Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 9 - The Miscarriage (MF,bond)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It has been three months since Daisy announced her pregnancy and finally
found out that Luke is the father. She has been doing her normal chores
around the Duke farm, but has had pains as of late.

Today was a real stinger of a pain and she asks Uncle Jesse to take her to
see old Doc Petticord. Petticord is probably the only man who hasn't fucked
the young Miss Duke. He has been keeping an eye on her since the day she
found out of her impending motherhood, but warned her that she might not be
able to complete the term if she does anything too hard. Upon arrival at the
office, Daisy is told to rush to the hospital for further tests, as this
could be the worst day of her life.

On the way to Hotlanta, the pains hit her even harder, as Jesse C.B's Luke
to meet them at the hospital. Once they arrive a bed is waiting, but she is
rushed into O.R as things have gotten worse. Daisy is put under, as the
chance to prolong her pregnancy is about to end. A few hours later, the
doctor walks into the room to tell the family that she has lost the child
and any chance of conceiving again is unlikely. With this bit of news Luke
and Daisy hold one another, while the family offer condolences and support.

Two weeks later, Daisy is back at the farm well rested and now with her tubes
tied she knows that she can fuck any man in town. To celebrate this piece of
news she seeks out one of only two men who have not been inside her pussy.
En route to the man's home, she encounters Hughie Hogg, in town to swindle
his uncle out of the town and money. The younger Hogg isn't one of the two
she has yet to fuck, but in this case she is destined to make a change in her

While speeding along the highway into town, Hughie slaps the horn in his van
to let Daisy know that he is on her tail. Daisy picks up the mike for the C.B
and tells Hogg that if he wishes to get by, he will need to make a stop at
the swimming pond up ahead. Since Hughie has had the hots for Miss Duke from
the day they were in school together, he follows her to the spot she said on
the radio.

About one mile up the road the two vehicles stop near the edge of the water.
Hughie says that he is in a rush to get to his uncle's establishment in town.
Knowing what he is talking about, Daisy says that she is ready to take him on
sexually. She removes her ever so tight shorts and white halter-top to reveal
the sexy body of a woman needed a new sexual conquest. Hughie moves in closer
to Daisy, squeezes her breasts and sucks on the areolas. He smells her
perfume and it is driving him crazy, this time he knows that Daisy isn't
about to run away to help anyone of her family.

Gently he lies her on the hood of her jeep, slides down her body to lap up
some juices she is releasing. Eating to his heart content, Hughie is
perplexed at why this lady is giving herself so readily. Meanwhile, Daisy
is smiling at the fact that she may have stopped Hughie from taking the
town of Hazzard and Boss Hogg for everything. They move from the top of the
jeep to the grassy area before they hit the beach surrounding the pond.
Daisy grabs the small thick cock of Hughie and begins to suck his prick.
Hughie moans as his dream has come true in the way that the only one in
town he would love to fuck is handling him.

Shortly after it began, Daisy has made Hogg cum, exploding all over her
face. She continues to stroke his dick to keep him hard, then she slides
atop him to ride his minor stick. Slowly she goes up and down, making his
eyes roll in his head as she pounds his cock into oblivion. Getting off
his staff, Daisy sees a rope and ties the squirming Hogg to a tree. She
backs into his stiff rod and gets him to ass fuck her while he is tied to
the tree.


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