Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 4 - Kissing Cousins (M+F,inc,nc-cons)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Another of those rare days in Hazzard. Totally hot and beautiful, which
brings me to the heroine of the story, Daisy Duke. She is the only living
female of the Duke clan. She takes care of the men of the farm and it is a
chore at the best of times. Today however, she is cooking as Uncle Jesse is
again heading toward Atlanta for supplies and a roll of wire fencing. Coy
and Vance have arrived to help Bo and Luke with the work. On their way in
for water Coy and Vance stop and are joined by a thirsty Bo and Luke. They
head into the house where Daisy is almost preparing a little snack for them.

Upon their entry into the kitchen the sexy Daisy says, "Ready for a little
water, boys?"

"Yes we are thirsty Daisy, but not for water or moonshine. We have something
else in mind," states Bo hungrily putting down the arrow he picked up in the
way in.

Seeing the look in her cousins' eyes, Daisy attempts to make a run for the
door. A shirtless Luke, who is sweating from the hard work, stops her. He
reaches out and at the last second grabs hold of the flowered tank top she
is wearing. The strain from his grip and her lunging to leave the room makes
the top give way and rip right off her body. The Duke boys arenĦt surprised
by the fact that Daisy is not wearing a bra under the top and pause to look
at her larger than life breasts. Not even their rendezvous with the women in
town compare with these massive treats. Again Daisy sees a possible chance
to leave before anything happens, but once more Luke grabs hold, this time
it is her oh so tight shorts. The age and strain of the pulling from both
her and Luke make them give way. The button and the zipper rip as the shorts
fall from the stress given them. This time the boys are shocked as their
cousin has no panties on. Luke looks inside the remains of the denim ass
coverings and sees no sign of torn panties.

Bo then still in awe of Daisy's bushy pussy and not having any kind of
underwear on says, "Look guys, our cousin has the cutest ass and the furriest
pussy in the land."

"My God, she is hotter than Lulu HoggĦs little sister. We have stumbled on
something we should have had before," replies Vance.

Daisy tries to run one more time and again Luke stops her by taking her over
his shoulder. Carrying the nude lady to her bedroom he motions for the three
to join them in her bedroom. Bo picks up the arrow and carries it in with him
and puts it near the bed as Coy locks the door to the room and they undress
while Luke holds her down. With his free arm Luke undoes the belt and button
to his jeans and slides them from his hips, followed by the boxers. He heaves
her on the bed; Daisy springs up and sees Bo getting closer. The other
cousins lie down on her bed, Bo turns her on all fours and steps behind her.
At the other end Luke, Coy and Vance stand in front of her and await the
signal from Bo to begin.

Bo with a stern sound to his voice yells, "Heehaw, alright boys let us

On that command, Bo kneels behind the ass of his cousin and eats her pussy,
while Luke, Coy and Vance lie as Daisy gives each of them the sucking of
their young lives. She starts by stroking each cock and sucking the balls
until they are so hard it isnĦt long until moans can be heard.

Meanwhile at the ass end, Bo licks and fingers her ass and pussy. Placing his
tongue inside her crack, Bo feels her rear back as she accepts the pleasure
she is experiencing.

"Ooooooh Bo, I've never felt this type of action before. I may cum before
tooooo long," squeals a hot Daisy.

Bo then retorts, "Fuck woman, you are even better than T.C Rogers."

Luke hears that and asks, "When did you bag Thelma Claire?"

"IsnĦt she married, Bo?" asks Daisy.

"She was married until about a year after she beat Boss Hogg for the county
register's seat. Anyhow, she was hurt and lonely and asked me to hold her.
One thing lead to another and we fucked for nearly four hours one day."

After that explanation, Luke hopes that he will have an opportunity to get
her, since she has bought her father's farm. The blowjobs and pussy eating
continue on until Bo feeling that she is ready, stands up, takes his hold
of his hard cock, which he has been stroking and rams it into her pussy. He
also has grabbed the arrow and uses it to whip her ass as he fucks her hard.
Back and forth Bo goes with Daisy still trying to unleash herself from the
brutality that might follow. Suddenly he stops long enough to rear back and
bang it in her hot cunt. Luke, who looks in her private drawer and pulls out
a ribbed dildo among the sex toys of his cousin. Handing it to Bo, Luke
slides underneath to suck the large nippled breasts of his cousin, who is
cumming over and over again from BoĦs plunging inside her cunt. Soon Bo taps
the next recipient of the fuck Daisy club. He moves to her mouth for the last
part of his enjoyment as he places his dripping cock in her mouth as she has
been turned onto her back by Luke.

Luke uses the frontal approach to achieve his pleasure. Driving his cock hard
into the pussy of his horny cousin, Luke fucks her extremely hard. So much

"Fuck Luke, must you drive me so hard. It hurts and Bo wasnĦt that forceful.
Please let up, I'm not a robotm" yells a tiring Daisy.

"Uhnnnn, No bitch, I will not let up. I am getting everything that Boss Hogg
got when I saw you in the Boars Nest window," says Luke breathing heavily.

"Ooooooh. He wasn't this hard on me. Yes he fucked my still tight ass and
pussy, but he was gentle about it. Besides it was the only way I could get a
raise in pay from him," mutters a sexy, cum soaked Daisy.

Luke continues to ram it in and out. He then decides to turn her over for a
rear approach. He looks down and sees her gaping asshole opening to await
the onslaught. Bo is still face fucking her, while Coy and Vance wait their
turns. Bo has again cum all over her face, while Luke explodes on her ass
cheeks. He takes his spot on the floor, kneeling, he eats her pussy and licks
her asshole. By this time Daisy does not want to run and accepts everything
she is getting. Luke starts at the dripping clit of his cousin and licks up
toward the crack of her sexy ass. She screams at the ecstasy she feels and
begs him to fuck her pussy. The eldest of the Duke boys obliges her and
plunges his long, thick cock inside her already ravaged cunt.

Again Daisy screams, "DonĦt stop, fucking is absolutely great."

Luke replies by saying, "Okay, but I must save some for Coy and Vance."

Daisy's eyes roll in her head for she knows that she is to be fucked two more
times today. Luke also decides to use the dildo, only he pushes it up her ass
ever so slightly. Daisy's moans fill the farmhouse, as her wildest dreams
have come true, to be fucked by four Duke cousins at the same time. Finally
Luke stops and points for Coy to take over as he passes out on the floor.
Before Coy takes over Luke takes hold of his dick and squirts his sticky load
all over her face and tits. She grabs hold of it one more time and licks it
until it has no cum dripping off of it. Luke moves away from the even hotter
Daisy and lies on the floor.

Coy seeming a little irked, calms down to take his plunge into manhood.
Even though he has had one woman, his schoolteacher is a little timid about
fucking his cousin. By this time Bo and Luke have left the room to finnish
their chores outside Coy's shyness turns to lust, as he takes his spoy
between her legs and eats the cunt that has been fucked twice today. Lapping
up her sweet juices, Coy gets into the feeling of the moment. Slipping his
fingers in and out of her ass and pussy, while he eats and licks at her two
gaping holes of delight. His next move is different from that of Bo and Luke,
Coy moves under Daisy and moves her into position to be ass fucked from
underneath. At the same time Vance sees an opportunity opening and plunges
his cock inside her pussy.

As Daisy moans she says, "I donĦt think, ooooh, that I will be fucked this
good, uhnnnn, again. Oh my God, this canĦt be happening."

"Believe it, this is most definitely happening and you are the proud
recipient," adds Vance.

Coy and Vance fuck the willing and hot Daisy until she asks for them to
switch places. On cue Vance takes and places his cock in the pussy of his
sexy cousin and Coy pierces her pussy once again with a mighty dip. There
are smiles all around while the fuckfest continues. Coy rears back and puts
his cock between her heaving tits. Daisy looks at the dick and wishes he
would face fuck her. Just like he could read her mind, Coy face fucks the
goddess of country sex. Vance has almost cum in her ass, as Coy explodes
in her mouth. He quietly leaves the room, just like Bo and Luke before him,
after being well expended. Vance doesnĦt seem to be in such a rush to leave
the scene, Daisy is still needing a lot of home loving as she takes hold of
Vance's cock and sucks it once again. Only this time there is a twist, she
takes hold of the dildo, looking up between his legs she plunges it inside
her willing cousin's ass. He moans like never before and soon he rolls off
and leaves the room.

Daisy is certain itĦs over, but Luke walks back in and takes over. She sees
his cock is still hard and pledges inside to soften it. Luke lies flat, as
Daisy mounts her man and takes him inside her pussy. Her pussy is once again
being eaten with a fury only Uncle Jesse had performed. She moans loudly
while his tongue enters her asshole one more time. Daisy lifts off and
surrounds his dick with her sore, but willing pussy. She knows that with her
being on top this could be her only chance to use some whipping tactics on
him. Grabbing the arrow used on her ass earlier, Daisy whips the man beneath
her. Lashing his chest and then his legs. She lifts up and turns Luke over
to lick his ass like he had done earlier. He has cum on her bed and this is
her cue to allow him back in her ass. Luke plunges his cock in her ass and
rams it so hard Daisy almost faints from the sheer ecstasy. Luke is somewhat
surprised that her hole could take so many cocks in one day, so he ends it
with one more deep thrust. Daisy turns over once Luke has left her no longer
tight hole. Seizing the opportunity, Luke takes one more plunge in Daisy's
pussy. Fucking her hard and fast, cause he knows that Jesse may return at any
time. Finally feeling his cum ready to unload, he waits for Daisy to sit up
and squeezes his load on her stomach and tits. He leaves her room one more
time and the two clean themselves up before their uncle enters the house from
his trip. Daisy has one last thought... WHO'S NEXT?

The End


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