet out of his pants and kicked them away. She rested her arms over Brady's
thighs so she could hold his cock with one hand and use the other to play
with his balls or whatever she wanted. She took hold of his cock again and
was leaning down towards it when she stopped. With a smile on her face,
"Brady, did you really picture me with your cock in my mouth?"

Brady had conned Belle into talking a little bit dirty a couple of times, but
she had never actually called it a cock before. It was really a turn on. "I'm
afraid I did, Belle. I even pictured pumping my whole load into your mouth."

"Thanks, Brady, I guess... Give me a few minutes and I'll know if that's a
good thing or a bad thing." She looked at his cock, then looked back up at
Brady again with an inquisitive look on her face, smiled and asked, "Did I

Brady grinned, "Yup. Every last drop." Actually he wouldn't have minded if
she didn't swallow, but since she was offering, why not?

Belle raised her eyebrows a little, smiled and said, "Gulp."

She looked back down at the head of his cock in a matter-of-fact way. Since
this was Belle's first blow job, she wasn't really sure where to start. She
had played it through in her mind a number of times, imagining what she might
do. She realized that was no substitute for actual experience though, and she
was about to get some of that right now. She had always assumed it would be
Shawn's cock, not Brady's. But this was good; it would give her an
opportunity to practice on Brady before she actually did it for Shawn. She
began by kissing the sides of the shaft, slowly up one side and down the
other. She moved down to his balls, tilted her head, and took one of them
into her mouth. She worked it around in her mouth a bit, then did the other.
When she finished with that she moved back up to the head of his cock. She
put the insides of her lips against the end of it. She felt it twich. She
opened her teeth a little and lightly licked the very tip of it with her
tongue. It twiched again. She opened her lips and explored the whole head of
his cock with her tongue. She deliberately covered it with saliva, making it
wet and slippery. She didn't really understand why it was called a blow job
if she was supposed to be sucking on it. She opened her mouth further and
took the whole head of his cock into it. She tried blowing against it. No
response. She tried sucking on it. There was some response, but not really
very much. After experimenting for a while she found that sucking and licking
and pumping it all at the same time produced the best response, so she
decided to go with that. She covered it with saliva and worked all over it
with her tongue while she sucked it and began slowly pumping the shaft.

Brady was going crazy! In all his fantasies he had never imagined Belle would
be so unbeliveable. As Belle made love to his cock she occasionally looked up
at him and gave him a little smile, as much as she could with a mouthful of
cock. Brady wanted to grab the back of her head and cram his cock all the way
down her throat. Then she wouldn't have to worry about swallowing. But he
didn't. He wanted this to be a good experience for both of them. If he let
her suck his cock like this a few times, she would gradually get more
aggressive, and before long she might be deep throating him all by herself.
Besides, he really wanted to fill her mouth with warm creamy sticky cum and
watch her work at swallowing it, since she had offered to.

Belle began raising and lowering her head, pushing Brady's cock farther into
her mouth, then back. She had heard that when you're giving a blow job you
should be careful not to drag your teeth against the cock, and she was very
careful to observe that little rule. Brady was raising and lowering his
pelvis in rhythm with Belle's sucking and pumping. It wouldn't be long now.
No one could last long with Belle Black sucking his cock. Brady's pelvis
movements were becoming faster and more erratic. Belle sensed that he must
be about ready. She had no idea how much semen would come out, or how hard
it would shoot, or how fast she would have to swallow. She was prepared for
the worst and was ready to swallow as fast as she could. She quickened her
pumping to try to match Brady's pace.

Then it came. The first gush caught Belle by surprise. It shot into her mouth
with more force than she had expected. It was warm and wet and sticky. She
began swallowing, but the cum seemed to want to stick to her mouth rather
than be swallowed. Also, she had not anticipated the difficulty of swallowing
with her mouth wide open and full of cock. She stopped pumping with her hand,
but kept a good grip, and let Brady do the pumping with his pelvis, at his
own speed. The second blast came quickly after the first, then the next and
the next and the next. Belle didn't know if she could hold it all in her
mouth, especially since her mouth was mostly full of cock already. She did
manage to relax a bit, though, and keep swallowing. Pretty soon she was
getting the best of it.

From Brady's point of view, it was the best experience he had ever had! Belle
had teased him to his limits, and now she was satisfying him in a way he
never would have expected. She seemed to know exactly what turned him on and
what he wanted her to do. He pumped one shot after another into her pretty
teenage mouth until he was empty. And she had handled it all extremely well,
for this being her first time. He had wanted to cum in her mouth so many
times, and now he was actually doing it; fucking Belle Black's seventeen year
old face! It was the best feeling on earth!

By the time Belle had finished swallowing most of her mouthful of cum she
could feel Brady's cock beginning to relax. She slowly pulled it out of her
mouth, carefully milking it with her hand and wiping it with her lips to
clean off any semen that might have been left behind. When she had finished,
and finished swallowing again, she looked up at Brady with a broad smile on
her face, "How was that, Brady? Did it live up to your expectations?"

"That was tremendous, Belle. I had no idea you would be so good. How was it
for you?"

Belle thought for a moment "It was a little embarassing when you started
cumming. I didn't know if I could swallow fast enough or not. Your cum's a
little on the sour side." Then she smiled, "But definitely swallowable. I
didn't know your cock would get so big."

"Belle, you're enough to supersize anybody's cock. I can't think of anything
sexier than filling your mouth with a load of cum, and watching you swallow

"Thanks, Brady. I could see that you were enjoying every minute of it. Oh,
are you thinking about Chloe?"

"Chloe who? How could I think about anyone but you at a time like this?"

"Good. Mission accomplished. It lived up to my expectations, too, a little
scary at times, but definitely worth the trouble. Now I'm going to the
bathroom to rinse out my mouth or gargle or something. That stuff is sticky."

While Belle was gone Brady replayed the event over and over in his head. He
still had a hard time believing it had really happened.

When Belle returned to the room, still naked, she lay down on her back next
to Brady. Raising himself up on his elbow as he turned toward her, he asked,
"Okay, Belle, now that my problem's taken care of, what about you and Shawn?
How are things going with you?"

"Well, that's another story. We've been going together for more that a year
now and he hasn't even touched my breasts. Yes, we french kiss and all that,
but besides that he hasn't done anything. I know he'd like to, but I think
he's afraid."

"Sounds like you're horny too, Belle."

"Well, it would really be nice to feel a boy's hand between my legs. Or his
face. That would be so hot," she said with a smile. "I've never even been
felt up until tonight."

Brady reached over and took one of Belle's breasts in his hand. As he gently
squeezed it her face turned toward his and they kissed. Their tongues met
like old friends and gently fondled each other. Brady slid his hand from her
breast, down her stomach, and all the way to her cute little muff. Her pubic
hair was very light brown, almost blonde. It was neatly trimmed, not real
short, but very neat. And it was soft. He caressed the fronts of her thighs
and ran his fingers through her hair, being careful not to touch her pussy.
She parted her legs and began pushing her pelvis up in an attempt to make
contact between her pussy and his hand. Then he lightly caressed the insides
of her thighs, on each side of her pussy, occasionally brushing his fingers
against her pussy itself. Belle was going crazy! Finally, when Brady figured
he had teased her almost long enough, he placed his fingers directly on her
pussy. He found her clitoris and began lightly rubbing his finger back and
forth across it. Belle squirmed with delight. She bucked her hips up into the
air, trying to push her pussy harder against his hand. But as she raised her
pussy he raised his hand, keeping the pressure very light.

"Brady! You're driving me crazy!"

Brady stopped. He broke off the kiss and began getting up.

"Brady, don't you dare stop now. You had so better not leave me hanging

"Don't worry, Belle." He got off the bed and knelt between her feet. She
spread her legs as far as she could. As he leaned foreward and lightly blew
on her pussy, she tilted her pelvis up and lifted her pussy up as high as
she could, offering it to him for whatever he was going to do.

Brady began licking the insides of Belle's thighs. They were full and firm
and as smooth as they could be. He would first lick, then brush his goatee
and two day old whiskers against them. Belle was squirming like mad, dying
for him to make contact with her pussy. Then he did. As he was kissing her
thigh, he pushed his cheek against her pussy, hard. Belle sighed a big sigh
of relief as she pushed hard against him and waited for him to do more.
Brady turned his head so his mouth was against her pussy. He could feel her
clitoris against his upper lip. She began moving sideways, back and forth,
rubbing it against his lip. He backed off and tickled her clit with his
tongue. Then he pushed his mouth against her again and began carefully
licking the lips of her innocent pussy. They had never been licked before.
Belle couldn't believe how good it felt. She hooked her legs over his
shoulders and pulled him toward her. But Brady took hold of her lower thighs,
behind her knees, and pushed her knees up, holding them on either side of
her waist.

He inserted his tongue between her pussy lips. He felt her hymen. There was
an opening, but it wasn't very big. He pushed his tongue into it. Belle
moaned. He pushed harder. He didn't want to break it, just open it up a
little. He knew that she wanted to save it for Shawn. Belle was coming
unglued. She was pumping and bucking and twiching, still rubbing her clit
against his lip, but not knowing which way she wanted to go. Brady had
gotten his tongue partway into her vagina. He had enlarged her opening some,
but not completely. It was enough, though. Belle was about to launch on the
best climax of her young life.

Brady slid his hands under her hips and lifted her pelvis toward him. Belle
hooked her legs around his neck and pulled his face in with all her might.
She smeared her pussy into his face. It had turned from a cute, innocent
little pussy into a cute, but slutty, little cunt, with a seemingly
insatiable appetite for Brady's mouth and tongue. It was still cute, but it
was definitely not behaving in a very innocent way. Brady obliged; he smeared
right back. His face was now wet with Belle's juice, and he mashed his mouth
against her, slamming his tongue harshly in and out of her hungry little
cunt. That was exactly what she needed. She writhed and twisted, all the
while holding his mouth tight against her hungry little cunt. She had dreamed
about getting off on him like this, but she had no idea how good it would
really be. She would never forget this experience as long as she lived.

When her climax finally ended, Belle was completely spent. She relaxed her
whole body and just lay there holding Brady's head between her thighs. When
Brady figured she had had enough time to recuperate, he raised his head and,
mimicking Belle's previous question, asked, "Well, how was it?"

Belle looked at him with her big blue eyes, "Brady, I had no idea. I never
would have believed my big brother was capable of something like that." Then,
with a big smile on her face, said "This will definitely not be the last time
we do that!"

"Thanks, Belle. I'll be looking foreward to it." Brady got up and climbed
back onto the bed. This time, instead of lying by the edge with his feet on
the floor, he climbed all the way on and lay there with his head on the
pillow. Belle slid up next to him, and they lay there, Brady with his arm
around Belle's shoulder, and Belle with her head on Brady's shoulder and her
hand on his chest.

They had been lying there about fifteen minutes holding each other when Belle
casually glanced down toward Brady's crotch. She was surprised when she saw
that the cock she had serviced so well was coming back to life. She raised
her head and looked at him. With a smile she asked, "Brady, you mean you're
still horny?"

"How can I not be horny lying here with you?" he answered.

She smiled and kissed him. Then, lifting her leg over his cock, she rolled
face down on top of him. She slid down a little so her pussy was against the
shaft. Then she reached back, took hold of his cock, positioned it straight
up, and closed her thighs against it. It felt good having his big warm cock
between her thighs and against her pussy. It felt good to his cock, too. It
began swelling up to a full erection. Belle was flattered that she was having
this kind of effect on him when he had just had an orgasm less than an hour
before. She smiled, "Brady, you have no idea what this is doing for my ego."

Brady grinned back, "Well, Belle, you have no idea what you do for my cock."
He spread his legs and reached down to her full firm seventeen year old ass
and pulled her close to him. He alternated between squeezing it and caressing
it. Her almost blonde pussy was still wet, or maybe it was wet again. In
either case, it was ready for another workout. Brady began working his hips,
pushing his cock up and down against it. Belle began raising and lowering her
ass, pumping his cock with her inner thighs and pushing her pussy against it.
She had no idea how she had thought of doing this, but it sure was working.
It was the next best thing to actually fucking him. In no time they were both
humping each other as if they were actually fucking. She squeezed harder with
her legs and pushed her pussy harder against his cock. Brady guided her ass
with his hands and began thrusting as hard as he could. After several minutes
of frantic humping and pumping, Brady suddenly froze up. He was cumming.
Belle felt him shoot a blast of semen and she felt it land on the back of her
leg. That was all it took; she reached her climax too. She pressed her pussy
as hard against him as she could, and felt him shoot several more loads of
semen onto her legs. Her mind became a blur as she reached her peak. She felt
spasm after spasm run through her entire body. Sensations of ecstasy overtook
her in a way she had never experienced before; a way she had never thought
possible. When they both finally finished and began to regain their senses
they were so worn out they just lay there limp.

Brady was the first to move. He leaned around and looked to see where his
semen had gone. He saw three or four small puddles of it on the back of
Belle's thighs. One of them had started to run down the side of her leg. He
carefully scooped it up with his finger and showed it to Belle. She smiled,
took his finger into her mouth, and wiped it off with her lips. He went back
for more, and each time she sucked it off of his finger. They continued until
there was nothing left on her legs but stickiness.

Belle got up and headed for the bathroom, this time for a shower. She invited
Brady to join her, but he felt it would be just too much. Instead he stayed
in her room and got dressed. It only took her about three minutes. When she
came back she was soaking wet, but she had a bath towel wrapped around her.
He told her he had better get going so she could get to bed. She agreed they
had probably had enough of a good thing for one night. She took the towel off
and dried herself with it. Then she gave Brady a big hug, "Come back soon,
especially if you need a friendly ear." Then she reached down, gave his cock
a gentle squeeze, and said, "Or a friendly mouth."

"Thanks, Belle. I'll do the same for you. I don't know what I'd do without

"I feel the same about you, Brady. Good night."

"Good night, Belle."

During the days that followed, Belle and Brady found that this new dimension
of their already close relationship would bring them even closer.



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