Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 8 - Daisy's Pregnancy (M+F,F-best)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Daisy Duke the gorgeous cousin of Luke and Bo and niece of Jesse. She has
been busy as of late, finding her sexual freedom and enjoying an occasional
fuck with every man she can. Now she has had great sex with those men and
only one of them has been inside her awesome pussy three times, her cousin
Luke. It is that time of the month when most women go through what they call
the period and it hasn't happened for Daisy as of yet. This revelation has
lead her to drive to Hotlanta to see the doctor, she could have seen the
Hazzard county physician, but went for this option.

Two weeks later, Daisy went back to the doctor to get the results of her
pregnancy test and found out she is a mother to be. On her drive back to
Hazzard, she called the men who have had her sexually, except Boss Hogg
who used a condom. She knows that some of the other lovers have used the
dube to fuck her, but she wants to test each of them while in the barn.
Of course she knows that Deputy Enos and Sheriff Roscoe used the rubber,
but wants them around for the unveiling of the father.

Three months later Daisy takes her plan and makes it fruition, as she CBs
all of the men who had opportunity to fuck her pussy and ass lately. By
this time she is showing and those around her know that she isn't putting
on weight of another kind. She smiles wickedly at the thought of fucking
so many men and in one afternoon. Of course Daisy wants a test run of her
own, so without informing anyone of her plans, she goes to the barn and
decides to fuck the horse, her uncle bought recently. First she sucks on
the animal's dick and quickly slides underneath it to get a full amount
of its cock inside her pussy. Up and down she goes, creating a soreness
between her legs until she falls off while the animal unloads some cum on
her tits. She washes it off, gets her shorts and halter on, then leaves
the barn to cook lunch for the men.

Next afternoon, Daisy waits nervously in the barn without any clothes on
and wonders if this route is the best one. Soon the male lovers begin to
file into the barn, starting with Bo, Luke, Jesse, Cooter, Roscoe, Enos,
Boss Hogg, and Cletus. They enter the barn rather puzzled by the way this
meeting is happening. Daisy then tells them that she is pregnant and is
testing each of her favorite men by asking them to fuck her in the barn.
She then says that she will ask each of them in turn and the one who does
his thing the same way when she realized she might be pregnant will be the
father. Daisy ushers them outside, telling Enos to undress for he is first.

Enos obeys the lovely Duke woman and kneels beside her to eat her pussy
before she can suck his dick. He has lusted after Daisy for so long, but
knows that he will have to step aside as he is not the baby's father. Daisy
asks him to lie on the hay, as she sits atop his face to have him eat her
pie. Enos drives his tongue into her hairy box and elects to stick two
fingers inside her cunt. Daisy is amused at the way she is being sexually
appreciated by Enos this time around for he never allows her to sit on his
face. Soon she cums on him stands up and lies over his body to suck his
cock. In the middle of sucking on it, Daisy decides to go for the gusto
early and asks Enos to fuck her. Again not one to disobey a command, Enos
gets a condom out of his pants, puts it on his throbbing dick and plunges
it into her gaping hole. Knowing that his will be a long afternoon, Daisy
ends it early and tells Enos that he isn't the father. He dresses, leaves
the barn and ushers in Roscoe.

Roscoe walks into the area and with his famous giggle elects to fast fuck
Daisy. Daisy knows what he is up to, unzips, lowers his pants and begins to
suck on the SheriffĦs dick. Roscoe lets loose with a load of cum as he puts
a condom on his hard cock to enter the lovely Miss Duke. Daisy, who is
getting tired of the sex, knows she has to continue to find the dad. Lying
on her back, Daisy opens her thighs and begs Roscoe to bang her hard,
knowing that any roughness could hurt the fetus. Twenty minute later, the
sheriff dresses and leaves the smelly place he has fucked Miss Daisy twice

Daisy goes threw the routine of fucking each man, unleashing her inner desire
to find the father of her unborn baby. Bo was next and he also wore a condom,
followed by Jesse and Cletus, both wearing the rubber device to cover any and
all dripping of cum. Boss Hogg walks in and with a smile state that he is in
trouble from Lulu if he got Daisy pregnant with his baby. Daisy grabs the
long thick log of her Boss at the Boar's Nest and sucks the rod until he is
ready to let his thick cum on her tits. Hogg is no dummy, as he sees his
chance to use some leather for the sex that is happening with Daisy. Reaching
for the strap hanging from a nail, Hogg strikes the lady with a vengeance and
creates a red lesion on her tight ass. Daisy screams as Hogg continues to
whip her ass and back, then as soon as it began Hogg lets up only to wrap the
belt around Daisy's neck, pulls it back and rams his cock in her ass. Once he
has cum in her ass, J.D. rears back stalls long enough to put a condom over
his dick and drives it solidly into her cunt. His time complete, Boss Hogg
leaves the barn to await the verdict of who the father is.

Cooter is the second last man to have a turn to fuck the princess of Hazzard.
Undressing very quickly, Cooter tells Daisy that he is in a hurry to leave
for a towing job waits. This is fine with Daisy, she tells Cooter to stand
while she blows him. Daisy kneels on the dirty floor, grabs his dick and
sucks the love gun of the man she once dreamed of having a long hard fuck
with. That will have to wait until another time when she isnĦt pregnant and
has had her cords tied. Cooter stops for a period of time to also put his
condom on his cock to fuck his one time ladylove. His entry and exit are very
rapid, as he knows it is time to leave for his job is waiting. He tells Daisy
that he will be back in an hour to hear the verdict of who bagged Daisy.

The moment of truth has now come for Luke; inside he has an idea that he will
be fingered as the father of Daisy's baby. He also realizes that unless he
complies with the rules, he will be giving away the fact of his impending
fatherhood. Walking into the barn totally ready for the next hours or so,
Luke removes his clothes before his cousin can ask him to. Noticing that Luke
has undressed Daisy strolls over and prepares to give him one hell of a
blowjob. Smiling at what is to happen, Luke submits to the treatment he will
now receive. Daisy takes hold of her loverĦs cock and devours the whole
length of it into her throat, making Luke gasp at the way she deep throated
his rod. She also licks and nibbles on his balls while driving two fingers
into his ass, making him cum harder than ever before.

Now the hot Miss Duke bends over a water bin and asks Luke to fuck her ass.
Not one to leave out any sexual act, Luke long dicks his cousins ass for a
long time, making her scream that it hurts so good. He pulls back and unloads
his love juice all over her ass, he then puts his cock in her cunt form
behind, fucking this avenue until he has shot another load into her pussy.
Daisy turns over as she has the proof she needs to declare Luke the father
of her unborn baby. Luke also knows it was he who last left his wad in her
burning hole of love. He lowers to the ground and then rams his cock in her
pussy once again to finish what he entered the barn to accomplish. Once
again he cums inside her, they get dressed and head to the house for the

With all her favorite men in the kitchen, Daisy smiles and states that
the father of her child is cousin Luke. None of the mouths drop at this
announcement because they all know about LukeĦs confession a few weeks
ago. They toast the parents to be with a glass of milk and vow to help
them raise the child. Daisy is happy until...

The end


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