Special appearance: Lila McCann as Cousin Sam

Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 15 - Long Lost Cousin (MF,MMMF,FF,inc,oral)
by Spyder ([email protected])

A siren and two cars racing toward the town break up a quiet country road
near Hazzard County. In one car is Bo Duke being chased by Choctaw county
Sheriff Emmitt "Hammerhand" Ragsdale, who has in his vehicle a young woman
who helped Jesse, Bo and Luke escape from possible arrest. Nearing Choctaw
County line, Bo gets on the CB and says: Bo peep this is lost sheep are you
out there.

Daisy is quick to respond and says, "What's shaking, Bo?"

"I am on route 41 heading into Hazzard and have Hammerhand chasing me. Can
you set up a road block?" replies Bo.

"Give me ten minutes to get to the crossroads and I will set that up for you.
By the way where are Luke and Jesse?" Says Daisy.

We split up in two vehicles to see which one would Ragsdale follow and as
per usual the General got the tail.," says Bo and he retorts see you at the

Daisy says 10-4 and races to meet the running cousin at the designated
spot. Coming on behind is Ragsdale and he is hot for what the Dukes and
this mystery lady have done.

Ten minutes later, Daisy is in her splendor waiting for Bo to lead the
erstwhile Choctaw sheriff into her lap. A blast from the horn and she knows
that Bo is near, he passes and then she pulls directly into Ragsdale's path,
who is three minutes behind her cousin. Daisy waits for Bo to get out of
sight, removes her tank top and waits as Sheriff Ragsdale stops to screeching
stop just inches from the side of Dixie. Emmitt slides out of his car and
asks just what the hell is Daisy doing. Daisy smiles and says that she wanted
to get some sun and so it was this spot that seemed to be the right time and
place. Not able to keep his eyes off her heaving breasts Ragsdale says that
she has cut off the possible arrest of her cousins and uncle. Daisy asks what
have they done that warranted his trailing them to Hazzard with a lady in
tow. Emmitt says that she is fugitive from his jail and her relatives helped
to free her, even though they have no idea who she is. Daisy peeks over his
shoulder at the young blonde in the car and winks at her. Being a country
girl, the young lady knows that this is a signal to move fast once she has
the opportunity.

Watching the sweat run down her nipples. Ragsdale gets close and licks the
beads off her tits. Daisy looks at him and says sheriff, is this what you
call interrogating the accomplice. It is at this moment, the young lady slips
from the sheriff's custody and runs for the woods nearby. Hammerhand looks at
Daisy and says that she has caused him to loose three prisoners in one day
and that she will be arrested for aiding and abetting criminals. Daisy kisses
the sheriff, squeezes his bulge and says that he is not going to arrest her
because he is out of county in his pursuit.

Ragsdale smiles as Daisy unzips his pants, after removing his gun belt,
lowers them along with his shorts and proceeds to frisk his long cock.
Kneeling down before the only decent sheriff in four neighboring counties,
Daisy takes hold of his cock and slowly tickles it with her fingers and
tongue. As she does so, she drives two fingers up his ass and she hears
moaning from this lawman from across county lines. Daisy licks up and down
the long shaft and cups his balls as she works towards licking them.

* * *

Meanwhile at the Duke farm, Bo, Luke and Jesse have been back about fifteen
minutes starting on chores when the young woman who helped them escape shows
up to thank them. She says that thanks are in order to the lady who helped
her get away from the sheriff of Choctaw county. Luke tells her that Daisy
isn't back from the roadblock yet and that she will have to wait. Sam is the
young woman's name and she says she left Daisy giving the sheriff and tongue
lashing out on the road a ways back. Luke says that shouldn't take long as
Dukes do not like lawmen that railroad people into jail for no real reason.
This is when Sam massages the bulge forming in Luke's jeans and says that
they don't understand what she is saying and that she will show them.

Sam takes hold of Luke, unzips his pants and shorts to show him that the
tongue-lashing wasn't with words. Licking the swollen member, Bo and Jesse
quickly lower their trousers and wait their turn for what Sam is doing. Deep
throating her cousin, even though she hasn't been formally introduced yet,
Sam begins to move throughout the male Duke men.

* * *

Back at the crossroads, Daisy is being lifted onto the hood of Dixie where
Emmitt kisses her inner thighs gently and licks the area around her twat.
Daisy giggles as the now hot sheriff fingers her ass and pussy while eating
her dripping cunt. She moans as the sheriff has a better grasp on her ass
than the local lawman, one Roscoe P. Coltrane.

Driving his tongue in her inner sanctum, Ragsdale hears the motor of a
familiar car, he lifts his head and looks as his wife Karli drives up to see
what the situation is all about. Seeing her husband eating Daisy's pussy,
Karli nods at her high school friend and doesn't say anything to Emmitt.
Emmitt lifts what he thinks is the only Duke woman for miles and takes her
to the patch of grass nearby the road, picking up his nightstick on the way
over. Karli says hi to Daisy, gets into her car and drives off back to

Laying her on the cool green grass, Ragsdale slides his cock into her pussy
as Daisy had hiked her ass in the air. While she has his dick in her pussy,
he teases her ass with the stick as she moans uncontrollably. Emmitt takes
the thick wooden stick and drives it slowly up Daisy's ass. Knowing that it
is thicker than his cock he is careful as to how hard it enters her hole.
Leaving the stick on the ground, Emmitt plunges his dick in her gaping ass.
He fucks her ass so hard she hasn't the heart to say what she is really
feeling. Finally the sheriff exits her ass.

* * *

Back at the farm, Sam stops giving head long enough for Jesse to ask her her
name and why she is here. She tells him that he forgotten about 23 years ago
when she was a baby and her brother Jeb was trying to feed her while mama
went to get milk from the goat. Jesse scratches his chin, looks Sam over and
says, "You're Katherine's girl Samantha."

She smiles and says, "That's right, Uncle Jesse, I am and as you felt I am
grown up and out."

Bo takes Sam by the hand, leads her over to the General Lee and lays her on
the hood. Spreading her thighs as wide as he can get them, Bo devours her
pussy as Sam continues to blow Jesse and Luke.

* * *

At the crossroads. Daisy is being fucked hard and she squeals as Hammerhand
is nearly done his interrogation. He looks into her eyes and says that she
can be a roadblock for her family anytime he is chasing them and that the
warrant is now null and void. Daisy plants a thank you kiss on Emmitt's lips
and thanks him before dressing and speeding off to the farm to see what the
boys and her uncle are up to. She also says as she leaves him that he is one
of the best she has had in a long while. Emmitt smiles and wonders who Daisy
has had in Hazzard. She knows the look and gives him a list, which includes
her cousins, Uncle Jesse, the sheriff and deputies and Boss Hogg. Emmitt
winks and says that he wants her soon, but doesn't know when that will be,
to which Daisy says that it may have to wait about sic months as she is due
to have baby. Finally noticing that she is expecting his next question is
obvious, so Daisy answers that the father is her cousin Luke. A surprised
Ragsdale drives away knowing that in six months or so he will have a chance
to fuck Daisy one more time.

* * *

The General in the meantime has never had this action on it's hood before as
Sam has hiked her ass in the air and takes Luke's cock in her hole, while Bo
face fucks her and Jesse jerks off while waiting his turn to welcome her to
the farm for the first time in over 20 years. Just as Sam's mouth and ass are
being filled, Daisy drives up and sees the young woman she helped escape,
having her uncle and cousins fuck her in every way possible. A little irked,
Daisy asks Jess who the lady is and why has she got Luke's spoken for cock
in her ass. Knowing what she is asking for and the fact that Luke is the
father of her unborn child, Jesse says that this is your cousin Samantha and
she is the lady that you gave Ragsdale a tongue lashing for chasing us for.
Daisy welcomes the newly arrived cousin and takes hold of Jesse's cum soaked
cock to suck it thoroughly since Luke has been ass-fucking Sam since before
she arrived from the crossroads. Luke retreats from Sam's ass and slides over
to where Daisy is giving head to Jesse and plunges his dick in her pussy.

Sam looks over at the proceedings and gleefully asks Daisy to let the men
watch what they can do for a while. Daisy who brought Emmitt's nightstick
home begins to use it in Sam's tight hole. She yells; as she has never felt
something so thick enter her ass or even her pussy for that matter. Realizing
that she has had enough, Daisy slides under the legs of the young cousin and
eats her pussy in that position. The men stroke their cocks at the sight of
Daisy and Sam eating one another openly and so deliciously. The men cum over
and over again, while the women looks each other in the eyes and lock their
legs to begin something the men have never witnessed before.

On the ground the women are fucking one another as their pussies grind into
the other, fucking hard as they get re-acquainted after yeas of not seeing
one into her. The men lick their lips as the womenfolk continue to put on a
show, unseen in these parts before. Of course they don't know what Daisy does
when she stays with Maybelle or even spend the afternoon with Lulu.

The passion ends as Sam informs the family that she too will be staying in
Hazzard as her new job as post mistress for the retiring Emma Tizdale is
about to start on Monday. A celebration is about to being and Sam knows that
she will need to catch up on the news of the county and hopefully run into
Cooter, whom she has heard is a great fuck. Daisy smiles and informs her that
every man is as great as she wants them to be, and with that the Duke family
expands by one and soon by another as Daisy will give birth to a baby girl or
by. Daisy of course is so careful after losing one already. Sam is there to
help in anyway possible.

The End


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