Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 10 - The Alien Learns (MF,F-mast,alien,inc,oral)
by Spyder

A typical morning in Hazzard County, the sun is a bright golden ball,
the dew is on the roses and the Dukes are going about there normal daily
business. Normal in the Duke clan is letting everything happen as it does
and today is no exception. Roscoe makes his run to their farmhouse to
arrest Bo and Luke for nothing, but Daisy is waiting to derail his plans
by appearing outside totally nude. Roscoe looks her over and says that it
is a little early to be naked for the day. Daisy nods her head no, unzips
his uniform pants, and gives him an early morning blowjob. Roscoe moans
quickly as the gorgeous Miss Duke sucks her way into getting her cousins
free from the trumped up charges.

Daisy has become quite adept in getting the law to drop the charges against
her cousins, but this time it might not work as Roscoe is getting used to
having Daisy suck him until he explodes all over her. While stroking Roscoe's
balls, Miss Duke glances up to the sky, sees a flash of light and then
nothing as she makes Coltrane cum hard into her throat. He pulls his pants
up and drives off with a smile as Daisy looks up once more, but sees nothing.

Feeling very horny, Daisy spreads her thighs as she sits on the ground. All
four fingers work there magic, creating a heated friction deep between her
pussy lips. She masturbates for the longest of times as her Uncle Jesse walks
toward her unexpected. Jesse can't waste a hot dripping cunt and lowers his
overalls to hopefully get some of his sexy niece. Without any coaxing the
oldest Duke plunges his hard prick into her Georgia Peach to extract the
nectar of her heavenly hole. Daisy smiles as she never expected to have sex
this early in the day, lying there with her uncle banging her oh so hard.
Soon they cum, leaving a little on the ground as they leave to continue their

That evening, just after dusk, Daisy is near the barn as she witnesses
something unusual. Now she has seen this once before when they helped a young
alien get to the landing sight at Skunk Hollow to go home. Being the only one
home that night, she couldn't call far anyone to see what she is looking at.
A few seconds and the craft lands near the barn, then the same little Martian
emerges from the ship and greets the almost nude Daisy. The little one talks
to Daisy with mental telepathy, so that she can hear the words he speaks to

The little man tells her to undress, so he can study an earth woman up close.
Daisy is a little apprehensive, as she has heard the stories of probes being
used by Martians to get what they want. Knowing what she is thinking the man
insists that there will be no probes only his little dick if she wants it.
Always up for the challenge of a new lover, Daisy undresses to help him study
her body.

He moves in closer, takes his slender fingers, and squeezes her large tits.
He asks if this is the correct procedure to make the areolas hard. She nods
her head and tells him to lick her breasts if he wishes. The Martian does as
asked and slides a finger into her ass while creaming her pussy. Daisy moans,
then she sees what seems to be a hard on emerging from the little fellow's
body. She asks him is he is nervous, to this the creature states that he is
about to have his first woman of any kind. He also says that he watched as
the police officer and her were having sex earlier and that he would like to
experience the feeling of what she did to the male of their species.

Daisy is not sure of what to do, but will get the Martian hard and begins to
suck his little green cock. The eyes of the little man widen as Daisy has him
cumming in his own way. He begs her to show him how people as they say fuck.
Daisy lies on the ground, but not before covering the little cock with a
condom. She guides his dick inside her pussy and tells the Martian to hump
up and down. He obeys and soon is feeling sexually aroused to the point of
cumming in the rubber on his cock. He slowly backs off and finds that Daisy
is smiling, he heads to his space ship and flies away in a complex way.

Luke returns from his date a little early to see the ship speed off. He asks
Daisy if that was the same little fellow they helped out not to long ago.
Daisy replies that is was and she experienced interterrestrial sex. Luke is
surprised that the Martians didn't take her with them for further studies,
but Daisy thinks it was just him thanking them in his own way. Luke sees the
condom on the ground and knows that Daisy wasn't crazy enough to make the
Martian cum in her pussy. He wastes no time and eats her pussy while the sex
is good. Daisy responds by unzipping his pants while he maneuvers into
position to have her blow him.

An hour later the two well-spent Dukes are done and head to bed for a good
night's sleep. Daisy has dreams of her encounter with the Martian and smiles
so that no one can see it when she sees a bright light in the sky. Luke
leaves the subject alone as he knows that Daisy will enjoy sex with the
creature if he ever returns again.

The End


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