Duke Of Hazzard: Part 6 - Daisy's Gift (MF,oral)
by Spyder

Christmas in Hazzard county, cool, cloudy and special with the nip in the
air, the townsfolk are preparing for the holiday. J.D. Hogg is up to his
usual tricks, such as scamming the people for more money on items they buy.
His tree service is not going well, due to the fact that he has competition
in the form of the boy scouts. As for the town's resident celebrity, the
Dukes, they are also in the holiday spirit. Bo and Luke deliver Christmas
trees for the scouts, Jesse is cooking and baking the family meal and sexy
Daisy is awaiting her meeting with Boss Hogg on her latest raise in pay.
While at his office in the Boar's Nest, Hogg insists that she doesnĄt need
to do all the things he asks of her every time she is to have a pay hike.
In fact, all he wants her to do is give him a pre-Christmas blowjob. Once
she makes him cum down her throat, Daisy makes a quick exit for home because
it is her year to decorate the tree and make the eggnog. Which she does very
swiftly and so well that the family considers letting her do the decorating
every year.

The night before Christmas and all through the Duke house, not a creature
was stirring, well except for a wide-awake and horny Daisy. She lies there
thinking of the men and women who have made her the hottest sex kitten in
the tri-state area. She thanks the Lord for the gift that she shares
regularly. Anyhow while she lie there awake, she sprung from her bed at the
loudest noise she heard. Without thinking she dashes out of the house to see
what is making that racket, Daisy looks around totally naked, looking about
until out in the barn she finds the cause of the ruckus.

Just as she opens the barn door, Daisy realizes that she forgot to put on a
robe or her tight fitting shorts. Inside the building, she happens across a
rather large man dressed in red. Surprising him, she pulls down the beard and
discovers that it is Deputy Cletus Hogg. He tries to explain the situation,
but she is not as dumb as he thought. Again Daisy feels the urge to share, as
she calls it, her gift with another of Hazzard's men. She lowers Cletus'
pants and briefs, removes the shirt he wears like he was a Christmas package.

Once he is fully undressed, Cletus makes his move for Daisy. You see he is
and always has been in love with Miss Duke, which makes for interesting
happenings around the sheriff's office, as Enos has, the hots for the lady
as well. As for her feelings towards either one of these men, Daisy isn't
all that sure they are the one. Cletus makes a move toward the loveliest
lady in Hazzard by putting his arms around her for a hug and a long kiss.
While he does this, he squeezes her nice firm ass and meets her tongue in
the middle of a kiss with hers. Daisy looks deep in the eyes of Boss Hogg's
bumbling cousin and knows what he is waiting for her to do. She kneels on
the hay-covered floor, takes hold of the longest cock in the Hogg family
(that is of the men she has had), and licks it up and down the shaft. Cletus
is becoming very aware of his need to fuck his ladylove and before Enos gets
to her without Roscoe being around. He also knows that Enos wore a condom
the day he and Roscoe laid the sexy Miss Duke.

Staying on her knees for nearly a half an hour, Daisy sucks the deputy
sheriff's dick until he explodes on her tits and face. Daisy is ready for
what her new lover has in store for her, but not ready for the position he
decides to eat her pussy from. Cletus lifts her off the floor, legs first,
places one leg over each shoulder in a standing position and proceeds to
eat her furry box. Expertly he jabs his tongue inside the now dripping cunt
of the Duke family's only female relative. She moans with a lengthy ooooh
and waits for him to put her down. Once he does so, Daisy bends over and
allows the man to plunge his cock into her waiting asshole, which he pounds
with great zeal. It is now getting late and Cletus knows that he should
leave shortly, but before he does the hard ten-inch cock is pulled from her
ass with a sloppy sound and he then uses it as a jackhammer inside her pussy.
Cletus listens as Daisy insists that he fuck her as hard as he can. Looking
down on her cum soaked back, Cletus wants to give her the best sexual
experience ever and to that end he bangs her hard from behind. Cletus let's
up long enough for Daisy to lie on her back, spread her legs wider than she
had with her cousins and she takes the strong lover deep in her gaping hot

On the hay covered floor Daisy is pleased that no one in the house has got
up to investigate the noise she had earlier heard. Cletus continues to fuck
her as the minutes tick away. He looks and sees the leather strap that the
sheriff and Enos used on her. Gathering it off the floor he decides to use
it, but not before Daisy has taken his cock in her mouth again. He cracks
the strap and demands that she sucks his love gun for a little while more.
Daisy allows him to face fuck her, while he lays the leather across her back.
She flinches a little at the force of the blows, but feels his load enter
and roll down her throat. Gurgling as she speaks, Daisy lets him know that
he is appreciated for his sexual prowess, but never lets him know that the
best to date is her cousin Luke. One last time Cletus fucks Daisy's ass,
banging his balls against her pussy until he has been drained of his cum
for the last time that night. Cletus gets dressed and leaves via the back
entrance of the barn, meanwhile Daisy returns to her bed and masturbates
herself to sleep.

The next morning Luke goes to the barn to milk the cow, but finds a little
present of Cletus'. Luke reaches down and finds a deputy sheriff's badge
lying where Daisy and Cletus fucked just a few hours earlier. Daisy has come
to the barn and sees her cousin looking into his hand. She approaches him and
snatches the metal badge from his hand; Luke is a little surprised at the
swiftness of his cousin's move. She looks at him knowing that he suspects
that the two of them had met in the barn and fucked into early morning. To
let her off the hook, so Jesse and Bo never find out, Luke unzips his pants
and tells Daisy to give him a blowjob. She obeys the command and quickly
makes him cum. The two gather the milk and eggs to prepare breakfast, as it
is now Christmas morning.

A merry Christmas from the Dukes.

The end


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