Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 3 - Daisy Finds A Friend (MMF,F-best)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Well, it's another hot day in Hazzard. The sheriff and Enos Strait are again
chasing Bo and Luke. Jesse has left the farm for a few hours to pick up some
groceries for the next few days. While driving, he remembers the tryst he had
with Daisy and the flimsy excuse he tried to give the boys the next day. Boss
Hogg has sent Daisy home early, due to the roof caving in at the Boar's Nest
after a major rainstorm last evening. Daisy arrives back at the farm to find
she is alone. She had hoped that one the men would be there to aleve her
inner tension.

She walks towards the barn to unleash that tension on her own. Once she
strolls inside, she comes up with a weird thought.

"Hmmm, What if I were to, naw that is the most vial thing I've ever thought."

A few moments later, Daisy lies naked on the hay covering the floor of the
barn. Finding a broom handle, she rubs the round part along her extremely
furry pussy. While she does this her memories of having her Uncle Jesse fuck
her, as well as the town leader Boss Hogg. Moans permeate the area and then
her thoughts return to the earlier idea.

"Oh what the fuck, there are no real men to have me around these parts,
except for the sheriff, Enos, Jesse, Luke, Bo and J.D. I might as well try
this to escape my horniness."

Arising off the floor she retreats to the stable and leads the horse to the
area she was alone in. Sliding underneath the animal, she wraps her fingers
around the horse's cock. With long strokes Daisy then follows through a
little more. As huge as it is, she proceeds to suck the animal's cock. She
finds that deep throating is rather tough, so she handles it as best as

Once the horse is hard, she attempts to mount the stud form underneath. She
retrieve a couple of old chairs a mattress and then opens her legs enough so
that the horse's massive cock is inside her. Up and down, Daisy rides the
animal. Moaning and holding on tight while she enjoys this unusual form of
curbing her lust.

"Uhnnnn, my god is this unreal, I hope nobody sees this. Oh fuck, this horse
cock is sooo good."

She stops the session, licks the horses sputtering cock and flattens herself
out on the makeshift bed. Not much later, she crawls from underneath the
horse to find Enos and Roscoe have entered the barn.

"Just what are you doing with that horse, Daisy?" asks a puzzled, but
electric Roscoe.

Embarrassed by being found out so quick Daisy responds, "I, hmm, I was so
horny, no men around and I decided to fuck my horse." Then she asks, "Am I
being arrested?"

"We should, but there is no way to file a charge for this indecency. I think
we can find a way out of it," says a smiling Deputy Strait.

With those words, Enos and Roscoe remove the uniforms and walk toward Daisy.
They take the broom that was on the floor and rap it on her tender tight ass.
A tear flows down her cheek as she reaches and takes hold of the lawmens'
cocks. For the next hour she sucks one and then the other, until each of
them have cum on her tits and face. Enos grabs her hair and tells her to lie
on the floor. Roscoe who is surprised by the demeanor of his deputy says to
hold it. He slides under her and rams his cock in her ass, while Enos jams
his in her gaping cunt hole. She screams in delight as the two of them have
found out what only two others know that she is one hot bitch when the
circumstances are right. Enos and Roscoe change places and the session
continues for an hour until... the cum flows again.

A now standing Roscoe asks, "Do you solemnly swear to never fuck an animal

Daisy, now holding her cum stained breasts answers, while crossing her
fingers behind her, "Yes Roscoe, I promise to never fuck our horse again."

Enos, who has never felt a pussy around his cock, begins to eat the ladies
pussy. Lapping up cum up that she expended, Enos takes a leather strap off
the floor and begins to whip the still hot vixen. Raising welts on her back,
Enos realizes that he wants more of Daisy, but decides there will be other
moments where he can bang this bitch anywhere in town. The peace officers
have left and the boys have returned to a naked Daisy cleaning up...

The end...until


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