Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 1 - Daisy's First Time (MF,inc)
by Spyder ([email protected])

It is a spectacularly pleasant spring day in Hazzard. The Dukes are at the
usual agenda, the lecherous Roscoe P. Coltrane is chasing Bo and Luke, Uncle
Jesse is working the farm and Daisy is busy baking bread for the dinner meal.
Uncle Jesse is about to get some water or moonshine, when he sees Daisy
removing her tank top. He feels something he hasn't felt for nearly twenty
years, a bulge growing in his pants. It grows even bigger as the young lady
inside the house is removing her shorts. The next thing he sees is Daisy
plunging a cucumber inside her pussy. This is when he steps into the kitchen.

"Daisy what is it you are about to use that cucumber on?" asks Jesse.

Startled by the sudden entrance of her uncle, Daisy says, "I'm about to use
this cock sized vegetable inside my hot pussy."

"Oh really, why don't you use the real item honey?" states the elder Duke.

Daisy looks at the man who means a lot to her upbringing and says timidly,
"Jesse I am still untouched by the prick of a man. The only thing I know
about sex is that I shouldn't do it with my father. Oh yes I have learned
one thing I can do for you."

The elder Duke retorts happily, "Girl I am not your father."

With that Jesse undresses himself before an already nude Daisy. She has an
unusual feeling come over her as she sees her uncle's long thick dick, stiff
and ready to go. Daisy walks over to where her uncle stands kneels down,
stroke his cock and then slowly starts to lick it. Jesse is happy to know
that his niece is well learned in the art of the blowjob. He watches from
above as the young woman sucks on his cock. Looking over the situation, he
remembers the last time he had any woman do this and it was when Maybelle at
the Telephone Company blew him over being short on one of his bills. It isn't
long before Daisy has made him cum, his load covering her face and huge tits.

Jesse takes her by the hand and leads her to the kitchen table. He lies her
gently atop the covered furniture and fingers her tight pussy. Daisy moans
and finds herself awaiting the end of her virginity. Jesse doesn't enter her
red haired covered love nest until he feels her love juices oozing onto his
fingers. Before actually entering her pussy, he lubricates his cock, turns
her over and plunges his manhood deep into her ass. She yells as he bangs
back and forth inside her gaping tight asshole. A short time later he pulls
back and enter her cunt from behind, with slow methodical movements he takes
her cherry. An inch or two at first and then he pulls back and rams it deeper
into his nieceĦs hot pussy. Not completely finished with Daisy, Jesse turns
her onto her back and fucks her in the frontal position. The two fuck for
nearly an hour or so and stop just as they hear the General Lee pull up the
road. Getting dressed quickly, Jesse and Daisy return to the chores they
begun. Bo and Luke sense something is different, but do not ask... until.


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