Dukes Of Hazzard: Daisy And Enos (MF)
by Wetsprocket

Enos was finishing his lunch at his normal speed trap in Hazzard County. It
was a nice day, he thought, bird chirping in the trees and blue sky above.
He was content. Every now and then the thought of Daisy Duke crossed his
mind though, stirring up a burning in him that ran deep. Everytime her saw
her gorgeous body, his pecker stiffened in his pants so hard that he was
surprised he could walk. He daydreamed.

A sudden squawking on the CB from Roscoe P. Coltrane interrupted that
daydream. He was chasing the Duke boys and Daisy. Just then he saw the
General Lee fly over him in a jump and land safely on the other side.
Roscoe peeled out, not attempting the jump and rolled his car on its sides.
That blocked Daisy from escaping as she turned sharply into a bush field.

By the time Enos got out of his vehicle, Roscoe was pulling himself up out
of his car, cussing up a storm. Enos tried to help, but Roscoe, in his way,
ordered Enos to seize Daisy Duke. Daisy was ok in her jeep, but stuck due
to the bushes. Wearing tight white short-shorts and a white v-neck low-cut
blouse, she would get all scratched up by the limbs. She held onto Enos as
he carried her out of the patch. Enos didn't mind, as he clutched her fine
frame, brushing her right breast as her carried her. Enos set her down and
Roscoe pulled his gun and arrested her. They took her to jail.

It was getting late in the evening and Enos was settling down to read the
paper at the watchdesk. Whenever there were prisoners, Roscoe insisted
someone sleep in the city hall as a watchman. Enos had been ordered and he
would stay. The stay was made enjoyable by the fact the prisoner was Daisy
and she had grown alittle restless. He would watch her pace in her high
heels with her arms crossed. Her breasts bubbled up atop of her arms,
showing some hefty cleavage. Enos tried to hide his raging hardon. Daisy
resorted to her old trick of flirting with Enos, so she could plot an escape.

"Oh, Enos." She started. "How 'bout you spending some time with me over
here. I'm getting' kinda lonely." Enos would look from his desk at her. She
wore a devilish grin of possibilities, but he knew better.

"Daisy. You're just messin' with me so you can escape." He told her,
returning to his paper.

"Now, Enos. You know you and me go way back and have a special relationship.
You're special to me."

"Now, Daisy. I like you a lot and you know that, but you got in trouble
with the law. I am part of the law in Hazzard and I've got to do my job."
He tilted up his hat, once again looking at her. Daisy sat back on her
furnished bed and patted next to her.

"Come here, Enos." She said, more forcefully. As if she was his master, Enos
stood. "I just want to sit with you and talk some. I'm lonely." She said,

Enos took out his keys and opened the cell door. He entered and closed it
behind him. She wasn't going to trick him this time. He turned and Daisy
patted the bed next to her. He sat. Almost immediately, Daisy began to
whisper sweet nothings in his ear making him nervous and blush. He felt her
hand move around his back, going for the keys attached to his belt. Her
sexy talk was really getting him riled up. His pecker was hurting in his
pants. He had to release it.

Enos stood abruptly in front of Daisy. It startled her, as she knew she'd
been busted going for the keys. She tried to hide the disappointment of not
being able to distract him enough to get the keys, but it faded into concern
as Enos spoke.

"You've led me on for years and I can hold it in any longer." Enos stated.

"What are you saying, Enos?" Daisy replied back.

"It's just you and me tonight." He said removing his pistol belt totally,
taking the keys from it and throwing the belt outside the cell. It slid on
the floor next to the watch desk. Enos held the keys in his hand.

"You want these?" He asked to Daisy's surprise. "You can have them." He held
them in from of Daisy who of course took them.

"Enos are you ok?" Daisy asked him, worried.

"I'm fine." He answered then finished with a "And so are you." Daisy had
stood to address him and he pushed her against the wall, giving her a hard
kiss. As he did, he put each hand on her opposing breasts and squeezed them.
They were taut and full as he felt them. When Enos stopped kissing her, he
stepped back and toe open her top revealing her pushup bra with he moved down
under her breasts. He powered his face into her bosom and lapped up her
luscious tits, sucking, squeezing and nibbling.

Daisy was still in shock from it all and just held him to her. Enos moved
his hands from Daisy's breasts and unzipped her tight shorts. With a
struggle, he got them pulled down with her white bikini panties inside. He
faced her brown, bushy pussy, which he faced and rubbed with his right hand.
Daisy's hips grinded towards him in response. He lifted her left leg and
she cocked it for him, up on the bed. He engulfed her clit and munched her
vagina. As he enjoyed her cunt, he slipped out of his pants and soon rose
to fuck her.

He lifted himself up and under her. His shaft instantly burrowed deep into
her vagina and she let out a grunt. He lifted her against the wall and began
his rhythmic thrusts into her. She wrapped her legs more around him, letting
out small coos and grunts. Enos shoved into her hard and deep, nailing her
well from years of pent up sexual energy. Daisy hugged his head, giving Enos
access to her breasts which he resumed enjoying them.

Several minutes passed of Enos having his way with his dreamgirl. He neared
his climax and with a few more long, deep strokes between Daisy's thighs, he
shot his load into her belly. He struggled to breathe as Daisy was wrapped
around and over his head. He sent his last jolts inside her and eased her
down. She fell back onto the bed, spent and worn. Enos gazed over her fine,
naked body as she lay there. Her clit gaped where he had been. He was proud
to have done her well.

Quietly, he moved to find his pants. Daisy looked and smiled at him. "We
waited too long for this." She said. "I can't get enough around her to
satisfy me. You sure did."

"Yeah, well that's a surprise with a body like you have." Enos commented, now
half dressed.

"Well, anytime you want some from me, you just ask." With a wink and a grin,
she waited for Enos's response to her proposal. He returned the smile and
nodded an "ok".

Enos let Daisy go that night. With a kiss, the separated, knowing that their
relationship would never be the same again.


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