Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 12 - Lulu And The Duke Men (MMMF,FF,inc,oral,anal)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Hazzard County, a peaceful sort of town in the middle of almost nowhere.
It is a usual sort of day in this country place and the venerable Roscoe P.
Coltrane chasing the Dukes rocks the peace. Today Boss Hogg has demanded that
Coltrane pull out all the stops in capturing the Dukes Jesse, Bo and Luke.
He doesn't want Daisy due to the fact that he has had her blow him regularly
since he hired her. The chase continues on and the sheriff calls for
assistance as he beckons Deputies Strait and Hogg. With the road blocked
across there is no way that the general can be steered past unless they want
to take out a few trees along their path. The chase ends with the Dukes
knowing that the sheriff finally used his smarts to stop them from getting

In town, Boss Hogg smiles as the sheriff's department has brought the Duke
men into custody and he then tells them that they are being charged with the
reckless endangerment of public property, namely him. To get out they have
to perform one task or spend the next two months in jail. Jesse asks what
the task is and they hear that they are to help his wife Lulu with a problem
only she will discuss once they arrive at the Hogg home. Jesse, Bo and Luke
walk out with the sheriff following their every step to Lulu. Upon knocking
on the door, they hear her ask them to enter; Roscoe leaves them alone in the
clutches of his fat sister who is about to be fucked for the first time since
high school. Roscoe knows that Lulu has not had J.D. fuck her because of her
obese ways and the only man to actually enter her then slender body was Jesse

Lulu greets her possible lovers and tells them that if they want to be freed
of all charges past and present they must have sex with her right here and
now. Jesse and the boys walk into the next room to discuss the predicament
they are now faced with and agree that this is a whole lot better than being
locked up for the time stated earlier in Hogg's office. They re-enter the
room and see that Lulu has shrugged her way out of her robe. Folds of flabby
flesh hang as the Dukes decide what way to attempt this feat.

Luke walks over to the large lady and helps her out of the chair to have her
bend over. She grabs his dick and licks his balls until he is so hard his
cock is nearly ready to shoot a load on her face. Lulu blows the dark haired
Duke as Bo and Jesse think of how to get in on this action. Bo who is hard
watching the action lowers his jeans and slides his dick into Lulu's ass,
while his cousin is experiencing one blowjob that he cannot explain to
anyone. Lulu moans loudly as Bo ass fucks her harder than even Jesse did her
in high school when she was the belle of the class. Of course that was 35
years ago and she was 175 pounds lighter. Bo shoots a solid load of his cum
into Lulu's plump ass as Luke has filled her mouth with his load of hot goo.

Jesse smiles as his boy's backs away to allow him an opportunity to return
to a day in the past when Lulu was his girlfriend. Jesse kneels between Mrs.
Hogg's meaty legs and begins to eat her hairy cunt. Lulu waves the cousins
back to the action by giving a double blowjob while her former boyfriend
eats away at her cum filled pussy. Moans are loud and long as her dream of
having Jesse end her lengthy non-sexual marriage to J.D. with some passion
and steamy fucking to bring a smile to her face. Bo and Luke meanwhile
explode in her mouth and on her face as they cum many times over.

Jesse backs off and sits a spell; the boys take over as they decide the best
way to enter both of her holes again. With her weight upon him Bo slides his
dick in her ass to fuck her hard from underneath and Luke enters her cunt
once again to fuck her from there. Jesse sees the treatment that she is
getting, stands next to her and waits as she blows him for old times sake.

At this time, Daisy makes her presence known as she saunters in the room
while stripping out her shorts and tank top. Masturbating as she gets closer,
she explains that Boss Hogg had her set up in a speed trap to send her hear
to help out. Lulu is moaning as the boys have made her orgasm many times
over. They now retreat a little as Daisy sets down on Lulu's face to have her
eat her.

The room is filled with moans, as Daisy has cum from the tongue lashing she
has received from the wealthiest and fattest woman in Hazzard county, not to
mention the horniest, as she continues to enjoy the most sex she has ever
had. Daisy slips off her perch and prepares to use her tongue at Lulu's
pussy. Lulu stops her as she picks up the phone to J.D. and tells him that
the Dukes file is forever closed at the time she has had in the house. Daisy
eats the former lover of her Uncle as Bo, Luke and Jesse relax, until Luke
ass fucks his hot cousin. Jesse lets Lulu give him one more blowjob and Bo
smiles at the fact that their debt to J.D. is now paid in full.

Once the activity is done Lulu tells them that she will make certain of the
file being closed by threatening to sleep with J.D. for a whole year unless
her agrees and also that he will never lay any other charges against them
ever again. The Dukes leave the Hogg home and head to their farm wondering
of there is a way to have J.D. allow them to get the mortgage forgiven.
That's another story for another time...

The End


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